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A Twist in the Tale

by Handcuffs 1955

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Hi my name is Rachel. I am 24 years of age 34c 24 36, I am 5 feet 4 inches tall and am a nice slim uk size 10. I have long brown, hair blue eyes and (according to my husband) a smile to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window, (I hope that is a compliment!)

I want to share the strangest experience of my life with you, but first a little background. I work in marketing and my husband, John, is a field engineer for a computer repair company.

I got in to bondage during the tie up games we played as children, I would always try to be the victim to get tied up even though in those days I didn’t understand the feelings it caused. Once the games ended I experimented with self bondage and became quite expert at tying myself. I started with ropes but soon began to collect “toys” my tastes changed to lockable metal like handcuffs and leg irons, I quickly got in to coloured handcuffs and had all the colours that were on the market in my “toy box”.

Then I met John the kindest sweetest man I had ever met and the big plus he was in to bondage and loved to tie me up taking me to places in my psyche I never knew existed.

Back to the story! John was due to be working away on his birthday on some computer network upgrades that had to be carried out over the weekend and of course THAT Saturday had to be his birthday! I was not going to miss giving him the surprise present I had planned so I resorted to a bit of spy work like checking his e.mails and I soon found out which hotel he was using and even his room booking.

John set off Friday night to get a good sleep and start fresh on Saturday morning so I had plenty of time to get ready, I took a long shower and shaved all my body hair to be as smooth and clean as possible then I took an overnight laxative and went to bed. Saturday --- the BIG day! After the laxative did its work I followed it with an enema to be sure I was void, now another shower and I am ready to dress for the day. I will be wearing a red tie on tanga bikini I know John loves me wearing and my long beige overcoat plus my heels. In my pockets are my red handcuffs (nice to be colour co-ordinated) my leg irons, slave collar and ring gag with padlock, I would also have a butt plug inserted to make sure I was ready for a rear entry.

I inserted the butt plug and settled my bikini bottoms over it then after fixing the triangle top I donned my raincoat and prepared to leave.

I headed to the railway station and was soon seated on the train heading for John’s hotel, research had shown me it was nowhere near the town centre and it was near where John would be working so I should be safe to walk round for a bit to kill time without being seen.

Walking round with a butt plug in was new to me and I quickly regretted it but no backing out now!

Time to move, so I caught a taxi to the hotel, walked across the lobby to the lift and selected the second floor.

John’s room was in a side corridor and as luck had it the door opposite was a linen store. I tried the door of the store, it was open so I slipped inside to make my final preparations.

I was planning to present myself bound, gagged and easily accessible! I took my coat off  and quickly fitted my leg irons, quickly followed by my slave collar and ring gag then I buttoned my coat, stuffed the sleeves in to the pockets and slipped it on over my head like a cape. Now at the point of no return with my arms inside the coat I handcuffed my hands behind my back. I hope John is in as all the keys are hanging from the ring on the front of my collar well out of reach of my fingers.

I opened the door a fraction – gripping the knob bound as I was nearly defeated me – and after checking no-one was around I crossed John’s room and tapped the door with my toe.

I stood there for several seconds thinking I had misjudged how long it would take him to get back when the door opened and I was face to face with a tall blonde woman wearing a latex catsuit and I just managed to catch a glimpse of my husband bound spread eagle on the bed before a lead materialised in her hand and she clipped it to the ring on my collar and pulled me rapidly into the room.

“What have we here?” she murmured staring at my gagged mouth, she noticed my empty sleeves and before I could pull away she had unbuttoned my coat and slipped it off my shoulders leaving me in my red bikini, red handcuffs, slave collar, ring gag and leg irons plus my very red face. I could see John was very aroused as his little man was defying gravity!

She pulled me over to the bed “I like everything in its place” she said.

Seconds later I was bent over the bed with John’s cock in my mouth (– I knew I should have used a ball gag with that locked in she couldn’t do this – what am I saying? I should have waited until I got in to the room.) I felt the lead snake around my neck trapping me in position. I could only pull back about 2 inches and there was no way I could dislodge John’s cock from my mouth. She picked up a riding crop and began patting my exposed derriere with an occasional stroke across my puss. “Make him cum” she ordered, with only 2 inches of movement and no hands I was glad he was already hard and knowing how he loves me to licking the head I was soon slurping away and before long I felt the pulsing that told me he was about to shoot, unable to pull away I felt his seed hit the back of my throat and then run back out of my gaping mouth down his shaft.

“Look at the mess” she said emphasising  her words with a few sharp swats across my butt somehow she managed to get my puss as well, I tried to jump but tied as I was I failed.

Eventually she released me and spun me round pushing me to a sitting position on the bed, she unhooked the keys from my collar and before I realised what she was doing she had removed my ring gag and replaced it with a huge ball that felt as if my jaw was going to unhinge. She padlocked the leg cuffs together and added a chain before clicking the lock shut, she wrapped the chain round my legs spiralling upwards until she reached my waist where she locked it off in front before pulling the remaining chain between my legs forcing the butt plug deeper inside me and working right in to my puss before locking it to the chain of my handcuffs.

She snapped a set of leg cuffs around my elbows before pulling the chain tight and locking it off.

Turning to John she attached handcuffs to his wrist and used them to fix his left hand to the end of the bed before removing the rope from that hand. Scooping all the keys up she dropped them in to the drawer of the bedside table apart from 1 handcuff key which she placed on the table. “If you don’t drop the key you should be able to free yourselves before the maid arrives to clean the room, your time starts when I close the door to leave BUT if you move before I leave I will give you 20 strokes of the crop across your breasts and belly”

I sat still, John could not make any useful moves anyway, and watched as she went in to the bathroom emerging in a smart business suit with a large briefcase in her hand,  she placed a wide brim hat on her head  adjusted it to block the cctv cameras and left.

I struggled to my feet nearly falling off my heels and half shuffled and half hopped to the bedside table for the key. I couldn’t reach the key without sitting on the table which did funny things to my puss but after some frantic scrabbling about I had the key in my by now numb hand. I lurched to my feet and spun round landing on the bed, all I needed to do then was fit the key in to John’s left cuff to free his hand and then start on the process of releasing ourselves.

It took nearly half an hour of frustration to get that hand free, after that we made good progress and freed ourselves fairly quickly. Early in the proceedings I took my chance to get rid of the butt plug – I may walk normally again one day!

John released me but left the ball gag in my mouth which was odd as he had removed all other restraints. He untied and removed my bikini and pulled me down beside him on the bed he started kissing me over the gag.

When he stopped he eased away from me and said “thank you for helping fill my fantasy.” “I booked that girl hoping you would try to surprise me which you did I hope you will forgive me for the deception, we were sitting talking until you knocked the door, the delay opening the door was for her to finish tying me to the bed.”

Did I forgive him? Of course I did, we had the most mind blowing sex afterwards and we have booked her again for next month we just need to decide on the scenario…………….


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