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Way Too Tight

by Rockett

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© Copyright 2014 - Rockett - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; corset; heels; rope; chairtie; hood; gag; stuck; climax; cons; X

It had been over a month since I had the house to myself for a SB session so I had been fantasizing over my next tie for quite a while. I had about a hundred feet of new rope and was itching to try it on a really tight chair-tie. Well, this weekend was it. Everyone was to be gone, so I began planning the scene.

I started with my bentwood chair, which is light and strong and has plenty of attaching points. Friday evening after everyone was gone for the weekend, I got out the rope, clothes and equipment. I first put on my thigh-high hose and corset which pushes my boobs up enough that I don’t need a bra. Some hot looking 5 inch heeled pumps with enough straps to prevent them from coming off were next. 

Looking in the mirror, I almost backed out and just did myself right then, I looked so hot. But I persevered. Sitting down on the chair, I decided to tie my ankles together instead of to the front legs of the chair. I then unknowingly started to get into trouble by pulling my ankles back to the crosspiece between the front legs and cinching them up to where the toes of my shoes were barely touching the floor. This felt really good making me congratulate myself on the innovation. I then cinched my knees together and then to the chair legs very tightly making them totally immobile. Then came the waist and chest ropes and I mean a lot of them, resulting in my being totally welded to the chair, even to the point of some restriction of breathing. I could still breathe OK, but just not very deeply. 

I now started with the 2 new 30 foot pieces of rope which I figured would go over my shoulders diagonally. I began cinching these down and since they were looped under the waist and chest ropes, they tightened up everything else as they became tighter. After snugging up both diagonal shoulder ropes, I realized that I really couldn’t move at all except for my head and arms, and could just barely touch the floor. I was so immobilized that I could barely reach my gag and wrist rope. With a lot of effort, I got the gag, (Simone’s Half hood) in place and prepared the wrist rope with the zip tie in the middle. The only difference in this and handcuffs is that you can cut your way out of the rope IF you have a knife. Otherwise, no way out. 

At this point, I should say that I have suspended a knife out of reach with some ice cubes to be accessible only after about an hour and a half, at which point I have to tip the chair over and scoot over the knife in position where my hands can reach it. Not an easy task under any circumstances, but I have done it successfully many times. Anyhow, I checked around to be sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything vital. I noticed that it had taken about a half hour to get to this point, so I would be tied up for at least an hour, plus whatever time it took to get to the knife after it fell. I used the remote to turn on the video camera, (got to have it on tape) and set about tying my hands behind me. I wiggled both hands in the rope loops with the zip tie in between my wrists and snugged it up a little just to get the feel of it. 

I realized that this might be harder than I thought, but still had confidence in my ability to get out. Well, point of no return. I yanked the zip tie tight and some more just insure total helplessness. It is always a thrill for me when I realize that I have no control over anything for the duration. Actually, I went over the edge and climaxed right then, which after all the bucking and jerking I usually do brought me to the realization that I couldn’t move at all what with the stiff collar which is part of my gag. I now tried jumping and scooting the chair around and found that since my toes were only marginally in contact with the floor, I could move the chair less than an inch at a time and not always in the direction I wanted to go.

At that rate I figured I better start getting toward the knife since it was about 15 feet away. I did that for a while making some very slow progress and then thought maybe if I tipped the chair over I could scoot it over faster. I started rocking as much as I could, but with no leverage from my feet, I couldn’t move enough to make it go over sideways. Talk about a revolting development. If I couldn’t tip the chair over there was no way to get to the knife. I started to get a little panicky at this time and redoubled my efforts, to no avail. Now I was really sweating it, literally. 

Sweat was pouring off me from the fear that I couldn’t get out. I started yanking and pushing with everything I had and suddenly I felt myself going over backwards. Better than nothing, but sure to hurt landing with my arms under me and the chair. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but now I was on my back and totally unable to move in any direction.

After lots of effort and rocking, I finally tipped over on my side, which let me scoot toward the knife a little. I was wrong about the speed tho’. This was very slow going. I had lost track of time with all the struggling, so I was surprised when I heard the knife fall. I had been like this for over an hour in an all or nothing struggle. Now all I had to do was negotiate another 8 feet along the floor to get the knife.

This took almost another hour itself what with me having to rest quite a bit along the way. My hands finally closed around the knife handle and I cut my wrist ropes. Even with my hands free, it took me another 20 minutes to get out of all the other ropes. I’ve never been as tired from a self bondage session as that.

Of course, part of it was fear. At one time, I really thought I might not get free until Monday, when someone would have to cut me free. A pretty scary thought since no one knows of my hobby. I slept well that night---and started planning another session in the morning. 

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