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A Walk in the Park

by Lacey Sexton

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© Copyright 2002 - Lacey Sexton - Used by permission

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A Walk in the Park
by Lacey Sexton

Let me tell you about my walk in the park the other day. Well first let me tell you that my name is Glynda and my measurements are 34D-24-34, I stand 5'6" tall, weigh 112lbs, I am 23 years old,  have blue eyes, and have very long, down to my tight ass, blonde hair. I get a kick out of showing off my body and at the same time put myself in harms way so to speak. On this day I decided to go for a walk in the state park that was close to my house. I have been messing around with self bondage for a while now and keep trying to figure out how to put a little danger into the fun and games, I think I have a way. You see all I need do is to cuff my hands together and walk naked through the park until I get to where I hid the key to the trunk of my car and then walk back to the car and get the keys to the cuffs and a shirt. Sounds simple, yes, well as you will see it was not.

I had been watching the weather for just the right spring day and when I got it I called my friend who I work with and told her that I was sick could she please tell the boss. That done time to get my thing, what there was, together and start out for my trip. All I needed was a pair of cuffs, a tee shirt to wear home, a small orange bag, and some luck. The park that I was going to use had a two lane road that ran down the back side of the park and for most of the day it was little used but in the afternoon it got a lot of traffic on it. I drove down the road and without paying any attention to where I was I threw out the orange bag, this bag had my trunk key in it. I then drove around to the main park entrance and parked in the parking that was farthest away from the road where my key was.

When I parked my car I opened the trunk and got out the cuffs and tossed them into the woods, I then pulled off my shorts and panties, I was wearing an extra long shirt and threw them into the trees and then poured honey on them, I figured the honey would attract little friends so that I would not want to put them back on. I then closed the trunk locking my keys to the cuffs as well as the tee shirt I was planning to wear home.

I went into the woods where I had thrown my cuffs and started to walk. After walking to where I could no longer see my car I took off the shirt I was wearing and tore it in half. I then took the cuffs and locked them onto one wrist and then placing my hands behind back I locked my other wrist. Only one way out now.

I started to walk slowly at first hiding behind whatever cover I could find but the longer I walked the more brazen I became. As I came up to the stream that runs through the park I heard laughing, shit I am going to get caught. I very slowly crept up to where the laughing was coming from and what did I see? I saw three teenagers skinny dipping. There were two guys and a girl. The guys bout were tall and very well built and from what I could see had good sized dicks. The girl was a knock out, petite, long hair, and from where I was, a body built for fucking. As I squatted down behind a bush I watched as the guys kept grabbing the girls ass and tits, boy was she ever getting man handled. All of a sudden they got out of the water and I was right the guys had large hard dicks. I heard one of them say suck my cock you dirty slut and the girl got down on her knees and started sucking. The other guy went behind her and started to lick at her pussy. After ten minutes or so they swapped and the guy that had been getting a blow stuck his dick, all the way up to his balls, into her pussy and I am sure she would have screamed but she had a cock in her mouth. This went on for an hour with the guys swapping and fucking. I was in bad shape my pussy had been dripping the whole time and I needed it bad but with my hands cuffed there was nothing I could do. After the guys both shot there load they took a quick dip and got dressed and left. I kept still until I was sure they were gone. I slowly walked up to the water and walked up to my waist in the cool water and got a littlest relief. As I was walking out of the water I slipped and fell and my head went under, this scared the piss out of me. As I was regaining my footing one of my shoes came off. fuck walking through the woods with one she is not going to be fun. Didn't need to worry about that for long because the rocks were too slick to get out with shoes on anyway so I had to take the other one off. I was then able to get out of the water and started on my way again.

I got to the road without any more problems and then had to find the bag. I had to be careful because the traffic was picking up so I would walk a little and then stick my head out to the road and look. Five feet at a time until I was successful. I went to the bag and picked it up but something was wrong. The bag was opened a little. I looked inside and fount a note:

 For the slut that put her trunk key in this bag I have it now you are at my mercy
 and I don't like sluts. Beware fore I am watching you. 
 PS Go look under the tree across the road from where you stand, there is 
 another bag.

I went to the tree and started to look when it dawned on me that this person knew that I had put my trunk key in the bag, How? I found the other bag and there was another note in the bag: 
 It simply said go to the swimming hole and use this key to unlock the box you will find there.

I got to the box and unlocked it and found a bar of soap and a towel. I took this to mean that I was to clean up a little so I did. I cleaned up the best I could with my hands behind my back and look in the box again and saw a finger size hole. I lifted up the inside lid and saw a pair of  6" red heel and a note: For my slut.

I put the shoes on and started for my car not knowing what else to do. After walking the distance of a couple of football fields I saw another bag. I looked inside and saw a key, I tried it on my cuffs but it was the wrong kind. I walked a little farther and saw another box. I tried the key and it opened. Inside was a chain with cuffs on each end. Also there was a note that said put these on and I will leave you the keys to the handcuffs. I put on the ankle cuffs and found that the chain only let me move a foot at a time. Boy what else was going to happen, just then a key fell from the tree, at last my hands were free. 

I kept walking best that I could and noticed that I could not leave my pussy alone, I was so hot to be fucked that I was looking to be caught. I was just about to get off when I tripped and fell. As I was getting up I saw another bag. This bag was a large bag and when I opened it I had a ultra short mini dress to put on. The dress was made of fishnet so I was still naked but it was different know with the hint of clothing I felt like a slut more than when I was naked.

I now had shoes and a dress all I needed to do was to get out of here but how, without the key to my trunk I could not get the key to start the car. I got to a point to where I should have seen my car and it was gone. My heart sank and I knew that I was in trouble. The only car left in the parking lot was a van and it looked like someone was in there watching me. My heart started to race and I knew that I had to get away before the person caught me. I started to walk as fast as I could when I saw another bag, now what. This had better be good. I opened the bag and there was my old friends the hand cuffs and they were still wet. The note said:
 Dear Slut:
 You have a choice to make. One choice is to throw the cuffs away and try to out
  run me and when I catch you I will tan your ass and then rape you. The second
  choice is that you put the cuffs on with your hands in front of you and come over
  to the van and put your back to it. You do not know me but I can promise you
  that you will have the most mind blowing orgasm ever.

I weighed my options and decided that a willing fuck was much better than rape. I put the cuffs back on and walked over the the van and put my back to the door. I heard the door open and all went black. I had a hood put over my head. I was trapped in this van that was taking me God knows where, to do God knows what and all I could think about was getting off. My pussy was so hot it hurt. After about ten minutes the van stopped and I was helped out and led into a building. It was then that this person ripped off the dress I was wearing and threw me to the floor. The next thing that I knew I had a dripping wet pussy on my face and an order to start eating like the slut I was. I had no choice and stuck my tongue in and started to eat the best I could. After a couple of minutes I felt a tongue start on my hot box and God it felt good. I managed some how to bring my captor to climax and as promised I got the most mind blowing orgasm of my life.

After I calmed down my legs were unlocked and then my hands. When I lifted the hood off of my head I saw who my captor was, it was my co-worker and best friend Kim. I asked why and she simply explained that she was BI and knew by the way I looked at other women I was to. I said that I should have guessed that it was her because I was giving shoes and a dress that was my size and that none else would have know that it was my car. She just grinned and said that in the future I should be careful what I told her. I just grinned and went back to eating her pussy.


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