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Wait until I get my revenge

by Nighthawk

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© Copyright 2002 - Nighthawk - Used by permission

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Wait until I get my Revenge

How the story starts

Mike and Tina are lovers since they met each other at the MIT. Mike had a strange hobby. He is creating bondage devices. Especially Self-bondage devices.  Tina was a 26 years old woman with the measures ninty - sixty - ninty. She is 5,9 feet and has long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Mike loves his Tina. But he likes to annoy her. 

The first time 

Tina often tries Mike's machines. The automatic bondage bed as example. For this one you choose the gender of the victim and the release time. Then the victim has to lie down on the bed. The feet and hands were attached to leather restraint. Some steel cable holds those. After the victim has been locked to the last restraint, it will be forced in a spread-eagle position. Tina loved that bed because it has some exciting extras. 
The first time she tried it she wearied nothing else then her new undies.
She locked herself to the bed and the cable started to pull her in the position. 
She tried to struggle but the restraint hold her in position. Enjoying it that she could move at all, she remember what Mike had said to her: "That bed will take control over you, when you use it. It will act as a mistress or master on you." 

"Ha,“ Tina thought, "how could a bed submiss me?" Suddenly Mike's voice came through a speaker next to the bed: "Hi Honey, I hope you enjoy my new invention. Shall we begin with the session? Please just say Yes or No." "What session?“ Tina asked, "I will give you my answer. No way. I don't want a session. After all in ten minutes the bed will free myself and I can go to the living room and watch TV." 

"Ok, honey from now on you won't be asked again. And by the way I think you should be silent now.“ the voice through the speakers answered. "What the mmmppfh!" A ballgag inserted Tina's mouth from behind. She screamed and was getting very hot. Accepting her fate that she now was in charge of this machine, she wondered what would come next. A scanner started to move over the bed and checked her body. "I thought I said to you, that you have to be naked to use this machine.“ comes from the speaker, "And now you wear undies. You are a bad girl. I think we had to train you a little bit." "What the hell is wrong with this machine, it should be only ten minutes of Bondage. And now?“ Tina thought. "Oh, by the way your release time is increased for two hours. Have fun, Honey.“ Mike's voice said laughing. 

"You little bastard, first thing you never say anything of being naked. Second thing is that you know I hate it not to control a scene. And what do you mean to train me?“ Tina thoughts by herself. Suddenly some humming sound came from below the bed. A robot arm appears on the side of the bed with a pair of scissors on its end. The arm lowered to Tina's body. She tried to move her body away from the arm but a belt, which appeared around her hip, forced her in position and immobilized her totally. Now she couldn't move an inch. Any attempt to scream only ended in a light moaning. The arm started to cut the slip and removing it. Now her pussy is exposed and unprotected. She tried to close her legs but the cable holds her to strong. The arm was proceeding to her bra. As the scissor cut the bra her breasts popped out of it. Tina was very mad. She bought this undies a few days ago. 

"You'll going to pay for this Mike." runs through Tina's head. The arm disappeared again under the bed. Suddenly Tina noticed that something under her ass began to move. She was scared and excited the same time. What will come next? A little hole opening under her ass and suck them same inside. All of her body openings were now exposed. "He wouldn't do this now.“ Tina started thinking. A few moments later her ass were greased with some kind of lube. Tina just closed her eyes and wait for a butt plug that should be inserted now. But nothing happened. She started groaning of frustration. But then she started groaning of pleasure. A large dildo entered her exposed pussy. Tina was hit by her first climax and was happy. "Thank god. No butt plug entered me.“ she thoughts by herself until a loud mmmpfh of herself brings her back to reality. Her ass wasn't greased for fun. A butt plug hits in her ass and began to inflate. Tina began to plan, how she could take revenge on her boyfriend.

"I hope, he used vibrating ones." Tina hates to be filled without action in these things. The vibrator became after two minutes of waiting in frustration because nothing happened. First the started very smooth and the they hit the full power. Tina screamed in her gag because her second climax was very heavy. Ten minutes with four climaxes later all stopped. The voice in the speaker started again: "Hi, Honey. I hope you enjoyed your fate. Oh by the way, my little slave girl, I hope you like the vibrators will now keep you for about an hour on the edge. A second before you reach your climax it will turn off and let yourself cooling down. A few seconds later it will start again and will shut down before you reach your climax. I think I'll be home until then. Bye for now, Honey."

"You’re going to pay for this, my dear", Tina thought and getting frustrated because she wouldn't reach her climax until Mike arrives. 

Tina will getting her revenge

After a hour staying on the edge, Mike finally arrived. "Hi, Honey. I'm home.“ Mike shouted to the Bedroom. The only answer he gets was a very angry mmmpfh, mmmpfh, mmmpfh. I thought it should mean, "Release me or get me to an end." As he entered the bedroom Tina was soaked all over her body. He walked to the bed and removed the gag from Tina's mouth. "You bastard. Leaving me for an hour to the edge. Release me now, that I can take my revenge on you.“ Tina shouted into Mike's face. "Tz,tz,tz, your are some kind of a nasty little girl. I think I should use my remote control to train you a little better.", Mike said with a smile. "What do you mean with 'remote control'?" After that sentence the Bed gagged Tina again and Mike enjoyed it. He gave power again to the Vibrator and let Tina get her long awaited climax. Next he pushed a button, which activated two robot arms with cups lowered to Tina's breasts. As they got in range the cups started to suck her breasts within. Tina was in heaven. Everything of her body was getting stimulated. After two climax later she slowly started to fall asleep. The bed started to release Tina but she didn't noticed that at all. Mike took gives her a long kiss and left in the garage where he would create his new invention, without knowing that this thing will be part of Tina's Revenge. 

The story will be continued - in Part 2


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