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Ty Down Self Bondage

by Ty Downs

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© Copyright 2001 - Ty Downs - Used by permission

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I have been into selfbondage for over 20 years and into bondage almost 40 years. In that time I have tied many people in hundreds of ways.. 

When I was first married I tried to get my SO to tie me but her feelings were not into it. After a while I gave up and started tying myself. I became very good at it. But I knew I would get into something I could not get out of and she would find me all tied and gagged, what happened then is my story. 

I had secured myself to a pipe in the basement with leg irons and handcuffs, the chain on the leg irons was locked to the handcuffs so that kept me in a kneeling position. A large ball gag in my mouth and clothes pins on my nipples with the key just out of reach above my hands, held by an electromagnetic with a timer set to turn off after one hour, except that my wife came home early this time. 

After a lot of arguing over several days we settled it by me promising to tell her when and where I was going to do this from then on. 

Over the next several months I told her every time I was going to tie myself, she seem to become more interested and on two occasions she came in after I was tied just to watch me try to get loose or see what I had used for equipment. 

 Then one night when she was going bowling with her woman's league, I told her of my plan for the evening in bondage. She smiled and said go ahead I want to see you secured before I leave to bowl. 

What happened comes next.

Part 2

  The next time I decided to tie my self was several weeks later on her bowling night. She said fine and wanted to see me before she left. After dinner that evening I went to the basement to set up my bondage and release equipment. I chose to use the ice cube and nylon system to drop the keys to my hands. 

Then I got undressed {I like being nude in bondage} took the leg irons, wrapped them around the pipe and locked them with a padlock, with a short chain that made a loop to go over the thumb cuffs. Later I put a spreader bar between my knees that act as knee pads,  put a large ball gag in strapping it tight and adding a small lock to secure it. I knelt on the floor with my back to the pipe lock, my ankles on each side of the pipe, then lay my head against the pipe & put a strap through the gag strap and buckle it tight around the pipe, adding a lock.

Reaching around I lock my hands together with thumb cuffs, after putting them through the loop of chain from the leg irons. The keys hang right in back of my head almost in reach but not quite. Just as I finished my wife came down and looked me over. She said "What! no nipple clips, you usually have
them on. I'll get some for you." Returning with two little butterfly hair clips, I tried to tell her I didn't want them on because of the uncomfortable position I was in but she clipped them on me. I moaned through my gag and pulled at my bonds as the plastic teeth bit into my nipples, causing a hot burning pain across my chest. She said "I think tonight you are going to have a hot time!" as she caressed my erection in her hand. 

Then as I started to move with her hand, she got up and walked away leaving me wanting . When she returned with a cup of ice she said "I don't think you used enough of this." Then proceeded to add more to the nylon, now I  know that it takes about one hour for two ice cubes to melt enough to release me, and from where I am I could not see how much she added. 

She knelt down next to me & said "Time for me to go, but I promised you a hot time!" She began to spread a layer of ben gay on my testicles, she kissed me and walked to the door, stopping long enough to turn on the electric heater with the fan blowing on me, closing the door leaving me in my hot little
prison for as long as it takes for unknown amount of ice to melt. 

        I will have to buy that lady a dozen roses tomorrow. 

                                              Ty Downs


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