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Upside-Down Cruixification

by Ann Johnson

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© Copyright 2004 - Ann Johnson - Used by permission

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Here is the first part of another Selfbondage adventure I embarked on. This one was the most ambitious yet and ended a lot more painfull than I had planned. I am always suprised by myself; when things have got a bit too heavy I swear to give up my fetish once and for all. Then a few days later, I am planning new ways to put myself in physically and emtionally ackward positions. As you know I love the feeling of tight jeans or pants chained to my body in such a way as they cannot be removed without the key to the locks or by cutting the chains off. Well I am toying with the idea of being chained like this  for a 7 days. This will have to require me using a catheter to pee. do you have any tips, suggestions or information on this, or hopefully an alternative.
Upside-Down Cruixification
Part One 
Friends of mine were away on 2-week vacation recently and I  put myself forward to look after their house. I had been to visit a number of times and was familiar with the layout of the house and was really excited about the prospect of having some bondage fun in a new and somewhat unfamiliar environment. They have been married about five years and are both very much career-orientated people. 

The house is enormous, 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, attic converted games room, a huge basement and a 2 car garage with a workshop at the rear. They left for the airport on Friday morning and phoned me the following day to say they had arrived at their destination and had settled into their hotel. They live about a mile from me and I strolled over there after I had spoken to them at about 4pm for a snoop around. There were a number of items I was looking for in particular. I had seen my friend wearing a knee length leather skirt, leather pants and a number of pairs of various style boots and shoes. She is a size or two smaller than me but hoped they would fit. The quality of her garments is more than I could possible afford and looked forwarded to seeing how real leather felt on my skin. I also wanted to check out the facilities in terms of my self-bondage. 

I entered the house from the rear and made my way from room to room checking out closets, wardrobes etc for her clothing.  The excitement was building gradually but knowing I had the house to myself for two weeks meant I could browse at my leisure. I had a feeling she would not have taken any leather clothing with her on a sun holiday and I was proved right when I opened a closet and found what I had been looking for all neatly arranged on hangers.   I was careful not to disturb anything too much and made a mental note of how the items were arranged and hung. I removed the leather skirt from the closet and held it to my face. The smell of the leather was just heavenly and felt divine. I was surprised how heavy the garment actually was as I check the size and length. 

It was as I had guessed it was a size small for me but felt it should fit. I laid it on the bed and removed the leather pants. It was obvious these were brand new. Only worn once or twice. Again they were two inches smaller than my normal fit at the waist and at least 3 inches too long but high heels would take up this. They had styling like jeans and unfortunately did not have bootleg or bellbottom legs under which boots could be worn. Not to worry thought they looked, felt and smelt absolutely fantastic.

I continued my search and located numerous pairs of jeans, skirts and eventually located the boots and shoes. A number of pairs of boots caught my eye. None longer than knee length, with different finishes, styling and heel lengths. Again the sizes were smaller than I would normally wear. I tried on a pair of high heel shoes with long straps. These were criss-crossed up my leg and tied off below the knee. They had a 4-inch heel. I found it difficult  to get used to walking in them at first and the feeling of the strap tighten and loosen around my leg as my muscle flexed with each step was great. 

I took them off, removed my jeans and thong and slipped on the leather pants.  I put on the shoes, pulled the straps up and tied them off tightly before pulling up the pants. The leather felt cool and fragrant as I pulled them up. They were quite tight once I got them past my knees and my heart sank with the thoughts of me not being able to get them on any further. I pulled and tugged being fearful of tearing them but I found the leather to be tuff yet streched just enough to get them over my ass. I had to pull them up as far as possible over my hip bone and then holding in breathe managed to close the button and zip. I walked around the room enjoying the feeling of the material and the shoes, admiring my shape in the full-length bedroom mirror. I was seriously turned on now, my nipple rings showing clearly through my tight crop top as they were pushed outward by my hard nipples. I straddled the arm of a chair and humped it. The feeling of the smooth leather sliding over the arm driving me wild. I stopped myself short of orgasm, saving it for later.

I decided to explore further dressed as I was and made my way to the garage. I was surprised at how chilly it had become but realised that 3 hours had elapsed and evening had come. I unlocked the garage and found a 50-foot length of nylon rope, some lengths of chain and pairs of workout barbells. They ranged in weight from 10kg down to 0.5kg. The workshop at the back of the garage had a high roof with exposed rafters….. Possibilities here! and a loft area that extended in over the garage area. There was lot of bits and pieces in the workshop; some woodworking tools, garden tools, work benches along one wall, a number of heavy planks of wood and a ladder to access the loft area, water barrel, wheelbarrow, and other odds and ends. I examined all of the items carefully and began to formulate a plan in my head.  I needed to get home at this stage, locked up the workshop and garage, checked all the windows and doors in the house, retrieved my jeans and shoes but decided rather than change I was going to wear the leather pants home and enjoy them further, so hid my jeans and shoes at the bottom of a closet. 

The thoughts of wearing the tight leather in public turned me on no end and knew I just had to enhance the experience. I retrieved some chains and padlocks from the workshop and locked the leather pants to my body by wrapping the chain tightly around my waist and them pulling a length of chain between my legs and locking it in place like a thong. I attached the key ring holding one of each of the keys to the locks to my left nipple ring and located a longish tee-shirt in the house which bearly covered my ass. The other keys I hid in a cupboard in the kitchen. I knew it was going to be a long walk home in these shoes but that was the least of my problems. 

As soon as I walked onto the street, I almost felt naked. The chained pants hugged my ass and legs tightly; the shoes pushed my hip forward, my back straight and my breasts out. I felt the whole world was looking at my leather clad shiny legs as I walked, my heart was thumping, my face red but most of all I felt very conscious of my nipple rings. Normally they raise my nipples slightly and remain unseen, but because of my aroused state my nipples were rock hard and protruding. The outline of the keys and key ring was just visable under the light material and the cool air wasn’t helping the situation either. I continued on, got glances from many guys but nobody spoke. My feet were hurting badly but I was so horney when I got home it was unbelievable. I rubbed my pussy hard through the leather but decided not to come. I got something to eat, got my pen and paper and put my plan together for a serious self bondage session. I did not remove my bondage until bedtime, and would no doubt have slept in the chains but for the  need to use the bathroom.
The following morning I went to the hardware store for supplies. I was wearing the shoes, my medium / small size butt plug, the chained on leather pants, my crop top and a jacket that just came down to the bottom of my ass which gave me some degree of coverage when standing straight but rode up when I bent forward in the slightest, revealing the chain locked between my legs. I needed 2 pulleys, 50 feet of nylon rope and two small padlocks. I also purchased two 10oz lead tear drop shaped net weights. 

After I left the store I opened the padlocks and tested all the keys, returned to the store and pretended I had forgotten something. I hid a key for each lock under a low shelf, went to a boutique did the same thing and finally his the 3rd set of keys in another clothing shop. In this shop I took some clothes to the fitting room to try on. I removed my jacket, top and bra, hooked the open hasp of each padlock through the hole in the weights and locked them to my nipple rings. I was really wet now and rubbed my self through the leather pants. I put my bra and top in my bag and slipped on my jacket, returned the cloths to the rails and left. 

I explained in a previous submission that my nipple rings are rather special in so far as the ball has been welded in place using ‘liquid weld’ and the rings themselves are hollow which means any attempt to cut them will result in sharp jagged edges that would have to be pulled through the middle of my nipples to remove them… I think not! The walk home was a blur. The feel of the leather and plug in my ass chained to my body and the weights swinging off my nipples driving me crazy. I locked up my house and set off to my friend’s house with a heavy bag of chains, locks, my vibrators, other bits and bobs and of course my detailed plans. On reaching my destination I covered up up the windows of the workshop with bin liners, locked the door from the inside and set to work.
This ambitious plan of a self upside down cruxification came about from seeing the material available in the workshop and the way the thoughts of it turned me on so much. I stripped off my top to allow the weights to swing freely as I worked. The basic plan was this. Tie the bottom of the cross to a barrel suspended high on a pulley. Fill the barrel with water. Tie myself to the cross. The barrel will eventually become heavy and pull me and the cross up to the rafters. Here I would be within reach of the hose feeding the barrel and disconnect it. A second smaller hose would eventually empty enough water out of the barrel until the cross became heavier and it would be lowered down.


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