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Two Hours Early

by Dr Mike

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© Copyright 2006 - Dr Mike - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; chain; wax; ice; toys; climax; discovered; emb; cons; X

Daria stops by Jane’s house a little early.

Daria paused in front of her best friend’s house. It was only five in the afternoon and she wasn’t expected for Bad Movie Night until seven but something was troubling her. Jane had been getting these dreamy looks off into space during class for the last few weeks. Then she started having bruises on her wrists that she would pass off as unimportant. Daria frowned as she thought whether or not this was any of her business. She had only known Jane for a couple of months since moving to Lawndale and they were still working on their friendship. Jane seemed to be alright and willing to be friends with Daria but she was still hesitant to act on that friendship. Daria had had a rough day but Jane reminding her of their planned movie watching that evening had given her something to look forward to and had melted her concerns away. She just hoped that their friendship was strong enough to endure her arriving two hours early.

It was really the Fashion Club’s fault Daria thought as she adjusted the strap on her school backpack. She had walked in to find all four members in their living room, the floor and furniture covered with clothing and lipstick and the such. She paused only to pick up a change of clothing and the twenty bucks Quinn threw at her to get her out of the house. It was still early in the afternoon but she found herself walking over to Jane’s house. The Lane’s were gone so her and Jane should have the entire house to themselves for the weekend. Now if there was someway to get out of school come Monday morning, everything would be right in the world.

She sighed. Well, it was now or never she thought as she put one boot in front of another until reaching the front door. She knocked while looking through the window glass beside the door. There was a light on in the living room so she assumed that someone must be home. After a second, she tapped on the door again.

“Jane? It’s Daria. Are you home?” called Daria. She waited for a response. She thought she had heard a muffled noise but with the wind beginning to pick up, she wasn’t sure. She looked around at the approaching darkness and the building clouds in the sky. As she pulled a key out of her pocket that she had received from Jane a few weeks back, she hoped that Jane wouldn’t mind her parking herself in the living room until she got home. Daria dreaded the idea of trying to walk home in the rain and the dark in a part of town that she knew little about.

A gust of wind grabbed the door from Daria’s hands as it blew in and banged up against the hallway. Again, she thought she had heard a noise from the upstairs but she passed it off as the wind. She shoved against the front door to close and lock it. The wind was really beginning to pick up as she turned on a few extra lights. The living room was indeed empty as she unzipped her coat, dropped her backpack, and removed her boots. She hoped the Lanes wouldn’t mind as she stepped into the kitchen to make herself something hot. She paused again as she again thought she had heard something but there was nothing but the continuing wind. It’s going to be like this all night she thought.

She had found the coffee and had filled the pot with cold water when she heard a couple of small bangs against a wall from upstairs. She was sure she had heard them this time and she put the pot back in the coffee maker and turned it on. Jane’s family was strange but she knew she had better check this out just to be on the safe side. Different old horror movie scenes kept running through her head as she slowly climbed the stairs to the second floor and turned the hallway light on. A low moan came from one of the rooms as she slowly walked to the end of the hallway in her stocking feet and put her hand on the doorknob. She slowly turned the knob and pushed open the door silently as another moan was heard.

Jane lay naked spread eagle across her stripped bed, each wrist and ankle tied to a different corner with small chains and secured with padlocks. A covering of sweat coated her body. One strip of fabric lay tied across her eyes while another effectively gagged her mouth, her lipstick having left red marks on the gag. Rubber bands had been placed around her budding breasts making them appear larger then normal. A pair of rubber encased clamps pinched her hard nipples. As Daria takes in the scene, something small falls quickly in front of her. She looks up and notices a small bar has been secured to the ceiling between the two small hooks that she had noticed on an earlier visit but Jane refused to confess any knowledge about. A wire mesh bag containing ice is at one end of the bar while the other holds a small upside down lit candle. 

As she watches, a small drop of hot wax drops down to Jane’s right breast joining a small pile of wax that is already hardening. This causes Jane to let out another moan as a drop of ice cold water drops to hit her left breast. She lowers her gaze to between Jane’s legs. She wears a small belt made out of additional chain around her waist. A segment starts from the belt below her bellybutton and runs between her legs tightly almost bisecting her. Daria pauses as she realizes that all of Jane’s pubic hair is missing. She normally kept a small bit there “for show” as she put it but now it was all gone. Daria noticed the scent of Jane’s excitement as she noticed a large, flesh-colored rod sticking out of her giving off a small buzzing noise. Additional clamps lined both sides of her vagina with another one placed squarely on her clitoris. 

As Jane breathed heavily, the links passed back and forth between her legs slightly coming in contact with the clamps at times. A small pool of liquid sat directly underneath Jane’s private area. Obscene pictures and words covered her body painted on with watercolors. Daria pulled back slightly as Jane’s breathing grew heavy again and she started to thrash on the bed, her head going back and forth. Jane arched her back and pulled at her restraints as she screamed loudly into the gag as she climaxed. After a few moments, she sank wearily to the bed as the wax, water and buzzing continued relentlessly. Daria noticed that as she relaxed, one of the padlocks came into view showing a countdown of 28 minutes.

“Had she done this to herself?” thought Daria as she stood there and watched a side of her best friend that she never knew existed. Sure, the idea of sex excited her when she thought about it but putting yourself in some type of restraint that you wouldn’t be able to escape out of and being subjected to the constant stimulation of clamps and what appeared to be a vibrator for a period of time was not something that crossed her mind everyday. Daria stood there at a loss as Jane slowly built for another release. She wasn’t a prude but this was not something she was ready for.

As Jane exploded again, Daria quietly backed out of the room, closing the door behind her. She stood in the hallway listening to her best friend get herself off. A funny feeling had started between her own legs but she did her best to squash it. The smell of coffee drifting up from the kitchen brought her back to today. She made her way back to the kitchen, poured herself a cup, sat down and made her confused mind review what had just happened. Her first thought was to run home, barricade the front door and lock herself in her room never to come out again. She sighed as she realized that she couldn’t do that though. If her sister and parents didn’t drive her crazy first, someone from the high school would drop by to see what was up after the first week or so. In addition there was her friendship with Jane. She didn’t want to do anything to end that. Jane deserved better then being hurt by running out and not showing up this evening. She smiled slightly as the memory of pulling something over on Miss Li, their high school principle came to mind.

The smile quickly vanished though when she heard metal chains drop to the floor and Jane give off one last moan. After a few moments, she heard the upstairs shower start and the noise of Jane’s singing as she scrubbed. Daria smirked as she remembered that Jane always sang in the shower. Pity thought she didn’t sing well while in that shower though. She finished off her coffee and started to place the mug in the sink. She stopped herself, gave herself a bit of a shake, poured another cup of coffee and sat down in the kitchen chair. Jane deserved better than her walking out. They would get through this.

Jane stood in front of the bathroom mirror as she toweled her hair dry. She thought a couple of times of growing it as long as her new friend Daria’s did but that would be a pain with all the showering that she did during the day. She took one in the morning when she got out of bed, another after gym, um, excuse me cheerleader class, another after track if they had run that day, another when she got home to wash the stench of Lawndale Penitentiary off of her and then sometimes right before she went to bed. If Lawndale ever had a water shortage, she would hate having to deal with it. She checked the clock in the corner. It was just a bit before six. Daria, Miss Right-on-the-Dot she smirked, wouldn’t be here for another hour at least. As she wrapped the towel around her hair, she paused to look at her naked body. The paint and the wax had washed away in the shower. She knew how things would be if in the gym showers she had been seen with wax all over her tits. That would not be a good thing. The clamps had left some red marks at various places on her body but they would fade shortly. She liked the feel of the teeth on her but she doubted if she could take anything harder than the mild ones.

She looked around her bathroom and her bedroom to see if she had forgotten anything lying out. Her friendship with Daria was beginning to get strong but she knew that she was pretty straight laced. Having to stop and explain why she had 40 feet of light chain in her bedroom or what her toy collection was for was not something she wanted to do just yet. Given time, Daria might be willing to accept what Jane did for fun and when she had an artist block. Giving her the house key and using her unknowingly as a safety had been a great idea she thought. At least I can try some of the harder stuff I always wanted, she continued. Those timed padlocks had always worried her. She wrapped an old bathrobe around her still naked body and climbed down the stairs. Funny, she thought. I don’t remember making coffee.

Jane slammed to a halt as she rounded the corner to the kitchen and came up short to face Daria sitting at the table. She looked as normal as always but Jane was just getting to know her enough to know that something was up. I wonder how long she’s been here, she thought as she continued to the counter and poured herself a cup of coffee. She sipped and tried not to make a face. Daria always brewed it too weak for her liking but 30-year naval veterans brewed theirs weak as well to her.

“Um, Daria. How nice to see you. What are you doing here so early?” asked Jane trying to remain comfortable. Well, if she knows anything, she’s covering well.

“It’s Bad Movie Night, Jane. Remember? You reminded me this afternoon before class got out.” Daria did her best to sit in her seat and not give anything off to show how confused she was. “The Fashion Club was in full swing so I came over a little early.”

“Oh, um how early?” asked Jane over the lip of her coffee mug.

“Early enough.”

“Oh.” Jane was heartfallen. This was not going well. She sat there staring into her coffee while Daria sat there and stared at her. That sat for a few minutes until Daria sighed and broke the ice.

“How long have you been doing, um, that, to yourself?”

“About a year. Usually it’s something small like handcuffing myself while I paint or chaining my legs to the chair while I do homework. Sometimes, when I’m stuck for ideas to paint, I’ll do something bigger.”

“Like?…” questioned Daria. If she was going to have to understand this, she needed as much information as possible. Jane sat there and thought for a moment.

“Once, when I really had painter’s block, I figured out a way to tie myself completely to a chair. Um, it was a lot like today but I’ll spare you the details.”

Daria looked at her straight in the eye. “Jane, I want the details.”

Jane paused and looked at Daria. “You know. It’s not like a sickness or something.”

“I know it’s not a sickness but I want…” Daria paused as she choose her next words with care. “I need to know the details.”

Jane looked back at her coffee. “I had just gotten a vibrator in the mail that I wanted to try. It wasn’t as big as my others but it was a bit fatter. I had attached it to my chair earlier in the day with super glue and left it to dry. After a bit, I went in and knelt before it. I pretended that it was an art critic that I had to please to get a good review. I placed a blindfold over my eyes, tied my knees to the front of the chair and chained my hands behind my back with one of those timed locks. The vibrator has a bit of flexibility in it so I pulled it slightly forward with my mouth and I spent 30 minutes going up and down on it.” (She snickered.) “I wasn’t able to get anything out of it but that didn’t stop me from trying. I knew that that art critic was going to ruin me with just one poor review and I had to do anything to get a good one, even if it meant becoming a slave to him. After the lock popped, I undid myself, stood up, turned around, and impaled myself down on that fake cock.”

“Dry?” questioned Daria.

“Daria, I had been passing it all day knowing it was there and spent 30 minutes sucking and drooling on the thing. Trust me. Both the vibrator and me were wet enough. I went all the way down on it first try without even a pause. My bottom hit that seat and I…”

Daria held up a hand and interrupted. “I get the idea, Jane.” She paused and took a quick look at her cooling coffee. She knew that there was no way she was going to be able to lift that mug without shaking it. “So what happened next?”

“You have no idea how hard it was not to sit there and ride that thing. I was craving it but I knew I had to restrain myself. I had placed all my toys on a small table beside the chair earlier. I started out with chaining my ankles, legs, and waist to the sides of the chair and locking them with the timers set for an hour. I wanted to do something with my breasts but I hadn’t ordered my clamps yet. All I could do was wrap them with rubber bands. I tied a bandanna over my eyes. Before I continued, I reached over and set the controls for the vibrator to go on and off randomly. I pulled down the bandanna over my eyes, locked my hands behind the chair to my waist chain with another one of those timed locks, and” (She smirked.) “sat back and enjoyed the ride.” Her smirk fell when she turned to face Daria who did nothing but stare at her. Jane chugged some more coffee.

“Jane?” Daria asked in a low voice.

Blowing off some steam. “Yeah, Daria?”

“Did you get off?”

Jane made a face trying to remember. “Three or four times that day.” She thought a bit more. “Twice more that evening laying in bed thinking about it.”

“So, you also play with yourself normally.” Daria made it sound like a statement.

“Daria, I’m not some type of nympho. You know me, Daria. Am I any different now than how I was last week? I’m not going out and racking up the football team every night.” She paused and let the next line out slowly. “I bet you’ve touched yourself as well in the past.”

Daria recoiled in shock but stayed in her seat. She remembered the few times when, yes, she had stroked herself until the electricity raced through her body. Her mother, Helen, had even tried to offer her a vibrator one day in an attempt to break down Daria’s walls.

“I may have done that once or twice over the years,” Daria admitted in a small voice as her gaze dropped down into her coffee. “But not on your scale, Jane.”

Jane tried to make face contact with Daria. “Daria, have you ever done it with a guy?”

Daria’s head came up real fast. “No, and before you ask, not with a girl either.”

“Neither have I. So how are we suppose to relax and feel release when we need to?” Jane asked with a small voice.

Daria sat there and thought about what Jane had said. She did feel a little easier after their chat. Also knowing that Jane wasn’t some sex crazed nympho like some at school thought she was made her feel a bit better as well. She took a sip of her brew as she sat there and went over what they had discussed.

“Did it hurt?” Daria asked.

Jane made a face. “Did what hurt?”

“The wax and the clamps.”

“A bit at first. The wax cools a bit as it drops so it’s not too hot. Also, the clamps are covered with rubber so there’s not too much pressure from them either. Daria, I like a bit of pain but not too much.”

Daria paused a bit before asking the next question. “You’re not expecting me to get involved with this or you, are you?”

Jane sat there wishing she felt comfortable to pull Daria’s chain but passed. “Not unless you want to. I did give you that key just in case I got stuck though.”

Daria pulled out her keyring and looked at the key for Lane mansion. “So, I’m your back up?”

“Safety. I knew you would be here this evening at seven so I planned to be finished and out of my setup before then” She sips some coffee. “Not my fault you showed up an hour early.”

Daria sat there looking at her keys. “Jane, I don’t mind being your safety but I want to know ahead of time before you try anything, OK?”

“Oui, oui, mon chaire.”

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