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True TV Selfbondage Story

by Dave

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© Copyright 2006 - Dave - Used by permission

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I'd like to tell you about a very scary experience I had in TV self bondage.  It was not long after my interest in TV bondage had become very strong that I felt a need for outdoor bondage photos.  At that time I had never met another TV, much less been tied by one. Also, my wife does not participate, so all of my bondage is self applied.  The location was southern Alabama in the mid-60's.  You didn't want to get caught because there were no liberals in Alabama in those days.

The plans were all made, it was a weekday so the kids were all in school and hunting season was closed.  The location was a heavily wooded island on a shallow twisting river surrounded by woods so nobody would be wandering through the area.  Everything was perfect and safe.  I drove as close as I could in my pick-up camper and then went into the back to put on my bra, waist cincher, garter belt, hose and panties, and then my male clothes over them.  The wig, shoes, rope and camera went into a sack and off I went to the island to indulge in self bondage and get some photos,  Being outside in just my bra, panties, hose and wig was a little spooky, but what could go wrong, it was so well planned.

The first three photos came out very well and I got into position for the fourth.  I was standing between two large trees, my legs secured together at the ankles and above the knees.  My arms were spread out so that each wrist was attached to a rope that was attached to one of the trees.  Sort of a semi-spread-eagle. Tie.  The ropes around my wrists were slip knots; they could be pulled tight so the bondage would look real. Stuck in a tree, out of the camera's view, was my safety knife in case I couldn't wiggle out of the ropes.  

After the picture was taken, sure enough I couldn't get my wrists free because the knots were pulled too tight.  I hopped to one side so that my left arm was stretched tight and I could just reach the knife with my right hand.  As I reached for the knife, I heard voices!  The distraction caused me to hit the knife and knock it out of the tree to the ground and out of reach.  I started to panic.  Here I was in a white bra and panties and hose, gagged and securely tied to two very large trees.  I could hear the men's voices and they were getting closer.  I quit struggling against the ropes and froze, trying to figure out where they were.  

The voices were behind me. But how could that be?  The river was only ten feet behind me and too shallow for a boat.  They must be walking down the river.  There was no way they could miss me with the white bra and panties I was wearing strung out between two trees.  From their viewpoint I would look like a women at first glance.  I very slowly looked over my shoulder to see where they were because their voices were getting louder.  Apparently they had not seen me yet.  

What I saw was two men in a flat bottom boat drifting and poling with the current of the river, talking about their livestock.  They were two men that I knew from work.  We worked second shift together.  I stood absolutely motionless in my bright white undies as they went around the bend and out of sight.  I don't think that I had taken a breath for three minutes, but it seemed like thirty.  Now they were gone, the other problem returned.  Having knocked the knife to the ground, I was securely attached to the two large trees.  The more I struggled the tighter the slip knots got around my wrists.  Panic was beginning to set in again.  I could not get myself free and my fingers and hands were numb.  I was beginning to wish the men had seen me and stopped.

After what seemed like endless cycles of struggling and resting, I finally realized that because the slip knots were tighter I could get farther away from one tree and close enough to the other to reach the rope where it was tied to the one around the tree.   After an eternity of fumbling with numb fingers, the knot finally came loose.  And when it was loose, so was I.  Needless to say, that was the last picture of the day and the last outdoor picture for many years.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that they had to have seen me, but must have thought that I was a woman there with my boyfriend or husband and they didn't want to get involved.  I saw them both at work that day and neither one mentioned anything about their fishing trip.  Am sure they recognized my truck when they went under the bridge but nothing was ever said.  Oh well, that was over thirty years ago. 




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