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A Warning Unheeded

by Jennifer

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© Copyright 2006 - Jennifer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; bond; infantism; cons/reluct; X

A Warning Unheeded by Jennifer Sbm; F/m; bond; infantism; cons/reluct; X

sequel to 'Out of the Frying Pan'




            My wife Sally was a girl in a million. She knew that ever since I could remember, my favourite fantasy was to be dressed up as a cute little baby girl and then restrained in a cot or pushchair. And with her sense of humour and slightly sadistic tendencies, she was more than happy to have fun by obliging me, which usually meant considerable discomfort to me and fun to her. Let’s face it, a sadist and a masochist is the perfect combination.

            Briefly, my great pleasure was to be humiliatingly dressed up as a cute little baby girl, and then securely restrained and gagged with a large dummy until Sally decided to release me. I enjoyed straining and squirming helplessly within my restraints, and she enjoyed making it as uncomfortable and humiliating for me as she could, while teasing me mercilessly. And she was good at that! By the time we’d been married a short while she’d become a bondage expert who could truss me up in such a way that I had no chance of releasing myself. She knew every escape trick in the book, and always kept the rope knots and strap buckles well out of reach of my prying fingers.

            When she first moved in with me before we were married, I didn’t have the nerve to tell her about my secret fantasy, so I had to put on my baby outfit of nappy, plastic pants and baby frock and tie myself up when she wasn’t around. It wasn’t very satisfying though, because I had to be able to release myself at any time I wished to.

But inevitably, on one occasion she came home unexpectedly and found that I’d trussed myself up a bit too well, and hadn’t been able to untie myself. She was annoyed because it showed that I hadn’t trusted her to understand my unusual means of pleasure, and also the fact that it looked as if I didn’t need her to enjoy myself. It made her feel peripheral to my pleasure, and irritated, she said that she would be happy to indulge my penchant for being dressed up and tied up whenever I wished, but on one condition. She warned me in no uncertain terms that if she ever came home and found that I’d tied myself up again without her participation, she would make me regret it.

If only I’d heeded her warning, which brings me to the sequel to that occasion. 

            As I mentioned at the beginning, one of my fantasies was to be dressed as a baby girl and then helplessly restrained by Sally, who would tease me mercilessly until she’d had her fun and decided to release me. For the purpose of our fun and games I made an adult sized baby’s cot with barred sides that could be raised and lowered, fitted with a plentiful array of straps and a set of made to measure traditional leather baby reins so that ‘baby’ could be restrained in proper infant fashion. The cot was made of wood, painted white with small nursery transfers on it, and was a perfect replica of a genuine baby’s cot. Sally was good at dressmaking, and made several baby outfits to fit me. We also obtained such items as nappies and plastic baby pants on the internet, and thus equipped we spent many happy hours indulging ourselves in the many inventive games that Sally was so good at devising.

            We kept the cot in the spare room, which we’d fitted out as a nursery. With my talent for woodwork, I’d also made up a large baby’s high chair, also fitted with restraints to hold the occupant firmly in place, and we’d even been able to acquire a large sized toddler’s pushchair which I could be strapped into by Sally, unable to get out of the escape proof lockable restraints. All I could do was wriggle and writhe helplessly like any real toddler. On one or two occasions Sally dressed me up as a baby in a nappy, dress and bonnet, and left me out in the garden for the day. She even threatened to take me out for a walk like that, but fortunately she hadn’t carried out her threat. So far.

            But eventually I tempted fate just once too often. Although Sally had warned me not to in no uncertain terms, I continued with my self bondage sessions from time to time when I knew she would be well out of the way, and for quite some time I got away with it, and she never found out.

            One weekend, she had to go up to Manchester to attend a conference, and said she’d be away from Friday until Sunday evening. We hadn’t had a session for a couple of weeks, so I looked forward to indulging myself on the Saturday, while the coast was clear. I did some shopping on Saturday morning, had a nice lunch at the local pub, and went home very much in the mood for a bit of self bondage, dressed up as a baby girl to spice it up with some humiliation.

            As soon as I reached home I undressed and had a shower, and then went into the nursery and laid everything out ready for use. First of all I folded a large terry towelling nappy into a kite shape and spread it out on the cot. Then I took an adult sized disposable nappy and placed it on top of the terry one to act as a nappy liner. 

            I clambered onto the cot and positioned myself on the two nappies, and drawing the disposable nappy around me, I fastened it securely in position with the self adhesive tapes. Then I drew the bulky terry nappy between my legs and around my sides to the front, and pinned them tightly in place. I got up off the cot, and picking up a large pair of translucent plastic baby pants, I pulled them on over my feet and drew them up my legs. I pulled them on over my nappy, and tucked them in around the leg and waist openings. I was now definitely watertight.

            Now for my dress. I opened the wardrobe door and took out a large sized baby frock which Sally had made for me. I took the dress off its hanger and held it up in anticipation. How about this? I thought, isn’t it sweet? Sweet wasn’t the word. It would have been positively adorable if I had been a little girl, and was exactly what baby girls are expected to wear. The frock was made of white satin, and styled with a peter pan collar, short puffed sleeves, a row of small pearl buttons down the back, and a broad sash which fastened in a large bow at the back. There was a smocking pattern across the front, and the dress was quite short, which meant that the wearer’s baby pants would be frequently visible. All in all it was the perfect dress for a baby girl.

Right I thought, that’s enough looking, time to put it on. I placed the dress over my head, put my arms through the sleeves, and pulled it down around me. Then I fastened the buttons up my back one by one, terminating with a hook-and-eye fastening behind my neck. Finally I tied the sash belt in a large non-slip bow behind my waist and smoothed the dress down around me.

            Next came my feet. I picked up a pair of white cotton ankle socks, sat down on a chair, and pulled them onto my feet, turning them down neatly. They were typical little girl socks, with a lacy frill around the ankle. Now for my shoes. I picked up one of the shoes I was to wear and looked at it. It was a typical little girl style, a black patent T-bar strap shoe with a buckle at the side of the foot. I took the first one, and with the aid of a shoe horn, squeezed it onto my foot. Then I buckled up the strap tightly. Repeating the exercise with my other foot, I soon had it prettily imprisoned as well. The shoes felt tight, but didn’t seem to feel too bad.

            Now for my cot restraints. I went to the cupboard where we stored our ropes and straps, and took out a pair of white leather baby reins that Sally had made to fit me exactly. They had babyish transfers on the front, and were fitted with three small bells that jingled every time I shook them. With a grin of anticipation I put my arms in through the straps, and buckled them up tightly behind me. The reins had been made with restraint in mind, because they were fitted with several D rings which could be used to anchor the wearer onto almost anything.

            It was time for baby to be secured in her cot. I checked that all the cot restraints were in position, and then clambering onto it, I raised the barred side, locked it in position, and sat down.

            First came my feet. I buckled two straps each fitted with a D ring around my ankles, and clipped each one to a strap attached to one of the bottom corners of the cot. I shortened the straps and secured them so that my legs were stretched well apart, and then laid down on my back, and pulled myself up the cot so that the straps stretched my legs wide apart.

Now for the top end. There were four more straps attached to the edges of the cot. One running from each of the two corners at the top end, and one running from each side, level with my chest. Each strap was fitted with a strong clip at the end, and I carefully clipped them onto the D rings attached to my baby reins. Two at the front, just below my shoulders, and the other two were on the left and right ends of the decorated chest piece. Once the straps were clipped onto my reins, I pulled them tight and buckled them up so that I was now securely held down by both my ankles and my chest.

It was time to complete my babyish appearance, and that meant that baby had to have a dummy in her mouth of course, which I’d put on the cot mattress ready for use. I picked it up and looked at it. This was no ordinary baby’s dummy. To begin with, it was enormous. Secondly, an arrangement of long pink ribbons attached to the oval mouth cover was designed to keep it securely in place once it was in the mouth. I carefully arranged the securing ribbons, and pausing for a moment, I opened my mouth wide and pushed the large silicon rubber bulb of the dummy deep into my mouth, pressing my tongue down. Pulling the ribbons tight, I wound them several times around my head before tying them in a non-slip bow behind my head. With the huge rubber bulb filling my mouth, I was now completely silenced in the most humiliating way imaginable.

That just left my bonnet. I took a comb and parted my hair in a centre parting and combed the front forward in a neat fringe. Then I picked up a large white satin baby’s bonnet with a wide brim to frame the face, and pulling it down securely on my head, I brought the two broad securing ribbons tightly together under my chin and tied them in a neat non-slip bow. I lay there for a moment, and grinned as I knew how humiliatingly babyish I looked. Then it was time to make myself completely helpless.

In the cot with me I had the two cuffs of what had once been a pair of old fashioned Hiatt handcuffs, the type that used to be used by London bobbies. I’d sawn off the links joining them so that they could be used separately, so picking each one up, I closed them around my wrists, and locked them shut with a satisfying click. I’d fitted each cuff with a short chain of just a few links, and in the end link of each was an open padlock, ready to be clicked shut.

I stretched out my arms wide on either side of me, well away from my body, to where two strong steel rings had been screwed deep into the frame of the cot, just within reach. With my heart thumping, I inserted the loop of the left hand padlock through the steel ring on my left, and clicked it shut. Then I stretched my right hand out, and just managed to slip the right hand padlock through the other steel ring. After a moment’s hesitation, I clicked it shut. I was trapped.

But not really of course. As on every other self-bondage session I’d enjoyed, it was slightly marred by the fact that I was not totally helpless. Naturally I would have to be able to free myself when I’d had enough, and this was no exception, so just within reach of my right hand, the keys to the padlocks and handcuffs hung on a piece of string so that I could unlock myself.

Nevertheless, I began to squirm and struggle against my restraints, imagining that a group of girls had dressed me up and restrained me in the cot, to be mercilessly teased and taunted. I heaved and strained against the strong straps, but I couldn’t move. I yelled at the top of my voice into the dummy gag, but only a muffled ‘Mmmmmph!’ could be heard. I really was as helpless as a baby. until I chose to release myself.

But as I said, you can tempt fate once too often. Happy in my fantasy world, I squirmed and pulled at the straps and chains, knowing full well that I couldn’t possible break free. The only way to release myself was with the keys, and I gave a muffled gurgle into my dummy as I revelled in the fact.

Then the thunderbolt fell. I suddenly heard the sound of the front door being opened and closed, and a voice calling out ‘Hi Tommy, I’m home.’ It was Sally, and I went cold with panic. Desperately, I began to fumble for the keys that would release me, but I’d deliberately made them difficult to reach, and I heaved and strained as my outstretched fingers tried to grasp them.

A few seconds later, Sally came into the room, glanced at me for an instant, and then strode over to the cot. She folded her arms, leaned on the side of the cot, and looking down at me with a malevolent smile on her face said ‘Well well well, what have we here? A little baby in her cot. How sweet.’ I frantically reached for the keys, but she was there first. ‘Oh no you don’t’ she said, and quickly grabbed them. She untied the two keys from the piece of string, and put them in her pocket. I groaned inwardly as I realised just how precarious my situation now was.

Suddenly her grim smile turned to anger. She was clearly furious, and looking down at me she said ‘How could you? I trusted you, and you let me down like this when you thought my back was turned. You idiot, didn’t it occur to you that I might be back early? You’re as stupid as you are treacherous.’

She said nothing else for a couple of minutes, frowning while she pondered her next move. Then she said ‘Well I did warn you that if you ever tried anything like this again I’d make you regret it. Remember?’ I nodded. ‘Very well’ she continued, ‘In that case you’ve only got yourself to blame for what happens now. Now let me see, what can I do to make you uncomfortably humiliated without actually hurting you?’ She stared down at me deep in thought, until she broke into a wicked grin. ‘Ah yes’ she chuckled, ‘The perfect punishment to fit the crime. All right then, I’m going to indulge your fantasy, but by the time I’ve finished, you’ll wish I’d never started. First of all, let’s make sure you’re properly restrained shall we?’

She lowered the sides of the cot, and checking the straps one by one, shortened them so that I was more tightly stretched out on the cot. I couldn’t move. ‘That’s better’ she said with a smile, ‘We don’t want baby getting out of her cot, do we?’ She raised the sides of the cot again, and clicked the latches into place.

‘Now then’ she said, ‘With what I have in mind, I’ll need to go and get a few things from the shops. So you just lie there like a good little baby and I’ll be back in an hour or so. Enjoy yourself!’ With a grin and a little wave of her fingers, she went out of the room.

I heard the sound of the front door being opened and closed, and then lay there, stunned by this turn of events. Suddenly it began to sink in. With Sally’s imaginative talent for satisfying my fantasy in the past, I wasn’t looking forward to what she might do if she actually wanted to punish me while I was helplessly trussed up like this. I was completely at her mercy, and whatever she had in mind, It was bound to be unpleasant.

Suddenly I panicked, and began to heave and strain against my cot restraints as if by some miracle I could break free. I threw myself into the effort, and gurgled with impotence into my dummy as I pulled with all my strength at the straps. It was hopeless of course, and after a couple of minutes I realised it was futile. The only way I was going to get out of that cot was when Sally chose to release me, and I had a nasty suspicion that it was going to be quite some time before she’d do that.

I lay there quietly, and after about an hour I heard the front door open and close, and Sally reappeared carrying several bags of shopping. It seemed she’d been busy. She came over and looked down at me with a grin on her face. ‘Still there?’ she smiled, ‘Good. Now I’m just going to take this stuff into the kitchen, and then we’ll get started.’ I didn’t like the sound of that, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, and I lay there nervously as I heard her busying herself in the kitchen.

Eventually she came back into the room carrying a tray and put it down on the small table. I didn’t like what I saw, and realised why she had been shopping. On the tray were two bowls, a small jar of baby food, a baby bottle of milk with a teat, and a bib. ‘Din dins time’ she smiled, and lowered one side of the cot. She picked up the bib, and leaning over me, put it under my chin and tied the tie tapes at the back of the neck. She spread the bib out across my chest and then said ‘Now then, I’m going to feed you, so I’ll have to remove your dummy for a while. But one word of warning. A single word from you or any attempt not to eat your baby food, and I’ll put the dummy back in your mouth along with some nice yummy slugs and insects from the garden. So you’ve been warned.’ With the mood she was in I had no doubt that she would actually do it, so I certainly wasn’t going to risk anything. The threat guaranteed my silence.

Sally removed my baby bonnet, and untying the securing ribbons, eased the dummy out of my mouth and put it to one side. Then she sat down next to me, picked up the bowl of mushy baby food and started to spoon it into my mouth. The bland tasteless cereal was followed by the jar of vegetable puree, and for dessert came a bowl of chocolate mousse. That done, she placed the teat of the baby bottle into my mouth, and I had to suck the bottle dry in true baby fashion. I assumed that was the end of the meal, but Sally had a surprise in store. She went out to the kitchen for a moment, and came back carrying a large two litre bottle of water fitted with a baby bottle teat. She sat down again, and said ‘Here we are, we don’t want baby getting thirsty do we? I thought this amount of water to you would be the equivalent of a baby bottle to a real baby. So start sucking, sucker!’ I was in no position to refuse, and opened my mouth to receive the teat.

By the time the bottle was empty, my cheeks ached from the sucking, and my stomach felt bloated. I was absolutely full. ‘There’s a good little baby’ grinned Sally as she put down the empty bottle, and standing up again, she picked up my dummy and pushed it back into my mouth before tying it in even more tightly than before. Then she combed my hair down the centre, arranged it in a fringe at the front, and pulling the baby’s bonnet on my head again, tied the two securing ribbons tightly under my chin in a non-slip bow. Finally she arranged the rim of the bonnet so that it framed my face neatly.

She stood up, looked down at me, and smiled. ‘Don’t you look sweet?’ she grinned, ‘Very nice. A sweet little baby in her cot. Delightful. But it’s not going to be very delightful for you I can assure you.’ Smiling broadly she said ‘Now your problems are about to really start. Let me tell you something. You no doubt noticed that I fed you with a generous bowl of chocolate mousse. Well, that was no ordinary chocolate mousse. Oh no. It was laced with a whole packet of dissolved laxative chocolate, plus a huge overdose of ground up essence of senna tablets. I guarantee that within twelve hours you are going to have a nice full nappy, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. And I’d say that with all that water inside you it’s going to be soaking wet as well. You want to be a baby, do you? Well you are going to find that one of the nasty things about being a baby is helplessly lying in a full nappy for hours on end, and the painfully sore nappy rash that follows it. I think that several days like that will be enough to teach you a lesson, so I’m going to leave you like this until I feel you are contrite enough.’

At this I gave a muffled wail of despair into the dummy filling my mouth, and heaved and strained helplessly in the cot restraints.

Laughing, Sally picked up the dirty plates and bottles, and took them out into the kitchen. I couldn’t believe that I’d walked into this nightmare of my own volition, and gurgled into my dummy with humiliation and frustration.

A short while later, Sally returned with some blankets to cover me up, so I was obviously being bedded down for the night. She was kind enough to remove my dummy, which would have made sleep impossible, but she removed it with a warning that if she heard one peep out of me, the dummy would go back in, along with some unsavoury garden snails and slugs. That was enough to ensure my complete silence.

Sally raised the side of the cot and clicked it into place. Then with her arms resting on the side of the cot, she looked down at me, smiled, and said ‘Well there we are, one little baby all tucked up in her cot. How sweet. My word Tommy, you really are going to regret ever having crossed me like this. You can think about that as you start to fill your nappy. Sleep tight!’ With that, she went out of the room, leaving the door ajar, and I heard her go into the lounge and switch on the TV.

Gradually it got dark, and under the warm blankets I found it possible to doze off from time to time during the night. At first, it was easy to sleep as I felt so exhausted, but as the night wore on, I began to feel an irresistible urge to relieve myself. Somehow it became almost a point of honour not to wet my nappy, but I was fighting a losing battle. The pressure in my bladder steadily increased as time passed, and eventually I just had to let go. A warm flood poured out into my nappy and ran around my crutch, turning the nappy into a wet, soggy lump around me, trapped within my plastic baby pants. Unable to do anything about it, I soon relaxed and drifted off to sleep again.



            Just as it was getting light, I woke up with a gurgling sound coming from my bowels, and felt a movement within. Something was happening. As full daylight began to stream through the window, I began to moan and writhe against my restraints as the huge laxative overdose began to take its effect on me. Slowly but surely my bowel movements increased in frequency and intensity, and a grim determination not to let go overcame me. As the laxative worked towards its inevitable result, I tried to squeeze my buttocks tightly together, but because my legs were strapped wide apart, it was impossible.

After a little while, I heard the sound of Sue getting up, and a little while later she came into the room fully dressed with a battery powered electric razor in her hand. She put it down, lowered the side of the cot, and removing my blankets, inspected my restraints. They had done their work well, for she didn’t have to tighten them.

‘Right’ she said, picking up the electric razor, ‘We can’t have our little baby girl with a six o’clock shadow can we? So each morning I’ll give you a trim just to keep baby’s skin nice and smooth.’ She removed my baby bonnet and quickly shaved me before wiping down my face with a damp flannel, and I gave a small moan of pleasure which she deliberately interpreted as a baby noise.

‘Did I hear baby moaning?’ she said, smiling, ‘Dear dear, that won’t do. Obviously you want your dummy.’ I watched in despair as she picked the dummy up, pushed it deep into my mouth, and tied it tightly in place with the securing ribbons. Then she replaced my bonnet, and I was once more humiliatingly silenced.

Another gurgle and movement in my bowels made me renew my struggles against my cot restraints, and Sue grinned with delight. She knew exactly what was happening, and began to giggle. ‘Oh boy’ she said, ‘I knew this would be an effective punishment, but I didn’t realise just how much fun it was going to be. Come on baby, let me see you fill your nappy like a good little girl.’

By now I was getting desperate as I felt the contents of my bowels creeping inexorably down towards my bottom. I heaved and groaned, but knew that I just couldn’t hold on any more. With a sob of humiliation I finally let go, and a warm sticky flood gushed out and filled my nappy. It oozed into the wet terry towelling cloth, and I could hear it squelching around my bottom every time I moved. I was devastated with humiliation as Sally burst out laughing. ‘Well well’ she grinned, ‘At last. How does that feel? Nice?’ She clapped her hands with glee, and tears of mirth ran down her cheeks. ‘Lovely’ she laughed, ‘Absolutely perfect. A completely helpless little baby girl waiting to have her nappy changed. Well I’m afraid baby’s going to have to wait for several days before we’re going to take off that nasty smelly nappy. And by then I’d say she’ll have a monumental nappy rash she’ll never forget. I reckon baby’s botty will be sore for at least a week, and there’s nothing like a sore botty to make you remember, is there? Now I’ll go and get you your breakfast.’ She gave a last little giggle, and went out of the room leaving me overwhelmed with humiliation as I felt the horrible mess oozing around my bottom inside my nappy and plastic baby pants. I was utterly mortified.

I lay there in the cot as helpless as an infant, and every time I tried to move I heard the rustle of my plastic baby pants, and the sticky muck squelching around my bottom reminded me of my stupidity in getting myself into this horrendous situation. I could hear Sally preparing my breakfast in the kitchen, and guessed it would be more of the same. I was right. After a little while she came into the room with a tray and set it down on the table next to me, just as she’d done the day before. She lowered the side of the cot, removed my bonnet and dummy, and proceeded to feed me again with exactly the same baby food as before,

‘You’d better get used to this’ she grinned, as she spooned the baby cereal into my mouth, ‘Because it’s the only food you’re going to get until I release you. And that won’t be for quite some time.’ I groaned with despair, and she gave a chuckle. She was enjoying every minute of it, and with her sadistic inventiveness, I didn’t want to think what else she had in store for me.

When my feed was over and I was once again dummied and bonneted, Sally bent over me and said ‘Well I expect you’ve been wondering what other little treats I’ve got in store for you. I’ve had all night to think of a few, and believe me, I intend to enjoy myself at your expense. I’ll teach you to cheat on me. So just to give you something to think about, I’m going to invite Julie and Sarah over this afternoon and show them my lovely little baby. Won’t that be fun!’

I was horrified. Sally had never divulged my secret to anyone before, but now she was about to show me to her two closest friends. I was devastated, and gave a loud muffled ‘Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmm! Nmmmmmmm!’ as I squirmed and struggled against the cot restraints. I heaved myself from side to side, and strained with all my might against the straps, but it was hopeless, I couldn’t move an inch.

Sally stood and watched this display of helpless frustration with a broad grin on her face and said ‘Oh dear, doesn’t ickle baby want to be admired by my friends? Well she’s going to be. This afternoon. And she’ll just have to hope that they won’t tell anyone else, won’t she?’ She chuckled with undisguised amusement before picking up my breakfast tray and taking it out into the kitchen. I lay there with my heart pounding from both my exertions, and the dreadful prospect of being seen by Julie and Sarah. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t! But I knew she would, and I almost cried with the anticipated humiliation of it.

After a few minutes she came into the room, sat down next to me, and said ‘Now then little girl, let’s get this afternoon’s entertainment underway shall we? Watch this.’ She took out her mobile phone, and after punching in a number, she put it to her ear. After a brief pause she said ‘Oh hi Julie, how’s things? Are you free today? You are? Good, because I’ve got a lovely little treat in store for you. Can you come over this afternoon? Fine. Well in that case, can you give Sarah a call and we can all meet at Mario’s for lunch first, and then you can both come back to my place and I’ll show you what I’ve got. What is it? Never you mind, it’s a surprise, and I guarantee you the laugh of a lifetime. OK, I’ll see you at one o’clock. Great. Bye.’

She put her phone back in her pocket and grinned down at me. ‘There we are’ she said, ‘All done. Now you can just lie there and look forward to being laughed at by the girls. That was part of your fantasy wasn’t it? I think you’ll find the real thing somewhat less enjoyable than the fantasy, and I can’t wait to see you lying there in your nappy and baby frock with a dummy in your mouth, squirming with humiliation. Now I’ve got a few things to do, so I’ll leave you to look forward to your next little torment. This is fun!’ She gave a final chuckle and went out of the room.

Sally left me alone with my thoughts for a few hours, and all I could do was lay there helplessly, waiting for her afternoon’s amusement at my expense. After a while she came into the room with her coat on and said ‘Right, I’m off to meet the girls for lunch. A nice bit of wine and pasta, while all you’ll be eating will be baby food. How delightful. Now you just lie there quietly and suck on your dummy, and I’ll be back with the girls later. Byeee!’ With a parting giggle she went out of the room, and a moment later I heard the front door slam shut. I was alone, waiting for the coming ordeal.

It seemed like an age that I lay there, occasionally straining fruitlessly against the cot restraints and gurgling into my dummy. My jaw was beginning to ache as the large rubber bulb filled my mouth and pressed down my tongue, but after a few attempts to push it out of my mouth, I soon realised that Sally had done an expert job of tying the securing ribbons, and the dummy remained firmly in place. I almost began to doze off, and then I suddenly heard the sound of girl’s voices outside, and the front door being opened. ‘Here we are’ I heard Sally say, ‘Hang your coats up and then come straight into the nursery.’

I turned my face towards the door, and a moment later Sally came in, followed by Julie and Sarah. They came over to the cot, and leaning on the side, looked down at me. I could tell they’d had a couple of glasses of wine, and had a feeling that they were game for anything at that moment. I looked up at them, half hoping that the girls wouldn’t find it funny and demand that Sally release me, so I strained at my cot restraints and yelled a muffled ‘Mmmmmph! Nmmmmg! Mmmmmm!’ But with the mood they were in there was little hope of that. As I wriggled and squirmed and gurgled into my dummy, they simply burst out laughing, and giggled until the tears ran down their cheeks.

After a few minutes they wiped their eyes and Julie said ‘Oh isn’t she delightful! And I love the bonnet. What a cute little baby girl! A bit big perhaps, but very cute.’ She burst out laughing again and Sarah added ‘Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s got an amazing resemblance to Tommy, hasn’t she?’ Another round of laughter followed, and Sally said ‘I thought you’d find it amusing. But somehow I don’t think he does.’

‘I’ll bet he doesn’t’ said Julie, ‘So what’s it all about Sal? I mean he looks hilarious, but what’s it all in aid of? Some kind of forfeit?’

‘No it isn’t’ said Sally with a grin, ‘It’s actually a punishment.’

‘Punishment? Well it sure is some kind of punishment. But why? What’s he done?’

I lay there and blushed crimson as Sally told them everything about my liking for such things when it was all in fun, and how I’d betrayed her trust. When she’d told them just about everything, Julie looked down at me, smiled, and said ‘My goodness, you have been a naughty little baby haven’t you? Letting Sally down like that. Well in that case you deserve everything you get.’ She grinned and said ‘I must say it’s an exquisite way of punishing him. Making him live through his fantasy, but in a way that will give him anything but pleasure. Yes I like that. Very appropriate. Well, knowing you Sally, I don’t envy him the next few days.’

Turning to her she said ‘How long are you going to keep him like this?’

‘I haven’t really decided yet. In the morning I’m going to ring his office and say he’s got the flu and won’t be in this week. I reckon something like a week in the cot should teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.’

‘A week!’ said Sarah, ‘A whole week as a baby in a cot? My word, you don’t do things by halves do you Sal? I mean, what about him going to the toilet?’

Sally gave a wicked smile. ‘What about it?’

‘Well won’t you have to untie him when he has to go to the toilet?’

‘Silly girl. What do babies do when they want to go wee wees and poo poos?’

Sarah grinned as she realised what the answer was going to be. ‘They do it in their nappies’ she chuckled.

‘Exactly. And this baby is no exception.’ She lowered the side of the cot, and leaning over me she pulled up the hem of my baby frock. The girls looked at my nappy and plastic baby pants, and burst out giggling. ‘So as you can see’ added Sally, ‘I don’t have to release him to go to the toilet, do I?’

‘But what about changing the nappy?’ said Julia, ‘That’s not a job I’d fancy.’

‘Who said anything about changing it?’

‘But you can’t leave him in a dirty nappy for a week! Can you?’

‘Why not? It won’t kill him.’

‘No, but just think of the nappy rash he’ll get with a full nappy next to his skin. It’ll get horribly sore.’

‘Exactly, that’s all part of the punishment. Not only is it going to be horrendously humiliating for him to fill his nappy like a baby, but in a day or so he’ll start to get a very painful botty!’ She pulled down the hem of my baby frock again and arranged it neatly. ‘And I’ve devised a lovely way of guaranteeing that baby fills her nappy regularly’ she added with a grin. ‘I feed her three times a day with exactly the same baby food every time, well laced with laxatives. I give her a baby’s bottle of formula regularly, and make sure she drinks enough water to guarantee a permanently wet nappy. Ingenious isn’t it?’

‘Well it’s certainly that’ grinned Julie, ‘You are going to enjoy yourself, aren’t you?’

‘I sure am’ chuckled Sally, ‘And the lovely thing is that since I work from home nowadays I can baby sit him all day with no trouble at all.’ Raising the side of the cot again she said ‘Well we may as well go into the lounge and have coffee and a glass of port. Baby will be safe here until tea time. Would you like to feed her later?’

‘Love to’ laughed Julia. ‘By the way, you can’t really go on just calling her baby can you? How about giving her a name? A sweet little girl’s name.’

‘Now that’s a good idea’ said Sally, ‘Any ideas?’ There was a moment’s silence and then Sarah said ‘How about Emily? That has a nice ring to it.’

‘Emily’ said Sally. ‘Oh yes I like that. OK then, for the next week she’s Emily. Good choice.’ She looked down at me and said ‘There you are Emily, you’ve got a proper baby girl name. Now you just lie there and have your afternoon nap like a good little girl and we’ll bring you your tea later. I’m sure you can guess what it will be, can’t you?’ I gave a muffled little whimper into my dummy, and she laughed.

The girls went out of the room, and I lay there helplessly while they relaxed in the lounge over a cup of coffee and a port. How I wished I could have been sitting there with them instead of being securely strapped into my cot dressed as a baby, feeling my full nappy squelching around my bottom. It was horrible. Oh well, I’d asked for it, and now I’d certainly got my comeuppance with a vengeance. I had to hand it to Sally, she certainly knew how to get her revenge.

After a couple of hours or so I heard the girls go into the kitchen, and judging by their laughter I assumed the subject of their amusement was me. After a short while they came into the nursery led by Sally carrying a tray. It was baby’s tea time. She put the tray down, and lowering the side of the cot, unfastened my bonnet and removed my dummy. ‘I have to take his dummy out to feed him of course’ she explained, ‘But don’t worry, he won’t say anything. I told him that if he so much as utters one word, I’ll tie the dummy back in his mouth along with some nice yummy snails and bugs from the garden.’

‘Oh yuck!’ laughed Julie, ‘Yes, well I can imagine that would guarantee his silence. My goodness Sally, you certainly have got him under your control, haven’t you?’

‘Sure have’ said Sally, as she tied my baby’s bib in place. ‘OK Julie, off you go, you can feed baby Emily, and Sarah, you can give her the bottle.’

‘Right’ said Sarah with a grin.

Barely able to contain her mirth, Julie spooned the baby food into my mouth as she made cooing baby noises to me as one does when feeding an infant. The others giggled as she deliberately smeared a generous amount of the food around my mouth, which they found particularly amusing when it came to the chocolate mousse.

Suddenly Sally said ‘Just a minute, I must get some photos of this.’ My heart sank as she went to get her digital camera, and a few moments later my humiliation was being well recorded for posterity. ‘This is great’ she said as she zoomed in and out so as to show my face clearly, ‘And I just realised that with these photos up my sleeve I can make him do just about anything. That is if he doesn’t want me to email them to all sorts of people who I’m sure would find them amusing. His work mates for a start.’ The girls grinned at the idea, and Sarah said ‘What do you mean by making him do just about anything?’

‘Well’ grinned Sally, looking at the pictures she’d just taken, ‘I can think of some wonderfully humiliating ways of punishing him if he doesn’t behave himself from now on. For instance, I wouldn’t mind dressing him up like this, strapping him into a pushchair, and then taking him out for a walk. That might be rather amusing.’

‘Oh you wouldn’t!’ laughed Sarah.

‘You want to bet?’ chuckled Julie, ‘I reckon she would. Well if you ever do it Sally, let me know and I’ll be glad to help. I can just see us taking him shopping like that. It would be a scream.’

‘Yes, well I’ll only do it if he needs punishing again’ said Sally, ‘But I imagine it’s within the bounds of possibility. Come to think of it, I might just do it for fun sometime anyway. Let’s face it, by the time I’ve taken lots more photos of him during this week I’ll have more than enough ammunition to ensure his co-operation.’

I’d been listening to this conversation with increasing horror. This was turning into a nightmare, except this was no dream. I shuddered to think what the future might hold.

Julie finished feeding me, and Sarah took over. She sat next to me, and pushing the teat of the baby bottle past my unresisting lips, she said ‘Now come on Emily, drink your milk like a good little girl.’ I had no choice but to suck at the baby bottle, much to the amusement of the girls, and I groaned when Sally fetched the large water bottle and made me empty that as well.

My feed over, Sally replaced my dummy and bonnet and pulled up the side of the cot. ‘Well there we are’ she said, ‘That’s baby’s last feed for the day. Now let’s go in the kitchen and I’ll make us something for tea.’ The girls looked down at me and giggled once more before they went out of the room and I was alone once more.

I lay there quietly, trying to make myself as comfortable as I could, and after a little while they returned with broad smiles on their faces. They came over to the cot and Sally said ‘I think it’s Emily’s bed time, so let’s tuck her in shall we?’ She lowered the side of the cot and removed my bonnet and dummy. ‘She won’t make any noise’ she said, ‘Because she knows that it’s the snails and dummy in the mouth treatment if she does.’ She replaced my bonnet, laid the blankets over me, and tucked them in. Then she raised the side of the cot again, and the girls giggled as she said ‘Nighty night baby Emily, sleep tight. Oh by the way, we’re just going to go upstairs and have a look at some adult baby bondage websites and get a few ideas as to how to make this week as unforgettable as possible for you. I imagine there are some lovely ideas out there, so we’ll see what they come up with. That should give you something to dream about.’ And with a final giggle, the girls went out of the room.

I lay there in the darkness trying to drift off to sleep, and soon heard intermittent bouts of laughing and giggling coming from upstairs as the girls acquired some no doubt imaginative ideas for tormenting me. It was going to be quite a week.




            I was woken by the sound of Sally getting up and having her breakfast, and after a while she came into the room carrying my breakfast (if you can call it that) on a tray. While she fed me in what was to become the usual manner, she smiled and said ‘Well my goodness me, we did have an interesting time on the internet last night. Some of those baby bondage websites, well I thought I was imaginative, but some of the things we found were really ingenious. We ordered a few items, and you’re going to be the one I’m going to try them out on.’ I gulped in nervous anticipation. ‘Now one of the things I have to do today’ she continued, ‘Is go to a shop in the city that deals in this kind of stuff, and get a couple of shall we say, unusual items that I can’t wait to inflict on you. I am going to have fun!’ With a wicked chuckle, she cleared up my breakfast tray, and making sure that my dummy and bonnet were replaced and my cot side raised, she went out to the kitchen.

            I lay there, pondering my fate and full of self-pity, until a little later she came back with her coat on. She checked my restraints, and said ‘Right. I’m off to the city. Don’t get into any mischief while I’m gone will you Emily? See you later.’ With that, she gave me a wave and a smile, and went out to the hallway. I heard the front door open and close and then she was gone, leaving me in helpless silence.

            The hours dragged by, and for a while I seriously tried to work out a way of freeing myself. If only I could have slipped one of my wrists out of its handcuff I would have been out of that cot in no time. But the cuffs were designed to prevent just that, and after some tentative pulling and tugging, I gave up.

            I lay there, miserably contemplating my fate, and at long last I heard the sound of a key in the lock and the front door being opened and closed. A moment later Sally came into the room and came over to me carrying some bags of shopping. ‘Wait until you see what I’ve got in here’ she grinned, holding up one of the bags. ‘That shop was fascinating, and the guy there gave me some wonderful ideas for teasing and tormenting you. You want to be glad he’s not looking after you, believe me! I’ve given Julie a call and she’s coming over after work to help give you your tea. Boy, are you in for an unpleasant surprise! Now you just lie there until she comes, and in the meantime I’m going upstairs to do some work.’ She went out and I heard her in the kitchen preparing something for a while before she went upstairs.

            The room was warm, and despite the ever increasing discomfort of my position, I began to doze off. I was beginning to find it easier to relax.

            I was woken up by the sound of the front door bell ringing, and Sally ran down the stairs to answer it. She opened the door and I could hear the sound of Julie’s voice. She was back, no doubt to indulge in some fun at my expense. The two of them went into the kitchen, and I heard the sound of food preparation interspersed with frequent giggles and shrieks of laughter. I didn’t like the sound of it one bit.

            A little later, the girls came into the room, and looking down at me, Julie smiled and said ‘And has Emily been a good little girl today?’ I glared back at her in silence over my dummy, and she laughed. ‘Well’ she continued, ‘It seems that Mummy’s been shopping, and she’s bought some lovely little toys for you.’ Sally burst out laughing and added ‘And soon you’re going to find out what one of them is. Now let’s give you your tea shall we?’

            She readied me for my meal, and then came the first shock. Once my bib was in place she sat next to me, picked up a food bowl and said ‘I’ve decided to give you something really yummy for your tea. Would you like to see what it is?’ Curious, I raised my head to see what was in the bowl, but she held it up for a moment so that I couldn’t see what was in it, and said ‘No, first of all let me tell you what it is.’

            With a huge smile on her face she said ‘Now I know that three vegetables you absolutely detest are brussel sprouts, broccoli, and squash. I know you can’t stand them and that you never eat them. So you can guess what’s in this bowl, can’t you?’ Oh no I thought, she couldn’t. She wouldn’t. Unfortunately, she could and she would. The expression of utter distaste on my face told her everything she wanted to know, and she grinned as she said ‘Yes, that’s right, it’s a bowl of overcooked sprouts, broccoli and squash that I’ve pureed and allowed to go cold. That will be yummy, won’t it? And remember, if you don’t eat every bit of it, I just might have to consider something nasty by way of punishment. I do have something in mind, and eating these greens is a much better alternative, believe you me.’ I did believe her, and resigned myself to eating the horrid tasting concoction she’d made for me.

            ‘Right’ said Sally, giving Julie a grin, ‘Let’s start shall we? Open wide Emily.’ With a sigh of resignation I opened my mouth, and she shovelled in the first spoonful. Nothing could have tasted worse, and I screwed up my face as the foul tasting cold vegetables slid down my throat. I gave a groan of despair, and the girls laughed. ‘Now now’ teased Sally, ‘You’ve got to eat all your greens if you want to grow up into a big strong girl.’ I couldn’t believe this nightmare, but was soon reminded it was real as Sally pushed another spoonful against my closed lips, and with a giggle smeared some of it around my face. With a gulp I opened my mouth, and once again found another foul tasting load going down my throat. I couldn’t even hold my nose, so I was fully aware of just how awful it tasted.

            With refined judgement, Sally spun it out to make this torment last as long as possible, and I squirmed and writhed in my restraints as the worst tasting meal of my life went down my throat. But mercifully it came to an end, and as Sally scraped the very last drop from the bowl and spooned  it into my mouth, she said ‘There’s a good little girl. I can see how much you enjoyed that, so from now on I’ll make sure you eat a nice big bowl of it every day. Aren’t I kind?’ I looked at her in despair, which was exactly the reaction she anticipated.

            At least the vegetables were followed by a jar of apricot puree, and I was relieved when Sally said ‘Oh by the way, there are no laxatives in your chocolate mousse tonight. Thought I’d let you know.’ I could hardly believe my luck, and actually enjoyed it as she spooned it into my mouth. At least the taste of the vegetables was gone.

            But I should have guessed that Sally had something else up her sleeve. She wiped my mouth, removed my bib, and took the dirty bowls out to the kitchen. Then she came back into the room carrying something in her hands. Julie looked at me, grinned, and said ‘Now we’re going to play with one of the toys Sally bought today. This will be fun!’ I tensed in my restraints, aware that something unpleasant was about to happen.

Sally came up to me, and held up what she’d bought. At first I thought it was simply another oversized dummy like the one she’d been using on me, with a mouth cover and a cute little ring on the front. In this case though, it had thin straps to go around and over the head much like a bridle, to hold it in the mouth even more securely than the ribbons attached to the other dummy. And there was a much more important difference. Instead of a rubber bulb to go in the mouth, this one was fitted with a hollow ball made of hard plastic, full of holes. Unaware of the significance of the design of the ball, I looked at it curiously.

            ‘Right’ said Sally, ‘Time for your new dummy Emily. Open wide’ I knew better than to resist by now, and she pushed the dummy into my mouth. I was surprised to find that the plastic ball was bigger than I thought, and it filled my mouth, pressing down my tongue so that I couldn’t move it. She quickly pulled the straps over and around my head before buckling them up tightly at the back of my neck. The dummy was now very securely fixed in my mouth and I knew there was no way of pushing it out by even a fraction.

            ‘There’ said Sally, smiling at me, ‘Isn’t that nice? A lovely new dummy. But this is a special kind of dummy. Oh yes, and you’re about to find out why. But first we need to keep your head still.’ She went to the box in a corner of the room where we kept our bondage restraints, and took out a long strap with a clip at either end. Coming back to the cot, she attached one end of the strap to one of the corners at the top end. Then she passed the strap under my chin, and clipped the other end of the strap to the other top corner of the cot. The strap was adjustable, and she shortened it so that the strap pulled my head immovably up towards the top end of the cot. I was now completely unable to move my head, and anxiously waited for what was coming next. I didn’t have long to wait.

            Sally went out to the kitchen for a moment, and came back with a small bottle of clear liquid that she placed on the small table. I could no longer turn my head, so I didn’t see what it was. ‘Now’ said Sally, ‘Let’s show you just how different this dummy is from the other one.’ She took hold of the ring on the front of the dummy’s mouth cover, gave it a twist, and began to unscrew it. After a few turns she pulled it out, leaving an open tube leading from the front of the dummy into the plastic ball filling my mouth. I could now breath through it, and found it a relief from having to breathe only through my nose with the other dummy.

            But my relief was to be short lived. Sally picked up a small funnel from the table, and inserting it into the front end of the tube, she carefully screwed it into where the ring had been. That done, she checked that my head was immovably secured and that the funnel was correctly positioned. Then she looked at me and grinned. ‘There we are’ she said, ‘I can now pour anything I like down that funnel, and if I hold your nose, there’ll be nothing you can do but swallow it. Clever, isn’t it?’ I now realised what a diabolical toy she’d bought, and whimpered as I realised that she could force me to drink anything she chose at whim, and there was nothing I could do to stop her.

            ‘So this is where the fun starts’ she said. She picked up the bottle from the table, and held it in front of my face so that I could read the label. I couldn’t believe what it said, and jerked in my restraints as I now realised just how unpleasant the next few minutes were going to be. The bottle was labelled Castor Oil. The dreadful taste of castor oil is legendary, and naughty children used to be punished by being given a spoonful of the foul tasting liquid. And here was Sally holding the equivalent of about half a glass of the stuff. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. But it was. With a wicked grin, she tormented me by slowly unscrewing the cap while staring me straight in the eye. She was loving every minute of it.

            She put the cap down on the table, and holding the bottle next to the funnel she said ‘All right Emily, time for your medicine. Julie, hold his nose will you?’ Just as one does when making someone take their medicine, Julie gave a grin and pinched my nose shut. I gave a last wail of despair as Sally tilted the bottle and a thin stream began to pour into the funnel. As soon as it ran into the hollow plastic ball filling my mouth, I realised how ingenious this feeding dummy was. If there had just been a rubber bulb with a single tube down the centre, I could have blocked the end with my tongue. But with this arrangement there were so many holes in the ball, that no matter which one I blocked with my tongue, the foul tasting liquid simply streamed out through the other holes and down into my throat. With Julie pinching my nose shut, I began to swallow the vile stuff automatically, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

            As soon as the foul tasting castor oil hit my taste buds I groaned and gurgled, and jerked in my restraints. I desperately tried to jerk my head from side to side in an attempt to disrupt the awful taste which had now invaded my mouth, but it was hopeless. My head was held in a vice like grip and there was absolutely nothing I could do but swallow. 

            Sally looked me steadily in the eye with a huge grin on her face, and Julie giggled as the steady flow of castor oil disappeared into the funnel and down my throat. As I saw the bottle emptying, I could hardly believe that she’d do such a thing. She’d given me a gigantic dose of castor oil.

            Once the bottle was empty, Sally put it down and Julie released my nose. Suddenly I received the full force of the horrible taste of the castor oil, and shuddered. Sally looked at me and grinned. ‘That was fun wasn’t it?’ she said, ‘But not half as much fun as what will happen shortly. We don’t need the feeding dummy now, so let’s give you your proper one, shall we?’ She unfastened the strap holding my head in place, and then removed the feeding dummy. I moved my aching jaw, but barely had time to enjoy the relief before she took the other dummy and fastened it tightly in my mouth with the securing ribbons. She tied my baby bonnet on again, and pulled up the side of the cot. Then she looked down at me and grinned. ‘Well’ she said ‘Now you know why I didn’t have to put laxatives in your chocolate mousse tonight. I gave you something much more effective. And very quick acting. I’d say you’ll be filling your nappy within an hour or two, so we’ll come back and see how you’re getting on in a little while. Enjoy yourself won’t you?’ I groaned with despair as she and Julie went out of the room to prepare their own tea, leaving me to go through yet another horrendous and humiliating experience.

            Just as on the previous occasion, my bowels soon began to gurgle, and once more I groaned with humiliating discomfort as a warm sticky flood emptied into my nappy, and I writhed as I felt it squelching around my bottom, seeking every nook and cranny.

            A short while later the girls returned, and could immediately tell that the castor oil had done its fiendish work well. Sally grinned as they leaned on the cot rail and looked down at me. ‘Well I must say that feeding dummy is a wonderful idea’ she said, ‘I can think of all sorts of unpleasant things to give you to drink, such as the water I boiled the sprouts and broccoli in. Or perhaps some sour milk that’s gone off. That has a really nasty taste, doesn’t it? Oh yes, I think I can come up with some lovely goodies, as well as plenty more doses of castor oil of course. That’s much more fun than just plain old laxative chocolates. They’re much too nice!’

            I groaned at the thought of the foul tasting drinks she had in store for me. The trouble was that she knew exactly which tastes I liked and which ones I absolutely detested, and she obviously intended to take full advantage of the fact.

            Sally decided to put me to bed for the night, and removing my dummy, she covered me with my blankets before she and Julie left me to it. For a while I lay there with the residual taste of the castor oil still in my mouth. It was hard to get rid of. I tried to ignore the foul mess squelching around in my nappy, but every time I moved it reminded me of my situation.

            But eventually I dozed off, wondering what other horrors Sally had in store for me.





            Next morning I awoke with a start. A searing pain suffused my bottom, and I realised that the contents of my nappy had been going to work on my skin. A steadily increasing soreness became more and more intense, and I realised that Sally’s prediction of my acquiring nappy rash was coming to fruition. I shuddered, wondering just how painful it was going to get.

            A little while later, Sally came in with my breakfast tray, set it down, and started to feed me. As I sucked at my baby bottle of formula she said ‘Well, Monday morning. I’m going to phone your office in a minute to tell them you’re down with the flu. I think it’s rather amusing to think that what you’re suffering is something much worse than the flu. And you’ll be receiving far more attention than if you were merely ill. Oh yes, Julie and I are going to give you lots of attention, and it certainly won’t be to your liking.’

            I drained the bottle, and as she put it down I shifted my position and moaned as a searing pain once more suffused my bottom. Sally guessed what it was, and grinned as she said ‘What’s the matter baby? Sore botty?’

            ‘It’s agony’ I whimpered, ‘It’s really sore!’

            ‘Oh good’ she smiled, as she picked up my dummy and pushed it into my mouth, ‘This is just about the time I expected your nappy rash to start, and believe me, it’ll be ten times more painful by the time the week’s out. All that lovely wee wees and poo poos will burn its way into your skin, and even after I release you, I guarantee you won’t be able to sit down for days. Now you know why some babies cry so much.’

            She finished securing my dummy in place, tied my bonnet on my head, and raised the side of the cot. Looking down at me she smiled and said ‘Don’t you wish you’d listened to what I said now? Just think, if you hadn’t been so silly as to tie yourself up after I deliberately warned you not to, you wouldn’t be lying there now dressed as a baby in her cot, with a full nappy and a sore botty. Oh well’ she grinned, ‘I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying myself! Now you can just lie there all day. I’m going to go and call your office now, and then I’ve got some work to do. I’ll close the door, so no matter how hard you try yelling into your dummy for attention, I won’t hear a thing. I’ll be back to give you your midday feed later. Have fun little girl.’ She picked up my breakfast tray, and going out of the room, closed the door behind her.

            So began the painful and uncomfortable boredom I was to suffer for the entire week. A daily round of just lying there in silence, unable to do or say anything. The only breaks in the monotony were when Sally decided to have some fun by teasing and tormenting me, with the eager help of Julie and Sarah. It was certainly a week I was never to forget.

            By the end of the week my bottom was a raging sea of soreness, and I dreaded to think what condition my skin must be in by then. But on the following Sunday morning my torment finally came to an end. Sally came into the room, looked down at me and said ‘Well, I suppose it’s time to let you go. You’ve suffered a week’s punishment, so let’s get you out of this.’

            She lowered both sides of the cot, and after removing my bonnet and dummy, unlocked my handcuffs and unfastened all my restraints. ‘You’d better just lie there for a bit while you regain your mobility’ she advised, ‘I imagine you’ll be pretty stiff for a bit. So just lie there for about an hour and then I’ll help you to the bathroom where you can undress and clean yourself up. I’m certainly not going to do it for you!’ It was sound advice. I lay there on the cot, painfully flexing and bending my stiff arms and legs, but gradually they began to recover until I felt capable of standing up.

            After a while Sally returned and said ‘All right, let’s see if we can get you to the bath room shall we?’ I eased myself off the cot, and stood there unsteadily for a moment, holding onto the headboard for support. It was wonderful to be standing upright again. I took a step forward, and was glad to find it easier than I’d expected. Sally held my arm, and we went along the passage to the bathroom.

            ‘Now then’ said Sally as she unfastened the back of my baby frock and pulled it off over my head, ‘You see those three large plastic bags there?’ I looked at the bags resting on the floor in the corner.

‘Yes’ I said.

            ‘Good. They’re to put your dirty nappy and baby pants in. As I said, I’m not going to clean you up, you can do that yourself. As soon as I’m out of the room, Take them off and put them in one bag. Tie it shut and put it into another bag. Then put that one inside the last bag and tie that shut. That way we won’t have any smells to contend with. Your botty is very messy I imagine, so use plenty of toilet paper to wipe yourself clean, put it in the toilet and flush it away. Then you can take a hot shower. No doubt you’ve been looking forward to that for several days.’

            ‘When you’ve dried yourself off, give me a call and I’ll see what I can do about that nappy rash. All right then, I’ll leave you to it.’ She went out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her, and I started to remove the baby pants. I pulled them down and put them in one of the bags. Then I unpinned the terry towel nappy, removed it, and put it in the bag. Suddenly the smell of my full nappy hit me, and I screwed up my nose. Phew! It was awful. I finally unfastened the tabs of  the disposable nappy I’d used as a liner, and put it into the bag before quickly tying it shut. I put the bags one inside the other, and put them down on the floor.

            The moment I started wiping my bottom clean I could feel how sore it was, so I wiped it very gently. But at last I was relatively clean, and I flushed the soiled paper down the toilet before stepping into the shower. I turned on the hot water, and gave a yelp of pain as the hot water hit my tender skin. I felt as if my bottom was on fire, and groaned as I soaped myself clean.

            After a long and soaking shower, I dried myself down, gently dabbing my sore bottom dry. I turned to have a look at it in the mirror, and gasped. My bottom was scarlet with the effect of the nappy rash I’d acquired, and I rubbed it tenderly. It sure was painful.

            I went to the bathroom door and called out to Sally that I was ready. She told me to come into our bedroom to dress, so I wrapped my towel around me and went along the passage to our room. Sally was there, and grinned as she said ‘Better?’

            ‘What do you think?’ I said ruefully.

            ‘How’s your botty? Sore?’

            ‘Of course it is!’ I retorted.

            ‘Let me have a look. Bend over the side of the bed.’

            I did as she said, and she gave a chuckle. ‘My goodness’ she said, ‘You do have a classic case of nappy rash, don’t you? Must be as sore as anything. Would you like me to put some ointment on it for you?’

            ‘Yes please’ I said, surprised at her concern. Sally took a tube of ointment out of a drawer, and removing the cap, she squeezed a generous portion into her hand. Putting the tube down, she said to me ‘Right, just bend over and I’ll rub it in.’ I bent forward, resting my hands on the bed. Then she put her hand on my bottom and began to rub the ointment well in. In a few seconds a searing pain spread across my bottom, and I yelled in pain. Knowing her wicked sense of humour I should have suspected something. It wasn’t soothing skin cream, but full strength deep heat ointment, and the pain brought tears to my eyes. Sally burst out laughing as I leapt up and desperately tried to rub off the ointment from my bottom, but that just made things worse. Still giggling, Sally gave me a cloth to wipe my hands as the pain subsided slightly, but I realised that I was going to have a very sore bottom for several days to come. ‘That was fun’ she chuckled, ‘Don’t worry, it won’t last forever. Just a little souvenir from your week in a dirty nappy.’

‘Well’ she continued, ‘I think we can say you’ve officially paid the penalty for cheating on me and I hope it’s taught you a lesson. But take it as a final warning. If I ever find you trying to deceive me like that again, I’ll make last week seem like a picnic. I may not be lucky enough to find that you’ve very conveniently trussed yourself up for me as happened this time, but with the aid of all those delightful photos I’ve now got stored in my computer and also Julie’s computer as a back up, I’m sure it won’t be difficult to make you co-operate.’

            Horrified, I blurted out ‘But that’s blackmail!’

            ‘No it isn’t. Let’s just call it coercion. Now get dressed and we’ll have some breakfast.’ She went downstairs to prepare breakfast, while I dressed myself in something decent for the first time in a week.

            Breakfast was accompanied with a lively discussion on the justice of what Sally had done, but I could hardly argue with her that I’d deserved it. I’d blatantly disregarded her warning, and suffered the consequences. Besides, I knew that despite my horrendous experience of the previous week, I still wanted to continue with our mutual sessions of Sally tying me up as a baby or a little girl and being playfully teased and taunted. Some fantasies are just too strong to ignore or discard, and Sally was my only means of continuing to experience that fantasy.

So we continued living together and both enjoying our mutual pleasure, but after my week as a baby in the cot, I vowed never to get caught like that again.

            Unfortunately, as somebody once said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and eventually my common sense deserted me again. A few weeks later, when Sally was away on a business trip, I started to indulge myself again, and was soon up to my old tricks. I got away with it for nearly a year, but inevitably, fate stepped in and I got caught in the act again. Sally’s resulting punishment did indeed make my week in the cot seem like a picnic. But that’s another story.







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