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A Weighty Issue

by Thomas Denny

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© Copyright 2001 - Thomas Denny - Used by permission

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I was laying half on the floor and half in the air. The part of my body that was hanging in the air was about from my waist down. The upper half was pretty much face down on the carpet. The main reason, well honestly the only reason I was like that was because I couldn't find the knife to cut myself down. Believe me it wasn't such a wonderful position to be in. However, let me start from the beginning.

My vacation finally started. It seemed like it would never get here. I was trying to sleep in that first morning but like everyone else I woke up early just like any other workday. I'm not married so the house was quiet and peaceful. I just couldn't sleep late. I had worn my Peter Pan outfit to bed. My Peter Pan outfit consists of a green leotard over green tights. The same color Peter Pan wore in the movie. I think the first time I saw that movie I fell in love with tights and leotards for some reason. Just in case you haven't guessed yet I am a man.

I've been wearing tights and leotards and pantyhose ever since. Even when I had to sneak them from my mother and sister's drawers when I was a lot younger. I wear them every chance I get. There's just something about the feel of them that makes me crazy. Anyway I couldn't sleep in that morning so I got up and plugged the coffee maker in and started the dishwasher. The coffee finished brewing and I sat down and turned the TV on and drank my coffee. Still wearing my Peter Pan costume, of course.

I probably drank two pots of coffee that morning before I took a shower. I took a warm almost hot shower. After I had dried off I put on a black long sleeve spandex leotard over black tights. Then I put a tight black spandex thong leotard over all that. The thong was tight enough to pull the other leotard and tights up the crack of my butt. Excellent feeling. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked good for a man wearing tights and leotards.

By the time I was through putting all that on I was horny. It was time for my self-bondage session. I got everything ready. I tied my ankles together and looped an extra long piece of rope around my ankles to run to my wrists behind my back. Before I tied my wrists I pulled a pair of pantyhose over my head and wrapped the free leg around my eyes and put duct tape over that so it wouldn't come loose. Then I repeated the same thing for my gag, also putting tape to hold the hose in place. It made it a little difficult to breathe but that was part of it.

It's not easy but I got my wrists tied behind my back and found the rope running from my ankles and put my bound wrists through the loop and pulled it tight. One more piece of duct tape around all the loops and knots made my self-bondage almost inescapable. That's why I always had a sharp knife lying on the floor by me. When I was through I could always find the knife and make one cut and get loose from there. This time I was more daring. I started out on the bed, which meant I had to fall to the floor usually during or right after I had an orgasm. Straining against the ropes always made my orgasms more intense.

I had also ran a piece of rope from my weight machine to my ankles. The rope was attached to the rope on the machine that had probably over a hundred pounds on it. So when I was on the bed there was always a chance that it could pull me off the end of the bed if I didn't keep enough tension on it. Moreover, of course the knife was on the side of the bed. I finished everything and was just lying on the bed getting ready to masturbate. I would push my penis down as far as it would go between my legs and once the leotard was on it would keep it in place. Then just by squeezing my upper legs together I would masturbate. It was always a very intense orgasm.

For some reason that morning it didn't take long for me to shoot my load all inside my tights and leotard. But it felt so good. Even though I was a wet and sticky mess afterward. I had rolled around on the bed so much trying to orgasm I couldn't figure out where I was on the bed. I relaxed my body for a minute and the next thing I knew was scooting of the end of the bed. The weight had pulled me off, again. In addition, I still didn't know which side the knife was on. I lay there for several minutes trying to thing and even trying to untie myself. Before I knew it, though, I was about to have another orgasm. Not as much sperm as before but much more intense. Nevertheless, it was enough sperm to make my crotch more wet and sticky.

I decided to go to my left and try to make it to the side of the bed. With my ankles and wrists tied so close it wasn't easy to get across the carpet especially with the extra weight on the machine trying to pull me back. Every time I would move my legs I could feel my penis being stretched in and out between my legs. I knew it would be just a matter of time before I came again. I was getting that feeling down in my groin.

Somehow I managed to make it to that side of the bed. I rolled around and tried to find the knife. All the time the weight was trying to pull me back across the carpet. All that moving around did the trick I could feel my sperm traveling up my shaft and coming out all over the inside of my crotch again. It was so wet I could feel my juices running down and trying to get in my butthole. Every time I moved my legs it was like squeezing a sponge. I was about to give up and be pulled back across the carpet when my head touched something.

I pulled with everything I had left and moved up just enough to find the knife. Not wasting anytime I cut the rope to the weight machine first. After that it took me some time to untie myself but I did. And I still had an erection when I was untied. Not one to waste anything I stayed on my knees and came one more time. That one was good but not as good as the ones when I was tied up. I guess I had gotten used to the wet crotch. I kept those tights and leotards on almost all day and even took a nap with them on. They were pretty crusty when I finally took them off before taking a shower that night. But that was okay I had plenty more where those came from.



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