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Walking the Line

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2009 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; gag; blindfold; outdoors; rope; caught; F/f; hum; toys; cons; X

Even though Amber looked peaceful resting on her deck chair, she was anything but. The blonde felt as if every nerve inside of her was a live, sparking wire. She was planning another adventure tonight after the sun had set and the blues and purples of twilight had taken over her back yard. She had everything she needed in a canvas tote beside her; handcuffs, blindfold, leather straps, a black leather ball gag, nipple clamps, vibe, locks and a large ring of keys. Also coiled on top was a thirty-some-odd foot clothes line that she had prepared for this evening. She had checked everything several times and now all that was left to do was wait.

The weekend sounds of lawnmowers, laughing kids and bird chirps had slowly segued into the sounds of crickets and the hush of air conditioners trying to keep up with the June heat. Amber had on her neon pink bikini that left little to anyone’s imagination. She was proud of her tanned good looks and kept herself that way by exercising and eating right. Her body was an advantage she had used time and again at the office when pushing some project; that and her long, platinum blonde hair and hazel green eyes unnerved many a male counterpart. For the most part, men were really afraid of beautiful women and she counted herself one among those women.

With the last orange of the setting sun fading away, Amber knew it was time to get to work. She gathered up her bag and stepped down off of her wood deck. Her back yard was perfect for these little adventures of hers. A tall privacy fence surrounded her small back yard and several lilacs and mock-orange bushes help keep the space personal and private. The dark just made sure that her escapades remained her secret.

The wooden deck stood about three feet above the lush, freshly mowed grass and anchored on the corner was a sturdy eye-bolt. Amber pulled out the clothesline, threaded her ring of keys onto it and tightly knotted that end to the bolt. It wasn’t an ordinary clothesline, but one she had stippled with large wooden beads that she had hot-glued into place. The beads were placed randomly, some singly and others in clumps of two or three. There were also several that were not glued and slipped freely along parts of the cord. Carefully Amber uncoiled her beaded line until she reached the small shed at the corner of her yard.

Like the deck, the shed had a couple of eyebolts placed on it as well as a cam cleat that Amber had purchased from a marine supply store. One of the eye bolts was placed about the same height as the one on the deck. The other one was placed a couple of feet higher and the cleat was bolted between the two. Amber threaded the other end of the line up through the lower bolt to the upper bolt before bringing the line back down through the cleat. She didn’t tighten the line, however. She had to get herself prepared.

First thing was to strip out of her bikini and throw it into the shed, locking the sheds’ door with a padlock whose key lay on her kitchen counter. Her nude dress code was now enforced until she got out of tonight’s predicament. Amber enjoyed the feel of the warm air on her naked skin as she got out her ankle cuffs from the bag. Straddling the line with her back to the shed, she fastened the leather cuffs around each ankle and locked each to a small length of chain. Lifting the line up between her thighs, she held it there while she fastened a black leather strap above her knees tightly. Now Amber could only take very small steps.

The blonde enjoyed the warm erotic rush spreading through her as she tried to take a step or two. That was the best part of bondage; the helplessness. She buckled another strap around her waist and hooked the vibrator’s controls to it before easing the chrome vibrator inside herself. Slowly she pushed it inside until it filled her completely but Amber did not turn it on; not yet.

Carefully backing herself up to the shed, it was now time for Amber to pull the line taut. Pulling the line down through the cleat, the line began to become a tight as a bowstring as it passed between her legs, forcing the vibrator deeper inside of her. It was a tight as she dared to make it as it cleaved between her swollen lips and pressed against her clit.

Quickly Amber got out her nipple clamps and fastened each onto herself, producing a delicious feeling of near pain as the jaws pinched down on each nipple. She could feel the small ripples of pleasure starting to wash over her and she hadn’t even turned on the vibe yet. She moaned involuntarily as she relished the feeling before going on.

The gag was next. It was a pear shaped one of black leather that filled her mouth almost completely. It was also the one that seemed to silence her the most. Amber was afraid of trying out one of the pump gags so this was the second best way of suppressing her moans. The tangy taste of the leather filled her mouth as she buckled the gag tightly then locked its small padlock behind her head.

The leather handcuffs were next and Amber quickly buckled each around her wrists. Each one had it own little lock and she clicked each one shut. The last thing she would do is to lock each of them together behind her back with a stout padlock. But she had a couple of other things to do first.

Her blindfold was made of leather as well and it was line with a soft wool. Amber found it was very effective and in the darkness of the night, she may have well been blind. It was really a shame that here was no way of locking it as well, but soon she would be helpless to take it off and that was almost as good.

Amber found the buttons to her vibe and turned it on a low pulse, sending wave after warm wave of pleasure coursing through her. Quickly she put her hands behind her back and with a click of a padlock, she was now helpless.

The blonde wriggled a bit to make sure everything was as tight as she could make it. The pulse of the vibe within her and the cord pressing against her sex fueled her libido as she let the delicious feeling of helplessness wash over her. It was this feeling, that she was no longer in charge of her body that made bondage her sex act of choice. Amber had had a few lovers that tried to tie her the way she wanted but they all failed in making her truly defenseless so she had to find her own way of getting that feeling; thus her descent into self bondage with the aid of several websites that she had found on the subject.

A warm rush of bliss swirled through her and she brought herself back to the task at hand. She would slowly make her way up the beaded rope to the keys to her release. She would then maneuver the ring of keys back down to the shed where she would loosen the line and unlock herself from her slavery and hopefully she would have an orgasm or two along the way.

Inch by inch she made her way down the line blindly. It was decadently slow with every little movement rubbing against her sex and sending more ripples of bliss through her.

Then her clit brushed up against one of the beads. An electric shock of pure pleasure ripped through her as she forced herself over the large bead, almost sending her over the edge. But Amber pushed ahead slowly after drinking in the moment.

Bead after bead sent more bolts of passion through her as she slowly made her way to her deck until about half way she had to lock her knees as a wave of rapture engulfed her in her first small orgasm. She didn’t know how long she stood there but the sound of her neighbors next door playing with their dog brought her out of her self-imposed revelries and back to the matter at hand.

Amber was glad she had gagged herself because otherwise she was sure that Amy and Mike would have heard her. From the sounds of it, Mike was throwing that glow-in-the-dark Frisbee to his dog, Boone, a golden retriever that yelped happily as he caught each throw. They were way too busy with their game to pay attention to her and hers.

Foot by foot, Amber slowly made her way forward. The few sliding beads made the journey that much more interesting since she would just push them along until they hit a glued one and she had to force herself up over both with her pleasure-ached pussy. Finally, after what seemed hours, she could feel the cold keys against her bound thighs.

In her mind, she pictured lifting herself up with her toes and working the ring of keys back until they were in back of her. However, it was much tougher and Amber found herself sweating from her effort and frustration. Finally, she managed to get it accomplished but she was now exhausted from the effort and she still had to make her way all the back to the shed.

Grasping the large key-ring in her hand, she slowly backed her way down the line. Each bead pushed against her anus as she eased herself over each. Even though she was horny as hell and so much wanted to cum, she knew that she would collapse on the lawn if she did and getting back up would be a nightmare. She Amber focused and continued on.

Then she heard the crash of the bushes.

“Hold on, Boone, I’ll get it down for you,” she heard Mike tell his retriever.

The Frisbee must have landed in the top of one of her bushes. Amber froze and listened as she heard some scrambling against her fence and the rustle of some branches.

“Here boy, go get it!”

Amber let out a sigh of relief. He hadn’t seen her but the incident made her fires burn that much hotter and she could feel another orgasm swelling inside her until she couldn’t suppress it any long. Clutching the line with dear life, she let the white hot rapture engulf her as she moaned and bucked what little she could in her bondage, leaving her drained and barely standing.

“Mike told me what he saw out here but I had to take a look for myself,” Amy said.

Ice-water shock flooded through Amber as she stood there, frozen.

“I can see that you are enjoying yourself,” Amy continued in her slight southern accent, “and I took a couple of photos just so we can remember it together.”

Amber could just see her neighbor Amy standing there with her camera. She was a short little brunette with the kind of girl-next-door good looks that men wanted to marry.

“Don’t worry, Mike is still next door. You got him all hot and bothered and I am sure that I’ll get some when I get home; but I am curious, do these hurt?”

Amber felt Amy flick her nipple clamps, sending another shower of pleasure through her. She moaned into her gag.

Amy laughed, “I see. Well, I never expected you would be into something like this. I always envisioned you the tigress on the hunt. But neighbors do surprise you sometimes, don’t they?”

The bound woman found herself blushing and wishing that she could be anywhere but there. Then she felt Amy grab the keys and wrench them from her grasp.

“I think I will take these,” Amy said of the protests of the bound woman in front of her, “And when you work yourself out of this, feel free to hop over to our place and we’ll give them back to you. . .maybe.”

Amber felt Amy working the key-ring off of the line. Amber knew it was one of the split rings so Amy didn’t have to undo the line in order to get them off. Amber was still mewling her protests as Amy pulled off her blindfold.

“Now, I don’t want you to hurt yourself getting over to our place, hon. I don’t want you to bruise that pretty little bod of yours, at least not yet. We’ll leave the front porch light off and make sure that your house is nice and locked-up tight for the night. Good thing you left a spare key with us now isn’t it?”

Amy petted the bound blonde on the head while looking into her green eyes.

“Now, you hurry on up. Like I said, Mike is hot-and-bothered so I don’t know how long I can keep his hands off of me and we like to make sure we don’t get disturbed when we’re together, you know. So you best get started and we hope to see you soon.”

With a little wave, Amy walked away, swinging the keys on her index finger and whistling some familiar tune.

Amber pondered a bit then, defeated, then started to move down the line. Tonight’s adventure was far more than she had bartered for.

And for that, she was glad.


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