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A Week Forever

by Houseboy

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© Copyright 2005 - Houseboy - Used by permission

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A Week Forever by Houseboy
I had it planned for months. This was going to be extended self bondage with a bit of a twist. But rather than being tightly bound, I’d be able to roam around my bachelor apartment. However, I wouldn’t be able to leave or to do anything to enjoy myself. And I had some torments planned too.

I had a week off work, and my friends thought I was to be out of town on business. No one would bother me – or so I thought. So Friday night when I got home from work I began my preparations. The bondage would start Saturday. 

First if all, every piece of fabric was to be put in the closet to be locked. So in went the sheets, towels, all my clothes, the curtains, and even the shower curtain. Also to go in were the cutlery and cooking utensils, dishes, flashlights, telephones, portable radio, clocks, watches, books, magazines, newspapers and all of the hot water faucet knobs. And, of course, all of the fuses (except for the fridge), the light bulb from the fridge, all candles and matches, all tools, and the keys to various locks. So when the closet was locked I’d have no access to any sort of clothing or cover, anything that was electrically operated, anything to read, or any hot water.

The closet was to be locked with a chain and a combination lock – one of the ones where the combination could change. I didn’t know that combination, but I had taken a digital picture of it. Tomorrow morning, I would use a program called Timelock to encrypt the picture on a timer, so that it couldn’t be viewed until the program decrypted the picture.

Timelock is a great program, and it’s inexpensive. You can program in any number of permutations and can even use it remotely. In this case, I had programmed it to lock the file for up to nine days (until the following Sunday), with a high bias and to hide the timer display so that I wouldn’t know the exact amount of time left. I was running this program on my notebook computer so I could run the program without electricity. But I had to be careful, I could only run the computer for short times and only infrequently, otherwise the battery might die and I’d be done for.

As an added torment for the week, I only had foods which I intensely disliked. So my fridge was stocked with cooked squash, fiddle heads, pea soup, broccoli, turnips and a meat loaf which looked particularly vile. While these foods had all been cooked to within an inch of their lives, they’d all have to be eaten cold since the fuses for the stove and the microwave were to be locked in the closet. To drink, I had left myself was a gallon of cold strong coffee – black.

This preparation took some time, so when I was finished it was about midnight when I finished. I took out my sleeping bag and travel clock which was set for 6:00 a.m. and went to bed. While I thought I’d be pretty worked up, I was actually able to fall asleep pretty quickly.

When I woke up the following morning, I quickly had my last nice meal of cereal, fruit and milk. The leftover milk was then thrown down the drain, the cereal put in the closet, along with the sleeping bag and clock.

My final preparations including stripping naked and throwing my clothes in the closet too. I then locked my CB-2000 on, along with ankle and wrist cuffs. The ankle cuffs were locked together with a chain about 18 inches long and the wrist cuffs were attached behind my back with a chain about 16 inches long. This chain was placed through a waist chain so that my arms could move around a bit, but still pretty restricted. I was now locked up, but not beyond the point of no return. That point was now when I went to the closet (which contained the keys to all the locks I was now wearing), closed it, wrapped a chain around the handle and an eye bolt I had put there and inserted the combination lock. I stood there for a couple of minutes just making sure that I wanted to go through with this. Finally, I clicked the lock shut and spun the tumblers. Now I was stuck.

So there I was, locked up for up to a week, completely naked with nothing to cover up with at all, no TV, radio, reading materials or artificial light and only foods that pretty much made me gag. Oh yeah, and I was horny as hell, but being belted and chained, there wasn’t much I was going to do about that. In fact there wasn’t much I was going to do about anything period. 

Time actually started moving very slowly. At least I think it did, I couldn’t really tell because there weren’t any clocks around. I had nothing to do but sit or hobble around and consider the predicament I had placed myself in. After what seemed like hours, I started regretting this whole situation. I was bored stiff and had absolutely nothing to do. Of course, that was the point – to put myself in a situation which I didn’t want to be in and not be able to do anything about it.  At this point I couldn’t even bring myself to eat the food. I became a little hungry, but not enough to put myself through that ordeal.  I did drink some cold coffee, just because I didn’t want to get dehydrated.

Finally, it started to get dark outside, and without any light, I decided to go to bed. Of course, even bed didn’t provide much comfort. Without sheets or blankets, I just lay on the mattress. With my belts and chains, I wasn’t very comfortable either. My mind started fantasizing about all sort of situations. The best one was my fantasy about being discovered like this and being turned into a sex slave. Then I’d really lose control.

I don’t think I actually slept that night. I tossed and turned a lot always trying to get into a comfortable position. And, as happens every night, about 4:30 or 5:00 a.m. I developed a raging hard on, which hurt because of the CB2000 and that woke me up. With no reason to get up, though, I just lay there for a long time trying to get my aching hard on to subside.

The second day was much like the first with nothing to do. This was my fantasy, however, and I was living it. If this lasted the full week, it would seem like an eternity. I knew there was no point in checking the computer yet, I was sure it wouldn’t release me for at least three days and I wanted to preserve battery life. Finally, sometime that afternoon, I got hungry enough to attempt to eat. With each food choice as bad as the next, I didn’t even look, I just grabbed the bowl closest to the door. Now this wasn’t going to be easy. With my wrists chained, I wouldn’t be able to use my hands to eat and I didn’t have any utensils anyway. So I put the bowl on the floor (it turned out to be squash) and tried to eat doggy style. It was too tough with the bowl though, so I had to carefully try to dump some out on to the floor. I then lay down and tried to eat what I could. Boy this was awful, but I was starving so had to eat something. Furthermore, the whole submission thing here started to get me pretty hot, I imagined being forced to eat this way my some beautiful mistress. In  the end, I managed to eat most of what I dumped, but had to leave some as there was no way to clean up (other than my tongue) and I thought I’d save some for later anyway.

At this stage it had been a couple of days since I’d had a shower and it was pretty hot in my apartment without the A/C, so I decided it was time to have a shower. It was a quick one though. Even while fantasizing about being forced into the shower by my beautiful mistress, I couldn’t take it for long. I sat around and fantasized for the rest of the day. Again, thinking about being kept this way by a mistress kept me hard. Finally it got dark and I went to bed again. I must have been tired, because this time I slept pretty well, at least until my early morning hard on. So I finally got up to start day three. I thought I might check the computer later today to see if I could get out yet, but it never happened.

It’s amazing how much can go through the mind in a very short period of time, how quickly it works under pressure. At about 9:00 a.m., I knew that I had screwed up and that I was probably screwed, that I was about to get caught and possibly lose a nice person as a friend. Maybe even, no in fact, probably have to move. It was the sound of a key that did it. I knew instantly that I had forgotten to cancel the newspaper delivery and that my neighbour Doris was bringing it in for me. I travel a lot for work and she always takes care of my mail, papers and plants for me when I’m away. She’s a very nice person. No matter how fast my mind worked, however, there was place to hide – no way I’d make the bathroom as the door was already opening.

A quick word is in order, here, about Doris. I have already fantasized about being made into a slave by a beautiful mistress. This is not the case with Doris though. Although she is a very nice person, she’s not the type that I’d be physically attracted to. Nor, would it appear, had anyone else. Doris is about six feet tall and about 200 lbs. Added to this, unfortunately, is a homely face. But there is beauty in the inside. She’d do anything for a friend. But I was about to find out how far that went.

She was a good five feet in the door before she saw me. Then she stopped and we both just stood there looking at each other. Actually I was looking at the floor and I’m sure I was bright crimson. I was also, to my amazement, as hard as a rock. She just took it all in with a slight smile on her face.

In addition to being a great person, Doris is also pretty smart. In fact she made a lot more money than me and had a good job. Anyway, her brain works quickly too and she had this whole thing figured out in a nanosecond.

“You did this to yourself, didn’t you” she demanded.

“Yes” I admitted sheepishly.

“Well, well, what have we got here then? A chastity device obviously, and pretty restricted movement too, I’d say. You must be acting out one of your submission fantasies”

Stunned, it took me a minute to answer, but finally I figured she could pretty much see what she wanted so I finally said “Yeah, how did you know?” 

“That doesn’t matter. Can you get out, how does this work” She asked.

“Well, yeah, I can get out, but not right now.”

“What’s stopping you?” She demanded

So at that point I was forced to tell her about the keys being locked up, effectively by the software program. This just intrigued her more, and she demanded to know every detail. Strangely enough I told her the whole story – the food, clothes, everything. She listened intently, asked a couple of questions and seemed very interested. The whole time, I was getting hornier and hornier. It seems being caught was turning me on. She was now in control, whether she know it or not, and I didn’t know what she was going to do next. Doris, however, actually seemed to be reacting to this intellectually, not physically at all. But that’s Doris, always wanting to know what makes everything tick.

Finally she picked up my notebook computer and said “So I guess you can’t get out without this, can you?”

“Well, no.” I confessed.

With that, she tucked the computer under her arm, turned to the door, opened it and said “See you later, then”, and left.

So there I was, completely in shock. I had just laid bare to my deepest darkest fantasies to a friend. I was completely vulnerable, not only because of my admissions, not only because she’d caught me practically naked, in a chastity belt and chains, but because she also held the key to my release. And I had no idea what was going to happen next.

In fact what happened next was nothing. It was Monday when this happened and I spent the rest of the week by myself, eating food I couldn’t stand, having the occasional cold shower and generally just hanging out, bored. The one thing I did have to occupy my time though, was figuring out what Doris was up to. As I thought back to our encounter, I realized she had given me no clues, which was probably her intent. On one hand she might have been disgusted and pissed off, and she was punishing me. In which case, I hoped she’s calm down by the end of the week.

Or, this might be her way of helping me with my fantasy. She always wanted to help and maybe she figured I’d enjoy the week more if I had truly lost control. Or maybe she didn’t know what she thought and was using the time to figure things out. I hoped the answer was that she was trying to help, but I kept coming back to being at her mercy regardless of what she felt.

Finally, Friday night I heard her key in the door again. In she brazenly walked and if I thought I was horny before, it paled compared to my raging hard on now. She was wearing a black leather skirt, black stockings and a black leather halter top. Clearly dressed as a dominatrix. It took me a while to notice that she also carried a camcorder and a camera. The camera became obvious, though, as she started snapping a bunch of shots. “You better stand still and let me do this, it you ever want your computer back” She commanded. Oh yeah, she didn’t have the computer with her. So she took a couple of dozen shots. When she finished that, I was more embarrassed than I’d ever been before. But I was still as hard as a rock.

Then she set her camcorder up on a table, focused in on the couch, and beckoned me to sit beside her. For the next hour, she interviewed me on my situation, made me repeat everything I’d set up in the past week and asked me about all of my fantasies. Strangely I answered all of her questions. Maybe I felt that I had no choice, or maybe I felt liberated by discussing these things with someone. Which ever the case, at the end of the hour she knew my deepest darkest secrets, my fantasies about being dominated, about being forced to be a sex slave and about being forced to wear a chastity belt for long periods of time. It was strange telling all this stuff, especially to Doris, but she had a way of making me feel comfortable.

When she was finished, she put her cameras away and said “We need to have a chat. You probably don’t know it, but my dominance fantasies are probably as strong as your submission ones. But I have never been able to have a relationship long enough to do anything about it. So now I’m going to indulge us both. Here’s what’s going to happen; I have the keys to your chains and to your chastity belt and I have enough film to embarrass you in front of everyone you know. So you and I can either part ways, in which case I’ll send the film to some one you are close to; a friend, employer or your family and you can get yourself out of this predicament without any keys. 

Or you can be my slave. You’ll quit your job, move into my place, do all the cooking and cleaning and service me sexually. And maybe I’ll let you out of that chastity belt a couple of times a year. In a while, we’ll get married, you’ll take my name and transfer all of your assets and possessions to me. And you’d better do a good job of keeping me happy, or I can always release the pictures or sell you off. What’s it going to be?”

So here I am as the chastised sex slave that I had always fantasized about. This isn’t the mistress that I would have chosen, but she keeps me locked up and I truly have no way out.


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