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Trials of Annie

by beanpoleuk

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© Copyright 2005 - beanpoleuk - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; D/s; cyberplay; cons; X

Trials of Annie by beanpoleuk
Sunday evening

I feel totally shattered, yet I have a day’s work ahead, standing at the deli counter of the local store.

My legs are on really hurting around the calf and I feel totally satisfied. I will not be able to forget today’s session whilst at work as my master still controls my clothing until I finish work, another 9 hours to go. 

How will I feel in 9 hours? I don’t know as I’ve never worn the clothes my master has ordered me to wear for this long before.

Will I ever forget this week, it will be difficult as my master certainly knows how to keep me occupied.


I have to tell my master that I can be available for some time together on Sunday. I do not have to go to work until 5.00 p.m., so if I get up early I can have all day available. I tell my master of when I am available to serve, I know I’ll make it Sunday

I have just read the e-mail my master sent.  He tells me I must go and get some chain and padlocks. I am instructed that the chain must be able to go through my piercings. I wonder what the shop keeper is thinking when I buy 3 feet of chain and two padlocks which use the same key.

He has also told me to get an empty two pint water bottle. He asks can I freeze the water easily. Oh no, not ice play. He knows I am not keen on ice.

I am expected to decide which toys I want to use and tell him. Do I want to use the 7 or 8 inch vibrator. Oh what a choice. I know, I will use the 7 inch one.  

I read the e-mail again, he wants to know whether I have crotch less knickers. I have not got any and he tells me now I need them. Rats, I can not get to the shop where they are sold, I’ll have to borrow them from Julie. What am I going to say I want to borrow them for? Hell, she knows my hobby.


I e-mail my master that I have got the chain and locks. I find a message from him asking for details about the house, asking about lockable cupboards etc. What is he going to get me to do? I tell him I have not got any lockable cupboards in the room where my computer is in. Have I told him about the beams and hooks attached to them? No, I  

I get another message asking what toys I have got at home apart from the vibrators. I send a list of all the toys. No, I suppose I must.


Nothing from my master. 

I can not concentrate on my work worrying about the weekend my master has planned. 


I get home from work to find a series of messages. He orders me to choose the gags I want to use. I tell him I want to use the O ring gag I have just bought and it would be nice if he could find a use for my favourite, the inflatable gag.

He then replies with a message that I need to get the 4 foot long spreader bar out, choose the high heels I want to wear, I know, I’ll use the 7 inch heels. He says I must make sure I have 48 clothes pins ready. I told him that I went out and bought 50, and bet he could not think of a use for the other two.

He reminded me that cheek was not permitted and for that I would suffer. Oh why was I so stupid ?

He tells me to start practicing to walk wearing the spreader bar attached to my ankles and wearing the 7 inch high heels. I walk around the room for a few minutes. Hell, that was difficult.

He then orders me to get together the list of other items he has sent and have them ready by my computer. 


I finish work, get home and see there is another message from my master. He has decided that I need a kitchen timer clock and some CDs together. He has told me that this time he has decided ice is not required. Has he gone soft?

I am told to be ready for the first part of the session on Saturday evening. I am only allowed to log on once only after 6.00pm , and that is just before bed time.


I get final the preparation instructions. I have to get a piece of string six feet long, and tie the key to the handcuffs on one end and tie the other end to the centre link. He tells me to get my Jewelry box out and also get an envelope. 

I send him a message to tell him that everything is ready. I ask him whether he is going to tell me what he has planned. I admit to myself that I am getting horny thinking of what he has planned.

Just before bedtime I check my messages to find one from him. He tells me to put the love balls in my pussy and insert the Thai beads up my rear entrance and go to bed right away. I am not to play with myself and he says sweet dreams. What not play with myself with the balls in, that’s not fair.

God, these balls are fun. I am definitely get turned on, but I am a good girl and do not play with myself, although I am really want to.


What sweet horny dreams I had last night. I am feeling really horny. My master is expecting me to message him at 9.00 on the dot. He said not a minute early or late. 

At last, its time. I tell my master I am ready. I feel really worked up just with the waiting. The first instruction has come through. He has told me to put the key to the padlocks in an envelope and seal it. I have to put the envelope in the jewelry box and lock it in. I am then told to attach the key to the box  to a piece of cotton and hang it from a beam in a corner of the room so the key is at waist level. Oh the balls make me feel really good when I am stretching up. I then put the box in the opposite corner to the key. 

He tells me to pull the Thai beads out one bead only. Oh god, I nearly came. I tell him. He replies that I am not allowed to come until told. Oh no, I hate not being able to come. He tells me to wait a few minutes. I am waiting, the anticipation is getting to me. I am told to pull the beads out a little further. Oh shit, that feels really good. 

I am told to put the high heels on. Oh, that feels good, bent over lacing up the boots with the balls still inside. At last they are all laced up. This is sounding as if it will be fun. I am told to pull the beads out another notch. This is exciting, I wanted to come, but being good I resist the urge.

I am told to put the new batteries in the vibrator and insert it in my pussy. Oh god am I full, the vibrator and the love balls. This is going to be hell. 

I pull the remaining beads out as told. Oh god I nearly came. I told my master that I nearly came and am really horny. His reply is that I will enjoy the torture even more. What has he got lined up for me? I know I asked for it, will I satisfy him I wonder. 

I am ordered to put the butt plug in. Both holes full, wow do I feel full. I am now getting really turned on. My nipples are really hard. I better not tell him otherwise I might regret it.

He tells me to put the spreader bar on and that I can sit down for the moment. He tells me to check my inbox and save the file he has sent. What has he got lined up for me? 

Here he goes with the clothes pins. The shape of a bra cup using 10 pins on each breast. Ouch it hurts putting them on. Oh no, he has told me to attach 5 more pins to each pussy lip avoiding the rings. That hurts, but with being full it sounds as I might just enjoy his plans.

He now tells me to run the chain through each pussy lip ring and run both ends through my clit ring. Hell, I will not be able to  play with the vibrator. He is devious, but I think I am going to enjoy this., he is right about the torture.

He tells me to set the clock to ring in 2 hours time and then I will be able to open the instructions he has e-mail. He warns me that he will be able to tell when I opened it and that I will not be able to find out what he has planned for me anyway. Oh god, how will he know. If he says he can tell, I better follow the instructions carefully.

I am told to put 8 clothes pins down each side between my armpit and my waist. Ouch this is hurts, I realise it will be worse later.

I turn on the vibrator as instructed. 

I have put the chain through the nipple rings I wear and locked the ends together as instructed. Oh no, he wants me to put the other padlock on my clit ring. I do as I am told, putting two clothes pegs on each nipple and put the O ring gag on. Two hours of this sounds as it will be hard. He decides that I am to be punished so one pin from each nipple is removed. 

What, they are to be put on my tongue. Oh is it painful, I move my tongue and realize that I should not have been cheeky.

He gives me the final instructions before he goes to bed. Well he is on the other side of the world, so I suppose it is fair.

I put my favourite sexy c.d. on as told, attach one handcuff, put the blindfold on and do up the other cuff behind my back.

I enjoy the music, I want to play with myself but can't do anything. I am feeling so so horny I want to come. I realize why he wanted the sexy c.d., I want to come but can’t He is really playing with me and he isn’t even here. Oh I am dripping, my nipples start aching and my tongue hurts. 

The more I think about coming, the more I want to come. I start drooling through the gag. Oh this is going to be hard. Oh god do I want to play with my clit. It starts to ache. The vibrator is teasing me., Oh do I want to come.

I am still getting even more turned on when the CD finishes. Oh shit, I can’t see how much longer I have to go. My nipples ache, but they are still rock hard. My clit is tingling. I am trying so hard not to come. What can I do, I cant come and yet I want to. My pussy is so moist, boy am I feeling good.

I wait and wait, getting more turned on as I do not know much longer to go.

Oh that damned vibrator is still arousing me. I am dripping and so so turned on. I realize how he really knows what I want. What exquisite torture the balls and the vibrator is. I am beginning to enjoy this.

I instinctively stand up with the shattering ring of the clock. Ouch, I’ve forgotten about the chain when it tugs on my nipple rings. I take a few minutes to release the handcuffs. I open up the instructions and am greeted with just a simple set of instructions. I enter  y where I am told and he asks am I ready to continue. What a question, I want to come, I’m feeling horny and he asks. What a sadist he is.

Ouch, Ouch removing the clothes pins from my tongue hurts like hell. It takes a minute or two to recover. That feels better. What, I can take off the gag. That's better, I can rest my aching jaw. I am thirsty, aching and so horny, what has he got planned. Do I want a drink, YES. Ah that is better.

What, untie the string from the handcuffs and throw the key into the far corner of the room. Oh no more torture. I am so hot, so horny I want to come, but I have not been told I can so I better not. 

My mouth is full again, filled with the inflatable gag fully blown up.  It feels so good to have all three holes filled. I am so full, the vibrator still teasing my pussy and my nipples are so hard.

Oh god, another 45 minutes on the clock. I have to put the blindfold on again and the handcuffs in front of me. I have to play with myself until it rings. 

Wow this is hard, I am dripping wet, playing with myself and not allowed to come. What torture, I am on the edge, and it feels so good. I start dreaming of my master being there watching, turning me on even more.

This time it does not seem long before the clock rings again. He praises me and asks whether I want to come, wow do I want to........

I wait for the answer and suddenly he says NO. The bastard, I am so turned on I could come any moment. Another half hour on the clock he says. What no playing with myself and I have to sit back and relax to a c.d..

Oh the pleasure I feel; I am still weeping pussy juices and thinking how horny I am for him.

The alarm goes off and my next order is to fetch the key to the handcuffs. Oh this is difficult, I can not stand up properly because of the chain. The vibrator and the balls start moving in my pussy as I twist and turn over to the key. Oh god, I’ve got to go back and get my next instruction.

Another half hour of playing with myself? What am I supposed to do, I will come. I have to will myself not to come. This is so difficult, I am on the edge and can not come. Oh the pleasure I feel.

I am allowed to take the handcuffs off, and the clothes pins on my nipples and on my sides. Ow, that hurt. They suddenly become so sensitive that if I touch them I will come, oh how I am getting more desperate to come. 

What another half hour on the clock, he certainly knows how to keep me occupied.  I have to stand up and put the blindfold on. What torture, legs spread wide and standing. The vibrator still going inside me, I am desperate top come. 

Surely half an hour has gone by. The waiting is hurting especially as I can not stand up straight. I feel so sensitive around my pussy. The alarm goes.

Relief, I have to retrieve the key and the jewelry box, but I still am not allowed to undo the padlocks. What, 4 CD tracks. Why did I select this one, they are long tracks. I must be near the end of the session yet I am still waiting for him to allow me to come. 

Ouch, ouch, ouch, OW. The pins are off my pussy. That hurt. At least I must rub and play with my pussy lips until the c.d. finishes. That is so good I want to come, but know I must not. At last it finishes, and I can take the padlock off my clit ring and remove the chain. What a relief that spreader bar has come off. 

I must message my master who says he will be waiting for me. I tell him that I have followed his instructions. He tells me to close the instructions and return them to him. I must wait for the next message standing to attention. It is difficult with a vibrator and balls filling me up. The pressure on me makes me want to come. 

He says I have been a good girl and am allowed 30 seconds in which to come. I am so desperate it is difficult. With a bang my orgasm explodes through my body, screaming and shouting through the gag with the release and my knees nearly give way. What an orgasm, I shoot out loads of juices.

I am allowed to remove the butt plug and vibrator and all the remaining clothes pins. He tells me I must come three times in two minutes. My body feels so hot and warm, I come again and again so quickly I nearly pass out. I play with my clit but only come twice in the time allowed.

He asks am I ready for the final challenge? What more can he do I wonder. I love my master so much that I feel I must meet his expectations and agree. I have to put on the dildo pants and keep them on until I get home after work. I ask if I have to wear the gag until I go to work to which he replies I must. Oh boy I am I satisfied.

Copyright:- Beanpoleuk, 2000


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