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The Tryst

by Silent Satin

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© Copyright 2006 - Silent Satin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; toys; cons; X

It was a bright sunny day as I drove to the motel. Huge white billowy clouds drifted through the sky like icebergs on the ocean, free to go as they pleased. The air was fresh and full of excitement.

As I turned into the motel parking lot this same excitement welled up inside of me. I quickly grabbed my suitcase, parked and locked the car, entered the motel and walked down the hall to the room. I searched in my purse for the key and unlocked the door. Once inside I closed and locked the door so I would not be disturbed.

The room was simple. There was a dresser near the door, a queen-sized bed, a sliding glass door at the far end, and a couple of armchairs and a table. It had an overhead light and a pair of lamps on the dresser. A full-length mirror stood in a corner near the door. I thought, “This is nothing special. About the same as you would see anywhere but it will do.” I placed my suitcase on the dresser.

I crossed the room and closed the drapes. They covered the sliding door and provided complete privacy. They allowed just enough light into the room so that no lights needed to be turned on.

I opened my suitcase and took out a black satin sheet. I covered the bed with it, tucking it in just enough so that it would not move when laid on. That done, I began to undress.

The simple blouse and skirt I had worn were quickly gone. I walked over to the mirror. My short brown hair was neatly brushed. The white lace of my bra surrounded my ample breasts. They stood erect and very firm. The opaque white G-string was tied snugly at my sides and mysteriously hid the treasure behind. My lacy white garter belt and sheer white stockings encased my slender waist and long slender legs. I stood admiring my self for some time.

I went back to the suitcase and retrieved wrist and ankle cuffs. I put these on, enjoying the gentle caress of the soft leather. My nipples hardened with pleasure and my sexual fluids flowed gently in my vagina. I pulled four leather tethers from the suitcase. Each was equipped with a metal clasp. Two had retractable reels. The tethers were attached to the four corners of the bed.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and slid across the satin sheet until I was in the center. I spread my legs wide and attached them to the tethers at the foot of the bed. The tethers at the head of the bed had the retractable reels. I attached these to my wrist cuffs. I blindfolded myself and lay down on the bed. I tugged on the tether on right hand so that it pulled my arm towards the corner of the bed. Once taut the tether remained at the same length – I could not pull it out. I did the same with my other arm.

Helpless, spread-eagled on a bed and alone. The sensuality of the satin sheet and the situation really excited me. I envisioned the contrast of my sheer white lingerie against the black satin sheet. I awaited my fate.


The next sound came shortly. It was a key in the room door. Someone entered the room and locked the door. I heard footsteps as the person moved to the bed. A ring gag was forced into my mouth and fastened tightly behind my head.

“You have done well,” a male voice said. “Your preparation for our tryst is exquisite and you will be well rewarded.” I lay motionless not knowing what to expect. There was a long pause.

I felt hands undoing the front clasp on my bra. The bra cups were lifted away slowly. My captor cupped each of my breasts in his hands and gently squeezed each one, enjoying the firmness. I could feel a very cold sensation around each of my nipples as if an ice cube was circling them. They became very hard and taut as they strained to reach erection. Immediately they began to hurt. A cold metal object was squeezing them tight and the pressure was being increased. I felt a muffled scream leave my throat as the pain increased. I lay there for a minute as the pain of the nipple clamps subsided and was replaced with enjoyment of the discomfort.

Apparently the scream I had tried to let out displeased my captor. I felt a tubular rubber object being inserted through the ring gag into my mouth. As I touched it with my tongue I sensed it was shaped like a penis. I heard some snaps being closed and the object in my mouth was held in place.

I was beginning to enjoy playing with the object in my mouth when I sensed my captor approaching. He removed my G-string. He lightly touched my inner thighs with a feathery object. Waves of ecstasy ran up and down me. He continued to caress my thighs with the feather until I began to moan in pleasure. Something was being inserted into my vagina as the feather kept touching my thighs. It filled my entire cavity. I heard a muffled whirring sound and felt my vagina vibrate. The pleasure was mind-blowing! I began to moan and arch my back. I pulled on my restraints.

The speed of the vibrating increased. Wave after wave of pleasure bathed me. The vibration decreased but did not stop. My sexual juices flowed freely. The vibration continued. I reached orgasm after orgasm. I tossed my head from side to side and tried to cry out. I thought I was about to lose my mind! I couldn’t stand any more orgasms! The vibrator stopped! I totally relaxed and slowly let my sensual levels subside.

My captor released my hands. I was reminded that I was not to attempt to leave until he was gone. I heard the door close. I lay on the bed trying to regain my strength. I finally got up. I dressed, gathered up the bondage gear and sheet and left the motel.

I looked forward to these trysts with my husband. They brought great pleasure to both of us.


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