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by TS Fesseln

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Helen felt as if there was a storm of butterflies inside of her as she drove to her sister Ellen's house. She had felt this way all morning as she showered and dressed and packed a few intimate things for today's adventure. She felt this way every time her and her twin sister got together for their little bondage games. It was something she had stumbled into. One day, Helen came over to her sister's place earlier than she had planned and found Ellen naked on the bed, bound and gagged, in the middle of a self-bondage session. After untying her, a somewhat embarrassed Ellen explained the joys of bondage and how she could NEVER tell her husband about it for fear of what he might think of her.

Helen was intrigued by what her sister had to say and over the years, they had tied each other up and were the safety person for each other in their self-bondage sessions. Today was different, however. Ellen had suggested that next time they got together for some fun, they should be bound together and explained the details. They had never had been bound at the same time. One or the other had always tied the other up. Just the mere thought of being helpless together sent a warm rush through her.

Helen pulled into the driveway of her sister's house and pulled out her gym bag full of toys. The front yard was littered with fallen leaves and the trees framed the house in a halo of golds and yellows and reds. Helen got out her keys and let herself in.

"Ellen?" she called out, hoping that her sister hadn't started without her.

"I'm upstairs," a cheerful voice called back.

Helen climbed the stairs and found Ellen in her bedroom, sorting out her toys on the bed. Ellen was completely undressed, a mirror image of Helen. Long, dark brown hair, a cherub-like face with smiling blue eyes, a curvaceous frame and long, slender legs. They both had large breasts with pale areolas and a dark patch of fur between their legs.

"What took you so long?" Ellen asked as she arranged a set of leather cuffs.

"Traffic," Helen replied.

"Well, get undressed so we can get started," Ellen said, "I'll go get the keys out of the freezer."

Helen began to unbutton her silk blouse and slip it off. She undid her skirt next, stepping out of it to look at herself in the mirror. She had worn beneath her clothes a black satin corset that uplifted her generous bosom and framed her nest wonderfully. She had bought it for herself and the effect it would have on her boyfriend and she felt that it would be appropriate to wear it today. Helen had also worn a pair of black silk stockings that went up to her thighs and fastened with the corsets' garters. She had done up her hair in a pony tail and she could just imagine what she would look like in rope.

"If I had known this was a formal affair, I would had dressed up," Helen's sister said as she came back with two large ice cubes with long strings attached.

"You like, sis?"

"You look delicious, Helen. How do you keep your boyfriend Jeff off of you?"

"I like the attention it gets me, sis. I just wish he was a bit more creative in bed, you know."

"I know exactly what you mean. Derek is soooooo straight-laced. I love him but he just doesn't give me all I want sexually, you know. Just once I would love for him to tie me up and really use me," Ellen said.

"That's why I'm here, sis, to add a little spice to your otherwise boring life," Helen smiled, "let's get started. Tell me what you want me to do."

Ellen stuck out her tongue at her sister and made a raspberry.

"First, Hon, tie your cube of ice to your set of cuffs. I froze quite a few keys in there so it is going to be difficult unlocking our handcuffs even after the ice has thawed."

"Clever," Helen smiled as she tied the end of the long length of string to her leather handcuffs. She watched as her sister did the same.

"Now the ankle cuffs," Ellen smiled as she grabbed hers and locked them around her ankles. Helen had brought her own in her bag and quickly fastened them around her own ankles and locked them together with her own padlock, handing the key to Ellen and Ellen handing her a key. They would wear them on each other's charm bracelet.

Ellen wrapped a leather belt around her thighs and tightened it, watching her sister mimic her, "You remember the bet?"

"How could I forget? The first one untied gets to play with the other anyway she feels like," Helen replied.

"Including using the crop," Ellen smiled.

"Yes, including using that nasty crop."

Helen hated the crop. It did nothing for her sexually but it seemed to do something for her sister. Many times Helen used the crop on her bound sister, watching her writhe and whimper and eventually cum from the experience. Helen never could, the crop just caused her pain and bruises. The crop was the reason the Helen had to undo her bindings first.

Ellen handed her sister a short length of chain and another padlock, "The key to this one is in your frozen ice cube as well, sis. Just loop it around your ankle lock and lock the ends like this."

Ellen looped the chain between her ankles and snapped it shut, making a loop through which she would pass her handcuffs through. Helen did the same. Already, she could feel that tingly warmth spreading inside her as she made herself more helpless.

"Now for the fun stuff," Ellen giggled. She picked up one of her butterfly vibrators and placed it over her clit, making sure the controls did not get tangled up. She then brought out a slim, smooth vibrator and eased it into herself.

Helen had to undo her own leather belt around her thighs to ease hers in. Ellen had always been a bit more flexible and had been doing this sort of thing for a lot longer than Helen had. Ellen's last 'toy' was an anal plug which she eased into herself. Helen did not have one and really did care to try one out. . . at least not today. Each of them then circled a length of rope around their waist and threaded it between their legs, pulling it tight so as to hold everything in place before tying the rope off. Helen had her crotch rope tied off before Ellen and redid her leather strap around her thighs.

"Go ahead, sis, turn them on." Ellen prodded.

The vibrator and the butterfly hummed their magic through Helen as she switched them on and made sure they were on their maximum setting. It felt like a fiery pool of passion spreading through her. Ellen let out a small gasp of pleasure when she turned on hers.

"Collars," Ellen said as she picked up her own leather one and wrapped it about her throat and locked it into place before handing her sister the key. Helen did the same, placing her sister's key on the charm bracelet.

"Okay, sis," Ellen smiled, "kneel her on the bed in front of me."

Helen did as her sister told her as Ellen got a short spreader bar out and eased it between her legs before easing it through Helen's. They were both straddling the bar and only about a foot from each other.

"When you lock your handcuffs, sis, make sure you run your lock through the eye bolt," Ellen instructed her sister, "now, the gags."

Helen had chosen to use her leather gag that looked very much like a small, black pear. It was comfortable to wear and she had learned to like the taste of leather. The taste always reminded her of bondage and sex and it's smell was intoxicating. She pulled the straps around the back of her head and fastened them. It did not have a lock, but there would be no way she could remove it without her hands. Ellen had chosen her favorite red ball gag, and had fastened hers in place as well.

Next, Ellen picked up two pairs of nipple clamps with a small chain between them. She handed one of the pairs to Helen and threaded her own through the 'D' ring in front of her collar. Helen did the same. Ellen then selected the two clamps that were threaded through her sisters collar and clamped them onto her own nipples. Helen followed suit. The clamps would pull on the others nipples when each other moved. The blindfolds were next. Helen's was a leather one lined with wool. This made sure that she could see nothing. Ellen had a similar one and Helen was sure her sisters was in place when she felt her sister starting the last part of their self-bondage adventure together.

Helen first made sure she had on her charm bracelet with her sisters keys dangling from it. Then, she carefully wrapped each of her wrists in her leather handcuffs and buckled it as tightly as she could. She had practiced this time and time again so she could do it blindfolded and today, her practice paid off. She reached down and picked up her padlock and first threaded the hasp through one of her handcuff's 'D' rings. Next she gathered the short length of chain between her ankles and threaded a link through the lock hasp. Gingerly, she threaded the eye bolt through the lock hasp before putting her other handcuff's 'D' ring onto the it. It was a tidious process, one made harder by her buzzing companions within her. But finally she was done and with a click, she was all locked up in a kneeling hogtie.

Through the movements of the spreader bar which ran between her legs and the tugs that pulled at her nipples, Helen could tell that her sister was also secured and was testing out her bonds. Helen began rocking her hips as well, pulling up on the bar so that she could hump it and force her buzzing vibrator deeper within her. She could imagine how her and her sister looked like, struggling naked and bound, letting the sensations ignite orgasm after orgasm.

Ellen moaned through her gag loudly. Helen could tell her sister was almost ready to come by her frantic movements and the staccato moans that formed behind her gag. Although identical twins, Ellen was definitely more vocal and boisterous in bed. Sitting here kneeling, Helen could feel her orgasm slowly building, a fiery pool ever rising to engulf her. The vibrator within her was pouring more gasoline onto her fire and when Ellen tugged upon her nipple clamps, it sent a shower of pleasure sparking throughout her body.

Helen could hear her sister's moans become more and more frantic as she writhed in her bindings until Ellen screamed and bucked on the other end of their spreader bar. Helen could picture her sister bucking and squirming, riding out her orgasm like a cowgirl on a bronco. Ellen's thrusts and screams started to have an effect on Helen. She could feel the burning orgasm beginning to build higher and higher within her, burning her with pleasure. She too began to moan. . . long, deep moans as she rode her half of the spreader bar and the vibrator buried within her. Her butterfly hummed against her clit sending flame after flame tearing through her until she was engulfed in her own orgasm, bucking almost as wildly as her sister had.

The thrashings and moans from both sisters slowly waned as their orgasms tapered off, though the warmth still lingered within them like hot coals waiting to burst back into flame. Ellen's butterfly was still singing against her clit and she knew that another orgasm was just a few moments away. . .

Part Two

Derek nervously drummed his fingers on the coffee shop table and glanced up at the large round clock on the wall. He would give them a few more minutes before he went over and confronted Ellen and her lover. He had known for a while she had been cheating on him but he could never find out when they were meeting. Then he overheard a telephone call between his wife and her twin sister Helen two weeks ago. Ellen was talking about doing something naughty while he was at work this morning. He knew then that he had her. He loved her dearly and the though of her in another man's arms caused a pain to race through his heart and his eyes to fill. He could not cry. He could not become angry. He knew marrying a younger woman would have it's downfalls, but he never thought Ellen would find solace in another man's arms.

Like she was right now.

Derek pulled out a couple of dollar bills and left them under his half drunk cup of coffee as he got up and left. He figured he would give them an hour. He could get enough on video tape to be useful if divorce came and things got nasty. He didn't want a divorce. Ellen was the love of his life; his one true love. But he would not be cuckolded.

Derek hated having to install hidden video cameras in their bedroom and the guest room. The salesperson said they were state-of-the-art and far better than the normal security cameras that he had anticipated buying. He had the video recorders hidden in the garage as well as a small color television monitor. A cheaper system would have probably been the way to go, but Derek never went halfway on any electronics. He would be able to see in fine detail everything Ellen and her lover did.

It was a picture perfect autumn day. All the trees in the neighborhood had turned their golden oranges and reds and yellows and the leafs had drifted upon the sidewalks, lawns and streets. Derek pulled his car to a halt around the corner and slowly walked towards his house. He was surprised to see Helen's car pulled into the driveway, at least he thought it was Helen's black Saab. Probably not. Helen would be at work now, he supposed, sitting behind her loan desk. The Saab probably belonged to Ellen's loverboy.

As quietly as he could, Derek crept up the side of the garage and unlocked the side door. He felt like a burglar. The neighborhood seemed so quiet during the day. He sat down at his workbench and opened the cabinet that held the television monitor and the two tape machines. He could hear their whisper as they recorded.

Derek steeled himself as he turned on the television.

A picture of his bedroom came to life in full color and sound. To say he was shocked would have been the understatement of the year. The sight of his wife and her twin sister, bound and struggling on the bed, moaning in bliss, was not what he was expecting at all. No man making love to his wife. He switched between cameras to see if there was a man around. He didn't see one. He switched the video tape machine and rewound the recording tape and watched his wife and her sister bind themselves together and orgasm.

Again, he rewound the tape and watched as his wife and her sister. There was no mistaking it. They had tied themselves that way. Derek's mind was swirling and there was no mistaking the stiff ache behind his pants zipper.

It had always been a secret dream of his to make love to twins. Perhaps that is why he was attracted to Ellen at first. Of course, he never mentioned this, thinking that Ellen would think him a pervert. . . but now, now he knew just how kinky his wife was and perhaps he could make his dream come true. . . he would just come home early from work. . .

Then a devilish thought popped into his head. . .

------- o -------

The last of Ellen's third orgasm swirled through her like a whirlwind of pure bliss, however, her knees were beginning to ache from kneeling for so long in one position. There was no way of telling her sister this, especially since Helen was in the midst of her own orgasm judging by her low moans. They would be more comfortable on their sides so with a quick tug Ellen fell onto her side.

The nipple clamps yanked on both of their nipples, causing Helen to scream in pain as she toppled over. Ellen had prepared herself for it, so the brief painful tug was not as bad. In fact, the sharp tug on her nipples was like pouring lighter fluid on orange hot coals. Ellen was engulfed in another fiery orgasm, bucking against the pole between her legs. Her moans were so load she didn't even hear Derek creep into the room.

Derek stopped and watched both his wife and her sister writhing on the bed, hog-tied, gagged, blindfolded and both brunettes were nearly nude. Ellen, his wife, was wearing nothing but her birthdaysuit and the leather cuffs that bound her limbs. Her screams of pleasure drowned out those low moans that Helen uttered. Helen was indeed as beautiful as his wife, having the same full breasts and long legs and nicely rounded rear ends. Helen had dressed herself in a black, satin corset with seamed stockings; Covering little and framing everything. They were both as intoxicating as a fine Kentucky whiskey: dusky and smooth and sensual.

Derek smiled as he crept over to his wife, scissors in hand. With a quick snip, he cut the string attached to her frozen cube of keys, pocketing the keys in his jacket pocket. Quietly, he repeated the act on Helen. Now he had both the women's keys and without them, they could not hope to escape.

Both women continued to squirm in their bonds, oblivious to Derek as he went over to his answering machine and turned up the volume. Ellen had him install the answering machine speakers in every room so she could screen any messages left from anywhere in the house. Derek wanted to make sure she heard this one. Quietly he crept out of the room and back down to the garage where the video tape machines were still humming away, recording everything. Derek turned off the sound and picked up his cell phone and carefully dialed the number to his home. The phone began to ring.

Ellen's fantasy of being captured by pirates dissolved when she heard her phone ring. She heard her message machine pick up and her husbands voice on the other end.

"Ellen. . . Ellen. . . are you there? Pick up, it's important," Derek said, "I guess you're not there. I forgot to tell you this morning that the window guy was going to be there this morning and he is going to do some measurements so we can get those tinted windows we talked about. If you're not there, that's okay because I gave him the spare key so he could let himself in. Call back if this a problem. See you tonight, Ellen-love, love you."

Derek hung up.

Ellen felt as if ice-water had been poured over her. 'Oh my God', she thought to herself, 'she and Helen had to get free NOW!' Her fingers found the string to her keys and pulled it. The string felt oddly light as she gathered it toward her fingers. . . then she felt the end. No keys. Her fingers fumbled all about the wad of string she had in her hand, but no matter what she did, she could not find the keys. She cursed in frustration, trying to strain her fingers around the sheets, trying to find ring of keys, but her bindings to her sister would only allow her to stretch only so far.

Helen was also in a panic, even more so than Ellen. She had not found her keys at the end of the string nor within the reach of her fluttering fingers. She could feel the warmth of her tears soaking into the blindfold. No, she cursed herself, I have to find those keys and keep a straight head. Better thought than done, however. The vibrator and butterfly were still doing their job well and despite her situation (or perhaps because of it), she felt another orgasm lurking, threatening to capture her again in it's fiery bliss.

Helen felt her sister struggling against her bonds. Every tug and strain pulled at Helen's bonds as well. Her crotchrope would tighten and the clamps on her nipples would pull them until they nearly hurt. Ellen was trying to tell her something, but Helen couldn't understand her sister's mmmmphs and uuuuuughhhs. Helen prayed that Ellen could get her handcuffs off in a hurry. She was always more adept at that. . .

Then it came, like a fiery whirlwind, a firestorm of bliss that roared through Helen. It was an orgasm more powerful than she had had in a very long time and she suffocated in it, a prisoner of it's pleasurable strength as she buck and moaned and cried in it's embrace.

Derek watched all of this on his monitors, the women struggling to find escape and then Helen writhing in ecstasy as an orgasm ripped through her. He smiled as he planned his next move.

Part Three

God, were they gorgeous, Derek thought as he continued to watch the pair of brunettes struggle a bit more. It was hard to take his eyes off of his wife, Ellen and her twin sister, Helen, as they squirmed in their bindings. However, Derek knew that he would have much more fun in the next few hours.

Both of the women were blindfolded, so he didn't have to disguise his looks. He would have to disguise his voice and smell. Disguising his voice would not be a challenge. In Highschool and College he had taken numerous drama classes and had actually had a brief career as a local commercial voice-over announcer. He could do a very good Spanish accent, which he planned to do. Smelling different, however, presented a different problem that he would have to solve inside.

As he exited the garage, he stepped lively, whistling 'Whistle while you work.' Up the front walk to the front door. Smiling, thinking about the women's reaction upstairs, he rang the doorbell.

If the phone message was chilling, the chimes of the doorbell were downright terrifying. Ellen couldn't believe this was happening to her and her sister. Helen was almost as good at escaping self-bondage bindings as she was, but Helen seemed as helpless as Ellen was. Neither of the hog-tied women could unlock the padlocks holding their wrists and ankles bound behind their backs. Ellen threw herself at her bindings, hoping to find some sort of give. . . but there was none. In the past few years, she had become too good at binding herself and now she was paying an awful price.

The doorbell rang again.

Helen could her the frustrated whimpers and moans of her sister. The remaining warmth of her orgasm still tingled through her and the thoughts that she might become a plaything for the intruder seemed to fuel her fires even more. As Ellen bucked, her movements caused the spreader bar to rub and move between Helen's legs more, forcing the vibrator deeper within her.

The doorbell rang a third time.

"Oh My God," Helen screamed into her ballgag as she felt another fiery orgasm rushing through her, white hot. Ellen thought Helen was still trying to desperately escape but it was a different kind of escape. Helen was humping the spreaderbar that her legs were locked around, forcing the humming vibrator deeper and deeper within her. Then both women heard the keys in the doorlock and then the door swing open.

"Mrs. Parsons," Derek called out in a thick Spanish accent, "Are you here Mrs. Parsons?"

Helen bit down a scream as an orgasm engulfed her yet again. It engulfed her in a white bliss she had never felt before. . . ever, causing her to uncontrollably convulse and writhe and squirm in her leather bindings.

"Mrs. Parsons, I am here for the windows. Anybody home?"

Derek thought he had heard a muffled scream, but he chooses to ignore it. Making as much noise as possible, he started to make-believe he was working, whistling as he went. Just the thought of what it was doing to the women made his erection throb. He continued to resist the urge of just running up the stairs and fucking them both.

Ellen felt as if she was a fawn in the headlights of an oncoming van. She could feel her sister still bucking at her bonds, still trying to escape, but Ellen knew that their bindings would hold them indefinitely. Her wrists and ankles were already a bit raw from her efforts and making them more sore would not serve any purpose. The best thing to do now was to lie still and hope that the window man would take his time downstairs and not come up until Derek came home. Her mind raced, trying to remember if she had shut the bedroom door or not, how many windows were downstairs for the man to measure and how she would explain this all to her straight-laced husband.

Helen continued to ride the end of her orgasm. Her twin sister had stopped her squirming and was lying nearly perfectly still. God, she couldn't believe she was having an orgasm while so vulnerable to a strangers touch. Helen could hear the man below them, whistling and clanking around. She was sure that they had left the bedroom door open. By all reason, she should be terrified of the situation, but she was horny.

God, was she ever horny.

The ebbing of her last orgasm had left a bubbling pool of bliss that seemed to want to come to a rolling boil again. She ground her hips against the bar between her legs and in spite of everything that was happening, began to edge herself closer to another mind-numbing explosion.

Meanwhile, Derek had to keep his mind to the work at hand, which was pretending to work. He could barely hear one of the women moaning through her gag and wondered if it was his wife Ellen or her twin sister, Helen. Either way, he would make sure this was a day they would not easily forget.

Ellen could also hear her sister and realized the she was not struggling to get out of her bonds, rather, she was trying to hump the spreader bar between both of their legs. Ellen tried to tell her sister to be quiet by 'shushing' into her gag, but Helen was lost in her own libido-twisted world. Ellen prayed that the man downstairs could not hear her sister's moans.

Ellen listened hard to hear over her sister's mewls of pleasure, trying to decipher where the man was in the house. The noises seemed to be coming from the kitchen, judging from the man's whistles and shuffling. He was moving around the back of the house and she knew soon he would come around to the front room and then he would have to ascend upstairs to do his measurements.

Then he would find them.

The thought sent shivers through Ellen. Perversely, it also sent a warm kind of feeling swirling down below, where her pleasured quim still let her know that it still yearned for attention. Her sister's movements only seemed to focus her attention to her desires. However, she would NOT give into them. She couldn't. There was a very real danger lurking downstairs, whistling and working away.

Soon that danger would be coming to their bedside.

Derek finally finished downstairs and he climbed upstairs. The third stair creaked as he ascended. The thoughts of what his wife and sister were doing, struggling in their self-imposed bonds, made his dick as hard as it had ever been. It ached from pure lust. He hadn't felt this way in a long, long time. It was something primal and it made him feel alive, like a panther just after a kill.

At the top of the stairs, he could see the open door to their bedroom. The moans of one of them could clearly be heard, as well as their movements on the sheets. However, he would keep that room until last. He had to prolong their torment as long as he could.

The den came first and Derek went through the motions of measuring and working. Next came the guest bedroom and bathroom. There was a small window above the sink, bracketed by flowery curtains and shelves of bubble baths, body lotions and perfumes that had been given them for presents.

A wide grin spread across Derek's face.

Sitting there on the shelf was a bottle of English Leather, an after-shave he had never particularly liked. Now, it would come in very handy. Little did his sister realize just what her gift would be used for. He opened the bottle, poured a little into his palm and slapped a bit onto his face. His disguise was now complete.

He spent just a few more minutes in the bathroom and guest bedroom before making his way down the short hall to where he had left the two women bound. With every step it seemed as if his whole being was carnal and alive.

"Santa Maria, que yo esta!" Derek said as he entered the room.

Both brunettes stopped struggling for a brief moment as if frozen. Then, as if on cue, they both began to squirm and scream into their gags.

"Mrs. Parsons?" he said in his thick Spanish accent.

"MMmmmmmm Uuuuuuhhhh," one of the women nodded her head while trying to say something through her gag.

"You look very nice, Mrs. Parsons," Derek continued, his fingertips caressing his wife's hip.

The feel of his touch sent an electric shock through Ellen, as if prodded by a cattle prod. Even though it was fruitless, she threw herself into getting out of her bonds. She twisted and writhed and she could feel her sister doing the same.

"Very nice indeed, Mrs. Parsons," Derek smiled.

Helen replied with a series of unintelligible grunts and groans as both women squirmed on the bed.

Derek then stepped over to his sister-in-law, Helen, who was struggling as well. However, he noticed that her hips were moving and he realized that her squirms were of a different sort. He was going to put a stop to that. Glancing around, he spied an old suitcase that Ellen kept in the back corner of the closet. She had told him that it was full of mementos. It was lying on a chair beside the bed, open but with its lid down. As Derek lifted the lid, he saw that is was full of leather straps, rope, chains and other things that he had not a clue what they were used for.

Reaching in, Derek chooses a neatly coiled length of rope and undid it and began to loop it around Helen's wrist above her handcuffs. She felt the rope tighten then tied off.

"Is this your sister, Mrs. Parsons?" Derek asked as he tied her up.

Helen felt another length of rope being tied around her cuffed ankles. To her, it made no sense. Why was this man taking time to tie her when she was already helpless? Another rope was tightened around her elbows, drawing them together a bit more, making her even more helpless.

"You are very pretty, miss," Derek said in his thick Spanish accent.

He sat on the bed beside her and began to run his finger over the lace and hems of Helen's black corset. Derek delighted in the slight movements of his captured sister-in-law as he caressed her. It was with great reluctance that he stopped, fetching the keys out of his pocket, began to unlock the padlock holding Helen in a hog-tie.

The man held Helen firmly as he unlocked her cuffs. She realized that was the reason for the rope. The man was separating her from her sister. She felt the spreader bar being pulled out from between her legs. The stranger then climbed on the bed and straddled her, forcing her onto her stomach. She struggled but she was quite winded from her efforts earlier to escape. Helen then felt the man's warm hands reach between her legs and grasping the end of her vibrator and pulled it out of her.

The intruder then leaned over Helen, the smell of his after-shave filling the air about her, and kissed her behind her ear.

"We will have enough time to play with this later, Helen," Derek said to her in a whisper, this time without his fake accent.

' Oh my God! It was Derek! Ellen's' husband!' An odd combination of relief and embarrassment rushed through Helen. The high of one fantasy transformed into another one.

Helen did not get time to reflect much on this. Derek unfastened the clamps on her nipples and lifted her from the bed and carried her over to an old rocking chair that occupied a corner of the room, an heirloom from his grandmother. As gently as he could, he sat Helen down, lifting her bound arms over the back of the low-backed chair. She felt another cord being threaded between her wrists and attached somewhere to the back of the rocker.
Helen was not going to be going anywhere for right now.

Ellen was now struggling more than ever, screaming and moaning into her gag. What was the man doing to her sister? She felt her sister being freed from the spreader-bar, than lifted from the bed. She rolled and strained against her bonds, thinking that since she was no longer in bondage with Helen, she could find some sort of slack. But there was none to be found.

Derek realized that his wife might hurt herself if he didn't fasten her to something. Getting one of Helen's leather cuffs that had dropped off when he unfastened them as well as the opened lock, he grabbed the end of the spreader bar and pinned it to the bed. He threaded the lock first the "O" ring and the end of the bar, but did not lock it. With some effort, he dragged his wife by the spreader bar closer to the brass foot rail of their brass bed. Clasping the cuff around the brass rail, he attached the cuff to the bar and locked it. Now both women were pinned and not a danger to themselves, though he doubted now that Helen felt in any sort of danger.

Derek then turned his attention back to his sister-in-law. Helen was still squirming around in the rocking chair, but not nearly as much as she was in bed. His cock ached watching her struggle in the chair and he really, really wanted to take her then and there. However, despite what he had seen his wife enact, Ellen was still his wife and Derek did take his marital status seriously. Perhaps later, if he could get both women's consent. . .

He knelt down and grabbed Helen's stocking-clad legs and undid the rope binding them together. Helen was tempted to kick out and make his life difficult, but the thrill of being the helpless slave of her sister's husband was spellbinding and she wanted to see how it would turn out.

After Derek unwound the rope from around Helen's ankles, he gently lifted the left one and eased it underneath the armrest. He did the same with Helen's other leg and she seemed to adjust herself to help him with this task. It was a bit of a surprise to Derek, but a welcome one. He tied each ankle off to the rear leg of the rocker, forcing Helen's legs open and to display her sex. Her lips were red with passion and Derek could see just how wet his sister-in-law really was. She was adjusting to her new position, rocking her hips, whining through her gag for Derek to pay attention to her rising needs.

"In a moment, Helen," Derek whispered as he undid her blindfold.

It took a moment for Helen's eyes to adjust to the light. When they did, the first sight that greeted her was her twin sister, Ellen, still writhing around her spreader bar and crying into her gag. Helen could just imagine what was going on through her mind. She looked up, and saw Derek standing behind her with a wide grin crossing his face. He saw her look up at him and he held up her vibrator, still glistening with her juices.

"I bet you want this," he leaned down and whispered to her.

"Uhhhhhh-huhhhhh," Helen nodded.

Derek got a big, shit-eating grin on his face and turned the vibrator on. He then set it against her exposed sex. She could fell the buzzing against her lips, but it wasn't quite enough. She tried to thrust herself onto it and it fell over onto the seat.

"Tsk-tsk," Derek said under his breath and picked up the vibrator and placed it again against her pussy, "next time, I won't put it back."

Helen moaned again in frustration. Derek was the devil incarnate. The humming was enough to keep her fires burning but not enough to engulf her in pleasure.

"Now to pay attention to my wife. I am sure you don't mind. . ."



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