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Trip to the Store

by Love2bind

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© Copyright 2008 - Love2bind - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; gag; stuck; cons; X

My roommate had left for a short run up to the store so I thought time for some self bondage. When she came back she would see me helplessly tied and voila!

I used a rubber ball as a gag, not sure if you remember the type of pink balls, they use to call them super pinkies. Well I took that with some strong duct tape and placed it in, passed the tape completely around my entire head. I took a second piece and used it on the lower portion of my mouth from my lower jaw to chin. Blindfold and ear plugs covered the rest of face. I used some nylon tie down straps to put me in a tight spread eagle. I took another set placed them on side of bed higher up to attach some rope to. I put the ropes around my leg just below the knees. This way not only would they be pulled to the side of the bed but towards the top of the bed as well and sure not to slip off. I assumed she would be gone at the most 30 minutes.

Not being able to see and barely move your body and not see makes one wonder how long you been there. I thought many times over I had heard her enter the house. Apparently no such luck. The ball in my mouth was beginning to hurt very bad. The strip of tape that went around my head was doing a superb job. I was now really wishing I would have used something much smaller. I tried in vain to dislodge it with my tongue but was not successful. Most I was able to do was loosen the piece of tape on bottom of mouth. I tried to get some spit on the top piece to hope the wetness would loosen it. That wasn't happening. I could not even maneuver my tongue up there with a large ball in the way. With the little movement allotted to me I tried to twist head on the bed and maybe rub it off. Yeah right fat chance was not helping.

By now my jaw was very sore, no clue as to how long I had been there. I tried to think what I could use. There was a table on each side of the bed one with a burning candle so she would have wax melted to cover me with. Dare not touch that table. The other one had a lamp on it so I could not really pull that. I began to wonder what the hell could I do. I felt around on the table and reached the phone. I dialed her number but damn if I could hear a word she was saying with ear plugs in my ear. I tried to make noises MUMMMMMPH through my gag. I had no idea if she was even on the phone.

I stretched the best I could to use the end of the phone to push the tape down around my mouth so I could push the ball out. Appears these days all phones have nice soft rounded edges and there was no way I could get it to catch on the tape. Again no luck! I made more calls and at one point I actually heard it ringing and then a "Hello." I thought sweet I am saved but all I seemed to have heard on the other end is, "I cannot understand what you are saying." and then the hang up.

Talk about frustration. I started to think of who I could call to get me out. All the female friends I knew of would have no idea what I had got myself into and if so no way to get into the house. Not like I could give the code to open the garage. Even thought about dialing 911 but then again a bunch of cops blazing in guns drawn-I do not think so.

I called roommate again finally I heard her say this better be good and came home. Once there she cut out the gag and released me. Pissed at me but I wish she would have cut out the gag and left me tied. Maybe to teach me a lesson. A week or more later shoulder is still sore from trying to slip free of leather cuffs! All in good fun though! Interested in hearing your feed back please. Mainly a womans point of view if you had found me or you knew I did this.


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