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An Unexpected Surprise

by DMW

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© Copyright 2015 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; bed; cords; F/m; tease; massage; denial; toys; anal; climax; cons; X

Whilst this story is mostly true, there's just a little creative license in the details, enjoy.

Like all things in life, sometimes you have to take the initiative, even if it means taking away your own control. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. This is one of those stories.

A few days ago, on a cold, wet Sunday, I had to clear some land we’d been renting but, with our tenancy up, everything had to go and with no intention of taking our children into the howling wind and rain, I did it all myself, moving a lot of heavy items in the process. On my return, my wife promised that later, she’d give me a rub down and a blow job. Amazingly, I didn’t think anything of it at the time and we went about the rest of our day.

Around 9pm, my wife settled down to watch some drama series she’d been viewing so I headed upstairs for a shower and used my electric razor to give myself a trim downstairs. After this, I did a few things on the computer to pass the time. I knew the show finished at 10 and even at 9:50, I still hadn’t thought of anything but my rub and a blow job. In fact, it was probably 9:55 before I came up with the idea of tying myself to the bed and rushed to do it.

Stripping naked, I grabbed two dressing robe cords and two ties before I kneeled in the middle of the bed. Tying the dressing robe cords to the headboard corners I tied my ankles to them so my legs were spread but not uncomfortably so. The ties were used at the foot of the bed for my wrists, one fully knotted, the other a slip knot which wouldn’t come off.

The usual waiting ensued at this point and, aside from one moment of panic when I wondered if my wife had found something else to watch and wouldn’t be up for a while. Not because I have a problem with the waiting, that’s usually what self bondage is but when you have small children who do still wake up to use the toilet at night, you really hope it’s your wife who finds you first.

Find me she did. Eventually. After coming upstairs and doing her usual things, she asked if I was ready for my rubbing which I assured her I was. It was only then she pulled back the top of the duvet and saw my tied legs which caused her to remove the whole thing and see my naked form.

She giggled and, after taking off the vest and shorts she usually sleeps in, changed to a black and red baby doll nightie. “You like?” she asked and, as I raised my head as much as I could to smile and say yes, she lifted the bottom to show her pussy which I stretched and strained for but couldn’t reach.

Without another word, she climbed onto the bed behind me and began giving me the rub she’d promised as if there was nothing strange about my position. I moaned at her touch and kept raising my bottom in the hope she’d rub my cock which had become hard due to everything but was trapped underneath me. The best I got was her rubbing cream into my balls along with the occasional finger between my butt cheeks.

“All done?” she asked. I could only moan appreciatively, feeling very relaxed. My wife opened her bedside table drawer and pulled something out. I guessed at what it was but before I could know for certain, she raised my hips and slid her feet under me so the top of my thighs rested just under her knees, opening my cheeks.

I heard the buzzing I was expecting as her vibrator was switched on but instead of it being pressed against me which I was also expecting, I heard my wife moaning. Almost instinctively, I started humping but realised quickly that because of my wife’s legs, I couldn’t get any contact between my cock and the bed, something that in the past had led to a very messy ending on the sheets.

Whether it was the sight of my naked butt moving up and down or the thought of my frustration, I don’t know but my wife came very quickly. She lay back on the bed, needing a minute to recover while I stayed, still on her legs, unable to get the release I now craved. I thought my cock would explode and tried flexing it but with no success.

After recovering, my wife sat up but still didn’t move those legs and, after grabbing my cock and gasping before letting it go, she began tracing a finger between my butt cheeks and pressing against my anus. With all the cream, it offered little resistance as she entered me, slowly at first but soon she had her whole index finger inside me which she curled and very quickly found my prostate.

It felt so intense having her touch and press it and I could feel myself filling but it still wasn’t quite enough to send me over the edge. Desperately, I tried pressing myself against her finger which she took as a sign to finger fuck me instead. I swear, I could have cried was I not so focused on getting that damn orgasm.

After what seemed like an age but was probably only a few minutes, she grabbed my balls and used it to tease my foreskin off my cock head. With the combination of that, the finger in my butt and the humping, I was finally able to unload though it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be since my cock still had nothing rubbing against it. Whether a ruined orgasm was part of her plan or not, I don’t know but she was successful.

I stopped humping thin air and my wife kept rubbing my prostate until she was satisfied I was empty. Only then did she take her legs out from under me but instead of untying me, left me to lay in my mess while she went to the toilet and got changed back into her vest and sleeping shorts.

Rubbing me between my butt cheeks and pressing against my opening, she asked if I was ready to go again but before I could even stutter out and answer she moved and untied my limbs to allow me to go and tidy myself up.

When I came back, she was reading a book and asked if that was okay. I don’t think I could even answer and fell asleep not long after.

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