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A Video for Jeff

by Kris Player

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© Copyright 2001 - Kris Player - Used by permission

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All the toys are assembled as he described in the letter and the video camera is set up on its tripod. Even though he's far from me right now, my husband and I can still play master/slave games. 
I want this video of myself to be really good for him so I'm wearing the black PVC outfit he bought for me last year, the crotchless one with the open breasts and the lacing down the sides that, when pulled tight as they are now, squeeze my tummy tiny, kind of like a corset.
I've set the camera for a reasonably wide angle on the lens. This  way he might not get any close ups once the games begin, but I'm not likely to move out of the picture, so he won't miss any of the action. 

I turn to the camera to address him.

"Hello, Master. I figure because we might someday watch this tape and wonder what the heck's going on, I'll save us the future trouble and give a little introduction. You're off on business to Wisconsin again, and I won't see you for about another five weeks. I miss you so! You've already been gone a little more than a week when you sent me this letter instructing me, as your love slave, to make this video and send it back to you so you won't feel quite so lonely. When you get it you'll have fun watching it, I'm sure. But right now I get to have fun making it for you.

"To start with, as you can see, I've worn this slave outfit for you 'cause I know it's one of you favorites. Oh, and nothing's started to grow back yet since the last waxing. I'm as hairless, nakedly clean and available down there as a good slave should always be for her master.
"Oh, and before I forget, I know you always want me to play safe, so I've already arranged for Tina to drop by around eight, just in case I get stuck. That gives me almost two hours (if I can stand it that long) before she gets here."

I point to the top of the decorative pillar he had installed near the wall in our bedroom.

"Now, in accordance with your instructions, Master, hanging by a thread at the top of the post are all the padlock keys except one. I can only reach them on my tippytoes or in my stilettos, which you can see I'm wearing right now. I know you love how these shoes look on me, how they force my foot to point straight down and the sharp curve they put in my calf, and I'm glad you instructed me to wear them because they make me feel more like your helpless slave. Thank you, Master.

"Again, according to your command, only one key is made available to me, which I wear around my neck on a string like a long necklace. The lock it fits will hold my shoe on. I can see how it's going to be difficult for me to reach the lock with the key. Very clever, Master. Of course, once the handcuffs are locked on, the only key I'll be able to reach will be the one on the cord around my neck, and even that one will be tough to get at and use. Okay, time for a close-up so you can see why this key will be so important to me."

I step out of the picture for a moment, returning with a chair which I set near the camera. I put my right foot up on the chair and take off the black stiletto. I hold a tiny key near the camera lens.
"This is the key to the handcuffs," I announce as I press it into the arch of my bare toes and grip it there.

I put the high heel back on again, trapping the handcuff key under my toes. Next, I wrap a black leather cuff snugly around my ankle, pulling the attached thinner strap under my shoe in front of the skyscraper heel and back up to the inside of my ankle to the small staple that holds it.

"Your letter specifically said to padlock this stiletto stirrup on the inside of my ankle when normally I would hang the lock on the outside. Although this will make things a little easier for me in the situation you've planned for me, it's still going to be tough to reach the lock with the key around my neck while my hands are manacled behind me. But I'm sure you will certainly enjoy watching me squirm as I struggle to reach it between orgasms."

Next, I move the chair out of the way and put the rest of the toys on the floor before securing one end of a chain around the base of the pillar with a padlock and the other end on my left ankle.

"There's about three feet of loose chain tethering me to the post, Master. This will prevent me from inadvertently rolling out of camera range. Just to make reference on the tape why this is necessary, ever since playing bondage games with you, I've lost all sense of self control when I have an orgasm, relying totally on my bonds to control me. So, without this for a leash, who knows where in the room I'd find myself when my ecstasy finally fades. By the way, thank you, Master, for allowing me to learn to give up such control so I can bask in the freedom of unrestrained orgasmic response. Without your bondage I would never have acquired such a liberating habit.

"That leaves only three more instructions to follow. Here comes the fun one. You've ordered me to lock a vibrator in myself, but you didn't specify how. I've decided to continue the chain motif by using the chastity chain you put together for me."

Three short lengths of sturdy steel linkage are attached together by a two inch wide steel ring. Placing the ring behind me, two lengths wrap tightly around each side of my waist to meet in front, held by a padlock which I don't close quite yet. The third length falls between my butt cheeks and will run through my crotch and up in front to the lock. But first...

"As you've instructed, Master, I've put fresh batteries in the vibrator. I'm turning it on now. Wow. Are these batteries stronger than normal or is it just my imagination? Okay, now I'm working the base of this dancing monster into the special rubber cap you got for it last month. It's pretty tight. There, I'm getting it, uh huh, yes, it's in all the way now. Oh, Master, this is devious. This cap will prevent me from switching it off. And the ring on the bottom will make sure the chain holds it in place. I can see how this will guarantee there's absolutely no cheating. Here goes."

Already wet from excited anticipation, I slowly slide the buzzing tormentor up into me, making sure the camera gets a good view of it sinking into my depths. Then I thread the chain through the ring at its base and pull tight to the open padlock at my navel. The shiny steel links burrow themselves into my vulva, driving the vibrator almost completely out of sight.

"With a snap of this lock, Master, the vibrator will torture me nicely until I can free my hands to reach the keys hanging high on the pillar. I can feel the vibrations of the dildo carried along the chain as it presses tightly on my clitty. It won't be long before I'm squirming out of control totally.

"Because you're not here, Master, and you can only watch me on video, there won't be anything important for me to use my mouth for. So in accordance with your instructions I'm going to gag myself for you by strapping this big, red, rubber ball in my mouth. This way you can clearly see how utterly gagged I am. Once I cuff my hands behind my back I'll never be able to reach to unstrap it. So this is about it for the narrative portion of the presentation, except, of course, for whatever moaning and groaning I'll probably do. I really wish you were here, Master. There's nothing like having your hands on me when I'm helpless."

And with that, I lean close to the video camera so he can see clearly as I seal my mouth with the ball gag, squeezing it in behind my teeth and buckling it tightly in back. In fact I buckle it a notch tighter than he usually does. Sometimes I think he's just a little soft on me when we play, so I'll show him how I really like it.

Now for the coup de gras. In clear view of the camera I slap a handcuff around my wrist and click it tight enough that I can feel it hold me, bearing in mind that without the key I can't double lock it to prevent it from accidentally closing tighter and hurting me. So it could be a little tighter and, in fact, I wish it were. But I demonstrate near to the camera lens that it is indeed inescapable, as I try to pull it off over my hand without success. Turning my back to the camera, I show my master as I close the other cuff around the other wrist. My commitment to helplessness is complete as the ratchet clicks with a tone of finality.

I've now trapped myself, rendering myself totally defenseless for my master's viewing pleasure. The bondage alone is enough to bring me close to orgasm, I love it so. But with the vibrator buzzing away deep inside me, climax won't be long in coming. I settle back on the floor and squirm in delicious anticipation. I'll let my master watch me have my first orgasm before beginning to attempt escape from my happy bonds.

My breathing grows heavy as I start to writhe on the rug. I tug on the handcuffs, enjoying their implacability. I love my bondage, especially at Jeff's hands. I count myself enormously fortunate to have such a husband to whose mastery I can so happily surrender. He may not be here in the room with me now, but I've bound myself according to his instructions and I'm taping it for him to see, so it's almost as if he's here watching but not touching. It may be for him that I submit to this, but it's also for me. I crave the control of my bonds. And the very real peril that I may actually fail to escape this self imposed restraint thrills me to the core.

I pull against the chain that holds my ankle to the pillar. Of course it holds me fast, I'm only seeking to experience every nuance of my captivity. I find myself wishing for more straps or ropes to hold my body, despite the fact my simple bonds are nearly inescapable.

Climax draws near and I grunt against the rubber ball that spreads my jaws and stuffs my mouth. My abdomen twitches and my loins grip spasmodically at the vibrator locked tightly within me. Very soon I will lose control.

Aside from the fact that my bindings afford Jeff the ability to hold me tight, even from a distance, one of the most wonderful things I love about bondage is that when I climax I can thrash around and buck as hard as I want to, knowing my bonds will hold me safely in place. In fact, I've gotten in such a habit of abandoning myself so completely to orgasm that, if we make love without bondage, it's all Jeff can do to hold me down and keep me from hurting myself. It's a good thing the bedroom carpet is so thickly padded. Still, I may come through this playtime with a few bruises to show for my pleasure.

As if I could see him, I stare at Jeff through the camera, wishing he were really here. He wants to see me bound and in ecstasy. He's about to get his wish. I feel that itching burn intensify deep inside my belly. My orgasm hasn't even hit me yet, but I'm beginning to pant through my nose, little moans escaping with each exhaled breath. I bite against the rubber ball that imprisons my mouth, denying me speech. My eyes close and my head falls back as the first wave of ecstasy washes over my senses. Here it comes.

My hips twist and sway. I can feel the heat in my groin burning. My inner muscles twitch and grab at the invading vibrator and my body begins to convulse. Bang! I'm cumming! I feel the floor against my shoulders. My hair flies around my face. I shiver and buck against my restraints. My bare nipples rub harshly against the carpet. Somehow I've wound up on my belly, humping my hips against the floor as hard as I can, grunting loudly through my nose. I must be putting on quite a show for my master, Jeff.

The muscles deep within me spasm with intensity around the busy dildo. If it weren't for the chain holding it tightly in me, it surely would have shot out across the room by now. My arms flail wildly behind me, held only to each other by the unbreakable grip of the handcuffs. My legs fly everywhere, my feet hitting hard on the floor, cushioned by the thick padding beneath the carpet. I roll around, completely lost to the throes of ecstasy. The chain on my ankle pulls me toward the pillar as I draw my knees to my face, straighten out and roll around some more. I am completely unable to control myself, a helpless prisoner to my own pleasure!

Minutes go by as the handcuffs, dildo and gag compel my orgasm to continue unabated. But at last the intensity begins to die down. I'm still cumming, but I'm regaining control over my actions. I feel a little dizzy as after-waves of pleasure seem to sweep across my vision like a multi-colored fog. I notice I’ve drooled a bit around the fat rubber ball.

Climbing to a sitting position, hair sticking to my sweaty brow, I look to the camera, panting hard. Jeff, you had better like this. Now you can watch me set myself free, because I don't think I can take too many more climaxes like that one without you here with me.

I reach my cuffed hands around my right side and take hold of the key dangling on the cord around my neck. My right hand reaches farther than the other, of course, but neither will reach my gag to set my mouth free. For that, or to do anything else, I need the handcuff key locked in my right shoe under my toes. I pull my right ankle up onto my left thigh to fit the key around my neck into the padlock that holds my shoe on. Oh, no! I can't reach my ankle! I pull with my leg, grunt and rock back and forth, trying to raise my foot higher into my lap. I've got to get this key into the lock or else I'm stuck here for more than another hour until Tina gets here to set me free. And there lies the nature of my peril; if I can get free, fine, I've had my fun. But if I can't, the intensity of my forced pleasure will drive me crazy long before Tina will arrive. I just can't take another whole hour of orgasms without Jeff! But I can't get a hold of my foot to pull it near enough to use the key.

Desperately, I get to my knees to try to use my own weight to my advantage. With my ankle against the floor, if I press myself down toward it in something of a crude stretching exercise, I might reach it. I have to stretch my other leg out behind me, out of the way, but the chain on my ankle prevents me. I'll have to face away from the pillar I'm tethered to. My faded orgasm, faded but not absent, threatens to return at full strength soon, as I squirm around and change position, aware that the camera is getting a great side view of me. Once again, I pull my ankle up over my knee. Then I hoist myself up onto my knees and begin to lean down, slipping my left knee back and straightening that leg. I flip the hair up off my face and realize I'll have to reach my hands around my left side to even touch my foot. Reluctantly, I let go of the key and switch my bound hands around behind me to the other side.

Success! I've grasped the tall heel of my shoe. But the key now rests on the floor beneath my chin. Unable to reach it, I sit up. The chain on my left ankle causes me to turn toward the camera as I pull my leg under me to get to a sitting position. The thought comes to my mind: Did Jeff think in advance how all this might happen? I feel so controlled. Hundreds of miles away, he's not even in the same state with me and yet he wields such control over my body. I haven't quite stopped cumming and I nearly swoon at the notion of his power. Oh, how I love him so.

I still have hold of the heel of my locked on stiletto. All I have to do now is swing the key that dangles from my neck into my right hand and fit it into the padlock and the handcuff key will be mine. I'd better hurry as the vibrator is once again joining with my helplessness to build up those joyous sensations deep within me that will surely steal away my ability to function.

I sway back and forth repeatedly, but the swinging key keeps missing my hand. I feel so bound, so helpless, so desperate, so turned on! The little orgasm that never really stopped is building again toward another wild crescendo. No, I can't yet lose control again, I've got to make this work. At last the key swings into my hand. I fumble with it in my fingers as my left hand pulls my foot a little closer.

Sensations of rapture swell within and a flush of prisoner's pleasure washes over me. I'm just about to get the little key to reach the lock when ecstasy forces me to abandon my struggles and I fall back on the floor, arching my spine and moaning loudly. There should be no doubt in Jeff's mind when he sees this that the vibrator and the strong sense of helplessness brought about by my bondage have conspired against me and just pushed me over the edge again. All I can do is writhe defenseless on the carpet until my orgasm begins to subside. But with the vibrator's unyielding insistence, I'll only have a short while between climaxes to try for freedom a second time.

It's a darn good thing I arranged for my best friend to let herself in around eight o'clock. If I can't get out of this, at least I'm sure to be rescued. One thing Jeff and I believe in is to always follow the safety rules. But it's not even seven yet. Can I stand another hour of this?

The phone rings. Well I certainly can't answer it in my current condition. The machine takes over and I'm pleased to hear Jeff's voice, even if it's only a recording.

"Hi, this is Jeff. I'm sorry I can't get to the phone and it seems Julie is a bit tied up at the moment. But if you leave your name, number and a brief message, we'll get back to you as soon as we get the knots loose."


"Hi, Julie, this is Tina. I'm sorry but I can't make it tonight like you asked me. Something came up. But I'll catch you tomorrow night Gimme a call later. Gotta go. Bye."

As I hear her hang up, my stomach knots, my heart races and my loins grip tightly at the humming plastic fiend within me. She's not coming?! I'm stuck like this? For how long? No, not until tomorrow night! I've got to get myself loose!

With renewed effort and a strength I didn't seem to have before, I reach around from behind me with my cuffed hands, bruising my wrists on the steel to grasp my ankle and pull it toward my chest. Reaching for the key, I'm shocked at not finding it. Gawd no! Where is it? The string must have slipped off over my head. I panic, rolling around on the carpet looking for it. It's nowhere to be seen. Where the hell is it?

Suddenly I'm climaxing again. I grunt against the ball gag and scream through my nose. I can't help but thrash around, rolling over on my stomach and banging my hips against the carpet. I try my best to rub my clit against the rug for the next minute until, once again, I can regain a little composure. Lifting my head, I look back over my shoulder and scowl angrily at the camera. This is your fault, Jeff. But I know my master, he'll just get a good laugh out of this. And he's sure to get himself off, too.

My insides are still twitching in pleasure at my helplessness when an idea dawns on me. Wait a second! If the key is on the floor I'll reach the lock on my ankle easier with it. Why didn't I think of that before? I look around again but I still don't find the key. Am I sitting on it? I roll to the side, almost unable to control my orgasmic convulsions. Still no key. Where the hell..? If I don't find it I'm doomed to spend the night bound on the floor at the mercy of my buzzing, tireless, plastic tormentor. That thought did it! I've lost control again to my hormones! I roll and thrash and twitch and writhe, my strength draining away. Despite my ecstasy, I’m almost ready to cry. I've just got to find that key. I don't think I can take much more of this.

I hear the front door close. Jeff is hundreds of miles from here and Tina said she can't come by. So who else has a key to the apartment? No! Please tell me I didn't leave the door unlocked. It could be anyone at all. Maybe it's someone breaking in. Oh, I'm in great shape to defend myself! I've been panting already from the orgasms, but now my heart is really racing!

Tina walks through the bedroom door. I'm emotionally relieved, but the adrenaline rush from the fear propels me to yet another level of crushing climax. She steps over me as I squirm and moan and strain against the bonds. She leans into the camera, waving.

"Hi, Jeffie. I figured you guys were up to something like this, so I came over to... Well, actually I haven't cum yet, but I intend to. I assume you'll give me authority to have my way with Jules, here, as long as it's fun for you to watch. Besides, you're not here to stop me and she's certainly in no position to."

She moves to the edge of the bed.

"Oh, is this the letter?"

Crossing her long legs in clear view of the video camera, she picks up the letter Jeff wrote me with the instructions for my present state of harassed helplessness.

I pant hard through my nose as I squirm on my stomach, struggling through my sixth or seventh climax. My hips rock involuntarily as the ecstasy holds me captive as much as my bonds. I look up at Tina, hoping for release. This has been a thrilling lot of fun, but enough is enough.

She sits on the bed reading the letter with my master's commands. Her shapely legs are crossed and drawn up a bit, looking very sexy and very long because of her short black miniskirt and... What?! Six inch black high heels?! I've never seen her wear stilettos. I thrash around waiting for my orgasm to end, but this one seems to be longer and stronger than ever. I've been so lost in orgasm that I didn't realize at first what she said into the video camera, but now it sinks in. She hasn't come to rescue me but to torment me further. My climax suddenly hits a deeper level and I feel so utterly defenseless in my sexy bondage. I spread my legs wide, trying desperately to rub my clitoris on the carpet, but the chastity chain holds my bud just barely out of reach of most of the nappy fibers. I moan and groan through my nostrils and drool some more around my gag as I frantically hump the floor, scissoring my legs back and forth, not caring she's there to see me. My bound hands tug on the chain that separates my butt cheeks, unable to reach the buzzing dildo locked in by it.

"What's this on your back?" she asks. "A key?"

A key? The key is on my back? I feel her pick it up off me and its cord tugs at my throat.

"Oh, it's around your neck. Lift your head for me, sweetheart, and I'll take it off you."

I manage to comply, despite my ecstatic writhings, and she slips the cord up and over my head. She rolls me over on my back and I continue to squirm. I'm relieved as she fits the key into the little padlock on the stiletto stirrup, turns it, and releases the leather assembly that holds my shoe on. My toes grip the handcuff key as she tosses my high heel aside. Holding my foot in the air, she takes the tiny key and lightly runs it down the sole of my bare foot. My instant reaction is to jerk my foot away, but she holds it firmly and chuckles as she tickles me again with the key that holds my freedom. I roll on my belly, twisting my foot away from her, then roll back, sit up and pout at her with the saddest eyes I can muster. She lowers herself to one knee and lets her hand graze lightly up my inner thigh to rest upon my labia. I’m helpless before her and now she’s touching me like she’s never done before. She’s stroking my naked pussy!

I struggle to maintain self control as my orgasm shifts gears again without ceasing. But control is lost to my beautiful tormentress as I squirm and writhe at her hands.

"Did you like my little phone call about not showing up? I'll bet you thought you'd be stuck here all night, didn't you? I'll bet the idea really got you hot, didn't it? Why, look how wet you are all around your dildo! You're having so much fun, aren't you? But guess what? You are going to be stuck in bondage all night, because I don't think you've had enough fun yet. I've got sweet plans for you, sweetheart. By the way, Jeffie told me where you guys hide all your bondage gear."

Oh, gawd! If she’s acting this bold with the camera running, What’s she going to do when the tape runs out?

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