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University Bondage

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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The following story is the first part in a series of stories that describe real self-bondage experiences of the author.  I would appreciate any feedback you my have.

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University Bondage: 101.

While at graduate school, I would spend many nights working at school trying to crank out another couple of pages of the dissertation.  For many students, this is an extremely stressful time, and I was no exception.  It seemed the more stressed I got, the more I thought of bondage.  I didn't have the privacy at home I needed to satisfy my self-bondage urges, and so I started satisfying my need for bondage at school.

I started out very discretely.  I had an office in a very secluded part of the building, away from the traffic of the main doors.  I did share this office with other students, but nobody ever came by.  After several months of being the only person that ever used the office, I felt reasonably certain that nobody would come in office, especially late Friday nights.  At first, I would do things like wear pantyhose underneath my pants and chain my ankles underneath the desk.   If anyone did come in, I would have to remain still and keep my feet hidden under the desk.  Doing little stunts like this were very exciting at first, and I found that I was able to get a lot of work done on the dissertation when bondage was not always on my mind.

I escalated my activities as I became bored with minor bondage activities.  I would wait until very late at night and remove my clothes and place them out of reach while I sit at my desk.  I would put on black panty hose and through a tiny hole in the crotch area, I would pass a chain, wrap it tightly around my balls and penis, and lock it in place.  The loose end of the chain would hang down between my legs.  I would lock the other end of the chain to an eyebolt I installed under the desk.  The keys were above me, out of reach and tied to a piece of ice I would get from the freezer in the graduate student lounge, a room one floor up. 

I would work while I waited for the ice to melt and I felt very secure that no one would ever come by that late at night.  However, one night I got the fright of my life as I heard the hallway doors outside my office swing open and several people walk through the hallway, talking and laughing.  I sprung from my chair with the chain yanking at my genitals.  I desperately reached for the keys hanging from a string way up on the top shelf above me.  I grabbed a ruler and tried to jiggle the keys free.  The keys came loose, and fell to the desk.  I quickly lowered the pantyhose, unchained my genitals and ran over to my clothes.  I was shaking and I had broken out in a cold sweat.  With my clothes in my hands, I moved over to the door to hold it shut.  By the time I got to the door, the small group of people had walked pass and gone out the doors by the back stairwell.

I was experiencing an incredible adrenalin rush.  The excitement of nearly getting caught was an awesome high.  I didn't know it at the time, but that was the beginning of a cycle of risk taking and public self-bondage that would escalate until I finally pulled off a stunt that still gives me a hard-on when I think about it.

University Bondage, 102.

I quickly got bored of performing minor self-bondage in my office at school while I worked on my dissertation, and I was not about to do any more timed self-bondage while at school.  Being bound for any longer than 10 or 15 minutes at a time was just too risky.  I started to think of short-term risky situations that would give me that adrenalin rush that craved so much.  I came up with the idea of placing myself in a situation that would force me to leave the safety of my office while bound.

I started by removing my clothes and wearing just a pair of black pantyhose.  The hose I had on had a small hole in the crotch area to allow for a chain to be attached around my genitals.  I used this in earlier bondage sessions wear I chained myself to my desk while working. 

This time, I used two chains connected together with a removable link that screws shut.  I connected the end of one chain to the middle of the second chain.  I tightened the link with a pair of pliers so that I would not be able to loosen it with just my hands.  I wrapped the first chain around my waist and locked it behind me with a small pad lock.  I then passed the chain between my legs and pulled it tightly between my ass cheeks, pulling the hose material in as well.  The end of the first chain stopped before my testicles and then split into two strands of chain that I continued to feed between my legs on either side of my testicles.  I brought the two strands upwards, one to the left side, and the other to my right side.  Using two more small pad locks, I locked both chains to the loop of chain around my waist.  Without the keys, I would not be able to take off this chain harness, nor could I remove the pantyhose without trying to tear them off.  Of course, to tear them off, I would need my hands.

I still had about 8 links of free chain left hanging of either side of my waist.  I planned to lock my wrists to the chain harness with two additional small pad locks.  However, before attempting to do this, I noticed that the pantyhose was pressing very hard on my testicles.  The chain harness had pulled the material tightly around them.  Just then, one of my testicles popped through the small hole in the crotch of the pantyhose.  I looked down and saw one testicle hanging down.  The hole in the crotch was just barely big enough for one testicle to fit through.  I gently pulled more of the scrotum material through until there was enough room to try and slip the second testicle through.  A little gentle pressure on either side of the testicle, and plop, out came the second testicle.

With both balls hanging down, I took a shoelace and tied off the scrotum and ran the shoelace from front to back and front again, separating my testicles.  Now this started to feel good!  I could not take the hose or harness off and I had my balls hanging down in a painful ball dividing rope harness.

Earlier, while still clothed, I took one key to a pad lock outside my office and down a small hallway.  About eight feet to the left of my office door was a fire extinguisher that sat in an indentation in the wall. I placed the key beside the fire extinguisher. Back in my office, I placed my clothes and all the keys to the pad locks in a sturdy wooden box with a lockable latch.  I closed the box and put the pad lock (whose key was outside the office and down the hall) through the latch and left it open.  I locked my right hand to the right had side of the harness, and then looped the left chain around my left hand and reached over with a lock in my right hand and locked my left hand to the left side of my harness.  With my hands locked to my waist, I was unable to remove the harness, the hose, or the painful ball bondage without the keys in the wooden box.  If I closed the lock on the box now, I would absolutely have to exit the security of my office space to retrieve the key and free myself.

From many years of self-bondage experience, I learned how to approached this situation with little hesitation.  I take two deep breaths, completely clear my mind, and close the final lock as though it had absolutely no repercussions.  "CLICK!"  As the lock closed, the consequences of that simple act came rushing back.  I had to exit my office to get free.   I tugged violently at my chain bonds to no avail.  I didn't want to risk leaving my office, but I knew I couldn't wait in my office for very long.  The longer I waited, the more I risked the chance of being discovered. I listened carefully at the door for any sounds.  I heard nothing, and reached for the doorknob and unlocked the door.  I opened the door an inch and peered out and listened again.  Being relatively certain that this area of the building was deserted; I opened the door and stood in the threshold. The air of the hallway was much cooler than in my office.  I never noticed this while fully clothed, but in my present state, the hallway felt like a refrigerator.  I stepped away from the door and started creeping down the hallway.  The door of my office closed on its own and made a deafening sound as the latch clicked shut.  I panicked as I tried to remember if I unlocked it before exiting.  I found it hard to think straight.  My heart was pounding so hard that I could feel it against my ribcage.  The cold air of the hallway and the coldness of the floor made me feel even more vulnerable.

I walked down the hallway another four feet, grabbed the key, and ran back to my office.  As I closed the door behind me and locked the door, I felt an incredible rush all over my body.  WHAT AN INCREDIBLE FEELING!  I used the key to unlock the box and slowly undid my bondage, feeling relatively safe inside my office.  As I went home, I hoped that would be the last time I ever did anything that foolish.  Unfortunately, I had become addicted to the rush of adrenalin and incredible relief from stress that this type of public self-bondage gave me.  It would not be long before the stress of school would lead to much greater risk taking, and I was powerless to stop.

University Bondage 103

Last time I indulged in self-bondage, I had locked myself outside my office, bound and blindfolded, with the key to my office scattered on the floor of classroom along with two other keys that would not open the office door.  With a bit of luck, one of the two keys I did manage to find, did open the door.  After successfully extricating myself from that situation, I was beginning to feel a little invulnerable.  At the time, I was scared to death of being discovered, or of being unable to gain access to my office.  However, a week later, I was craving the adrenalin rush yet again.  The summer was almost over, and the regular school year was going to start in a couple of days.  The amount of traffic through the buildings, day or night, would be too much to attempt this type of public self-bondage.  I liked taking risks, but I wasn't stupid.  I figured I had one or two opportunities left before giving up this bondage venue.

Friday night came around and I started to think about what sort of predicament I could place myself in this time.  Once I started thinking like this, there was no going back.  I had already forced myself to travel as far as possible on the first floor without venturing out into the main corridor.  Going down this main corridor was too risky.  It was too long, and I would have no place to hide if some entered the building. Just to the left of my office door were the stairs to the rat labs.  All the labs were locked up, but the hallway through the labs was accessible.  I didn't like the idea to being so far away from the relative security of this secluded part of the building.  I didn't want to force myself to go up to the second floor, but I had already exhausted places to go on the first floor.  In fact, I had already done them blindfolded.

Then, I had an idea.  Using the three similar looking keys last time gave me an idea.  I placed the keys in identical small paper bags, and mixed them up so that I wouldn't know which bag had the key to my office.  I placed the first bag in the classroom around the corner from my office.  Then I went to the main corridor and walked down about ten feet.  There was a small wastepaper basket that was empty.  I place the second key at the bottom of the basket.
Now I was ready to place the third key.  I planned to retrieve the keys in order of risk.  The one in the classroom would be the least risky key to retrieve.  The one in the corridor would be a little more risky to get.  The third key had to be really risky to get.  I would have a one in three chance of having to retrieve the third key.

I started up the stairs towards the rat labs.  My heart already started pounding in anticipation possibility that I might have travel this route in my bondage attire.  I arrived at the second floor and wondered if I should put the key right at the top of the stairs.  I gauged my level of anxiety and pushed on.  I walked down to the end of the corridor and it turned left.  I continued down to a set of double doors.  The windows of the doors were covered in wood to prevent people from looking into the rat lab area.  I figured that if I put the key here, it was no more risky than at the top of the stairs.  The rat lab area was completely abandoned during the summer.

I went through the rat lab doors and looked around.  It opened on to the main corridor of the second floor, a high traffic area.  Just to the right was the graduate student lounge.  It was usually unlocked, but I had a key to it.  In fact, it was one of the three keys I was using that night.  I opened the door and walked in.  The grad lounge had a couch, a fridge and a phone.  It was possible that if someone was still around in the building, the grad lounge was definitely a place they might come in order to use the phone.  They might even crash on the couch for the night.

I was terrorized by the thought of having to retrieve my office key from the grad lounge, but I had a two in three chance of not having to come up here.  I placed the third key near the back of an empty shelf of the fridge and walked out of the grad lounge and closed the door behind me.  I locked it as I left.  At least this would keep out people that didn't have a key to the lounge.  If the office key was in the grad lounge, then that meant that one of the other two keys from the first floor would be the grad lounge key.

I walked back into the rat lab area and shut the light off in the hallway as I went through.  I also shut off the light in the stairwell as I went back down to the first floor.  The stairwell did have a window facing the inner compound of the university.  The window was heavily stained.  It let in a bit of light from the exterior lights of the compound, and with the light off in the stairwell, it would be difficult to see anything from outside. I walked back into my office and tried to calm down.  I visualized myself finding the door key in one of the first two bags.  I felt confident that I wouldn't have to go upstairs to the grad lounge.  I got into my regular bondage attire.  First, the black panty hose, and eased my testicles through the small hole in the crotch.  I tied a very tight ball stretching and dividing rope harness on my testicles.

The chain harness went around my waist and locked in back.  Then it went down between my legs and divided in two to come up both sides of my genitals.  The free ends of the chains locked on to the part of the chain that wrapped around my waist.  There was enough chain left on both strands to lock each wrist in front of me.  I toyed with the idea of using the blindfold, but I felt anxious enough with the idea of a one in three chance of having to go upstairs.  I locked my wrists in place and went to my office door. I opened it slightly and listened for signs of life.  I locked the door and stepped halfway out and held the door open with my back.  I took a couple of deep breaths and convinced myself that the office key would be in one of the bags on the first floor.  As soon as I felt myself calm down a bit, I stepped away from the door and waited for the click of the latch that marked my point of no return.

I stepped quickly to the classroom with by testicles slapping against my legs.  I retrieved the bag and removed the key.  The serial number on the key indicated that it was the key to the grad lounge.  My heart started beating faster as I realized that I was down to a 50/50 chance of having to go upstairs.  I placed the key on the table in the classroom, and stepped slowly towards the main corridor and peered around the corner.  With no one in sight, I ran to the wastepaper basket.  Each step sent pain through my testicles as they bounced and smacked against my thighs.  I knelt down and tried to reach into the basket.  To my horror, I realized that my chained wrist would not make it far enough down into the basket to retrieve the key.  I grabbed the whole basket, got up, and ran back to the classroom with it.

In the classroom, I turned over the basket onto a table and the bag with the key fell out.  My hands were shaking as I opened the back and looked at the key.  The serial number was simply the number "1", indicating that it was the key to the front door of the university building.  Oh my GOD!  What had I done now?  I was both terrified and aroused at the same time.  I couldn't help but noticed that my penis strained against the pantyhose.  I could have masturbated right then and there, but I knew that the longer I waited, the greater the chances were that I got caught. My testicles were painfully sore.  I made the ball harness particularly tight since this was probably going to be one of my last public bondage sessions for a while.  The running I did earlier didn't help either.  I started up the stairs and looked to see if the light in the rat lab was still off.  I walked into the darkness of the rat lab hallway.  By the time I got to the corner, it was pitch dark.  As I got to the end, I could see a sliver of light come from my left.  It as the light from the second floor corridor that could be seen through the crack between the double doors.  I turn and walked towards it, listening for any signs of life.  I got to the door and peered through he crack between the doors.

I couldn't see or hear any movement, so I slowly opened the door and stepped up to the door of the grad lounge.  I didn't want to spend an extra second in the hallway, but I had to check if anyone was in the grad lounge.  I held my breath and listen at the door to hear if any one was on the phone.  I heard nothing, so I took a chance and grabbed the doorknob and turned.  IT WAS LOCKED!  I LOCKED IT!  The key was still downstairs!

I raced back into the rat lab and quickly made my way through the dark to the stairwell that did have some light from the window.  As I made my way carefully down the stairs, I pondered my predicament.  I couldn't afford to waste this much time roaming the hallways and stairwells like this.  I could turn a corner and run into anybody at any time, even campus security.  I tried to keep my cool while I retrieved the grad lounge key from the classroom.

I made my way back to the double doors of the rat lab and looked again through the crack between the doors to see if anyone was around.  I opened the door slightly when suddenly I heard an office door open.  I didn't wait to see from where.  I shot back into the rat lab and ran down the hall.  I slowed down when I thought I was near the end of the hallway and looked to my right to see light from the stairwell.  I knew that the quickest way out from that end of the building was through the rat labs and out the doors at the bottom of the stairwell.  They were always locked from the outside, and you could exit through them.  As I made it to the stairwell, the florescent lights of the hallway started to flicker on.  This meant that someone had just entered through the double doors and turned on the lights.  I quickly stepped down the stairs in order to be out of sight before they came around the corner.  Once at the bottom of the stairs, I ran for the classroom and gently closed the door and locked it from the inside.  Fortunately, my chain harness was on very tightly with no spare links left dangling.  This meant that it made no rattling sounds as I ran.  Also, my steps were silent as I ran with only stocking feet.

I was panting heavily while I tried to listen carefully for any sounds from outside the classroom.  I desperately wanted out of my bonds at this point and was cursing the day I became addicted to self-bondage.  I tugged violently at my chain harness, but to no avail.  My mad dash through the hallways and the stairwell punished my testicles.  I stood with my legs apart and tried to reach them in order to release them, but the hole in the pantyhose held them too far back for me to reach them with my hands chained at my waist.

I waited for what seemed to be an eternity.  The idea flashed through my head that someone might have taken the key from the grad lounge fridge and I would be stuck like this until I was discovered.  I would have to call someone from the grad lounge to come and open my office door.  Who would I call?  Who else had a key?  I tried to get a grip on myself and not worry about that until the time came.  I had to believe that the key was still there, and that this time I would be able to get to it.

I opened the classroom door and listened.  All was silent again.  I made my way up the stairs and through the rat lab again.  When I got to the double doors, I turn the light off with my chin.  I looked through the double doors and listened again for signs of life.  The key to the grad lounge was still in my sweaty palm.  I open the double door, moved to the door of the grad lounge, and listened for anyone inside.  Not hearing anything, I carefully slipped the key into the door and opened it part way and glanced inside.  Seeing no one, and quickly slipped inside and closed the door behind me.

I went to the fridge to quickly retrieve the key.  I opened the door and breathed a sigh of relief when I was the paper bag at the back of the fridge, just as I had left it.  However, my relief turned to panic yet again as I realized that I couldn't reach it with my hands bound to my waist.  Every second spent in this room was one second too many.  I frantically looked about the room for anything long enough to reach the bag.  All I could find was a fork left behind by someone.  I had to press right up to the fridge shelf and maneuver the fork with my fingertips.  It took several tries, and about 3 to 4 minutes, before I got the bag close enough to grab it.

I could feel the key to my freedom inside the bag.  I went to the door and listen again for activity.  I slipped out the grad lounge door and right into the rat lab.  I wanted to run, but my testicles were so sore, I walked carefully with my legs held slightly apart.  I made it down the stairs and to my office door.  I got the key out of the bag and opened the door.  I can't remember hearing anything sweeter then the sound of that door opening.
I removed my chain harness, and sat down to carefully remove my ball harness.  As I carefully picked at the knots of the rope, I pondered how closely I came to being caught this night.  I was ready to call it quits for a while.  Overall, it was a pretty memorable summer, and I still get a hard on every time I walk down the hallway of the rat lab.


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