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Ultimate Selfbondage Tease

by Sensual Erotic

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After reading all of the inventive stories here on grometsplaza I wanted to plan the ultimate self bondage/ teasing session unlike nothing I have read or heard of. It would involve dressing like a proper bondage slut, tight gagging, even tighter bondage, a forced enema, endless teasing and stimulation, and a possible visit from my sometimes play partner Vanessa.

I would be strapped to a leather covered wooden saw horse. The forced enema would start after a set period of time by a melting ice cube. I attached a clip to the hose shutting of the water flow. Attached to this clip is a heavy weight suspended by a string and held high by an ice cube. The ice cube melts, weight drops pulling the clip from the hose starting the flow of water.

I used two different size ice cubes, a smaller one to melt first and start the enema flow and a larger one to release the keys a bit later .

To add to the tension and excitement I emailed Vanessa and told her about my self bondage plan, what time to show up and uncuff me, to wear something erotic and to wear her sexiest shoes or boots.

The idea is as I am strapped laying face down on the horse as she enters the room the only thing I can see of her are her legs and her shoes and since I have the world’s largest high heel fetish this will add to everything else.

She emailed back and said she might be going out of town and she wasn’t sure if she could stop by so it would be a surprise if she really did show up. I told her to do whatever she felt was appropriate to enhance my experience if she was able to stop by. And naturally I set up an ice release device in case she did not come over.

Ohh , and up to this point she knew nothing of my cross dressing or enema interest so if she did show up she would have a big surprise waiting and that would open the possibility of my humiliation or embarrassment depending on how she reacted to it.

I started out 3 days before my self bondage date with sexual stimulation and no orgasm to build up the mental stimulation and tension. For 3 days in a row after work I took a viagra so I would have no control over my cock getting hard and erect and I read my favorite stories on grometsplaza and watched my favorite porn for hours.

At the end of each viewing session I had a slight case of blue balls and wanted to cum so bad but held off and by the end of the 3rd day I was thinking I was crazy but the stimulation with no release was giving me the desired effect. My mental state was so heightened that by the morning of my planned session I was on pins and needles.

As I wanted as much stimulation everywhere as much as possible. I started my torment by inserting a sound rod into the hole in the tip of my cock. It is long and traveled the whole internal length of my cock with nothing but the ball on the end of the rod sticking out. This will also make it impossible to cum with the rod inserted until it is removed.

Next I smeared some ben gay type of deep heating ointment on my cock and slid a tight condom over it to prevent the ointment from coming off. Wow it was heating up already and adding a stimulating effect. I did not need any other stimulation but just for the pure torture I took another viagra anyway and when I started the swelling and throbbing was just at a ridiculous amount.

I laid out my fetish outfit, bondage equipment, enema equipment and began my adventure. Now for the dressing ritual. Toes pointed and feeling the full fashioned seamed stockings gliding up my smooth legs. Next I wrap my black satin corset around my waist and pull the laces tight bringing my waist down 4 full inches and giving me the desired hour glass effect I wanted.

Wow, that is tight and makes bending over that much more difficult. My corset has 5 garters per side and I attach them to my stocking tops and pull them up tight stretching my stockings all the way up to my smooth crotch, so tight that my seams will stay straight and conforming to the shape of my legs with no stocking wrinkles what so ever.

I sit on the edge of my bed, point my toes and feel my nylon covered foot easily slide into my favorite fuck me pumps: Black patent leather 6” high heels with a small platform and thin ankle straps. I am in heaven as I tighten my ankle straps and gaze at the erotic transforming effect of these shoes.

For an extra slutty effect I add an ankle bracelet of white pearls and a gold heart that dangles from it. Quite feminine and it makes me feel extra naughty.

I stand up slowly and walk cautiously in my heels over to a full length mirror. One lady like step at a time, remember to lead with my hips, small steps and loving the clicking of my heels on the floor. I admired my look while pulling on black satin elbow length gloves.

Hmm, something is missing. I know, I need a collar to complete my look. A 2” wide rhinestone collar will be perfect as I reach behind my neck and fasten it on. That looks sexy and was just what was missing. I run my hands up and down my sides loving the feel of my pulled in hourglass waist and the look of my corset flaring over my hips. What is it about that hourglass look that is so erotic? Why do such high heels make you stand so erect and make your chest push out? If you have ever worn them together you know the combination of the two are made for mental sensual stimulation!

At this point my cock was unrestrained and jutting straight up. Just for a moment I let my smooth satin covered hands run up and down my erect shaft and swirl around my cock head a few times then regained control and proceeded with my plans.

I managed to buckle leather cuffs around each ankle VERY tight and lock them on then teetered on my heels to the bathroom where I filled my enema bag with warm soapy water, but not the full amount as I liked the idea of the warm water entering me while helpless to stop it but I didn’t want to be too uncomfortable with cramps and such.

I was going to use an inflatable butt plug style of nozzle. I hung it on the stand by the horse, attached the shut off clip and hung up the weight and ice cube release, bent over, removed my gloves and put my hands on the edge of the horse and slowly starting to insert the pre-lubed inflatable plug. Slowly, one inch at a time. 1 inch, 2 inches, 3inches and now I was being stretched wide and I was at the largest part of the plug. I am not sure if this is going to fit!

I am twisting and turning and pushing but now a ½ inch at a time. Stretching, I don’t think it is going to fit, I am at my limit, then POP! The largest part slides in and it sucks itself all the way in to the stem. I feel pretty full but I have not even inflated it yet. I grab the dangling pump bulb from between my legs and start squeezing. 3,4,5, pumps and I am filled and stretched beyond belief. I force one more big pump and I am at my limit. There is no way anything is coming out of me, especially that plug!

I spread my legs putting them on each side of the horse and then clipped my ankle cuffs to the ring on the legs. Standing up my heart started pounding as I knew what was coming next. My favorite thing to make me feel helpless. A mouth filling gag.

I was using a head harness type with a leather square over my mouth with an attached padded plug in the shape of a pear. But not a normal sized plug, this is the biggest pear/ plug you can imagine. The plug is so oversized that it would protrude deep into my mouth pushing down my tongue, continuing down to the back of my throat and so wide it would stretch my cheeks out a bit. And that is the idea, with your mouth completely packed the helpless feeling is inevitable and instantaneous as you realize just how much material you have managed to stuff in there!

I hold the plug portion to my mouth and wet it a bit with my tongue to help it slide in, then open my mouth up as wide as possible and start to slide it in. After only an inch or two I am not even sure if I can manage the whole thing. I tell myself to breathe through my nose, open my mouth even wider rotate it around and push it in another inch, get it wet, pull out an inch then push in 2 more inches until finally the leather square is tight against my lips. My tongue is pushed down tight to the bottom of my mouth with no chance of moving and I can feel the edge of the plug against the back of my throat.

God this thing is big! There is no way I could ever push it out with my tongue even if the straps weren’t there to help hold it in.

Next I encircle the straps around my neck and buckle them in place. Then the center strap that starts at the top of the nose, up over my forehead, down the back and I buckle it to the neck strap in back. Next I cinch tight the strap under my chin and adjust the side straps connecting the chin strap to the over the head top straps. I know if I try real hard I can get one more notch tighter out of each strap.

Pulling, cinching, tightening each strap one at a time until I can’t tighten any one of them even one notch more. The pressure around my head is so tight and inescapable with no hope of ever getting ungagged without someone else’s help. The leather square is mashed tight against my lips and my mouth is packed and stretched to the absolute limit. Another inch in length or another ½ inch in diameter would be impossible to fit I feel so helpless and I am not even properly restrained yet.

"MMppphhh, eemmf mmmppphht . Aahcan pphhtlknoodd hhppfmm," I can barely make a sound and definitely can’t even begin to form a word . I am breathing fine through my nose so I continue.

I reach over to the table beside me a pick up my penis vacuum pump. I slide my cock into the tube, get a good seal and pump up the pressure to the absolute maximum pulling my cock in tight and it feels like it is being sucked right off my body. I notice if I tense my muscle the sensitive underside of the head rests against the tube and the sound rod also touches the tip of the vacuum tube.

Now I lay down slowly and let my vacuumed tube cock go through the large hole in the top part of the horse so I am lying flat on my stomach and now my cock is hanging straight down in mid air.

Next I grab a leather belt from underneath me, reach back and lay it over my now tiny corseted waist, under the horse and buckle it tightly preventing me from raising up even an inch. If I look up all I can see is straight ahead a few feet above the floor. Just as I had planned.

Next the nipple clips. I grab them off the floor, attach first the right one, pull the chain underneath the horse, attach the left nipple. I reach to the floor and grab the hatachi wand, attach it to the outside of the vacuum tube with tape and turn on the preset timer. ( I told you I wanted the maximum stimulation and with the wand vibrating against the tube I would have it and have all that I could handle. But the rod would keep me from cumming and ohh how I would want to cum!!)

Now I slid my satin gloves back on. I slid the timer/ shut off control back by my feet so I could not reach it and extended my arms to the front of the leather horse. I look up to make sure my ice release is set up properly, the ice cube is melting, and will swing down bringing the keys to my hands if Vanessa does not show up.

Every thing is correct. I pick up the handcuffs attached by a short chain to the bottom of the leg on the horse and close them onto my gloved wrists. Now I am really in strict bondage with no way to escape until the keys fall or Vanessa shows up.


Did I really think this through? Was my mind too clouded by erotic thoughts ? I really don’t want her to find me like this with an enema tube in me and dressed in women’s clothes! This will be so humiliating! What was I thinking??? SHIT! I tug on the handcuffs hoping they will slide off of my gloved wrists, but no such luck. Now I really, really don’t want an enema but I am helpless to prevent it now ! As soon as the ice melts it will start and I can’t stop it no matter what!!! I did such a good job of putting myself into bondage that I am really helpless to change anything!!

Now I am panicking, trying to rise up off of the horse but all I do is manage to pull on the chain of the nipple clips and tear one of the clips off my nipple. OOWWW damn that hurts! Everything seems to be happening at the same time. BANG! My first ice cube must have melted because I hear the weight closing the enema hose hit the floor and the flow of warm soapy water starts to fill me up.

CLICK! The timer kicks on and the wand attached to the vacuum tube starts vibrating like crazy. The end of the sound it resting against the tube and it is sending vibrations down the rod and stimulating my urethra. I tense the muscles in my cock to ease some of the intense feelings and do nothing other than to move the sensitive under side of my cockhead against the tube and I feel vibrations down my shaft and through my whole body.

The icy hot ointment I smeared on my cock is doing it’s job as well and I am feeling the most intense stimulation ever. I am actually convulsing and twitching as much as my bondage will let me and wanting to cum now but the sound rod down my shaft will never let that happen. I planned too good .

CLICK off goes the vibrator and I am left sweating and try to relax. I turn to my right and look in the mirror and see myself tied tight, dressed like a slut with my cock hanging straight down and with the tube attached to it it looks like a milking machine in a dairy. AND I PUT MYSELF IN THIS SITUATION!

CLICK, what was that? VANESSA !!

I hear the door open, then bang closed.

Click, click click I hear her heels approaching on the hard floor.

I look up as far as I can and see her stilettos and fishnet stockings enter the room. Oh my god she is wearing my favorites, the sexiest heels ever. 7” stiletto heels with a small platform ( the size of the platform is the size that you might see on a 5” heel. So her foot and instep are pointed down at a sharp angle . Toes bent sharply) . Pumps. Black patent leather with a pointed toe. Ankle straps. That is all I can see. My cock is throbbing ready to explode but can’t.

“Well look at this. What do I see here? Nice outfit, slut. It looks like you are in quite a situation doesn’t it? After hearing about your plans I wasn’t about to leave town and miss this! Let’s check you out. You look like a proper fetish slut, just like you want me to dress when we play! Who knew you like to dress the same way? Look at those fuck me heels. And what is that? An anklet? Obviously you wanted me to see you dressed like a girl or you wouldn’t have asked me to stop by. I am changing your name from alex to alexis. From now on you are alexis. Slut alexis the bondage whore. You wish your cock was a big clit don’t you? You really are a slut and now you are my slut “.

'No, no I don’t want to be alexis, I don’t wish I were a girl, I just like to dress in the clothes.' I am thinking that but can’t say anything because I am gagged so tight. And with that she removed my set of keys from above and dropped them on the table. I hear her heels walking behind me and I am humiliated as ever.


“And look at this alexis, my god! A self administered enema? Knowing you, you didn’t use the full quart bag so I think I will refill it for you as I can see you are enjoying it“.

Vanessa clips the hose closed, removes the bag and I hear her heels clicking softer with each step as she heads to the bathroom. Now stilettos getting louder as she returns.


“Sound like you are glad I am refilling this. You are welcome!”

CLICK the wand starts again and I jump with a jolt as the vibrating goes through my whole body. The feeling is unbelievable and then the flow of warm water fills me up.

“Oh look slut, It looks like one of your nipple clips has come off. You must want this back on as you put them on yourself in the first place slut“.

"AAAWWHH" I scream into my gag as she reattaches it.

“I am glad you liked that alexis. I can tell by your moaning into your gag. And look at that gag! You obviously like big things stuffed into your mouth. Maybe I will train you to deep throat on my strap on. God you are such a slut!”



Looks like she grabbed my wooden hair brush on the way out of the bathroom and is now administering a hard spanking. My feeling of humiliation is incredible and complete.


“I am glad you approve, bitch! I told you, you were mine!”

I am thinking that I can't take anymore. I want to cum now!!

“The way you are trying to thrash around I bet you want to cum, don't you?”

I nod my head yes and silently think "Thank you Mistress".

She reaches under me and undoes the wand. Next she breaks the seal on the tube and removes that. My cock is a throbbing rock hard rod of steel!

“A condom? And what is this rod sticking out from your pee hole?"

She gingerly removes the rod, slowly, inch by long inch until it falls free.

“What’s that I smell? Heating ointment? You are an unbelievable sexually depraved slut!!”

The warm water from the second enema has me full as I feel Vanessa’s hand encircle my cock and start with long slow strokes.  She begins milking my cock. It feels like she has a hand full of lotion and along with the ointment it changes back and forth from hot to cool.

“Cum for me alexis. Look at you! High heels and ankle straps. A corset and garters. You look so feminine with your anklet and seamed stockings. And a rhinestone collar? Only a person wishing they were a girl would ever put one of those around their neck! Slut. Cum for me now!!”

She picks up the wand, turns it on and presses it against the underside of my cockhead. And with that the feeling starts from my groin. Heat and a tingling sensation erupts from my balls releasing 4 days worth of pent up stimulation. Her hand stroking faster and faster, sensation s building.


Cum erupts from the enlarged hole in my cock as I thrash against my bonds and scream into my gag in convulsions that never seem to end!!

“I want you drained dry.”

She massages my balls of every drop. I'm spent. Everything gets hazy and I actually go numb from euphoria for a minute. After glow. It’s over . I am covered in sweat I come to as Vanessa unlocks one cuff and places the keys in my hand. The last thing I see are her 7” high heels heading for the door.





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