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Two Guys and Suspension

by Laura

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© Copyright 2017 - Laura - Used by permission

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Hi my name is Laura I am a sub and have been instructed to send some of my reports that incorporate self bondage.


This took a couple of days for my online Master to organise this inconjunction with an old friend of mine who works at the same hospital as I do. My Husband had gone away with his work once again and my new Master organised an encounter with my friend, someone I can really trust as well as an extra friend of his. There was going to be another women but she pulled out at the last minute. My instructions were quite detailed and explicit for the preparation. The time of the encounter had been arranged for 5.00pm.

Earlier in the afternoon my master allowed me to be released from the chains and cuffs that I was in so I could prepare myself. I was to ensure my pussy and surrounding areas was freshly shaved and I was showered smelling pretty. Our free standing gym in the back garden and has double opening doors which open directly onto the backyard. Adjacent to the gym is a double carport with two roller doors blocking access to the rear public street.

At 4.30 I raised both electric roller doors and went into the gym to prepare for my friend and his mate’s arrival. The gym is one of our bondage play areas which we use regularly. I commenced following the instructions I received earlier from my online master. I got out a small flogger which has about 14 leather tails as well as a riding crop and laid them both on the carpeted floor. I got out two different sized vibrators one smaller and skinnier, the other fatter and longer. I went into our shed and retrieved 2 long lengths of chain which is long enough to reach the floor from the chin-up bar that is mounted in the gym. On my ankles I clipped on the two heaviest leather ankle cuffs we have, ones which are quite wide and strong enough to hold my weight. I had really no idea what the two were organised to do but I eagerly went about and carried out my instructions as requested.

I got out the ring gag and put it in my mouth forcing my mouth to stay in the wide open position, this one had the large ring and the sider arms that hold against it firmly in positon against the cheeks. I padlocked the leather collar around my neck with a length of chain attached to the collar and a pair of police handcuffs attached to the bottom of that length of chain. I opened up the double doors to the gymnasium so they were wide open revealing me to the world outside. I positioned myself on the floor, laying on my back between the two lengths of chain hanging down from the chin-up bar. There was a large snap clip on each of the chains that could be placed anywhere. I bent my knees up and lifted them towards my head making sure the handcuffs on the chain from my collar ran down between my thighs. With both arms I reached around the outside of my thighs to the back of my legs grasping the police cuffs. Fondling with them I locked my wrists one by one into the police cuffs so my arms were behind both of my knees holding my legs up. This caused my pussy and arsehole to be pulled back and upwards exposing them both to whoever ventured into our back yard.

I was very turned by being self-bound into a tight ball, my bits being exposed. It was a tight position and thankfully it wasn’t long until my medical friend and his mate arrived. Almost straight away one of them got down and started to lick my pussy and arse. Long licks from my rim up to my clit and back down. The pleasure was intensified because of the uncomfortable position I was in. The other guy was above my head with his cock laying across the ring gag, my tongue stretching through the ring to licking at whatever it could reach, I noticed there was a drop of precum forming on the end about to drip. The licking on my pussy bought me to orgasm I squirmed against the cuffs. He kept licking now just concentrating directly on my clit. I was writhing slightly to the pleasure I was receiving.

I felt the cold sensation of lubricant being smeared at the entrance of my arsehole, not being a lover of anal I automatically tried to wriggle away from this but the sensation of being licked overcome this. Next I felt what was the smaller vibrator being pushed into my arsehole which combined with the clitoral stimulation bought me to another orgasm. Whilst he licked me he fucked me in the arse with the vibrator. He stopped licking then suddenly the sting on the riding crop across my pussy made me flinch. He smacked my pussy around 10 times each smack of the crop causing a sting to linger longer each time. Then plunged his tongue back in deep between my pussy lips whilst working the smaller vibe in and out of my arse. Another orgasm ripped through my body flooding me with pleasure.

The next thing one of the guys unclipped the chain attached to my collar and allowing my legs to fall back down but still my hands were cuffed behind my back. Together they both lifted me up clipping my ankle cuffs high up the chains hanging down then slowly lowering me backwards until I was suspended upside down above the floor. I had never been suspended like this before. I could feel the blood rush to my head a sensation I was not used too. They stood with their faces buried into my crotch lapping up my pussy. I was so turned my hips were trying to thrust helplessly against their licks.

Next a large vibrator was being pushed into my soaked pussy, it slid in easily, spreading apart the lips. The smaller vibe was then pushed into my lubed up arsehole, I was being double penetrated by the vibrators. He worked them both alternating each of them in turn, one out the other in, then vice versa. The other guy laid on his side on the floor in front of my face and pushed his cock into my mouth through the ring gag. Now that every hole was filled it wasn’t long before I had a huge orgasm, an unusual sensation when suspended upside down. The precum from the cock in my ring gag was filling my mouth making it almost impossible to swallow.

They released me from my suspension lowering me back to the floor, I was light headed at first before I had a chance to recover they got a weight bench and laid me face over it and using the chains from the chin-up bar wrapped around my knees to the legs of the bench then clipped then to my collar through the front this caused my knees to be spread apart and held down over the weight bench, my hands were still in the police cuffs behind my back. My ring gag was unbuckled then one guy knelt in front and the other behind started to fuck me from both ends. My mouth still ached slightly from the ring gag but his cock filled my mouth. He held onto my head tightly and started to fuck my mouth. The other was behind now fucking my pussy hard then would pull out and ease his cock into my arsehole, fuck me there for a few thrusts then slam back into my pussy. They must have been on Viagra because they swapped positions quite a few times having several turns in fucking me from either end. I was having rolling orgasms from them doing this coupled with the fact I was totally helpless.

Eventually, the one fucking my throat would finally cum, spurt after spurt of warm ejaculate into my mouth, he held my head so I had no choice in swallowing every drop, I kept sucking trying to get every bit from him the more I did this the louder the moans. After each one blew their load into my mouth I was eventually unchained from the weight bench. My body was quivering uncontrollably from the orgasms, I felt so weak and exhausted. My friends mate left and my friend took me back into the house. He left me with my hands cuffed behind my back he said I looked very sexy like this. Into a warm shower he placed me and started to wash my body washing the lube and juices from my arse and pussy soaping me up and massaging my slippery skin. I started to feel very relaxed I felt like just falling into bed and sleep.

Eventually he recuffed my hands in front of me fixing the chain that attaches to the chain between the hand cuffs to my leather collar D ring. He cooked a nice stir fry and we sat and drank some wine. He stayed the night with me refixing the chain from my collar to the frame of our bed head. I fell asleep with him cuddled to my back in the spoon position only to be awoken later with his hands exploring my naked body, gently stroking my nipples and running down my front searching for my pussy. I could feel his cock growing behind me, I pushed back into him, bent my knees slightly so he could get access to my pussy. With my wrists in cuffs still and attached to the bed head he pushed his cock slowly into my pussy from behind. Slowly and rhythmically he fucked me long into the night.

He left this morning locking me in chains the same as I was yesterday, metal wrist and ankles cuffs linked by chain to my neck and a waist chain. The difference today is the key to the cuffs is in his care and not here at home. He will return in a few hours from now.

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