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by sin_dy

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Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; chain; mud; overnight; mast; cons; X

Its summer and so hot. The breeze is hot. The ground is hot. I am horny and hot. A perfect day for bondage and later a perfect night. I trudged up the slope behind the house and into the woods, working up a good sweat. Beads of perspiration made my naked body glisten in the sun and I didn't really care. This was my day to get down and dirty. Literally dirty.

You see I like to combine bondage with my other secret fetish WAM. If you don't already know, WAM stands for Wet And Messy. And not just wet with water. It could be oil or maybe paint or honey or whatever turns me on at the time. Maybe those old stories of being tarred and feathered sparked some deep down desire to do something to my body so gross and so wierd that most people would find it offensive. But on the other hand so erotic, so daring.

So today I am hiking into the woods to find the right setting for my wild adventure. Carrying a rake and a heavy bucket filled with bondage stuff is hard work but I know that several trips like this might be necessary before sundown. What I'm looking for is a tree on level ground, sort of out by itself and without any other vegetation around it. It wasn't long before I spotted what looked like the perfect setting. Using the rake, I cleared all around the tree of any old leaves, rocks and brush. I raked right down to expose the dirt and even dug some below the natural ground level to make a wide but shallow pit all around the tree. From the bucket, I placed two chains and four padlocks on the ground where I could get to them later.

I was really working up a good sweat by this time. It a good thing the shoes I had on were old because now they were covered in dirt. I took a long chain and lock from the bucket and wrapped one end around the tree and locked it in place with a combination lock. Yes I  know the combination, but unless I can see the dial, it doesn't do any good and the lock is made in such a way as to prevent feeling for the right combination. Back down the hill with the now empty bucket to the water hose laying in the yard. I filled the bucket up over half full and went to the garage to look for another container to put water in. I found a plastic five gallon bucket and filled it with water. That should be enough to do the job if I don't slop too much out carrying the things up the hill to the woods later.

About thirty minutes before sundown the temperature was still hot and the humidity was about as high as it could get. Perfect for what I had planned. Still naked, I took the two buckets of water up the hill into the woods to my special spot. The big bucket was so heavy that I had to rest a few times but finally made it ok. The sun was setting but there was still plenty of daylight. Slowly I poured the water all around tree making a nice gooey muddy mess. Well now for the really fun part. Taking up one of the two shorter chains, I locked each end of it to an ankle, leaving about a foot or so between my feet. I did the same thing with the other chain to my wrists. I could just back out now and just go on back home but what fun would that be? I kicked off my shoes and gave them a pitch.

I stuck a toe into the mud. Then reached down and worked a little bit between my fingers. Without hesitation I sat down right in the middle of the cool mud. Taking the chain that was attached to the tree, I quickly locked it around my neck. Now I'm stuck. No not really because all I have to do is to work the combination to get free. But I don't. It's getting darker and I can still read the dial ok but I make the excitement build. The longer I wait to work the dial the darker it gets. There will be a point of no return. I can still bearly make out most of the numbers. At least I think I can. Just wait a few minutes longer. I sort of panic and try the dial. I must have mis-read or fumbled the dial because it didn't work that time. Try again but no luck. I am stuck. Really stuck this time.

I am overloading with excitement. An emotional overload. I violently have my first orgasm of the night, stretching my legs out through the mud. It takes a while to come down from that one, but when I do, then I want to get free all the more. Of course I can't no matter what and that makes the excitement start to build once more. I grab a fist full of messy dirt with both hands and play with my breasts. Then more mud slathered up and down my arms, under my arms and down my sides. Before long I am mud from head to toe except for my hair. As I play with myself, I spasm through another full blown orgasm almost as intense as the first. Now it is completely dark and no moon.

I scoot around savouring my predicament. Running the mud through my fingers and reapplying more mud to my body and face. Finally I give in and lay out prone with my hair matting up with the gooey stuff. Why do I do this? I really don't know for sure. It just seems so nasty, so perverted, so sexy, so out of the main stream, so daring and so darn much fun. Getting cleaned up isn't such a big deal. I have done it many times with mud, honey and other disgusting stuff. The worse thing I ever had to get off of me was marshmellow cream. Nothing seems to remove it easily. I pull some on my neck chain and feel around the lock at the tree. A waste of time because I know I am going to have to wait till morning to work the combination lock dial.

I hear all the night sounds in the woods. Once I was pretty sure there was a deer or some kind of beast close and watching me. Too bad it wasn't some horny hunter. I guess I drifted off to sleep but woke several times itching from the drying mud. Several orgasms later and following more sleep, I noticed the sky getting lighter. I suddenly was wide awake with hope of release. Time dragged on and on but at last I could read the dial and unlocked the chain from the tree. Now I crawled out on dry leaves and of course most stuck to my skin. I was a mess. On wobbly legs, I made it out of the woods and back down the hill to the back yard where the garden hose was waiting. The keys to my padlocks were waiting on the ground near the hose.

The cold water was a shock but the mud and leaves washed off fairly easy. The hardest part was cleaning my back and the water was so so so cold. Thats the hardest part of doing WAM, the clean up. I lost count of how many orgasms I had but maybe surpassed my old record. That time I went deep in the woods and covered myself with honey and dumped an old pillow full of feathers all over me, then handcuffed my wrists in back and almost got lost trying to find my way back home. Almost a tar and feather experience!


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