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Unforgetful Basement Self-Bondage

by asianchick2004

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Unforgetful Basement Self-Bondage
by asianchick2004
Unforgetful Basement Self-Bondage by asianchick2004

Hi I would like to stay anonymous but I’ll tell you a little about me. I am 22 years old, a Korean girl, height 5'1, 32b-22-32 are my measurements and I weigh 105 lbs so I am petite, and I live in southern California. I live alone in my own house so I am pretty well off financially so I can enjoy self bondage whenever I like and not worry about getting caught. I use my basement for my self bondage sessions.

The date was 2/28/2004. I have planned to do a self bondage a little more extreme than usual. So this was my first time doing something like this. First, I needed to gather the equipment for this session. I got my leather belt that has metal rings around it, a collar also with metal rings around it, a long rope (1 end of this rope has a metal clip to clip securely on things with ease but the other end is just a regular end of a rope), a ballgag, a leg spread bar, and 2 combination lock handcuffs (very nice cuffs, it unlocks only when the 3 numbers are set correctly, and of course to keep it locked just scramble the numbers). Now I got all the equipment and now it was time to go down to the basement!! I've made a few adjustments to my basement. I installed a big metal hook that hangs in the middle of the ceiling and also I can set the lighting in the room on a timer so I can set it to turn on or off at any time I set it on.

I must warn you, this kind of self bondage gets pretty painful but I love endurance bondage like this. Now I was ready to start. I'm in my basement and it was about 7:00pm in the evening so I set the light bulb timer to turn off at 7:15pm so I have about 15 minutes to get into position. I set it to turn on the light bulb at 8:15 so it would be 1 full hour of great self bondage. I just dared myself to do a full hour, and not to chicken out. Now I was only wearing white pantyhose at this time now and put on my ballgag on tight so even if I scream it won’t make that much sound. I am standing straight up doing all this in the middle of the basement right under the large hook. I put on my leather collar and belt. 

Now I got the rope and I tied it very, very securely on the back ring on my collar and the rope went down my back through the metal ring on the back of the belt, and I pulled it between/through my legs and I pulled it up now through the metal ring in front of the belt. As you can see it is like a crotch rope. And I pulled the rope up through the metal ring on the front side of my collar. (This end of the rope has the metal clip remember).  Now I have to connect that end of the rope to the hook on the ceiling. The hook is up high close to the ceiling so I have to stand on a chair to clip the end of the rope to the hook but before I clip it on, I put on my leg spread bar on my ankles and lock it easily since it is velcro. 

Now I clipped the rope to the hook. I'm almost done! Now all I need to do is lock the combination lock handcuffs. The handcuffs unlock if the numbers are set to 5-5-5, any other combination will keep it locked. With one handcuff I cuffed my left hand and cuffed it on the left metal ring on my collar. And I got the other handcuff and cuffed my right hand and cuffed it on the right side metal ring on my collar of course. Now all I have to do is wait until the light turns off automatically and then I would kick the chair away.

Remember, when the lights go out, I can't free my hands since I can't see the combination on the cuffs so I can't set it to 5-5-5 until the lights turn back on. In about 3 minutes the lights turned off and so I pushed the chair away which I was standing on. This made me support my whole body weight on the rope between my crotch since my feet wasn’t even touching the floor, and I was just dangling in the air, and the only thing I had that would lessen the pressure on my vagina was the white pantyhose I was wearing. 

Trust me, this is a very painful self bondage but I have done similar bondage like this so I have some resistance but nonetheless this is still very painful to the vagina as it feels like it is being split! I love this!! I can feel the pain already the second I kicked the chair away but it was still bearable. There is no light at all in the basement now since there are no windows either. My hands were cuffed to the collar, my feet had a spread leg bar, and I was just riding the rope between my crotch like a saddle and the pain starts to get worse of course. I never tried 1 full hour but I thought I can take it. There was no way I can back out now and I have no way to see how much time went by.

Now I started to fantasize like I was being kidnapped and forced to be in this painful bondage and I couldn't do anything about it. And my captors turned off the lights and left me all alone in this painful position and I wouldn't know when I was to be freed. Then maybe after 10 minutes went by, I have been struggling and wiggling around looking for a more comfortable position to lessen the pressure and finding none, I had my first orgasm for the session and it was great! And I screamed but it was quiet since I had my ballgag. After maybe 20 minutes has gone by and I've had a few more orgasms but the pain got worse. I started to feel as if the peak of the self bondage session had just passed. Maybe about 30 minutes has gone now and my body was starting to get tired and the pain of the rope between my crotch felt almost unbearable and my eyes started to form tears. 

The thought of being forced to endure it even longer and no way of escaping made my mind go wild again but still no matter how turned on and horny I was, the pain was excruciating and if my hands were free I really would get off right at that time! But that wasn’t the case and I had the endure the pain. It has had to be at least 40 minutes now and my whole body from head to toe has been sweating and drenched and I can't even tell if the pantyhose I was wearing was lessening any of the pain! 

I had no idea when this torture would end but my mind was just going wild since I was so damn horny but in so much pain!! I was shaking and even twitching almost and tears was just flowing from my eyes like a river and I was moaning and screaming like crazy - I just couldn't control any of it. It was a good thing I was wearing my ballgag or maybe the neighbours might have heard me. I really wanted to get off now, it was a mixture of ultimate pleasure but also unbearable pain. I was struggling as if I was trying to break my cuffs but of course I couldn't. And I was breathing very heavily since I was extremely exhausted and sweaty.

I was thinking I couldn't take another 10 minutes of this crap but then only about another 3 minutes the lights TURNED ON!!!! I quickly set the combinations to 5-5-5 on the hand cuffs and freed my hands and I held on the hook on the ceiling with my right hand and slowly lifted myself up and with my left hand, I unclipped the rope from the hook and I quickly loosened the rope through all the rings of my collar and belt and I jumped down and just fell on the floor and had a breather. After resting for about 20 minutes on the floor, I got up and left all the gear there to clean up later, and I went back into the house and drank some fresh cold water and took a nice shower and had a nice rest. It was very satisfying day.

That is how it ended. He he, would I do it again? Well this was way over my head I tell ya. But yes I would but not for that long again until I know for sure I can take it.


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