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A Weekend in Bed

by Robert

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© Copyright 2010 - Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; bed; F/m; discovered; ratchetstraps; denial; chast; cons/reluct; X

My girlfriend refused to have sex with me; I think it was a religious matter, which was unfortunate considering her appearance and intelligence.  So I decided to push the issue with some self-bondage, leaving myself open and helpless for her to play with.  (She lives across the hall from me in a condo building; we each have keys to the other's door.)

I bought some clothesline and tied a length to three of the corners of the bed; only the one at my right hand was loose.  Then I stripped naked, went to the bathroom (including an enema) and then laid on the bed.   I wrapped a rope around each ankle and pulled them as tightly as I could before knotting them.  Then the same for my left hand.  For my right hand, I had made a loose knot and tied a brick to the end of the rope.  Since I was expecting her to come in within the hour - - we had a date each day to watch Wheel of Fortune - - I decided to add a ball gag.  After I pulled a sheet over me, I made a loose knot and then dropped the brick through the hole.  When it hit the floor, it pulled the knot tight.  Now there was no way out except from Susan's good graces.

Susan appeared on time and saw my figure under the sheet.  She could also make out an erection, cause by my situation and her arrival to see it.  She pulled back the sheet and saw my gag.

"Now this is an interesting situation!  I suppose you expect me to either play with your little friend or to let you go.  What happens if I do neither one?"

With that, she pulled the pillow out of the pillowcase and pulled it over my head, securing it with another piece of rope which I had cut but not used.

"Don't go away.  I have to run down to the garage for something."

I struggled while she was gone but to no avail.

"Well, at the time you bought those rachet ties at the flea market last summer, I thought you had wasted ten dollars.  You said they might come in handy some time?  Now is that time."

I could feel her making more knots in each rope, starting with my right hand and moving around my body.

"Now let's give each one five clicks of the rachet."

She counted them off as she pulled them tighter, my left wrist, left ankle, right ankle, right wrist.  Checking the results, she opted for another five for each, again counting them off as she went in the other direction.

"Maybe another five?"

When I moaned through the gag, she decided that maybe two would be sufficient.  And that sure was - - I was now spread-eagled out with hardly any slack in the ropes.

"I could leave you here all weekend.  I would remove your gag for feeding.  How does that sound?"

What to do.  I nodded my head yes, hoping that she would play with my penis during that time.

"But we have the problem of your needing to go to the bathroom.  Hmmm, I have the solution - - I'll call my sister.  Remember, she's a nurse and she no doubt has experience with catheters."

Now I was in big trouble.  I heard her on the phone in the next room but could not make out what she said.  She came back to check on me, told me Betty would be over in a half-hour, and then covered me up to keep me warm - - and, no doubt, to surprise Betty as she had been surprised.

Betty was a no-nonsense kind of woman, probably good for being a nurse, and also doubtless due to her being twice divorced.  She arrived on time and took one look at my situation and removed a catheter from her bag.  I was erect again but a cold washcloth quickly took care of that.  I had never had a catheter and the insertion was painful, but once it was in, just an irritant.  She attached the bag and told Linda she would be back in the morning.  

Linda now removed my gag and I had lots to say, but she pretty much silenced me with, "Remember you started this so stop complaining."  She put a towel under my rear end - - not easy due to the way I was stretched out - - and then pulled the sheet over me and left for the night.

In the morning, Betty was back.  After some conversation in the next room which I could not make out, they came into the bedroom.

"We have decided that this is not a long-term solution for you, but also that you will continue to badger my sister for sex.  You have to learn to respect her wishes.  I had that problem with my first husband and found the solution for the six months we were engaged."

She reached into her bag and pulled out a plastic ball which was hinged connecting the two halves.  It was larger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball.  She removed the catheter and then stroked me under the balls until I became almost erect.  Then she put the cold washcloth on my crotch and I went down, unsatisfied.

"Stay still.  This is going to go on you, and we can always tighten up the ropes a little more if you resist."

When I objected, she put the gag back in my mouth.  And then placed one half of the ball under my balls and brought the other half down to it.  A couple of internal screws held them together and then a small padlock finished the security.

"This has holes so there is no problem with urine.  And washing it out each morning in the shower will keep it clean.  Any questions?  Oh, yes, you will wear this either until you and Linda get married or until you go your separate ways.  And I know how Linda can be persuaded so I will keep the key.  And I will give it to her when it is time for you to get it removed." 

With that, Betty left.  With the key!  Linda untied me and I reached down to check out my "new crotch."  It was secure.  No way I could pull it off without castrating myself.  I just had to get used to no orgasms for quite a while.  Of course, one option was to make a clean break with Linda and get released.  But she was too good a catch to do that.  

So I suffer.  At least does not weigh much so my briefs support it, and the bulge does not show in street clothes.




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