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by Melody

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© Copyright 2008 - Melody - Used by permission

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Alex hung her head in defeat. Why hadn’t she listened to everyone’s warnings earlier? She sighed a little and closed her eyes. All there was left to do now was wait…

It was another rough night for Alex as she had attempted to sleep on the train. Not that she could sleep with all the butterflies flying around, making a nuisance of themselves in her stomach. She clicked the LED on her watch and the glowing numbers pronounced that it was 8:00am and that meant she had ten minutes until the train slowed and she could disembark.

What the other passengers didn’t realize was that Alex wasn’t just going on holiday. She was on a mission, set by a man she had never met on the other side of the country. Days before she had received a very odd package, and at the urging of her roommate Mel, she had opened it. Inside was a leather and steel belt, four matching leather cuffs, a matching collar, padlocks, a silky blindfold, a bright red ball gag, carabineer clips, and enough rope to secure a full grown elephant. The letter inside contained a train ticket and schedule, along with a note. Mel had quickly stolen the note and read it aloud.

“Alex, I have set one final test for you. Put on the belt after you finish reading this. Your train leaves in a week. You’ll receive other instructions when you arrive. Bring the contents of the box with you and nothing else. LJ.”

Mel had looked at her like she was insane. “Who the hell is LJ?”

“Just this guy I know from the internet. We’ve been talking six months so,” Alex grabbed the note back from her. “It’s personal.”

“You’re not going to do it are you?” Mel crossed her arms and stared at her.

“I may.” With that, Alex grabbed the box and left the room. After thinking for a moment, she took the belt out of the box and examined it. It appeared to be the same chastity belt she had showed him online. The same thing applied to the rest of the items in the box. It seemed like he had taken one of their chats and purchased everything based on it. Biting her lip, she undressed then slowly slid up the belt. It was a perfect fit.
She took one of the padlocks out of the box and found the area where it was supposed to go. In one small movement, it clicked and she was locked in.

Alex opened her eyes again and she was back to reality. Everyone was walking off the train, so she decided to join them. Once off the train she spotted a little man in a black suit holding a sign with her name on it. “I’m Alex.”

The little man nodded and handed her an envelope before leaving her standing there. Opening it, she pulled out the letter. “Alex, I’m glad you decided to come. All will be made clear soon. I want you to hail a cab and take it to the address given on the bottom of the letter. Money is included. My final letter is awaiting you there. LJ.”

She took the money out of the envelope and walked to the road. “I have to be nuts for doing this…”Alex said to herself, hailing the cab. She told him the address and leaned back for the trip, wishing that she could get a hand down her pants to her constantly wet sex. It went by quickly, one small mercy given to her. She quietly paid the cabdriver and surveyed her situation. She was down by the docks, the address she was looking for was a small warehouse off the beaten path. She went to the door and took the note off the front.

“You’re almost there Alex. Go inside, undress and take everything out of your bag. Put your clothes inside, padlock it closed and toss it away. Next tie yourself in the center of the warehouse however you wish, and make sure to blindfold, gag, and then wait for me to come. If even one of my instructions aren’t followed I’ll leave you here for the fishermen to find in the morning. LJ.”

A cold shiver went down her spine. She truly wanted to pass his test so she quickly followed his instructions regarding her clothes and took the equipment to the center of the room. She first put on the collar, next putting the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles and made sure to clip a carabineer to each of them. Then she got the rope ready in a few different sections. One she used to bind her breasts in a simple bra style, not tight enough to make them turn any colors but just enough the ropes wouldn’t slide off.

Next, she slid the gag home into her mouth and locked it on. There was no going back now so she took another piece of rope and tied the ends to each clip on each ankle. She then made a loop on one end of a separate rope end and tied the other end to a wrist. Making sure she was all set, she leaned foreword on her stomach, slid down the blindfold, and put her hands behind her. She took the loop end, threaded it through the ankle rope and used the clip on her free wrist, clipping the carabineer to the loop. She took a breath listening for any signs of people coming or going.

Time went by slowly as Alex took a breath and shook her head, trying to loosen herself from her bonds.

Alex had been laying there a while, waiting when the door slammed and the sound of footfalls came across the floor. A hand felt her softly before the blindfold was lifted up. Alex took a breath and opened them, her eyes widening. A muffled yell was the only sound that could be heard from her.



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