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Vermont Weekend 4

by M

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Vermont Weekend Part 4 - On the Run
by M
On The Run by M

Dan didn't stop talking about our Vermont adventure for weeks after we had returned.  We had never done anything quite so wild before and I have to admit, I enjoyed it too.  But of all the things we did - the bondage, the selfbondage, the forced nudity, the messy fun - he talked most about me being his pet.  The whole scene must have really touched a nerve with him because our regular lovemaking suddenly took on a lot of doggy style, collars, and leashes.  Not that I minded!  We had gone through various phases of lovemaking before and I knew that this was another one of those.  I enjoyed it as well and encouraged him to make me his pet anytime he wanted.  I had especially enjoyed my outdoor bondage and decided that that would be a big part of something I had in mind for Dan.

With his birthday coming up in late August, I decided to give him a present of another little weekend fun session.  He was on a mid-week business trip and would be flying back late Friday night.  After hinting about the special present he was going to get when he returned, I made him promise to call me after boarding the plane for the flight home.  I knew from previous trips that he would then be roughly two hours from that point to pulling into our driveway.

I spent Friday pampering myself with a hot bubble bath and a long afternoon nap.  I spent the early evening getting all our love toys clean and ready for action.  The day was August hot and humid and by nightfall a light mist was falling.  Perfect, I thought as I stripped down to nothing, a nice warm rain to luxuriate in.  I gathered up my toys for the evening: leather wrist and ankle restraints, a leather collar, several lengths of silver chain, a head harness ballgag, a bunch of small brass padlocks, all keyed alike, and the cellphone. I put the key to the padlocks on the kitchen table along with a birthday card.  "Dearest Dan," it read."I hope you like your newest pet.  If you treat her right, she will be loyal and loving but remember: discipline is part of love.  Happy Birthday, lover." I switched on the outdoor spotlight that illuminated the backyard.

Stepping down into the yard, the long grass was cool and damp on my bare feet. I closed the door behind me, making sure to hear the lock click.  Now the only key to get back inside was in Dan's pocket.  I was nude outside for the duration and it felt great. Our property is situated on a plateau on the side of a large hill.  The house is on the edge of the plateau so we have an excellent view of the valley below.  The backyard is on the mountain side and, combined with the long driveway, can't be seen from the road.  Since our nearest neighbor was a mile away, I had no fear of being seen as I walked naked through our lush back yard to where Toby was tied out on his run.  I threw the bag containing the cellphone, gag, and one lock far into the dark recesses of Toby's huge doghouse.  I would be forced to crawl in there to answer Dan's call.
Toby is a big Rottweiler, a good 110 lbs of solid muscle with a heart of gold.  Not much of a guard dog, he was always too ready for fun and companionship.  He greeted me the way he always does with a wet nose, lapping tongue, and a wagging tail.   I played with him a bit before beginning my preparations. 

My plan was simple (as all these plans start off being!).   First, I would form a short loop on the end of a twelve-foot chain and lock it to the thick wire dog run strung between two trees in our backyard.  The run was about 30 feet long, providing ample room for Toby to move around.  Next, I would lock a wide leather collar with a big silver ring around my neck 
I would lock the wrist and ankle cuffs on, then lock eight-inch lengths of chain between them, limiting my range of motion considerably.  However, I would still be able to play with Toby or pleasure myself.  Phase one of my transformation into Dan's pet would end when I locked the twelve-foot chain to my collar.  At that point, I would be helplessly secured to the dog run along with Toby.  I'm glad he and I are good friends because we would soon be spending a lot of time together. 

The next phase would begin with Dan's call to tell me he was on the plane.  Knowing he was two hours away, I would strap the ballgag harness on and, with the final lock, secure my wrists together to the ring on the front of my collar.  After that I would only be able to shuffle up and down the dirt path Toby had worn between the two trees, while waiting for our master to come home.  I would be unable to speak or do anything until Dan arrived.  Toby and I would be equals - well, not really because Toby could get himself off and I couldn't so I guess even Toby would be my superior. 

After going through this plan in my head, I could feel my pussy get wet.  I ran my fingers down in there to stoke the fire, but stopped when Toby began sniffing at my wet snatch. "Bad boy," I said laughing and he seemed to hang his head in shame.  I gave him a big hug and some pats and his good spirits returned.  By now the gentle mist had turned into light drizzle that felt tingly on my skin. My nipples were quite stiff and I wanted Dan's cock in me badly but knew I would have to wait for that, and wait I would.  Toby watched me quizzically as, naked and on tiptoe, I slung an end of the chain over his run.  I locked a short loop around the wire run and put another open lock on the other end, leaving it on the ground.

The wrist and ankle cuffs locked on snugly but comfortably.  I joined them with the eight-inch chains and immediately felt my excitement jump a notch.   I lifted my chin and locked the dark brown leather collar around my neck.  Restrained but still mobile, I took a brief shuffling turn around the soaking wet yard, taking time to splash my feet in a growing puddle.  It was cool but not uncomfortable and I decided to continue with my plan.

Back at the dog run, Toby pressed up against me, his wet fur scratchy on my bare leg.  I picked up the end of my chain and passed the shackle though its end link and the ring on my collar.    The moment had arrived, the one I love the most.  Balanced on the edge of freedom and captivity I let my mind wander.  Right now I could still break a window, get back in the house and release myself.  Or with one click of a $3 lock I would be made helpless for hours until Dan came home.  I began to slowly squeeze the lock shut.
"What does Toby think of all this?"  I thought to myself, having to jockey for position with me all night long as our chains couldn't cross over each other.
 How would Dan react?  Would he laugh at my predicament and make me do humiliating things before letting me go?  He had made me pee in front of him last time, what would he make me do now?

What if Dan got delayed or, God forbid, had an accident?  I had the cellphone but who could I call to release me and be trusted not to tell anyone?

Oh myGod!  I did it!  I was now naked, shackled hand and foot, and chained by a leather collar to a dog run along with another animal.  Toby and I were now just Dan's pets, with nothing to do but wait for his return.  As if to punctuate my situation, the drizzle became a steady warm rain that plinked and plopped in the foliage and puddles around Toby and me.  I shuffled away from the run as far as the chain would allow, the steady, heavy pressure of the collar tugging me back.  Toby stayed by my side to keep me company and perhaps add his warmth to mine.  He smelt like wet dog but I hardly noticed.  I was falling under the spell of my - our - captivity.

I started looking closely at every aspect of what I had just done to myself.  I looked down at my shackled feet, now filthy black from the muddy ground.  I wiggled my toes sensuously in the dark goop.  I tested the wrist shackles and their chains - they were quite strong and I knew I could not slip out of them. I tried pulling on the chain attached to my collar without effect.  I now had to continually brush my wet blonde hair out of my eyes as the rain fell.  What would it be like when my hands were attached to my collar and I couldn't brush the hair away? 

 Toby and I wandered up and down the run, both of us splashing muddy water on each other. When I got thirsty I raised my head and drank some of the warm rainwater.  Toby's water dish was probably a little dirtier than I would like.  I should have brought out some food in a dish but I knew he'd get it before I could.  There wasn't much else to do but enjoy the feel of warm rain on my skin so I plopped down messily in some wet grass and stretched out.  Toby came over and lay down next to me, his body providing some warm comfort.  The only sounds were the soft raindrops and gentle tinkling from our chains.  I closed my eyes and let my shackled hands explore the feel of raindrops on my breasts, belly, and pussy. 

 Soon I was lost in a revelry of wet sex, as I pushed first one then another finger into my sopping snatch.  There wasn't enough chain between my wrists to let me squeeze my tits at the same time so I had to make do with just one hand.  My restless legs and feet pushed into the softening ground as I slowly approached an orgasm.  Toby rested his giant head on my thigh and idly licked my fingers.  I initially tried pushing him away but he was insistent and eventually I gave in, letting his warm wet tongue do what it wanted to help me get off.  Suddenly, though, the moment was shattered by the cellphone's ring.

I had lost track of time and it was probably he calling from the plane.  I jumped up as quickly as I could and tried to run to the doghouse but Toby, who had jumped up when I did, stood in the way.  I pushed him aside but our chains were stuck on the wire run and I had to haul him as best I could to his doghouse.  He thought it was great fun and wanted to play some more but I made him sit then got on my knees and scrambled into the doghouse.  The thing was huge and I, being on the slim side, fit in easily.  I answered the phone while Toby stuck his sniffing, dripping muzzle in through the door.
"Hello?" I said.
"Hi, Honey!" said Dan cheerily, "I'm on the plane.  Man, what a day.  How's things at home?"
"It's raining," I laughed, "but it's a warm rain, thank God."

"What do you mean?"
"Oh, nothing," I tried to sound casual while naked and shackled dripping wet in our doghouse.  Toby shoved his head in as if to come in and snuffled at the phone.
"Is that Toby?" asked Dan.
"Yes, he's here with me.  In fact, I thought Toby looked kind of lonely lately so I thought I would get him a companion.  I hope you're not upset."
"Another dog?  How did Toby react?"
Toby was determined to get in the doghouse with me and, restrained in leather and steel and by my conversation with Dan, I was having no luck stopping him.
"Oh, he seems to be doing fine.  I think he likes playing with his new friend."
"Well, what kind of dog is it?"
"It's a surprise, Dan.  You'll see when you get home"
"Is it my birthday surprise?"
"Well, sort of.  You'll see."
Toby was now lying down next to me, his hot doggy breath and wet doggy smell filling the increasingly smaller space.  I welcomed his body heat but decided his nails needed a trim.
"Alright," said Dan, "they're revving the engines.  I guess I have to get off the phone.  I'll see you a couple of hours."
"Okay, love, bring it on home to me," I let my voice go low and husky, "I missed you, lover."
There was a pause that only lovers can understand.
"I'm coming, hon. Keep it hot for me.  Bye."
"Bye." I said and closed the phone.  It was now time for phase two.  I felt a thrill of anticipation but took time to rest a moment and gather my energies before putting on the gag and locking my hands to the collar.  The doghouse was warm now thanks to Toby's body heat and kind of comfortable in a damp-but-not-in-the-rain kind of way.  My back was to Toby and his fur tickled my back and butt.  Suddenly, Toby shifted his weight and I felt something poking my ass - he was getting excited!  While I yearned to be Dan's love puppy, I wasn't ready to be Toby's so I grabbed the bag with the toys in it and scrambled outside. 

It was still raining steadily and the dog run was now a muddy, soupy mess into which I splashed, my leash sliding along the run and tugging at my neck.  Since Toby's chain was on the other side of mine, I couldn't go too far from the doghouse until he came out.  Time's a wasting, I thought and quickly strapped on the head harness.  The red rubber ball filled my mouth and though I tried talking around it, it was quite effective at keeping me silent.  I snugged up all the straps so it was comfortable.  It was now time for the last step.  I ran the lock through the rings on my wrist shackles, then through the ring on the front of the collar.  I tested how it would feel to have my hands locked to my throat.  I couldn't reach the buckles on the gag harness and I couldn't reach my tits or pussy.  I would be thoroughly helpless now and I felt butterflies in my stomach with the realization that I was going to do it.  But how?  I would let Toby decide.

Toby was still in the doghouse.  I grabbed the last lock with both hands and squeezed it nearly shut.  When Toby came out I would lock it shut, sealing my fate as Dan's new pet.  I waited, my excitement growing with every drop of rain that washed down my tits or slid down my ass.  My bare feet squelched in the soft mud as I shifted my legs - come on, Toby, I thought to myself, make the decision for me.  Finally he poked his nose out.  I waited.  He waited.  Then he came out and as his right rear paw cleared the door, I squeezed the lock shut with a thrilling, decisive click.  It was done.  Briefly I struggled with the snug leather cuffs, trying to free my hands from their position at my throat.  It was useless.  Indeed, I couldn't remove the gag or pleasure myself in any way.  This would be my position for at least two hours until Dan came home and maybe longer if he decided otherwise. 

I thought more about my predicament.  I had left the cellphone back in the doghouse.  To reach it now I'd have to maneuver onto my knees very carefully and crawl into Toby's house with my ass up in the air.  I wasn't sure I wanted to present Toby such a tempting target after his display just a little while ago.  And even if I could get to the cellphone unmolested, I wouldn't be able to speak with anyone since I was gagged.  Hmm, I thought, maybe I should have planned this a little better.  But it was too late now, I was stuck until Dan arrived.

Time passed slowly, frustratingly.  I shuffled up and down the run with Toby at my side.  I suspected he was trying to trip me as he was continually underfoot.  The rain seemed to be getting a little heavier, though still warm.  I was getting tired, though, of being wet and uncomfortable.  I wanted Dan and our bed and his big warm hands all over me.  I wanted his tongue deep inside me, finding my hotspots and driving me over the edge of sanity.  I wanted desperately to feel his thick, hard cock part my lower lips and enter me.  These thoughts and more were driving me crazy as I tried over and over to reach my tits or pussy or anything that would relieve the pressure building in me.  But it was no use.  The leather was too strong, the locks and chains unbreakable.  I stood in the cool mud as far as my leash would allow me and howled into my gag for release.  Instead, the porch light timer went off plunging us into darkness.

Great, I thought, just great.  Toby chose this moment to hear a noise in the woods and go tearing off to investigate.  My leash, however, was on the wrong side of Toby's and the sudden tug pulled me off my feet and sent me sprawling full-length into the mud.  The fall knocked the wind out of me, especially with my hands in their  awkward position.  I lay there for a couple of seconds getting my breath and figuring out how to get back to my feet.  I pushed as best I could with my shackled hands and muddy shoulders until I could get my knees under me.  It was when I was head-down and buns up that Toby decided to make his move. Quick as a wink he scrambled up on my wet back straddling me heavily.  His nails scratched causing me to yell helplessly into the ballgag.  My voice commands were useless, coming out as muffled grunts.  I tried throwing him off me but Toby was used to wriggling bitches and he lowered his weight expertly to keep me pressed to the wet ground.  I was both mad and a little scared as I felt his probing prick search for my sex.  I pressed my legs together to keep him out but it was becoming increasingly apparent he wasn't going to take "no" for an answer.  He came out with a low guttural growl that scared me. 

I was starting to weaken.  The bondage, the rain, and the gag were all taking a toll on my resistance to this humiliating indignity. Toby was going to have his bitch and I was it.  Knowing I couldn't hold out much longer, and feeling crushed under Toby's oppressive weight, I rationalized that I had gotten myself into this mess; that Toby was only doing what came naturally to him.  Chained up and straddled by a big horny dog in a muddy ditch, I realized I would have to accept the dark side of being one of Dan's pets.  Toby's massive prick grazed my pussy lips and he started thrusting just as headlights swept up the driveway and lit us up in their blinding glare.

What a sight: a woman naked, shackled, and gagged with her ass up in the air, a massive dog straddling her in animal abandon.  Toby stopped for a second as the headlights startled him and I thrust with my legs and feet to slide out from under him and lay flat out in the mud.  I rolled over onto my side to deny him a repeat shot at my ass - he wandered off to his doghouse, still sporting a huge erection.  A car door slammed and a figure stepped in front of the headlights and squelched his way over to me.  I struggled, twisting and writhing in the muck, until I got to a kneeling position.  My hands were like dirty brown leaves under the bright red flower of my ballgag.  I was wet and filthy and horny as hell while in a most submissive posture.  Relieved, I could finally make out Dan's face as he approached with the light from the car behind him.

"My wife!" he exclaimed, "and my dog!"  He laughed then splashed over to me.  Taking my face in his hands, he brushed the wet hair out of my eyes and started to loosen the straps on the gag.
"Lori, you've got some 'splainin' to do," he said in a bad Ricky Ricardo voice, "and I want to hear every word of it," he said removing the spit soaked rubber ball from my aching mouth, "but only after I come."

Now that lovely cock I had so craved was pressing against my lips and I gratefully engulfed it with my warm mouth.  From their locked position, my hands were perfectly situated to caress his hot balls.  He used my mouth for his pleasure, gently touching my head and shoulders with affection.  When he gently pulled his prick out of my mouth, I knew my release was imminent - but I was wrong. Dan started stripping off his clothes as he walked around behind me.  Once naked he knelt behind my wet and muddy ass and, pushing my head down, thrust his thick cock into my waiting pussy.  He then proceeded to show Toby how to do it right.

We couldn't keep Toby after that night.  He wouldn't listen to my commands anymore.  We gave him to some friends of ours, a couple with no children.  When I see her while shopping the wife thanks me endlessly for Toby and, when she brings him along, I notice that Toby's nails are always well trimmed.


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