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Vacation Time Fun

by Tonya

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Once again I have no idea where to start. That seems to be a common theme when retelling a story of this nature. Let’s see, I was invited / told to house sit for my parents while they were away on vacation. It was mid-October and my brother and I had pitched in and decided to send mom and dad on a second honeymoon. They thought that I’d be working the whole time but unbeknownst to them, I had my vacation scheduled the same weeks that they were going to be gone. It seemed like a tremendous opportunity for some playtime. The house was about four miles outside of town and between the four acres and my father’s workshop I knew I was going to be able to keep myself busy.

They left early on a Saturday morning and were not planning on returning for at least two weeks. I stayed up all night on Friday night so I could pick them up very, very early Saturday morning for breakfast before they embarked upon their journey. They were totally unaware that I had my bags packed too. We said our goodbyes and they boarded the plane. I watched them disappear into the sky and already felt a tingle of anticipation for the weeks to come. I stopped by my house, did the last of my duties there, put a hold on my mail, and forwarded all my calls to voicemail. I picked up my bags and shivered again knowing that the “clothes” on my back were the only ones that I was taking with me. I had two priority packages. One package was the only key to my house and the other was a key ring with 3 keys and my spare keyless button for my Escape. I dropped the first one off at the Post Office on my way to my parents’ house, the second one I could mail from the house. My house key was now going to be delivered to my parent’s house on Friday before they returned home. The other package was part of my plan for a serious long-term adventure.

As I pulled up the driveway I rolled my window down and noticed a slight chill in the air. I used to love getting up early before school and running in the cool, at times almost cold autumn air. Hell, I might just have to do that in the morning. Once inside it was time to survey the area. I tossed my bags in my old room and peered out the back door. I went back to my room and emptied the contents of all three of my bags into piles on the bed and floor. The first bag was composed of my most over the top make-up, a few bras and panties and the outfits that I get tied in. A professional dancer’s costume, magician’s assistant, Hooters girl, your typical uppity business suit (tapered jacket and short skirt), the bitchy lingerie shop “customer disservice” girl, several random leotards, and a spandex bodysuit complete with lace up hood and gloves. I threw in several extra pair of my highest heels (four, five and six inch), just to make sure that I didn’t forget how to walk (or hop) in them while I was on vacation.

The second bag has two compartments, one for new pantyhose, stockings, tights, and one for old hose. Several pairs of pantyhose had the crotch panel cut out, much easier to get your head through without it intact. The third bag was my heaviest. It was filled with miles of rope, several different rolls of tape, my wrist loops and three new bags of eight inch zip ties, a padded leather blindfold, a ball gag, ring-gag and plug-gag, a new twenty-four pack of men’s hanker chiefs, four bandanas, several different sized rolls of self-adherent elastic wrap, a few pairs of cuffs, ten small luggage padlocks keyed in sets of three (with one being completely different) and seven lengths of chain each pre-measured and labeled for near perfect application. I also had four locking heavy-duty canvas bank bags that I could lock my snips or my keys in. Each one was keyed differently so that I could actually put the snips in one bag and then place a bag in a bag until all three bags were in the largest bag. Or I could stash the bags at the far ends of the house, making for a tedious trip. I had to get a different key for each bag and all the keys looked alike. It made for some great adventures.

Now I needed only to run back outside one last time to get my DVDs and laptop and get it setup. Once that task is done, it will be time to explore and find out what my options truly are. I got back inside with my DVDs and laptop and set it up on the dining room table and grabbed a rolling chair from the workshop. I fired up the cable modem, hooked up the printer and was downloading and printing email in no time. I was now ready to spend almost two full weeks enjoying nearly every self-bondage fantasy that I’d ever had.

I wanted to have everything planned just right, so I spent nearly all of Saturday morning planning and mapping out the house and surrounding area. I carried a stopwatch and walked about half of the fence line while a full tray of ice was melting in a stocking in the kitchen. I love being able to multitask. After I walked the fence line, I ran into the shop, grabbed the lighter fluid and some matches and stripped off my cheap expendable jogging suit, sports bra and panties and carried them out behind the shop to the burn barrel that my father used to burn brush. I tossed them all in and squirted a good amount of fluid on them. I lit two matches and gently flipped them over the side. Flames immediately shot up and engulfed my only set of “clothes” for the rest of my stay. I smiled a satisfied smile and headed back towards the house. Now it was time to begin.

I started with a nice warm bath to relax and think about what fun I was going to have. If you haven’t checked into laser hair removal yet, trust me, you need to do so. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it. I haven’t shaved in almost six months and I’m still the smoothest I’ve ever been. Saves time every day not to mention the fortune they charge for razors and refills, depilatories or waxing for that matter. After the bath I put on a robe and fired up the laptop. I had an email from an old friend. The kind of old friend that likes to help get you stuck in the most unfortunate situations. We traded ideas for ties because neither one of us trusted anyone enough to let anyone in on our secrets. She had a girlfriend that she thought she trusted enough, but one fateful day she ended up getting tied, very tightly but instead of tying her hands and gagging her as usual, her girlfriend used brand new leather cuffs locked with a small padlock and gave her no gag. K was sitting there confused when she noticed the keys in a block of ice that started off as a one-gallon jug of drinking water. Her sudden ex then packed up her things, took a ton of pictures and said that if she even tried to find her, the pics would end up on the bulletin board at work as well as the “freak page” on the local radio stations website. She sat patiently and cried / waited for the ice to melt. Almost seventeen hours later she was finally able to free herself. The truth will set you free? Uhhh, no. It’s usually more trouble than it’s worth.

The instructions for the tie were “sealed”. All I had to get started was a few basic directions and a list of what items I would need. The list and the directions were simple, get dressed, set up your release, pick out a gag and get your wrist loops and zip ties, enough rope for your ankles, knees (above and below), no crotch-rope (you’ll need to focus), more rope for your upper body and just keep some extra around for good measure, three short lengths of chain and three padlocks keyed differently. “Get dressed” was vague enough. I wasn’t sure what to wear, not knowing how long or even how I was going to be tied. It was still daylight outside, so I went and put my snips out behind my fathers shop. Just in case it was a hogtie, chairtie, or something else completely immobilizing, I put my backup snips in the master bathroom on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub.

The stocking with the keys in it was hanging above the kitchen sink, with a guideline coming down from the light to the floor so the keys wouldn’t just fall in the sink. The line had a tennis ball on the end of it so the keys would fall all the way to the floor. If I was able to reach the string, I could get to the keys. Since it was my first tie, I wanted to start off with something fairly simple, just your average everyday ordinary home invasion theme. Overworked / underpaid secretary just walked through the door after a long day at the office, took off her jacket, kicked off her shoes and surprised Mr. Robber. No shoes, tan hose, short burgundy skirt, black cami, no jacket. Mouth stuffed with a bandana, taped and wrapped with self-adherent elastic wrap should keep me quiet. I got dressed and gathered my things. Now let’s see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. I opened the attachment to the email and it was a little longer than I thought it would be.

“You told me that you have a rolling chair there so I thought we’d break it in first. Go ahead and have a seat if you haven’t already and get your legs taken care of first, be sure to cross your ankles, and after you get that done thoroughly attach your seat to the seat of the chair. When you get that done reach down and raise the chair up as high as it will go. This is very important. Reach down with a short chain and chain the cinch on your ankles to the base of the chair, then make sure you slide all the way back in the seat and wrap about ten times around the back of the chair. Use your big loops to tie your arms down to your sides, make sure you cinch them tight under each arm too. Use the second chain to attach your wrist loops to the back of the chair, the third chain goes around your wrists and the wraps you made around your waist. I hope that makes sense, your wrists are supposed to be against the back of the chair, looped and cinched, with a chain going around the loops and the back of the chair, and the other chain going around your wrists and the ropes holding you to the chair. Should be fun, took me awhile to get free, but I’m not telling you how. Enjoy yourself sugar, and let me know how it went.”

So let me get this straight, I’m stuck to a chair with my only release(s) in the far corner of the house and behind the shop. With my feet off the ground moving the chair, even one with wheels is going to be really, really tough. So much for starting off easy I guess. This will be fun.

I started off just as she said, sitting in the chair and crossing my ankles and tying them, then above and below my knees and chaining my ankles to the base of the chair. I reached down and lifted the lever and raised the chair all the way up and my toes were about six inches off the ground. After that I wrapped more rope around my thighs securing me to the seat, then more wraps around the back of the chair. Before I went any further I decided it was time for that silencing gag. First the stuffing, then the tape, then six or seven wraps with the self-adherent elastic wrap just to make sure the tape didn’t slip. Next I secured my loops to the back of the chair, then set up the other chain to make it easier to get my hands into when I couldn’t turn around to see what I was doing. After I finished with my loops for my arms, I cinched them off with a few zip ties in between my arms and my body. I double checked everything to make sure I wasn’t going to be able to sneak out due to a technicality, reached back, slipped my wrists into the loops, pulled the zip tie cinch tight, and clicked the last two padlocks closed.

I looked over at the ice my keys were hanging from and it still had what looked to be about two pieces left to melt. That meant about an hour, maybe an hour and a half before the keys fell. After I figured out a way to get the chair over there to get to them, I still had to figure out a way to either get outside behind the shop and get the snips, or get across the carpet to the other end of the house and get to my backup snips on the edge of the tub. No hurry, I’d made sure that I had plenty of time to get this one figured out. I started with the usual tugging and pulling against the ropes and chains with nothing budging at all. I always try to find something that I would change, or a few places that I would add a rope, or perhaps position one differently, but this tie was very well planned. Each rope had its purpose and was doing its job just as it was should. The chains were a nice addition and it was looking more and more like they were the key to getting free from the chair and getting to the back corner of the house and getting my snips.

I was startled by the sound of keys hitting the edge of the sink on the way to the floor. You know what they say about time flying don’t you? I had started trying to maneuver the chair towards the sink with little success. Imagine you’re trying to scoot your chair up to the dinner table, now imagine trying to do it without your feet on the floor, your ankles crossed, tied and chained under the seat of the chair, your torso tied to the back of the chair, and your arms hopelessly tied/chained behind it. It’s exactly like that, but with wheels. Eventually I made it over to the keys and started unlocking a few padlocks. The chains behind me fell to the floor but I still had a slight problem getting to the lock on my ankles. It was easier to move the chair around now, but I still didn’t know how in the world I was going to get across the carpet in that chair and get to my backup snips.

Perhaps the lever has something to do with it. She mentioned that it was very important that the chair be all the way up, why would she have mentioned that if it weren’t important? I fumbled around and got turned just enough to one side to get my fingers on it. Hoping for a small miracle I pulled gently and the chair starting slowly descending. When it got about halfway down I stopped and reached under the chair as best as I could. I could touch my ankle, just a little further and I could get to the padlock. The only problem I might have was that I couldn’t make the chair go back up without something to pull myself up on when I pulled on the lever again.

Getting to the lock was my first order of business so I lifted the lever and let the chair down just a little more. I was able to get to the padlock and get my ankles free from the base of the chair. With both feet planted somewhat firmly on the tile floor, I wished that I’d chosen to wear shoes for this tie. Sliding on the tile was almost as easy without my feet on the floor. Hopefully the carpet was a little easier, assuming that I could get over that hump into the living room and across the carpet on into the bedroom. Standing up and hopping tied to a chair with my ankles crossed was an option, but not one that I liked, so I opted for the tiny one wheel at a time hops using the chair’s weight as leverage to lean rock side to side to get over the hump. The carpet turned out to be more difficult, at least the chair would roll on the tile floor. I’m going to have to think of a great tie for K to make sure she gets as stuck as I do.

Eventually I got to the master bedroom and finally to the master bath. There were my snips, on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub, right where I left them. I lowered the chair the rest of the way so that I could reach them and cut my ziptie cinch and untied myself from the chair. I reached down and untied my legs and then unwrapped my head, peeled off the tape and pulled out the very soggy bandana and promptly grabbed my water bottle. That was a little more work than I wanted to put into my first adventure, but it was well worth it. I needed to spend some quality time searching for some ideas on what to do to her. It was time for another bath, and a little surfing.

After I finished my bath, I called to check my voice mail to make sure that mom and dad made it safely aboard the cruise ship and it seems as though my mother had dropped a few hints that I was going to be house sitting. The women’s Sunday school class was coming over after church to visit and I was “supposed” to be in attendance very early in the morning at church. She’d been asking me to go for the longest time and either way, they had me. The women’s class posed the greatest problem though. Not to mention that not very long ago I destroyed the only clothes I brought with me and I didn’t even have a key to my own home to get a change of clothes if I wanted to. If they had plans to actually do something after church, any kind of activity, I had nothing that I could change into. Snooty secretary or bitchy lingerie girl were going to church. Those were the only two outfits that I had that I would even attempt to wear. Leave it to my mother to throw a monkey wrench like this in the works. At least I wouldn’t have to iron the jacket for either one. It was time to do some laundry and hope for the best.

While the laundry was going I got to work on my email to K chronicling my adventure. She wanted it terribly detailed, all the way down to the placement of the knots so it took a good hour and a half to finish it. The dryer was almost done by then so I got the iron set up and started piecing together my “church clothes”.

The black cami that I had was a little to racy for church to I decided to go with a black turtleneck leotard with a thong back, black pantyhose, burgundy skirt and matching jacket. My not so conservative four-inch black ankle strap pumps completed the ensemble. With my clothes laid out it was time to get things together for my next tie.

Adventure #1 in the books. Let me know what you think.


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