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Water Barrel Bondage

by MaryLynn

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© Copyright 2001 - MaryLynn - Used by permission

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My lovely, sweet wife likes me to dress as a sexy slut in her lingerie, stockings and hi-heels then bind my wrists behind my back.  She then ties a length of rope around my wrists and wraps the two ends around my waist before tying them together in front before she spanks me while I lie helpless on the bed. After my spanking sessions, she has me strip all my female clothing off and make love to her while she pinches and slaps my still tender ass cheeks.

Although this mild bondage is fun, I want her to perform some more advanced bondage techniques on me. She refuses to get more involved in my bondage exploits however, so I have begun exploring self-bondage methods, which satisfy my craving for being severely limited in movement while bound in extreme positions.

Being a hydraulics engineer, I began to formulate a plan whereby I could get myself into a suspended hogtie position with no outside help, either getting into or out of it.

My idea centred on the idea that water, which weighs about 10 pounds per gallon, could be used as a lifting counter weight once I got myself ready beforehand.

I obtained a 55-gallon open-topped steel drum with a faucet tap installed on it near the bottom of the drum. I drilled 4 holes just under the top rim, 90 degrees apart.  Using heavy chains, I connected a chain from each of the drum holes to a 3-inch steel lifting ring centred about 18 inches above the top of the drum. I then lifted the drum atop a table in the basement, which made the bottom of the drum clear the floor by about 4 feet.  Next I attached a 6-inch diameter pulley to the ceiling joist directly above the centre of the drum, through which I threaded a thick rope.  One end of the rope was then attached to the drums lifting ring, while the other end was threaded through another 6-inch pulley mounted to another ceiling joist about 10 feet in front of the first one.  The loose end of the rope was then tied off securely to another 3-inch steel ring at a height of about3 feet above the floor.

Now, I needed to find a way to fill the drum with water while I was lying in a hog-tied position under the suspended ring, ready to be lifted.  I also needed to make sure that I could free myself after a time because I planned to use it for the first time next weekend while my wife was visiting her folks who lived 400 miles away.

On Saturday morning, I had everything I needed for my self-suspension attempt.  To allow the table to be removed from under the drum, yet keep it suspended until being filled with water, I attached a short length of 30 pound test monofilament fishing line from its lifting ring to an eyebolt I mounted on the joist directly above it.  Then I removed the table and the drum swung free.  Since the drum weighed about 20 pounds, the fishing line would hold it until the weight of the water filling the drum caused it to snap.  This would take only a few gallons of water. As the water continued to fill it the drum would gradually descend toward the floor, raising the hogtie lifting ring by the same amount, leaving me suspended completely off the floor.

I filled the bathtub upstairs completely full of water, then attached a length of garden hose to a water pump which was plugged into a common timer that could be set to turn on and off when programmed.  I submerged the other end of the hose so the opening was lying on the bottom of the tub and tied it to the faucet so it could not fall out of the tub.  The tub was now full, so I shut off the water, then attached another garden hose from the pumps outlet down the stairway to the basement, and inserted the other hose end into the steel drum, securing it so it could not fall out.

Before I set the timer, I needed to get myself dressed for my bondage experiment.  I shaved my crotch of all hair first, and then tore off several short lengths of Scotch tape, placing them on the edge of the sink where I could easily retrieve them.  It was crucial that I get my penis taken care of before it became hard because I determined that there would be no possibility of ejaculation allowed during this bondage session. Since my penis is circumcised, I forced the loose skin behind the head to slide up over the head until the pee hole was covered by the skin, and then used the Scotch tape pieces to keep it securely fastened there.  As the skin was forced forward, the base of the penis was forced inside the body until only an inch or so of the head and skin was left visible.  Taking the tape pieces one by one, I taped the skin covering the cock head in place, over the top to the bottom side, from one side to the other, around the penis to keep the short pieces secure, then over and over again until there was now no possibility of the tape coming off, or me cumming, either.

Next I slipped on a women’s’ black skintight one-piece bathing suit that my wife adapted for me.  It is padded at the hips and bust and she had sewn black elastic garters to the bottom leg holes.  I slid on a pair of silky black nylons, gartered them up and placed a pair of black patent shoes with 4-inch stiletto heels on my feet.  My wife had also made a small hole in the seat of the bathing suit, plus had snipped small openings in the bosom as well.  These were for the small chains attached to the cloverleaf style nipple clamps I then put on each nipple.  They are designed to tighten even more if the chains are pulled outward.  I threaded the chains through the small hole in each bust, leaving them dangling for weights to be added later.

I then put on a heavy leather chastity belt, which has an anus hole for a hollow hard rubber dildo.  After it was fastened tightly about my waist and through the crotch and then locked on, I took the dildo and lubricated it with Vicks Vap-O-Rub.  It burned like hellfire as I eased it as gently as possible into my rectum. Finally it was in, and I then slid a small vibrator inside the dildo and turned it on. Next I snapped a leather cover in place over the hole so it stayed in.

I applied my earrings, lipstick and a wig, then programmed the timer to start the water pump flowing water in ten more minutes, enough time for me to finish preparations.  I went to the basement and laid on my stomach on a carpet I placed there.  I then fastened heavy leather wrist and ankle cuffs on and locked them.  Next I placed two short chains with snap hooks on each end through the 3-inch steel ring hanging above me.  These will be used to secure my left wrist to my right ankle and my right wrist to my left ankle, as soon as I put on my gag and leather hood.

I place the hood over my head and snug up the laces very tightly.  My earrings are pressed into my cheeks as I draw the hood as tight as possible.  There are no eyeholes, but the hood has an opening for the large penis gag which I now buckle in place behind the hood. As I finish this task, I hear water flowing into the steel drum behind me.  I still have some slack in my wrist and ankle chains, so I also snap a short chain hanging from the steel ring to a “D” ring attached to the waist strap of my chastity belt.

I can barely hear anything with the hood on, but I hear a distinct snap as the monofilament fishing line breaks.  Suddenly the drum drops a few inches and the slack in my wrist, ankle and waist chains is gone. As the water continues to fill the drum, my wrists and ankles are pulled farther and farther up behind my back, which now has begun to arch.  It hurts terribly but then the waist chain is finally taut, easing the strain on my back. I can feel the sharp stiletto heels of my shoes with my hands.  My hogtie has worked well as my wrists and ankles are being drawn closer and closer together.

In my head, I go over the math figures I had planned on for my self-bondage session.  Since water weighs about 10 lbs per gallon and the steel drum can hold 55 gallons before overflowing, that means that my body will start to be lifted off the floor after 16 gallons or so is in the drum plus about 20 lbs for the drum itself.  After that amount, I will be lifted higher and higher off the floor.  Suddenly, I feel myself swinging free so I know the water has now gone beyond the equilibrium point.  I also have attached a 2-pound weight to each of the nipple clamp chains before I locked on my wrist and ankle restraints.  As the drum descends further I felt the sharp pains in my nipples as these weights also swung free of the floor.
The alligator teeth on these clamps do not come off, since more weight simply causes them to tighten.  My jaws begin to ache from the penis gag and I wish I had used something smaller.  The vibrator inside my dildo is making me feel very sexy, but try as I might, I can get no response from my taped up “clit”, squeezed inside the leather chastity belt prison it is in.

I had set the run time on the timer for the water pump to run for 12 minutes.  This is enough time for the pump to fill the drum with 50 gallons of water (500 lbs) before shutting off.  Since this far exceeds my body weight, I am now lifted as far from the floor as possible because the heavier drum must now be resting on the floor behind me.  I can hear nothing now in the silence of the hood.  I feel that I am swinging slightly back and forth due to the nipple clamp weights swinging under me.  I try to reach the snap clips on my wrists and ankles to see if I can free myself, but although I can barely reach them, I cannot get any slack to unsnap them due to my weight on them.  I am helpless... completely helpless now.  I hope my release plan will work properly so I can eventually get free.

As I mentioned earlier, the steel drum has a tap faucet mounted to it near the bottom of the drum. Before I got into my final bondage steps, I had opened the faucet handle very slightly, so that there was a slow dripping of the water to the floor and then to a nearby drain set into the basement floor.  I estimate that it will take a long, long time to empty out 50 gallons of water, one or two drops at a time.  I hope my wife doesn’t decide to stay with her parents for a week!

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