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Weekend Get Away

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Donna challenged herself regularly relishing her tight confinement and the challenges she set for herself. As she continued to get better at restraining herself she felt the need to increase the difficulty of her self bondage. Donna loved leather using thick leather straps, head harnesses and corsets to restrain herself and recently she had ordered a pair of custom made boots that would hold her feet in an almost en-point position. The corsets she wore had started as bondage implements only, as did her impossibly tall high heels but now she wore both twenty four seven saving her tightest corsets and tallest heels for her alone time. This morning Donna had squeezed her corset exceptionally tight, the corset had been designed by her and once the seven leather lined steel straps were locked over the stretched tight leather the corset couldn’t be opened or adjusted.

Donna fought for each gasping breath as her heels clicked loudly while she walked as quickly as the tight pencil skirt allowed down the long hallway of her office. Donna had always relished it when men and especially women stared at her heaving cleavage and today she had only worn a fitted blazer over the corset showing more cleavage than ever. Donna had never worn the corset to work but the thoughts of what she had planned this weekend had made her so aroused she couldn’t resist wearing her racy outfit to work. The thought of being trapped in not only the corset but the high heels with the thin steel collar and cuffs showing slightly made her even hornier. Donna fought the urge to insert the vibrators hidden in her bag all day knowing she would regret it later if she did.

Donna had dreamed about and planned this weekend for two months ordering each new restraint specifically for her dream challenge. The new straps had been made extra thick each with locking buckles, the smell of the new leather made her moan as she received each new piece. The wide posture collar and extreme high heeled boots arrived at the same time making Donna whine as she tried them on knowing she could only try them forcing herself to quickly remove them so everything would be a new challenge for her planned torment. She had found an incredible head harness gag having originally planned to use her old favorite but couldn’t stop herself from ordering the intimidating gag. The final piece was the heavy leather arm sleeve, it had been made to her specs with an extra large zipper that would allow her to close and ultimately open the sleeve by herself.

The arm binder was the only piece of new equipment Donna experimented with, practicing inserting her arms and pulling the zipper up crushing her arms from her hands to her elbows tightly together. She needed to be sure she could get into and out of the sleeve by herself and the limitations it put on her. The wide straps wrapped around her arms buckling on the underside of the sleeve could only be adjusted so they were snug but if her plans failed she hoped she might experience what the sleeve felt like fully tightened. Donna came up with an idea that would not only allow her to close the sleeve but also tether her in place and ordered the necessary equipment she would need. Each night Donna would lock her ankles together after tightening her corset until it was closed filling her mouth with her favorite leather gag fastening the straps of the head harness tightly and locking the buckles. Donna would then wiggle into the tight arm binder spending the night fully bound having to wait until the timer allowed her to free her arms giving her just enough time to prepare for work, the keys to the tight leather straps around her waist and between her legs were waiting for her at work. The leather chastity belt prevented her from stimulating herself depriving her of a much desired orgasm.

As the end of the work day grew near Donna was surprised that she was still gasping for air from the tight corset and how much the small nooses she had pulled tight around her nipples ached. She had expected to become acclimated to the tension of the corset even though she had never worn this one that tight before and had never worn it this long. Donna had also expected her nipples to become “numb” during the day but instead they felt like someone was twisting and pinching them. Her nipples were constantly throbbing under the tight leather of the corset compressing each into the large cleavage she displayed so proudly, each heaving breath Donna took made them rub and twist inside the cups keeping them aching all day. Donna knew she couldn’t work her large breasts out of the cups having specifically designed them to crush and hold her breasts firmly to prevent that.

The corset and cuffs she currently wore plus several items she brought with her and could apply if she dared would remain on her until she reached her home again Sunday or maybe Monday, depending on how her plans turned out. If she was able to free herself, as she always had been able to, she would be able to leave the hotel Saturday night or early Sunday. If she wasn’t able to free herself she might be stuck until Monday, but definitely not any longer than Tuesday. The idea of being so well restrained and helpless for three to four days almost made Donna climax sitting at her desk forcing her to think of something else while she sat panting and moaning quietly.

Donna checked the clock having to rush to get to her last meeting arriving after everyone had already seated themselves and proudly strutted her way to her seat relishing the stares she was getting from everyone in the room as they watched her sway seductively to her chair in her tight skirt and high heels. After the meeting Donna stopped by the bathroom quickly dropping her skirt to reveal her bare pussy taking two small vibrating phalluses inserting each with a deep moan. The final part was to lock the tail of the chain that had been secured tightly around her narrow waist to itself in front. Donna pulled it tight splitting her damp pussy and pressing hard on her ass before locking the end to the waist chain sealing her fate until she reached the hotel. With both vibrators running on medium she left the bathroom and strutted towards her car. On the way her supervisor stopped her wanting to chat about the meeting keeping a desperate Donna standing in the hall while the vibrators made her shift and squirm in her high heels.

After thirty minutes Donna said goodbye and quickly walked to her car and headed for the hotel having to pull over twice during the three hour drive and let her orgasms wash over her. She had chosen this hotel after hearing it was fetish friendly and hoping no one would recognize her or hear the story of the strange woman if she was discovered. Rolling her small bag she walked to the front counter accepting her key receiving a small package that had been delivered for her, the clerk agreeing she could stay longer if needed. Walking to her room with thoughts of what she was about to do Donna felt several small ripples of pleasure go through her body, the vibrator had gone dead almost an hour ago but they still were shifting and moving inside her as she walked arousing her more. Entering her small room Donna immediately began her preparations, setting the clothes and gear she would be using on the bed and securing the machine that would seal her fate and keep her on the bed until she managed to reactivate it and free herself.

This weekend would not be about timers or vibrations, her freedom and possible orgasms would rely entirely on her ability to manipulate the controls with her hands bound inside the tight leather of the arm sleeve. As soon as she was comfortable the machine was secured properly she tested it leaving it ready to close her arm sleeve and took her package and her key ring to the bathroom. Donna carefully undressed folding the skirt and placing it under the jacket on a hanger, these are the only clothes she had brought with her and didn’t want them to get mussed. Bending had become more difficult in the firm corset, each attempt to bend crushed her abdomen forcing the air out of her lungs making her squeal as her nipples protested from being crushed even more. Donna slid the stockings up her legs adding the suspenders to her corset and adjusting them to make sure the stockings stayed in place.

The first new item she added was panties but they were not normal they had been made of chain mail with small locks holding them closed tightly over her pussy and ass. Donna wanted something that might protect her if she was discovered by someone not so friendly, the corset could not be removed protecting her breasts and now she had eliminated the only other temptation. Donna had left the vibrators deep inside her without replacing the batteries, this weekend was not about climaxes, it was about being bound and the denial of the desired soon to be desperately desired orgasms. Donna had flushed her bowels fully aware of her inability to defecate through the steel panties hoping she could wait until she got home since she had no keys to them. Donna moved around the small room feeling the steel rings of the underwear pinching her as she moved smiling at the sensations. Picking up the boots Donna licked her lips anticipating all the different aches and possible pain they would cause thinking about locking them and forcing her to wear them home deciding to wait to see if it was possible to walk when she was finished with her ordeal.

Donna forced her feet into the boots grunting with each push having to stop and straighten up to take a breath several times before she had them laced tightly and the multiple straps pulled tight across the laces. Donna sat staring at the small locks that went to the boots while she gasped for air resisting the urge to lock them on. Now Donna was locked into the corset and steel panties, her feet were already starting to complain about the steep arch they were held in as Donna forced herself to stand up. The boots had wedge heels that were over eight inches tall and only about three inches from the soles to the back of the heels making them incredibly unstable. Donna wobbled around the room deciding quickly she could not wear the boots out of the room not sure if she could even feel the pedals of her car. Donna wobbled towards the bed having to hold onto the walls and furniture to keep herself up right dropping the locks for the boots in the box they had come in stopping in front of the long mirror to admire herself. She smiled at her tiny waist and heaving breasts, she also loved the way the tall boots made her legs look longer and her muscles stand out under the stockings. Donna adjusted the suspenders making each one stretch wanting to make sure none of them became slacked.

Donna climbed onto the bed positioning herself towards the head board when she was finished she would be facing the door. She glanced over at the note on the table she had placed in front of the door, the contents made her shiver as she knew it could turn this wonderful weekend into a possibly tortuous adventure. Donna sat back on her folded legs running the first straps under them then stuffed the three inch wide straps next them under her legs. Donna knew that once she committed to her plan she would be stuck for at least twelve hours, the thought of this clouded her mind as she started pulling the straps tight. The wide straps were pulled exceedingly tight around her ankles and upper thighs sinking the thick leather into her skin and locked. The thinner straps she had placed closer to her knees were pulled as tight as the first and locked welding her folded legs onto themselves. The keys were with the note on the table and would force her to drag her bound body across the room to retrieve them if she was successful at freeing her arms. With her legs bound firmly Donna slipped two straps under the ones around her legs loosely closing the buckles allowing her some movement but keeping her legs partially closed.

As Donna reached for the next new item she smiled at the pile of small padlocks on the night stand taking the new posture collar inspecting the formidable and heavy leather before wrapping it tightly around her throat. Donna had not fully tested the collar and had not realized how much it would force her head backwards and how utterly immobile it would hold her head. As soon as Donna had the collar buckled she slipped two locks into the hasps snapping each closed before she tried to look down or turn her head. Donna was surprised at the firm collar and smiled again as she thought to herself “Well you wanted it to be a challenge”. Taking the new head harness that she had wanted to use since it had arrived she opened it licking her lips again as she stared at the new gag. The gag was huge and attached to a thick panel that when all the straps were pulled tight would not only force her to bite hard on the thick leather phallus it would seal her mouth completely making it impossible for her to make any sounds other than muffled grunts. Donna laced the multitude of straps under her long red hair pulling each snug until finally they were all routed correctly. Donna was concentrating on the straps she hadn’t noticed how wide the ones that ran up each side of her nose coming together at the strap at her forehead.

Donna pulled the straps under her chin as tight as she could quickly locking each finding that as she tightened the other straps it pulled the gag and chin straps much tighter. When she had completed tightening the other straps she regretted locking them as she now felt like she was being chocked by the large phallus. Donna sat grunting and tugging on the panel and straps for several desperate minutes before calming herself and deciding not to drag herself to the table to unlock the harness. During her struggles Donna had noticed how little she could move her head and how much the wide straps running up her face blocked her vision. Donna was getting very aroused each new item was very different as she had wanted but was almost making her want to back out. Her heaving chest was making her nipples scream and her pointed feet were aching as the steel rings the panties were made from continued to pinch her.

Donna sat for several minutes getting accustomed to her new bonds relaxing and slowing her breathing before taking two of the new straps inspecting each before wrapping them around her chest above and below her breast. The straps had been made for her actually being two sets attached to one another. The first strap was tightened firmly around her chest pinching her swelling breasts even further into the cups of the corset and the lower strap pushing them up. The second part of the straps had been adjusted to wrap around her arms once they were behind her back and even though they couldn’t be fully tightened they would limit her arm movements considerably more than she anticipated. Donna prepared herself as she struggled to work the opened arm sleeve up her arms having already wrapped the crisscrossed straps over her shoulders and in between her breasts.

Donna made sure the closing strap was attached to the large zipper so when she was ready she could close the arm sleeve. She sat panting, her arousal was begging her to continue but her mind was screaming for her not to do it. Donna thought about her situation being completely gagged, her waist and chest compressed by the heavy corset, her legs folded over and strapped to her feet that were encased in thick leather forcing them into an almost en-point position. Her head and neck held completely immobile by the rigid posture collar that forced her to look up at the ceiling around the wide straps that blocked most of her vision. Donna’s mouth was filled by a large leather phallus that seemed to be growing and trying to choke her and wondered if she could continue. After contemplating her plans Donna picked up the remote for the machine setting it to come on in ten minutes tossing the remote behind her and placing her arms into the gapping sleeve behind her.

Donna made sure the pull lead was routed under the leather straps that ran across her upper arms then stuffed her hands into the pocket at the bottom of the arm sleeve and waited. Donna would find out quickly several mistakes she had made that would seal her fate to live out her greatest fantasy and her greatest fear of being discovered helplessly bound and to have a stranger increase her bondage. The note she had left on the table was simple and read,

“Please tighten all the straps you can and leave me bound for the next twenty four hours. I am completely helpless to stop you from adding anything you want to my predicament or making my situation more difficult. My only request is you do not let me cum and release me by Monday.” The note continued, “P.S. Here is a tip for your help I will leave more if you help me achieve my dream.”

Under the note was a hundred dollar bill and a set of keys, her hope was if she was truly stuck she could at least fulfill her dream and have someone tighten the straps she hadn’t locked. Donna was snapped out of her thoughts by the sensation of her arms being pulled at. The machine had started pulling the zipper slowly up her arms and Donna began squirming and twisting them to help it pull the zipper closed. She had only tried zipping herself up once with the straps and since then had tightened them up several notches so the machine tugged and groaned as it struggled to heave the zipper up. Donna felt her panic begin to increase as the arm sleeve was slowly removing any chance of her freeing herself, she forced herself to continue to twist and flex as the sleeve began crushing her wrists then forearms together. When the pull strap cleared the lower belt around her chest it felt as if it snapped the sleeve closed around her elbows making Donna squeal at the sudden compression. The machine slowed again as it continued pulling the zipper higher closing Donna’s crushed together arms inside the tight leather.

Donna felt the pull strap slip out from under the upper belt again almost snapping the arm sleeve closed almost up to her shoulders before grunting and pulling on Donna’s bound body before stopping leaving her twisting and whining in the tight leather. The pull strap was now stretched tight over her shoulder and Donna began to twist in place letting the strap slip off her shoulder as she pivoted on the end of the bed. Once Donna had turned completely she sat gasping as she stared at the ceiling realizing her first problem was she couldn’t look down to see the remote that she would need to press her head against to reverse the zipper pull. As Donna continued to adjust her position she felt the pull strap pull tight and knew she could not move any further. The zipper essentially needed to be pulled away from the sleeve to release the locking zipper mechanism meaning once she was able to push the button she would have to literally roll backwards to allow the pull strap to lower the zipper.

Now Donna was tethered near the end of the bed, she had left herself enough room to be able to roll backwards but if she fell off either side of the bed she would be left suspended and trapped by the tether. Donna began testing her bonds twisting and pulling at each strap relishing how tight everything felt noticing that even the straps around her chest and upper arms felt much tighter. For hours Donna struggled until she was breathless then would sit gasping, bending forward she could see the door knowing it could be her escape or an entrance for her total captivity. Donna had taken several hours to drive to the hotel and to get herself into her current position and soon became exhausted and leaned limply against the tether and wondered as she slipped in and out of sleep if she could even find the control button.

* * * *

Donna woke with a start whining and twisting until she remembered why she was so stringently bound desperately trying to turn and see what time it was but the tight corset and stiff collar made it impossible. Donna tried to stretch her sore body finding she had done a masterful job of restraining herself being completely unable to do more than flex her muscles in any part of her body. Donna knew it was the next day because the ceiling was much brighter and hoped she could release herself before housecleaning come by since she had left the “Please make up room” card on the door knob. Donna began to try and find the remote ending in her thrashing at the end of the tether as she desperately tried to lean forward enough to see the remote. The more Donna struggled then more the tether pulled her towards the head board moving her further away from her target. Donna continued to struggle until she felt her feet hit something hard and knew she was now against the head board and even if she could hit the remote she would have to scoot forward quickly or the machine would turn off again.

Donna’s body was almost parallel to the bed hanging from the tether a few inches off the bed and she began shifting and twisting desperately trying to look round the wide straps blocking her view until finally she was able to see the box lying about two feet in front of her. Donna was gasping from her efforts, her chest heaving and forcing her screaming nipples harder into the stiff cups. Her muffled grunts and whines could barely be heard as she struggled to move back up the bed wanting to free herself and relieve the growing aches and pains. Donna had moved to where she thought the remote was and was about to throw herself forward in hopes to hit the button when she froze as she heard a knock on the door and someone with a strong accent said “Housekeeping!” Donna tried to scream but the thick panel allowed almost no sound to be heard as a franticly struggling Donna watched the door open. The maid swung the door open wide noticing the table first and picking up the note ignoring the small moves the bound woman was making in her desperate attempt to free herself.

While the maid read the note Donna flung her body forward feeling the box just to one side of her head lifting herself back up and trying again to hit the button when she heard the woman gasp when she looked up from the note seeing the thoroughly bound woman squirming on the bed. The maid quickly closed the door taking the money and moving the table out of the way. Donna watched wide eyed around the straps as the woman approached her looking confused stopping with in arms reach of Donna and stood inspecting her. After few seconds of the two staring at each other Donna flung herself at the remote again stunned as she watched the woman yank it out from under her and set it on the table noticing the remaining locks. The maid said “I will do as letter says unless you tell me no to do”. Donna started mumbling frantically but the maid just shook her head she didn’t understand saying “Shake your head if you want free”. Donna tried with all her strength to move her head but it was frozen in place and to the maid it looked like she wasn’t moving at all so she said “Ok, I do as you want”.

Donna was trying to struggle as she felt the maid unbuckle the straps over her arms then felt her arms get yanked up behind her and the maid saying “Oh I see there is more!” Donna whined through her nose as she felt the straps under the arm sleeve getting pulled stretching the leather and crushing her arms together. Donna moaned at the sensation of having her arms finally strapped tightly in the leather as she had always wished for. Her bound arms were pulled down and the straps were placed back over them making Donna moan again as the maid grunted while she yanked the straps as tight as she could before buckling them and taking several locks from the night stand and locking the buckles. Donna was moaning again with her eyes closed as the maid opened the locks on the straps around her legs and yanked and pulled. Donna’s eyes snapped open when she felt her legs being pulled together even tighter hearing the locks snap closed again now understanding she should have been more clear in the note about leaving what was locked alone. The maid hummed while she pulled the straps connecting Donna’s folded legs until they were touching each other then mumbling something about “No good” and opening them and wrapping them around the captured woman’s folded thighs and ankles and pulling them tightly crushing Donna’s folded legs together.

Donna could not stop the maid from continuing to bind her further and couldn’t decide if she really wanted to stop her or not. Donna watched the maid leave the bed and begin looking around the room. As she searched through Donna’s things she rambled on about how Donna wouldn’t believe how often this kind of thing happened to her, that’s why she was so good at tightening things up. The maid found the box for her boots noticing the locks and scooped them up returning with her hands full dropping the items on the bed and quickly pushed the bound woman onto her back causing her to squeal. “Oh these boots are beautiful!” the maid exclaimed “But they missing their locks” and started to snap a lock through each strap unaware she was trapping Donna in the painful shoes until she got home.

Donna had no idea what was happening when she was told to sit back up and began fighting her bonds to get back onto her folded legs. After several minutes Donna gave up and lay gasping until the maid grabbed the straps running across her chest yanking her back to her knees. Donna could feel the maid fondling her breasts and moaned in response quickly squealing when she felt them being pried out of the cups. The maid slapped Donna’s thigh saying “Be quiet!” while she twisted and pulled on Donna’s sore nipples. After a few minutes of this Donna felt a sharp pinch on one then the other nipple squealing again as the clamps bit her tender buds fiercely. The maid slapped her again but much harder and began to roughly stuff her doughy breasts back into the cups. Donna was stifling her squeals as best she could receiving two slaps before the maid had her now lassoed and pinched nipples back into the cups. Donna was stunned, she didn’t think it was possible but her nipples were now clamped and crushed under the corset. It wasn’t until the belt was retightened that Donna could no longer contain her muffed squeals.

The maid was smiling at her as she adjusted both belts compressing Donna’s breasts much tighter than before and locked each. Donna was struggling wildly even though her body was hardly moving as the maid continued her work taking another strap and running it through the d-ring on the front of the collar. The maid then ran the strap through the strap across Donna’s thighs and began pulling Donna down towards her folded legs while the tight firm corset crushed the air from her lungs. The maid stopped pulling when Donna’s tits hit her thighs then moved back to the arm sleeve running another belt through the d-ring on the end of the sleeve feeding it through the strap around Donnas ankles and pulling it tight. Donna could hardly breathe as she listened to the locks click closed making her completely unable to move any part of her compressed and bound body. The maid said “If you behave while I finish my rounds then I will loosen up this”, yanking on the strap between her neck and knees, “If not I pull tighter and leave you to suffer to tomorrow morning.”

Donna barely under stood what was said she was concentrating so hard on breathing but when her world went dark as the maid pulled her blindfold over her eyes she tried to struggle and started squealing again until she felt herself being drawn even closer to her knees. “See I can make worse for you, so behave”. Donna was desperately trying to get air in her lungs when she heard the door open then close and new she was alone and was finally completely and utterly helpless as she had always dreamed. Donna felt the surge of arousal course through her making her think she was going to explode into a wonderful orgasm. As her breathing increased so did her struggles and almost as quick the wonderful feelings faded under the stress of her position and constant fight to breathe leaving Donna fighting for air and moaning in frustration. Hours later Donna heard the door opening, squirming as best she could before feeling the strap holding her bent over loosen until she was sitting straight up again.

Donna gulped in air moaning as she could finally breathe again only to feel something being threaded through one of the straps for the head harness and suddenly her head was being pulled back until she felt the strap in front pull taunt leaving her completely immobilized again. The maid said she would be going home soon so she just wanted to make sure Donna was all set for the night. Donna desperately tried shaking her head and twisting her body to tell her she wanted out but heard the door close and knew she was stuck in the awkward position until tomorrow. “Tomorrow! No it might be two more days” Donna gasped as she realized it was just Saturday and she had asked to be kept bound until Monday.

The night was long for Donna she couldn’t ease any of the aches or any of the pain she as in as the hours slowly slipped by. Each breath now seemed like someone was poking her nipples with hot needles and her legs stayed in steady cramp making her moan as loud as she could and be unable to sleep at all. The small camera Donna had set on the shelf captured every minute of her incarceration transferring it to her laptop automatically. The severely corseted woman with her arms crushed behind her back sitting on her folded legs, her head rigidly held as far back as it could be pulled in the middle of the bed with her release well out of reach leaving the trapped and frustrated woman wondering what going to happen tomorrow.

* * * *

When Donna heard the door open she mumbled and whined into the gag feeling a harsh slap on her thigh then felt the straps in front and back removed letting her lean forward hearing her own back pop as she adjusted. The strap to her ankles was removed and soon so were the ones keeping her legs folded so tightly and she felt strong hands picking her up and sitting her in a chair. Immediately she knew it wasn’t the maid and sat petrified to move wondering what was happening and where was her friend. She heard shuffling around the room things being moved when she was grabbed again and forced to walk in the tortuous boots several feet until she was held firmly. Donna felt several straps being wrapped around her chest harness and pulled up keeping her from falling as her ankles and knees were strapped tightly together and another strap was pulled tight from her ankles to the arm sleeve keeping her bowed backwards slightly.

After she was settled in her new position she heard the door open and close and again was left alone in a new position by another stranger. After several hours Donna was weeping as the pain in her feet and nipples was becoming almost unbearable when she heard the door again and the familiar voice of the maid. “I had my husband come by and adjust you hope he was ok to you?” she continued, “He really liked your steel underwear and asked if you had the key with you”.

“Well today you will be left more comfortable since I won’t be back until Tuesday to free you” Donna was so distraught she hadn’t heard anything the maid had said and crumpled to the floor when the straps were released. The maid helped her to stand again telling her if she didn’t get up she would leave her on the floor and the two moved to the bed. Donna was laid on her back with her legs straight out and felt so many straps being tightened around them she lost count.

When the maid was done she wrapped a few more straps around Donna’s abdomen and chest and began pulling the ropes leading from each to the bed tight. When she was done Donna was almost mummified in leather straps with each being tied to the steel frame of the bed making it impossible for Donna to move any part of her body again. It had been two hours since the maid arrived and once she was finished she placed the Hitachi vibrator in between Donna’s welded together legs strapping it tightly against her filled pussy and turned it on high saying “Good night enjoy you self”.

Donna was so relieved not to be standing on the tortuous heels or bent over she hadn’t cared what had been done but now that the vibrator was running she felt it pushing on the one filling her pussy making her whole insides shake. Donna could do nothing to make the building orgasm stop and within a few minutes she was exploding inside and squealing outside no longer feeling or caring about her aches and pains. After another wonderful orgasm started to build inside her she heard the door open and slam closed and the vibrations lowered and she heard “I sorry, I forgot you no want to cum” hearing the door again Donna whined and thrashed inside her bonds again hardly moving any part of her body.

Donna spent the rest of Sunday into Monday being teased by the low vibrations struggling for the entire time finally exhausting herself and falling asleep dreaming of being teased forever never being allowed to cum but secretly hoping it would happen. Donna woke when she felt her body being moved again finding she was back in her original position with her legs strapped together and her arms still pinned to her back. She listened closely trying to figure out who it was moving her lifeless body this time when suddenly her nipples felt like they were on fire and she screamed weakly into the gag. “My wife wanted to leave you comfortable but I told her you liked being uncomfortable so I will give you what you wanted”. With that she felt her breasts being twisted and pulled making her try to twist away from him but he was able to hold her easily. The man continued to slide the thick cable ties down around her breasts until he could pull them cinching each until they were bulging. Donna was in hell as he roughly forced the bound mounds of flesh back under the corset and retightened the straps.

Donna was desperate to have her body freed no longer able to distinguish which part of her body hurt the most but knew if he would turn on the vibrator everything would be ok. Donna sat whining as her tormentor studied her steel panties pulling and twisting the steel loops finding the locks on each side. “Where’s the key to these?” he asked as he pulled on them. Donna couldn’t answer but grunted and shrugged her shoulders. He laughed commenting on his stupidity asking again, “Are the keys for these here?” Donna grunted once “Once means yes?” he asked She grunted again “Then No” Donna chuckled as she grunted twice. “So you can’t remove them until you get home then?” Two grunts were heard. “Well we can make it a little more difficult for you since you like to have your pussy and ass locked up”. Donna felt the vibrator again humming as he fiddled around with her restraints for a few moments before turning the vibrator back to low and saying “I guess my wife will free you tomorrow” and with a final yank pulled her forward bending her corseted waist again leaving her to struggle for air until the maid returned.

Donna desperately tried to straighten up finding she was again forced to struggle for air incapable of easing any of her aches and pains while being forced to struggle just to breathe. After calming herself she noticed with her body bent the vibrator was pressing much firmer on her pussy giving her wonderful sensations. After eight hours of gasping for each breath and being held on the verge of a massive orgasm Donna heard the door open and the wonderfully cheerful voice of the maid. Donna listened to her talk to herself about what she was going to do to her husband for torturing her charge. Donna whined and grunted as the strap was released and she was helped to straighten up and could breathe again. The vibrator was removed and she felt straps all over her body being loosened. After twenty minutes Donna was sitting on the edge of the bed with the maid trying every key on the ring to open the locks on her boots.

Donna was grunting when her friend said “No keys open locks?” Donna had already figured out that she had been locked into the painful boots and knew the keys were laying on her table at home groaning at the revelation that she would have to wear the boots all the way home. The maid removed Donna’s blindfold allowing her to see for the first time in days and stood in front of her face and introduced herself as Alma and began unlocking the head harness peeling it from her head and dragging the large phallus out of her mouth. Donna groaned loudly as she flexed her jaw whining as the ache increased with each move of her mouth. Alma grunted again as she noticed the tight bands around Donna’s reddened breasts and began to try to wrestle them out of her tight corset making Donna whine and beg her to stop. “I’ll remove them when I get home and take off the corset”.

Alma stopped saying “Is there anything else I can do for you?” Donna looked up at her and shyly asked could you strap the vibrator back on and let me cum before removing my arm sleeve?” Alma smiled shaking her head “I go work, if you want you will have to stay here until done?” Donna thought about it for minute finally nodding ok.

Alma turned getting the leather hood from Donna’s bag stuffing the gag into Donna’s mouth then pulling the hood over her head before Donna could say anything. Alma pushed Donna onto her stomach yanking her booted feet up and quickly wrapping several coils of the rope she had used on the bed to tie Donna’s ankles to the ring at the end of her arm sleeve. Donna was grunting inside the hood now wishing she hadn’t asked for the vibrator as she felt the hogtie getting tighter. Once she was tied securely Alma shoved the vibrator in between her legs wedging it firmly onto her pussy then tying it tightly in place. Before leaving Alma turned the vibrator on high leaving the bound woman to struggle in her new position.

Donna struggled for hours with the hogtie and the multiple orgasm’s she was forced to have eventually rolling herself off the bed lying on the floor convulsing as another large climax washed over her body. Alma returned laughing as she entered the room and finding the struggling woman on the floor. Alma set the tray she was carrying on the table turning off the vibrator before straightening up Donna’s room and putting all her gear back into her bag before releasing her tight hogtie. Donna had laid quietly while Alma cleaned her room and now wanted to roll over to ease the pressure on her tortured breasts but Alma stopped her as she loosened the straps under her arm sleeve and quickly unzipped it getting a long low moan from under the hood. “You free yourself now, I go home please come again”.

Donna flexed her numb arms whining into the hoods gag and rolling over and laid rubbing her arms and throbbing breasts for half an hour before reaching up and peeling the wet leather from her sweat soaked hair and face. Laying her head back chuckling to herself and thinking “I’ll have to thank Jenny for telling me about this place”. Sitting up Donna found the key ring and unlocked the collar listening to the sticking sound of her partially dried body fluids as she peeled it away from her neck. Donna was exhausted and needed something to eat and drink noticing the large tray sitting on the table she forced herself to her aching feet sitting down next to the table smiling at the selection of food, drinks and the large pitcher of ice water Alma had left her. Donna dug in slurping several glasses of water before wolfing down some of the food. After her meal Donna looked around the room thankful that Alma had already cleaned up her mess and staggered to the bed falling asleep immediately.

Donna slept till the next day when Alma returned to clean the room finding her still asleep, she quietly put away the remaining gear before leaving taking the tray and returning a few minutes later with a new tray leaving it on the table. Donna awoke sore and whining sitting up placing her feet on the floor feeling the pain return to them. She reached down to unbuckle the tortuous boots feeling the locks on the straps and whimpering as she knew the drive home was not going to be easy. Donna saw the new tray and moved to it eating slightly less aggressively than last time. Feeling much better Donna went to the bathroom chuckling to herself again when she saw her beautiful face now ashen and sunken from her ordeal, “It was worth it” she mutters to herself as she warms a washcloth washing her face and the parts of her body not covered by leather or steel.

Donna wanted to remove the steel panties but wasn’t able to make any of the keys she had with her work in the small padlocks so she thought she had left the keys at home whining at the thought of another torture for the drive home as the steel rings pinched her with each move she made. The boots had gotten easier to walk in but were still making her feet throb and her legs cramp as she stepped into her skirt pulling the blazer around her shoulders. Donna stopped to check her appearance in the long mirror grunting at her red breasts showing the tops of the tight bands that had been placed around them. Rubbing the leather cups that were crushing her breasts while she closed her eyes and moaned at the increase of pain the clamps caused. Donna had to tear herself away from the mirror and force herself to walk out of the door. Donna walked unsteadily towards the elevator having to talk herself out of going back to her room and starting all over again with each step.

Reaching the front counter the pleasant woman asked her if she enjoyed her stay handing her the bill, Donna noticed it had many charges that hadn’t been included most of which had Alma’s name next to them. Donna pulled out two hundred dollar bills asking if she could leave this for Alma and signed the bill. The attendant smiled saying she would make sure Alma got the money folding her receipt tucking it inside a special brochure and saying “These services are available to our special customers”.

Donna smiled nodding that she would be back before turning and strutting as if she had been wearing the painful boots her whole life to her car and drove off. The drive was uncomfortable and extremely long with her having to stop for fuel twice walking around the stations in her strange boots wincing as each step and move pinched her most sensitive areas. Reaching her home Donna quickly tried to remove the steel panties finding none of her keys worked and dug in her bag for the other set to try again. Finding a note telling her the keys to the new locks had already been put in the mail to her address thanking her for her visit. Donna almost screamed before a small grin came across her lips knowing she couldn’t remove the corset, breast bands or clamps until the keys arrived in another two to three days, “At least I can remove the damn boots… well maybe tomorrow” since they had now started to feel comfortable.

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