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Vermont Weekend 2 - The Gift

by M

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Vermont Weekend Part 2: The Gift
by M
Vermont Weekend Part 2: The Gift by M

[Previously: I lost a bet to my boyfriend Dan and agreed to be his slave for a weekend at his parents isolated Vermont farmhouse.  There, I followed his directions and ended up bound, gagged, and buttplugged in a barn stall.  A mysterious figure blindfolded me and used my mouth to pleasure his cock.  The figure was Dan who snuck into the barn while I was trying to cope with sinking into the muddy floor]

"Ketchup?" he asked, brushing a loose strand of hair from my eyes.
I thought for a moment before replying.
"Mustard," I replied, and lowered my eyes to the floor.  This was our code - he had asked me if I wanted to continue this scene.  Any word from me other than "mustard" would have resulted in my immediate release and the end of all sexual activity.  I wanted - needed - lots more sexual activity.  I had now committed myself to being his slave until the next time he came, after which he would ask me again.

Dan retrieved the head harness and fed me the sopping ballgag once again.  The taste of my own cold drool was at first unpleasant then, as it warmed up in my mouth, became strangely erotic.  It was as if my mouth needed to be filled, by rubber ball or Dan's cock, in order to be complete.  While I was thinking about this, Dan was busy re-attaching my hands to the spreader bar.  He pulled on the chainlift until I was once again standing with my arms raised.  My legs and feet were black with mud and the footing was slippery.  I stood nervously awaiting my master's next move.

Dan left the stall for a moment, returning with another wooden box that he placed on the shelf.  From the box he took out what looked like a squeeze bottle with some clear liquid in it.  He then proceeded to squirt the liquid on my neck and shoulders.  It was lightly scented oil and he used his big hands to spread it liberally over the parts of me that were still clean.  Waves of pleasure washed over me as his hands worked me over, spreading the oil over my upraised arms, breasts, back, and belly.  He spent a lot of time with my ass, squirting oil between my buttcheeks and following it with sly fingers that would tease my anus, still tingling from its recent occupant.

But the part I wanted touched most, my hot, wet pussy, he didn't go near.  I knew he was saving that for a special moment.  I groaned into my gag as he pressed an oily finger to my asshole, penetrating me once again.  Like the gag in my mouth, his finger filled my ass with the feeling of fullness I needed back there.  If he had touched my pussy at that point, I would have come instantly.
But it was not for me to come just yet.

Dan stepped around in front of me, his rubber boots squelching in the muck.  Still looking down, as a good slave must, I saw how my black legs and feet looked like the black rubber boots on his legs and feet.  He put a finger under my chin and raised my head so I was looking at him.  He then proceeded to strip.

The late afternoon sun lit him beautifully from the side as he took off his workshirt, revealing that muscular chest I so desired to be rubbing against my oiled breasts.  While I watched, my eyes growing big, he tore the shirt into pieces!  He took off the rubber boots and, using the heavy scissors, cut them up into trash.  Next came his pants which, once removed, allowed his magnificent sunlit cock to spring up.  God, I wanted that in me!  But I couldn't move to touch it or even speak to beg for it - I was his slave and that was that. 

Finally he cut the pants to shreds and joined me in nudity.  I felt the subtle shifting of our relationship - when he was clothed and I was nude, I felt totally mastered by a being completely different from me, maybe not even human.  It was as if the clothes gave him power over me that I could not resist.  Now that he was naked too, I felt we were more alike and now were partners in this situation, even though I was the one bound and gagged.  Where before I surrendered to him utterly, now I would cooperate with him totally.  It was a subtle shift of power that left me moaning with desire, my legs rubbing together, feet stepping nervously in the thick mud.

Dan approached me now, his hands touching my face and breasts as he started a trail of kisses down my body.  At my mouth, he licked drool from the gag and smiled as he continued to my neck.  I looked down just in time to see him envelop my left nipple with his soft sucking lips, his tongue swirling over the stiff nub.  I was lost to the sensation of being sucked into his mouth.  After a while he switched to my other nipple, all the while his hands roaming between my legs.  When he started to kiss and lick my stomach, I let my head loll back and closed my eyes. 

He knelt at my feet in the cool mud and pushed my thighs apart with his hands.  I complied, moving my feet in a wider stance.  Soon his hot breath was warming my wet pussy lips and his tongue began the slow invasion of my sex. Time passed slowly as I danced on the end of his tongue.  My excitement built until, thrashing and sweating like a mare in heat, I came with his tongue buried in my wet snatch. I hung there, limp and shaking, while he withdrew from my pussy.  I was totally wasted, in a warm glow of sexual satisfaction, and barely noticed Dan as he re-attached the chains to my ankle cuffs.  It barely registered as he raised the spreader bar and I was once again stretched in a tight spreadeagle.  Dan picked up the KY from the shelf and moved behind me out of sight.
I knew where he was going next.

Dan lubricated my asshole very differently than how I did it myself - his fingers were longer and much thicker than mine.  He must have spent 15 minutes opening my anus with first one than two fingers.  He produced a tapered dildo from the box - it was larger than the butt plug but smaller than Dan's beautiful tool.  Once lubricated, he worked the dildo carefully but irresistibly up my butt.  I was transfixed at the alternating feelings of pleasure and mild discomfort these toys filled me with.  Soon I was thrusting back onto the dildo while he just held it in place.  It was the most obscenely sexual thing I had ever done.
But soon he put the dildo away and I knew it was time for the big show.  He moved in close behind me, the tip of his cock brushing my slippery oiled buttcheeks.  His hands spread my cheeks and his cock replaced the dildo at the entrance of my anus.  I pushed back just as I had with the dildo and was rewarded with the tip of his cock entering my loosened backside.  We relaxed for a second together, allowing my body to get used to the feeling of the larger intruder.  Then I pushed back some more and realized just how big his cock was as it moved inexorably into my most private area.  When I could move back no further, I moaned in frustration through the dripping, drool covered gag.  Dan's response was to thrust forward slowly but relentlessly and my eyes widened in surprise as he filled my ass with his cock.

The tightness of it was too much for him and he began to fuck my ass with a slow, determined stroke that I knew he couldn't keep up for too long.  Sure enough, after only a half-dozen mindblowing strokes, his cock exploded in my ass with the feeling of hot liquid filling my bowels.  When at that moment his fingers touched my hot clit, I also exploded in a wrenching orgasm.  We stood like that, with his cock in my ass, his hands caressing my oily breasts, for a minute before I felt his cock begin it's slow withdrawal.  As it left I felt empty and used, as a good slave should feel after her master has pleasured himself inside her.  And very, very satisfied.
Once again, Dan removed the gag and asked if I wanted to continue.
"Rest time," I croaked and he continued removing all my restraints.  When I was finally freed, he took me in his arms and we sank to the muddy floor in a messy hug and kiss.  We must have laid in the stall for a half hour until we had cooled off sufficiently to talk about the experience.

While we talked, we played in the mud, drawing designs on each other's naked body.  That graduated to smearing the slippery goo over the last remaining clean body parts.  Dan scooped together a big pile of the muck for me to sit in, the cool mud soothing my poor stretched asshole.  I painted his face like an Indian while he gave me a spa facial with handfuls of soft mud.  Eventually we were totally covered in thick black glop, so we headed outside to find a place to wash off.

We used a hose connected to the outside faucet on the house to wash the mud off, the cold water causing my nipples to harden and his dick to shrink.  We dried off lying on the grass in the last rays of the afternoon sun.  Dan retrieved the keys to the house and we went inside, treating ourselves to a hot bath, a hot meal, and an early bedtime.  We were exhausted and sleep came easily as we spooned on the clean sheets while a gentle breeze wafted in through the window.
Now, I'm an early riser and Dan a late sleeper so it was no surprise that I was up at 6 am while he continued to sleep.  Still naked, I went back to the barn to see what it looked like through eyes that weren't clouded with lust.  The air was cool and crisp with just a hint of the hot July day to come.  The sound of my bare feet on the sandy floorboards was not much different than yesterday as I walked to the stall where I became Dan's slave.

In the stall, the spreader bar lay on the muddy floor along with the ankle chains.  The leathers were on the shelf along with Dan's box of toys.  I reached down with one bare toe and found the floor still gooey so I reached over and got the toys without stepping in the stall.  I picked through the various restraints, dildos, and buttplugs and found my excitement growing.  Oh God, I thought, I'm going to do it again.  But this time, I would design my own gift to give Dan.
While gagging myself on the previous day, I had gotten turned on by the thought of turning into a mute farm animal, unable to communicate by word or gesture, chained up for my master's every pleasure.  I wanted to take that transformation to a higher level.  Dan would be asleep for a couple of hours, then I'm sure when he woke up he would come looking for me here.  I wanted him to find a surprise.
Using the back of one of his purple notes and the stub of a pencil I found, I wrote Dan a short note and speared it on a nail just inside the barn door.  The note said: "Your livestock awaits you in a stall.  Make her root for her freedom."  I would let him interpret that however he wanted - I knew he would make it interesting for me.

I took all the leather items and toys down the hall to another of the stalls.  This one was fairly clean with a packed clay floor and a pile of clean straw in the corner.  From the toy box I pulled out a bag of locks.  They were all keyed alike and the key was attached to a snaphook which I attached to the latch on the stall door. Next, I took a thick brown leather collar and secured it around my neck -- Immediately, I felt myself beginning the descent into the fog of lust.   I made sure the stall door to the outside was closed and locked then I slid shut the inside stall door.  I could still open this door, though, because the latch on the other side had to be thrown.  After some looking I found a stick with which I could reach through the metal bars of the stall.  It took me a couple of minutes, but I finally managed to slide the latch into the locked position.  I looked at the stick in my hand, my only means of escaping this barn stall turned prison cell, and tossed it across the hall.  Now I was locked in the stall until Dan released me.  And since the key to all the padlocks in the toy bag was snaphooked to the stall latch handle, any padlocks I locked could only be unlocked by Dan.

Returning to the pile of leather restraints I buckled on the dirty, mud-crusted ankle shackles and a matching pair of wrist cuffs, securing them all with the little padlocks.  Just to make things interesting, I pulled out my favorite frustration generator: a chastity belt.  I buckled the heavy leather device snugly around my waist.  Then I pulled the hourglass-shaped pad up between my legs.  I gave my pussy a little rub goodbye, then buckled the two straps that came off the pad to the belt itself.  With the application of three padlocks, I was now denied access to my own private parts.  I tried rubbing myself through the thick leather but it was useless - neither could I work a finger in under it.  Only Dan had access now to his "livestock."

From the padlock bag came a chain, which I locked to the hasp of my collar buckle. This served to lock the collar on my neck and would also act as a leash.  Next I dug out our muzzle gag.  This is another head harness but instead of a ballgag, there is a leather panel, cupped to fit the chin, with a fat leather tongue on the inside.  The tongue would go in my mouth, on top of my tongue, and effectively prevent me from making a sound.  It was a very intimidating piece of bondage equipment and I was quick to put it on before I could have any second thoughts.  The gag tasted not unpleasantly of leather as it entered my mouth.  I buckled on the straps and quickly locked them with padlocks.  My openings were now no longer mine to use - they were Dan's to give back to me if and when he wanted.  I felt my pussy heating up even as the first drops of drool fell from the gag air holes onto my bare breasts.  I would have to move fast now.

On the end of the chain was a snaphook that I attached to a ring set high on the stall's wall.  Once my hands were secured, I would not be able to reach the hook and my movements would be constrained to the end of my leash.  Again I tried to get to my pussy, stopping only when I knew I wanted the frustration more than the orgasm.
I sat on the floor, about at the end of my tether.  The cool clay felt good on my ass, as the day was heating up and the stall had no ventilation.  I was starting to sweat but it felt good.  Now I had to finish this.  With one padlock, I locked my ankles together.  I rolled on my side and put my wrists behind my back.  I threaded the hasp of the last padlock through the D-rings on my cuffs.  I rolled back over onto my back, but with my back arched to leave a space.  The unlocked padlock joining my wrists now rested upright on the clay floor.  All I would have to do is lower my back on  the hasp in order to complete my bondage. 

I took stock.

I was naked, bound in leather wrist and ankle shackles, and effectively gagged.  The collar locked to my neck was chained to the wall, allowing me only a few feet worth of motion at best.  My pussy and ass were inaccessible to me, so I could not pleasure myself.  I was locked in a barn stall and the keys to my restraints were outside the stall.  For all intents and purposes, I was no longer human but one of my master's farm animals.  I could only wait for him to come get me.
My muscles quivered as I tried to hold the arched position above the wrist lock.  The clay under my feet and shoulders was softening under the heat and sweat I was generating and I was beginning to slip.  Suddenly, I got a cramp in one leg and couldn't hold the arch anymore - Click!

Once again, I was trapped by my own hand.  I rolled onto my side.  The chain from my collar tinkled merrily, letting me know I wasn't going anywhere.  I tested the wrist cuffs, then the ankle cuffs, finding everything quite secure.  The gag was so effective I could only make grunting throat sounds, making me feel even more like an animal.  I tried rolling onto my chest, the clay cool and smooth against my erect nipples.  I squirmed from side-to-side trying to see just how far I could move - it wasn't very far.  In the mean time, my sweat and drool were making little puddles that turned the clay into  a slick paint.  My tits, rolling under me as I worked my way across the stall, were soon colored dark brown and slick with the clay. 
Slowly, agonizingly, I made my way to the sweet-smelling hay pile.  I thought it would be more comfortable than the clay floor.  It was a little scratchy as I worked my way onto it, but finally I lay nestled in a little ball on the warm straw, my body clay-smeared and bound in leather.  I couldn't speak nor do anything so I took a nap and dreamed about release and the sweet tortures my master would inflict on me.

I awoke to the sound of the stall door sliding open.  My master, still naked, stepped in and stood over me, legs apart and cock slowly stiffening as he took in the sight I presented him.  I remembered reading something about dominance displays with animals and I struggled to roll over onto my back, exposing my throat, clay-streaked tits, and leather-covered pussy.  I was filthy from the hay dust and stall dirt that clung to my sweaty, drool smeared body.   I spread my legs as wide as I could with the ankles locked together and grunted helplessly.  Dan only shook his head.
"You are a mess, aren't you, little pussy?  Well, I'm afraid you're going to get a lot messier before you get released.  Now, come along."
He unlocked my ankles, then relocked them with a one-foot piece of chain between them.  Unhooking my leash from the wall, he tugged on it until I had struggled to my feet. 
"Let's go, pussy," he said with a laugh, smacking my ass as I shuffled by.  I turned my head and glared at him as best I could and his eyes went cold.  Immediately I was sorry and like some cowed animal I stopped and hung my head.  He pressed my head down with a gentle hand on the back of my collar and smacked my upturned ass medium hard three times.  I grunted and moaned, reddening at the humiliation but secretly I knew that my sex was heating up.

He took me outside!  I'd never been outside while in bondage though I knew there was no one up here to see me.  Still, we were both naked and the sun and breezes felt good.  He led me around the yard and into the horse ring.  There, after removing the ankle chain, he had me trot in a circle around him on the end of my leash.  I was getting dirtier by the minute as the dry ring dirt I kicked up stuck to the sweat that poured off me in the hot sun.  It didn't help matters when I stepped in a pile or two of horse shit.

The chastity belt, however, was starting to chafe and I stopped trotting.  With my hands still locked behind me, I couldn't exactly point to the belt so instead I started nodding down at it, like a horse with an itch on its foreleg.
"Are you okay?" asked Dan.  I nodded yes and thrust my hips forward, nodding my head to indicate the belt.  He looked quizzically at me and all I could do was nod and thrust my hips.  Now I could see what it must be like to not be able to communicate with one's master.  The frustration, and irritation, grew until finally Dan understood - or so I thought.
He pointed to my belt and looked at me.  I nodded in relief.  He took the key and unlocked the belt, taking it completely off me.  What a relief!
"Okay, pussy," he said, "you can pee right here."
What?  I looked at him and shook my head. 
"Do I need to get a whip?" he asked softly.
I wasn't ready for that just yet, so I put my head down and shook "no".  This was not in my plans.  Dan, however, was adamant.
"Okay, then, let's get it done.  And don't get any on your feet." 
So in the middle of a riding ring, on a bright July morning and in front of my lover, I spread my legs, squatted and peed onto the dry, dusty ground.  I nearly came as the last few drops fell.
"Good girl," said Dan, tugging my leash and patting my butt, "Now I don't have anything to dry you with but maybe a dust bath would do the job."

He gestured to a dry part of the ring, mercifully free of horseshit, and I slowly dropped to my knees, then lay down in the soft warm ring dirt.  There I rolled and thrashed and squirmed, covering myself with dirt while Dan held my leash.  I was his animal, his pet, and I knew right then I would be his forever.  When he was satisfied, he helped me up and led me back toward the barn.
"Now, let's see about the note you left me."
Well, that brightened my mood considerably and I nearly galloped back to the barn.  But Dan apparently had a different idea.  Stopping in front of the muddy stall, the scene of yesterday's fun, he pulled down the purple note I had left by the door.
"Now, it says here  'make her root for her freedom.'  I'm not sure what that means."
While he spoke, he brought me over to the edge of the stall and, putting pressure on the back of my knees, made me kneel in front of him.  I thought of another session with his cock in my mouth and closed my eyes with anticipated pleasure. Surprisingly, he unlocked my wrists from behind me, then relocked them in front of me.
"The only animals I know that root are piggies.  And I've got a pussy, not a piggy."
Oh no, I thought, what is he going to do with me?  Dan stood in front of me now, his erect cock the center of my vision but his words the center of my attention.
"But if my little pussy wants to be a piggy, who am I to stop her?"

And with that he took the key to my restraints and tossed it over his shoulder into the thick black mud in the stall.  I grunted and moaned into my gag in helpless frustration.  Dan stepped aside and made a grand gesture with his hand.
"Okay, piggy, go on and root for your freedom." 
The stall was a pit of thick black mud and the key with its attached snaplock had sunk out of sight - I would have to crawl into the mud to find it.   It would take hours.  It was fiendish of him but I had set myself up for this.
Gingerly, I began crawling on my hands and knees into the cool black mud.  In seconds, my hands, arms, legs and feet were covered with the slippery ooze.  I began searching for the key with my hands.  When I went to brush some hair from my face, I left a big smear of black mud on my cheek.
Now, Dan had been watching with arms crossed from the doorway.  His thick cock quivered as he watched me slide in the mud and apparently it was too much for him to just watch.  He stepped into the stall with me and knelt behind me.  My pussy was extremely wet and I soon felt the head of his dick pressing against my hot, sopping pussy.  In a second he was inside me.   On all fours, face down and ass-up in the black mud, I got the fucking of my life that morning.  I must have come half a dozen times before Dan shot his hot load up inside me.  His cock pulsed for what seemed like forever before he relaxed and hugged me from behind.  Eventually he slapped my ass as he pulled out, leaning down close to my ear.
"Thanks for the fuck, piggy. Now start rooting," he said and kissed my ear.
And with that, he left me to find the key.

End of Part 2.


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