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Vacation Plans

by Margaret B

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© Copyright 2008 - Margaret B - Used by permission

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Click, click, click!  With the final click of the handcuff, I was ready for my vacation.  The front door to the apartment was left unlocked, blindfold in place, ankles hobbled by a short chain, gag comfortably securing any loud protests, and the cuffs locking my arms helplessly behind my back.  Everything was in order or at least it had better be sitting on the carpet in front of my door naked as the day I was born. This was the start of my two-week vacation and I couldn’t wait.  Sometime between 9 PM Friday and 3 AM Saturday morning two or more people would open my door, sexually enjoy my body, and drag me off to share me with their friends.

Last year I wore panties.  White cotton panties said no sex!  What a fucking bummer!  No sex for two weeks, not even with myself.  I was feed and bathed and wiped by a woman, who never provided me with any sensual release even though I begged for it.  I watched while other women and men were used and abused, many begging their violators to stop.  Not me, I wore white cotton panties, which means no touching!  They define sex as intercourse with the vagina, anus, and mouth.  No penis allowed.  No fingers in or on the privates.  I could watch others have sex sometimes with two or more partners and often with the same gender, but I was virgin.

This year would be different.  I signed all the wavers and asked for sex any way they liked.  That is the other side of the coin.  Without panties, I would get sex every possible way. Two guys at a time with one in front and behind pinching the flesh between my holes as they stroked in unison.  Oral sex with cock and pussy.  I know most girls like pleasing their guys with their mouth, but I really find it disgusting.  I have had a few cocks in my mouth and swallowed the odd shot of hot thick cum (I puked once).  I don’t mind a little anal with a good amount of lube.  I guess I am selfish since I really enjoy being eaten by a guy or gal who knows what their doing.  Can’t say I like girls all that much, just cock in my pussy.  Two or three-dozen long slow strokes and I am off.

With the gag in my mouth I felt I might get one or more cocks up my pussy before I had to do nasty things.  The rule was I would not be punished, at least not badly, as long as I did what they wanted.  Since, what they wanted was what I wanted, I should be ok.  Last year, my first time, I saw three guys and a gal punish a girl.  It was the morning of my first day.  They strung her up by her thumbs with her toes barely supporting any weight.  She could not have weighed more than ninety pounds.  She was short, thin, and looked half my age. 

Screaming at the top of her lungs till her voice went out, they beat her with canes.  They stopped every couple of minutes so one of the guys could rape her and then started all over again.  The gal sucked the semen from her pussy.  The poor thing could not stop cumming even after they let her down.  There were welts all over her body.  I know it was a demonstration to get our attention, there were about ten of us, six female and three or four guys, all naked, obedient, and satisfied except for me.

I hope this year will be different.  I want sex, lots and lots.  I don’t care with who or how.  I know I will be expected to suck cock and I better swallow if I don’t want encouragement, as they call it.  I will have no privacy.  I will be having sex with multiple partners and both genders at the same time in front of dozen of naked on lookers.  When we are not being used and abused they chain us to a wall in the dungeon.  I was there last year as men and women walked by looked at my panties, sucked my nipples bringing me up to heat, then smiled and finger fucked the girl beside me.  By the third day I was begging them to burn my panties and fuck me.  I was frustrated as shit!

While I sat waiting in my home for my abductors to arrive and have their way with me, I could feel my pussy getting dripping wet.  I was in no position to do anything about it. I couldn’t keep from thinking about sex and what the next two weeks would be like.  I had given myself four large enemas with both very warm and very, very cold water finishing off with a tampon stuck way up my ass.  This is not as safe a practice as you might think.  Tampons should only go where they are designed to go.  Even then be sure and read the warnings.  I could feel the water from the enemas collecting causing the tampon to swell.  It was not agony, but it was uncomfortable and getting more so every minute.

Something must have gone wrong!  I found out later they had mis-filed my papers.  I sat on the floor naked and bound in a very uncomfortable position until I heard the sounds of morning.  I thought for a long time about trying to crawl to the cuff key in my bedroom, but found I had done such a good job that I could barely move.  I needed painfully to take a piss and I did not like the idea of urinating on my living room rug.  So when I heard my neighbor walking down the hall in front of my door, I swallowed my pride and kick the door as hard and as loud as I could. 

It worked!  She turned the knob and god I was so fucking embarrassed and humiliated.  Of course, she wanted to call the police thinking I had been tied up and raped.  I told her the painful truth then excused myself to take a piss.  She helped me to the toilet where I released about a gallon of foul smelling fluid.  I told her where the handcuff keys were and I was set free.

Explaining that I was a pervert and a bondage freak to my neighbor was not the easiest thing I ever did.  You would most likely want to hear that we made mad love together and that she joined me on my vacation without a pair of panties between us, but real life is not all that simple.  I had to catch a bus to meet with a female from the “resort” wearing clothes and no bondage gear.  She apologized for the error as she drove me around the corner to an alley and stopped the car.

“If you are ready to continue, throw every stitch of clothing including your panties in the dumpster.”


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