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Wagon Trained

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2001 - sin_dy - Used by permission

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by   sin_dy

The day was hot and humid.  A perfect day to do outdoor bondage.  Two days of on and off rains made my barn lot a sticky mess.  Mud stuck to my shoes as I worked to stretch the manila rope from fence post to fence post.  The rope was almost 100 feet long and by using a  fence stretcher block and tackle set I was able to make it "bow string tight".

By doing a series of experiments I determined the rope should be exactly 3 feet off of the ground.  I tied a nylon cord about 10 feet from the end of the long rope and tied my ring of keys to the cord.  My goal was simple.  Start at one end of the rope and slide myself along to the other end of the rope and grab the keys.  I had read about this being done before but I planned a new twist to an old selfbondage trick.

I went back to the house and proceeded to strip off all my clothes including my shoes and socks.  I dig through my toy box and decided upon a nice set of leather ankle cuffs, a larger than life penis gag, a short chain, a couple of pad locks and of course my handcuffs.  I grabbed an old throw rug to cushion my knees.  I piled all my goodies in to my old red toy coaster wagon and headed toward the barn lot.

I could feel the soft wet dirt squishing between my toes and the wheels of my wagon grew larger from the clinging mud.  I parked the wagon directly under the rope with the back end pointing towards the keys, some 90 feet away.  Time to set out on my long hard journey.  I opened my mouth as far as possible and inserted the large penis gag.  After buckling the strap in back and under my chin I tried a test call for help.  I couldn't hardly hear a sound.  Perfect!

I folded the throw rug in half and covered the bed of the wagon.  This would make a semi-comfortable pad for my knees.  I stood up in the wagon and stepped over the rope, then got down on my knees with the rope now running directly between the lips of my pussy.

At this time I begin having second thoughts about going through with my adventure.  My body weight applied enough downward pressure to make me really "feel" the rope.  I waited awhile.  A slight breeze blowing over my naked body felt wonderful.  I started feeling a little more excited and played with my nipples a bit to get my jucies flowing.

I continued on by first wrapping the ankles cuffs on and locking them together.  Now I am stuck straddling the rope till I can get to the keys.  I wrap the short chain around and through the steering handle in back of me and use the other lock to secure the center link of my handcuffs to the chain.  Now when my wrists are cuffed I will be able to just reach the taunt rope and also be able to steer the wagon.

I found myself breathing harder now as my excitement increased.  I was getting wetter and wetter.  Can I actually lubricate the rough rope with my jucies?  Of course not.  I knew better.  I reach around in back of me feeling for the key holes in my handcuffs.  I ratchet one cuff closed on my left wrist and without hesitation did the same to my other wrist.  Now there is no turning back.  I must get to the keys!

I grasped the rope and pulled.  Nothing moved.  I pulled harder this time and the wheels broke free from the sticky mud and moved a little.  This is going to be harder than I first thought.    Again I pulled on the rope and the wagon moved pretty good this time.  Dry rope now went through my slit giving me a burning sensation.  I tried to push down on the rope at the same time I pulled.  I figured this would take the pressure off of my pussy.  Trouble is I couldn't push down far enough do to the chain holding my cuffs to the steering handle.

After moving the wagon about 20 feet I was exhausted.  My whole crotch was burning.  Too much pain.  The keys are so far away.  I have to do this.  I have no choice.  What if I turn the wagon handle too far?  I could jack knife and tip over into the mud.  My crotch would free free of the rubbing rope but I would still be imprisoned on it and chained to the wagon.  I might be able to drag my body through the mud and pull the wagon with me.  Too risky.  I don't dare tip over.

Using every ounce of strength, I pulled on the rope some more and lifted myself up as far as possible with each pull.  The pain!  I think I must have held my breath because when I had made it about halfway I almost passed out.  I sucked air in and around the penis gag as best I could.  I screamed a silent scream from the pain coming from my pussy.  I must be rubbed raw.  This isn't going to work.  I have to do something else.  There is nothing I can do.

"Calm down girl", I told myself.  Easy now.  Rest awhile.  Think it through.  My breathing returned to somewhat normal and the breeze blowing across my sweaty body cooled me down some.  Some 10 minutes or so passed when I heard a motor noise coming from the road.  Was someone coming here to visit?  My brother always calls first before he comes out here from town and the guy that rents my fields only comes here during the week.

As the sound of the motor got louder my heart started to race.  Damn now what do I do?  Sure enough, someone was pulling into my driveway from the county road.  I heard the engine shut off and a door slam.  Then silence.  I was in the barn lot quite a distance from the house so if I just can keep still maybe they will go away.

I became more aware of the rope splitting me in two as I froze with fright.  What a site they would see if somebody did look out here.  A naked girl on her knees with her hands cuffed behind her, muddy feet, ankles locked together, gagged and a raw pussy raped by a nasty old rough rope.

I heard the car door slam again and the motor start back up.  That was a close call and yet strangely exciting at the same time.  The car went on it's way but I still wondered what if......?

Now back to my predicament. What to do?  I realized there really isn't anything to do but to go on and get those keys.  Steering the wagon doesn't seem to be a problem like I thought it would.  Taking a deep breath I grabbed the rope and pulled and pulled and pulled until I ran out of strength.  To my surprise I was only a few feet from the nylon cord holding the keys.  I must be numb from all the pain.  Mind over matter?  I can do it. 

I gave a couple of really good pulls on the rope and the cord came right into my hands.  Quickly now I worked the cord through my fingers until I felt the key ring.  Finding my cuff key, I fumbled around ever so long but finally managed to unlock my wrists.  Then I opened the padlock holding my ankle cuffs together.  What a relief.

When I got a good look at my hands I saw blood stains.  My raw pussy!  But no, later I realized the blood was from broken blisters on my hands.  My tender lips did get rubbed raw and I was stiff and sore for almost a week, but overall the experience was rewarding even though I never did have an orgasm, I still got to satisfy an urge to ride awhile on the kinky side of life.


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