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Visiting the Library

by EveryBody_Else

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This is a story of a visit to a public library. Because I wanted to try a suggestion from a fan, I decided to embellish the story with an alternative although fictional ending. As always - I'm Danish and therefore not responsible for native English speaking peoples strange desire to have us all speak and write their language fluently. I have decided to refrain from further proof reading of this particular story. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


Have you ever tried a self bondage session where you change your mind in mid session? Changed your mind perhaps, but unable to stop because you have left the key to your handcuffs in a place you have to get to in order to get free.

Well I have and this is how it happened.

I was on my way home from a visit to Copenhagen. I drove towards Elsinore and took the scenic route, which is the coastal road. It's very pretty in places and passes among other places the little town of Humlebaek. It was then that I really needed to pee. I had held on to it for more than thirty minutes and now it was getting critical. I turned off the coastal road towards the railway station, parked the car and went looking for a public toilet. I'm not very fond of using a public toilet, but the coastal road in this area is lacking in good places to pee and although I had passed a small wooded area, I didn't want to go back to it in the hopes of finding a secluded spot. As it turned out the public toilet was locked. A notice told any needing person that it was because of vandalism.

The shopping precinct which is next to the railway station might have a public toilet. Alas it was closed for the same reason. A kind shop keeper told me that "No, you can't use the one in the shop. It is for staff only, but there is a public toilet at the library further down the centre". Friendly town, me thinks.

As I am getting older - I am 53 years old by now - it is becoming more and more important to find a toilet when I need one, as it is getting harder and harder to hold it back, so I hurried to the library and found the public toilet on the left just inside the sliding doors.

It took me a while to finish my business. Well, to be honest it turned out that I had two businesses to take care of, and one of them was rather long winded. But I finished and went to leave the library. Someone had turned off the lights, but the main entrance was clearly visible. The first sliding door was OK, but the second refused to open. I looked around for help and noticed two things. The switch for opening the doors and a sign with the opening hours. The time had just gone fifteen minutes past five PM and the library closes at five. Well that was fun. And that was when it struck me. I was alone in a public libary and I could have all sorts of fun, all by myself.

But it wasn't all that simple was it? There was a set of glass doors leading into the library itself and they were of course locked. Not only that. I could freely move about in a corridor about four meters wide and about 30 metres long. The door to the toilet area opened up to a very small corridor with the door to the toilet on the left. This was the extent of my little world, but it might be fun anyway. The main corridor was dotted with chairs and a self service counter as well as a set of shelves on wheels. At each end of the corridor there were glass doors. One end was towards the shopping precinct and the other end out towards a tarmac path.

This was back in january and at gone five PM it was dark outside. Only the street lights shed a bit of light through the glass doors into the corridor. As you will know by now, I have a naughty streak running through my brain and I play self bondage games whenever I feel the urge. Did I feel the urge? OH YES. Because of my naughty streak I often travel with enough implements and rope to be able to have a decent self bondage session.

In my handbag I had a number of large elastic bands, a couple of padlocks, my scissors and handcuffs and around my waist I have a rather clever coat belt. It is in fact to parts of a big buckle and some holes along the long edges is used to thread a long piece of rope back and forth between the two halves. The rope was only a quarter inch thick, but it was run ten times back and forth between the buckles and that made it almost ten metres long. You can do a lot of funny stuff with ten metres of rope. My workmates found the belt quaint and unfashionable, but what do they know?

So how to do this particular almost-public self bondage?

I thought about all my options as I took my belt apart. It would have to be daring, which in this case meant that I couldn't just tie myself up in the W.C. I just had to involve the long corridor in the scenario.

First I placed the key to the handcuffs on the glass in the outer sliding doors (the ones that doesn't open). I used a bit of Blu Tack, which was big enough to hold the key in place about a metre (3 feet) above the floor.

The pair of scissors are placed on the floor next to the inner sliding doors between the wall and the security gate. It will be a tight squeeze to get to them. Before I put them down on the floor I put a small padlock through the handle. The key to this padlock I placed on the glass door at the far end of the corridor. Again using Blu Tack, but this time at a height of about 25 centimtres (10 inches).

Back at the other end of the corridor I went in the W.C. and stripped all my clothes off and put them in a neat pile in the corner. I made sure that the doors were open and weren't likely to fall shut. I squatted down and used some large elastic bands to make a loop around my very large labia - Why they should be called Labis Minora I don't know. Mine are huge.

Well - the other end of the elastic band I looped around my money purse. It is large enough to have some weight to it and small enough not to be too much of a bother. The purse was first wound with fifteen to twenty elastic bands. This is important, and if you haven't figured it out now, you will learn later.

With the long piece of rope I tied myself in what must be one of my all time favourite ties - The Turtle.

Crudely told it is just the rope wound around my knees and shins but always behind my back, thus pulling the legs to the sides and back. This locks the legs - shins to thighs - and locks the legs to the torso. It also exposed the breasts and opens up for the main attraction. It is especially useful when on your back, but I have no plans of getting on my back this time. I'm alone and I would be unable to get up and move about. I should have put the handcuffs on behind my back by now, but I became anxious about the doors. If they fell shut, there would be no way out. So I waddled into the small corridor and sat in the door opening leading to the main corridor.

Once I lock on the handcuffs behind my back there is only one way out. Move to the end of the corridor. Obtain the key to the padlock and get back to the scissors and unlock them. Cut the rope around my legs and get the key on the front door to unlock the handcuffs. Because the key on the front door is positioned at the hight it is, I cannot get it before the ties are cut.

WOW. This would be quite a journey. I take a deep breath and I feel my fingers tremble slightly.

It's done and I have no option but to start my journey.

Just as I started my waddling into the main corridor I heard some noise by the front doors. Oh my Gods, was this it? Already? I knew I should have refrained from this adventure. Someone will come in and find me. I hoped it would be a woman. There was no way I would have enjoyed a man groping and certainly raping me. And why shouldn't he? I had tied myself up and was only presenting myself on a silver tray ready to enjoy. At least a woman could be relied on to do the honorable thing. Which is to untie me.

I peeked around the corner and saw that it was indeed a man. He was not unlocking the door, but rather fiddling with a large letter box next to the door. It took me a while to figure out what it was that he was doing. He was returning books and was using the letterbox assigned for this task. PHEW!

So he wasn't coming in, but that didn't mean that he couldn't see me. Mainly because of the street lights. And it dawned on me that he probably wasn't the only one who would return books after closing hours. Which in turn meant that a lot of people could make my journey very problematic. The self service counter was just on my left and only a couple of metres away. If I could get behind that, I would be safe from prying eyes from the front doors and the light from the path at the back didn't penetrate this far down the corridor. Yes it was possible, and I started to feel the familiar tingle in my secret place. This would be fun and one for the books. This was self bondage in a public library for crying out loud.

I waited for a minute after the man left to be sure he didn't come back. He might have forgotten something. The waddling must have looked funny. I had to make sure that I didn't fall as that would have been really bad because I wouldn't be able to get up on my own. On the other hand it had to be fast enough for me to get behind the self service counter before the next patron arrived to return books. And it was only made more interesting by the purse dragging behind me on the floor. Any of you who haven't figured it out yet?

Well the rubber bands around the purse made it snag onto the floor and the elastic band looped around my labia was stretched until the purse was jerked towards my secret place where it again snagged on the floor while the elastic band was stretched again and suddenly jerked the purse.... You get it now, don't you?

While the purse never actually hit my secret place, the stretching and releasing of my labia was enjoyable enough to make it feel nice and it certainly helped towards the tingling sensation building inside me. The waddling, rocking, motion carried me around the counter and I smiled to myself. I made it and with time to spare. No one had come to the letterbox while I waddled and I was safe for now. I waited for the next patron and decided that I would move as soon as he/she left the letterbox. I'd dash for it towards the shelf unit a bit further down the corridor. I would move along the wall I was next to already and only cut across when I was level with the back of the shelf unit.

While I waited I surveyed the corridor. Posters about exhibitions and theatre adorned the walls and I tried to read a sign next to the shelf unit while at the same time I tried to stretch my arms downwards so I could play with myself. Alas. Either my arms are too short or my ass is too big.

But I could get the elastic band stretched a little if I moved slightly and I could then gently rock back and forth and play with myself that way. Maybe I could give myself an orgasm this way? I could certainly give it a go and it worked perfectly, and the mounting tingling inside my secret place and up my spine was promising me an even better time, if I only kept at it. "Don't stop", my secret place silently cried out to me. "Keep going, and I'll make it worth your while."

Who could ignore such a pleading from ones best friend? I rocked back and forth and the sound of someone at the letterbox only enhanced the effect of the rubber band. I was safe behind the counter and I couldn't be seen from the other end of the corridor. My mind started to wander and my eyes focused on a spot on the far wall. The tension build. The spot on the wall went in and out of focus. It was a large round spot and seemed out of place. Through my cotton wool mind a thought kept trying to get to the front line of thoughts. Kept trying to get my attention, but I was lost in my little world of bliss.

While concentrating on not falling flat on my face while I had my orgasm I had no time for petty thoughts however much they tried to attract my attention. It could be waving a flag while singing the national anthem for all I cared. I was lost in a huge orgasm and it was some time later that I returned my attention to anything else. I had stopped rocking and was still staring directly at the round spot.

Big. Dark. Round. Glass?

It looked like a dark glass jar with a rounded bottom glued onto the wall. It almost looked like....


It's a friggin' survelance camera and I'm being filmed while having an orgasm all tied up. Oh my. What will Hubby say when he sees me on the internet? What will the police think when they come to get me?

I wanted so bad to end this self bondage session. But there was no way I could do that. I had to get the key at the other end of the corridor before I could even consider an end to my predicament. I'm not sure, but I think I might have peed a bit on the floor, but that could also just have been my love juices escaping.

I freely admit that I panicked and went charging down the main corridor as fast as I dared waddle for fear of falling. Never mind if anyone could see me when they dropped of books. Who cared anymore? I simply had to get untied and un-handcuffed as fast as possible. I really really didn't want to be naked when the police came.

Waddling into place so that I could get the key to the padlock wasn't too difficult and soon I was on the way back towards the self service counter and the shade behind it. My purse was still being dragged behind me and the jerking in my labia was relentless. The problem really is that once you have an orgasm, the next one is only just round the corner waiting to sneak up on you. I was already compromised and perhaps that was a contributing factor as I forgot to waddle along the wall and instead went straight down the middle of the corridor towards my safe haven, before the dash to the scissors.

I made it almost past the shelf unit before the second orgasm punched me from behind the corner where it had hid. I managed to stop my forward motion so that I didn't fall and had my orgasm right there and then. In the middle of the corridor. Far enough towards the front doors so that I could be seen in the dim light from the street lights. But I was past caring. That is to say past caring about anything other than my orgasm. It was huge and threatened to tip me over. Wouldn't that be just lovely. A naked, tied woman flat on her face, stinking of sex and just lying there waiting for any man to come along and take advantage of her. The Turtle works just as well flat on the face as on the back. It's design allows anyone maximum access.

I'm not sure how long this orgasm lasted. I don't even know if anyone came to the letterbox. But I did manage to hold on to the key.

Even if it was a tight squeeze and a difficult one at that, I managed to get to the scissors and I soon had the ropes cut off. The dash for the key on the front door was seen by no one but the camera. By then I had calmed myself and almost knew that the camera wasn't connected to the alarm system. No one would come and eventually the recording would disappear by itself without anyone suspecting foul play or indeed any kind of play. Provided that I could somehow get someone to open the door and deactivate the alarm without thinking they had to check the video.

In the end I had a snooze in a chair and pretended to have fallen asleep when the cleaning lady turned up around midnight. As far as I know nobody ever checked the video recording from that day. No video has turned up on YouTube and no news item has appeared in the papers.

While I slept in the chair waiting for the cleaning lady I had the most astonishing dream about how this story could have turned out.


I'm on the way back towards the self service counter and the shade behind it. My purse is still being dragged behind me and the jerking in my labia is relentless. The problem really is that once you have an orgasm, the next one is only just round the corner waiting to sneak up on you. I was already compromised by both a camera and an orgasm and perhaps that is a contributing factor as I forget to waddle along the wall and instead waddle straight down the middle of the corridor towards my safe haven, before the dash to the scissors.

I make it almost past the shelf unit before the second orgasm punches me from behind the corner where it had hid. I manage to stop my forward motion so that I don't fall and have my orgasm right there and then. In the middle of the corridor. Far enough towards the front doors so that I can be seen in the dim light from the street ligths. But I am past caring. That is to say past caring about anything than my orgasm. It is huge and threaten to tip me over. Wouldn't that be just lovely. A naked, tied woman flat on her face, stinking of sex and just lying there waiting for any man to come along and take advantage of her. The Turtle works just as well flat on the face as on the back. It's design allows anyone maximum access.


The orgasm became all engulfing and my world tosses and turns and tips. It tips me just enough forward so that I loose my balance and I am suddenly flat on my face with my legs locked to my torso and my hands handcuffed behind my back. Not a good position if you want to get home.

There in the middle of the corridor I try desperately to get back on my feet. In my struggle I find that I can use my forehead and my toes as purchase points. I manage to shuffle to the side of the corridor and am now on my way to the shade behind the self service counter. The key is still in my hand and I wonder how the blazes I'm going to get the scissors from the floor and into my hands.

The idea strikes me like a greased lightening. I'm blessed with being a smart woman and it comes to me that I pick the scissors up with my teeth and shuffles back to the shelf unit and deposits the scissors on the bottom shelf from where i can pick them up with my fingers. Smart isn't it? Of course it would be smarter not to put yourself in such a difficult situation. I don't know how long it took, but I have just put the scissors on the shelf when a door opens and steps are heard in the corridor from the front door end. Which is behind me. I press myself towards the angle between the floor and the shelf. I hope that I am overlooked in the near darkness.

The steps pause slightly and then pass me and I dare a look towards the back of a woman dressed in a short dress with some kind of uniform over the top. The cleaning lady. The thought flashes through my mind. And she didn't see me. I still have a sporting chance to get out of this with my dignity intact. The cleaning lady. And she can't clean when it is dark. She enters through a door towards the back and soon return with a push cart in front of her and a vacuum cleaner in tow.

Again she passes me and I draw a relieved breath. I can hear her working behind my back unlocking the glass doors into the library. She sings to herself and drag her stuff with her. The lights come on in the library but the corridor remains in darkness. Thank Gods for that. The steps return from behind me and I cower in the angle between the floor and shelf unit yet again. The steps stop briefly next to me and then continue towards the back end of the corridor. She enters her room again and after a couple of minutes she comes back with a sort of board with little wheels on it. She pushes it in front of her with what looks like a broomstick.

The boards rattles along the floor until it comes to an abrupt stop right next to my head.

"Hello my little friend", she says and pats me on my buttocks. BUSTED! I'm too ashamed to talk and just keep my forehead against the floor. Na na na na na. I sing to myself. I'm not here. Go away.

I feel her take hold of the ropes across my back and suddenly I'm lifted onto the board. It seems that the ropes form the perfect handle, and my size and weight doesn't seem to be any problem for her. I'm only just over 5 foot and weight less than 70 kilos.

After I am lifted onto the board she immediately starts pushing it down the corridor and into the well lit library. "Please let me go", I finally manage to say. My voice almost breaks.

"No no", she says and her accent is rather heavy. "You tie. you like. Now I play you. I like. Where is key?"

I don't want to tell her. That will bring her into a position of ultimate power. She is of course in power as it is, but I feel that giving her the key will be the same as surrendering.

"No matter. I find. You don't want talk, I make sure you no talk." She goes away and comes back with a roll of tape. She quickly steps out of her panties and without any warning she pulls my head back which forces my mouth open. She stuffs the panties into my mouth and starts winding the tape around and around my head. The panties are now effectively lodged in my mouth and she goes away laughing while I get to taste her secret place - by proxy.
Not funny.

I can see a clock on the wall from where I lie and it's barely 9 PM. We have all night to have fun in. I'm very uncomfortable and there is no way I can tell her that it actually hurts. My wrists are cut by the pressure of the handcuffs. Oh, I can moan and groan but wouldn't anyone in my position do that whether it hurt or not?

I get to see Einsteins theory of relativity in real life. It is true that time passes slowly if you are waiting while staring at a clock without being able to influence the waiting. Is it my imagination or is there some sort of fluid that slowly slides down my secret place towards my sensitive spot?

After a very long time she returns triumphantly. "Here is key. Now you belong to me."

She unlocks the handcuffs and move my arms forward. They feel strange. I can hardly move my fingers and I feel like a puppet, as she puts the handcuffs back on with my arms stretched in front of me. She lifts me off the board onto the floor and back onto the board only this time on my back. Even if my hands are cuffed in front of me, there is sadly no way I can reach the knots in the rope and I am just as caught and helpless as before. Only this time my secret place is pointing straight up into the bright light and that bothers me a lot. I am fully exposed and if there is one camera there must be more. She doesn't seem to care, and she goes away again. Looking for what?

She comes back with some electrical wire which she threads through the middle link of the handcuffs and as she stretches my arms above my head she moves my hands behind my head and the wire is first wound around my neck, then fed under the board and up the other end where she ties each end to each their ankle. I'm on the board and I'm not going anywhere. If I pull the wire I strangle myself.

"So, no tit lady. We play. You nice to me. I nice to you." She pinches my left nipple as if to underline the fact that "nice" might not mean without some pain or discomfort. No tit lady. Well there's a bit of fact for you. Sadly I'm not one of those gorgeous blond ladies with an 38DD chest and an IQ to match. I'm smart. I'm short. I'm broad hipped. I have short dull hair. I've got huge labia. I have nipples painted on a rather flat chest. But I'm smart.

The taste of her panties has stopped bothering me. In fact it seems to have the opposite effect. If I suck on them I can taste the surge of moisture.

She notices my sucking and laughs at me. "You dirty lady. Like dirty panty." She removes the tape and tell me to open my mouth and show her how her panties fills my mouth.

"You keep mouth open. I want see panty."

Next thing I know she tapes my eyes shut. I'm sure the tape will hurt something rotten when it eventually is taken off. But for now I only feel everything so much more intense. The taste. The smell of my secret place. I know it is getting moist and has started glistening in the harsh light from the lights.

I can feel her close to my face. I can smell her secret place. She is teasing me, because of my sucking her panties. Then I feel the liquid in my mouth. Not a lot. I know what it is. "You like dirty panty."
She laughs again, forces my mouth closed and winds tape around my lower face again. Sealing in the panties with their new taste of pee. At first I mind a lot. But it passes.

I feel the board moving on its wheels and I know that she is moving me with her on her tour around the library while she cleans the place. From time to time she fills up the panties and sometimes I get the VIP treatment when she sits on my face and sticks my nose into her secret place before she uses her secret place as a sponge that washes my face with her juices.

After what seems like hours of fun and frustration she has finished with her chores. "Come lady. We have long time fun now."

My secret place is definitely not secret anymore and every little gust of air can be felt as my juices get cold in the flow of air. I must be absolutely soaking by now. I am wheeled to somewhere and my taped eyes are freed. No it doesn't hurt as much as I feared. Not very sticky this tape. She is naked and stands over my board. I can look up and see her slender frame and smallish breasts. She has a lot of pubic hair. Not curly like mine but strangely long af straight hairs. She has a flat stomach and seems to be very fit. Her face and eyes smile and reveal her asiatic heritage. Thailand or Phillipines is my guess.

"You nice lady now", she smiles and lowers her secret place down toward my face. It looks fine to me. Very nice. Her labia are not very large and the way she spreads her legs opens her up like a flower in the sun. She has rather dark labia, but her inside is as pink as the bottom of a Barbie doll. She sits down on my chest. I can feel her moist place on my chest. With my scissors she cuts off the tape around my mouth and she removes the panties.

"I no kiss you dirty lady. You kiss me." And with that she places her secret place over my mouth. "You use mouth. You kiss", she demanded. And since she has the key and I'm her captive, I see no reason to risk punishment by refusing. She tastes really good. It is the taste of arousal and close to coming. My tongue soon dances the polka on her labia and love button. She let's loose a small trickle of pee and I lap it in me as if I am dying of thirst.

She makes me make her come several times and eventually it is my turn. She lies down on the floor facing my secret place and starts using her tongue and fingers on me. I am long overdue for an orgasm, and it doesn't take long for her to get me off. She uses several fingers and I am feeling my world slip away. When I feel the whole of her hand slip into me, I come in an orgasm that sends me to another dimension. Everything around me takes on a bluish hue and then all goes black.

I wake up stretched out on the floor, still naked but no ropes and no handcuffs. And no cleaning lady. And no board on wheels. Just me. I'm in the corridor in the safe place behind the self service counter and everything is dark and quiet.

I stagger to the W.C. and get dressed. When I push the button to open the front sliding doors. I hear no alarm, but I hurry through the shopping precinct towards my car.

When I get home I find her panties in my handbag along with a note. The writing on the note is in childish letters, but easy to read: "I am Sukhon. I work every day. No sunday. 8:30. Tuesday my friend Pakpao with me."


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