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A Walk on the Dark Side

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2011 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; chain; gag; chast; naked; outdoors; caught; hunted; cons/nc; X

Three am on a Sunday morning in mid summer, is as dark as any night in the winter and that is despite the moon’s glow. I am prowling my territory looking for something, anything!

I am a hunter, a seeker of the unaware, a destroyer of any I encounter, that is what I am, and why I am afoot on this pleasant dark night.

I am tracking the path of my target, my arousal first stimulated by a slight whiff of perfume, accompanied by the strange smell of a female fully aroused. The ground shows clear tracks of the route that my target has followed. I can see like an owl in the dark so the scrapes and scratches of a passing body, scattered along the woodland track, all stand out to me, as I hunt. I am close, near to my quarry, aroused beyond my ability to resist. I am the hunter she is my prey.

* * * * *

The night is perfect, the moon high and ready as I set of into the woods. I do this frequently, I seek a place to play out my life, to strip naked and feel the breeze on my skin. To have and feel my adrenalin flowing in raging excitement through my veins! I am not normal, I know, but I am all woman and with all the feelings and fears and arousal of any woman on the planet, especially the arousal!

I find the prefect place near to an animal path, this I intend to follow soon. I strip naked, removing all social signs of my humanity. My sex burns demanding my attention, I resist, that, my pleasure and satisfaction can wait, until I have passed through my night in self-bondage.

I shackle my ankles first. The chain is thin but strong and locked into place and should be sufficient for my pleasure and restriction, if nothing untoward happens.

Next I grab my belt, my metal chastity belt! For this night I have no plugs fitted to it, I want to feel the freedom and frustration of having a demanding sex, but also being unable to meet that demand. I lock the belt; the keys to my locks are in my car, which is parked within the woods and hidden from sight by branches, which I have torn from the surrounding trees. No one should discover it, so my presence here is protected.

Now for my gag! Wood and leather make a rod that fits into my mouth and straps behind my head. I add another lock, finishing my silencing. Breathing is hard but acceptable, finally I lock my hands into heavy gauge handcuffs and I am ready to crawl. I crawl because it is more comfortable, more exciting, more primeval and back to nature.

I enter and turn onto the pathway and my night crawl begins, I set a fast pace enjoying the scents and sounds of the night, passing through the woods in almost silence, skimming around patches of moonlight, not wishing to be illuminated.

* * * * *

My prey is nearly before me, I am above it in a tree crouching as she approaches from down wind of me. She does not know of my presence or my arousal at seeing her. She does not know of the evil and ill will I promise to inflict on her. She does not know that this will be her last night on Earth! I will toy with her, playing out my age old fantasy, and then, when the time is perfect, I will strike for the final time and my pleasure will be undiluted and perfect.

I watch as she crawls into the dell below my branch, if I do not strike soon she will realise I am present, if only by my scent, that is if her nose is not clogged up with all the pollution of this age.

I reach out, extending my arms and leap. I aim for her back, expecting to land my feet on her spine and crush her body into the soft ground beneath her, and at the same time take her wind from her lungs, making her helpless and vulnerable.

* * * * *

Something is wrong, I can scent something, something evil, something familiar! I turn my head from side to side searching. I crawl further into the dell as I identify the smell tickling my nose, and stimulating my senses. I stop, role over once, parting my legs, I feel the chain at my ankles as it shatters into so many useless broken links.

The cuffs at my wrist snap as easily as match wood when I part my hands! I am almost ready to defend myself.

I bite down hard, my teeth cutting through the leather, digging into the wood beneath and parting my gag in half.

I am armed now and aware, I am no longer the simple prey the evil above me expects to encounter.

I twist as I sense something, it, falling towards me! The age old battle between our different species begins!

Vampire and wolf locked in mortal combat. Sex no longer has a meaning, only survival is the aim, as claw and fang clash, self-bondage and sex is forgotten as death for one looms.

The End.


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