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by Paneuf19

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Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; naked; tree; chain; cuffs; strap; gag; collar; bfold; caught; FF/m; tease; denial; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

I’ve been into self-bondage since I was about ten years old. I really can’t recall what got me started, but my first memory of tying myself up is of having bound myself in a hog tie with ropes while lying naked on my closet floor. I was almost caught by my Mother, who opened the closet door so it was partly open and I could see her, but fortunately she didn’t see me. I can still remember the rush; a mixture of fear and excitement, that close call gave me.

I was married for almost thirty years to a woman with little or no sexual imagination. In bed, with me on top, or on occasion her on top, was our less than vanilla sex life. I even tried to get her interested in some light bondage by surprising her with the gift of me tied spread eagle to our bed with a large bow tied in an appropriate place. She entered the bedroom, looked at me as if I were nuts, and asked, “What’s this?”

I replied that I was her gift and she should use me any way she wished to pleasure herself. She got undressed, climbed onto my throbbing cock and humped me until I came. Then she got off, untied one of my hands, got dressed and left the room.

Now I am divorced and enjoying all the self-bondage I can. The following happened recently when I decided to try a little out self bondage.

Following my divorce I took early retirement. Although most of my adult life I’ve lived in larger towns and cities, I’m a country boy at heart and so I purchased a section (640 acres) of deciduous forest land. I made sure that it was fenced and clearly marked “no hunting or trespassing”. I built my home several hundred yards back and out of sight of the road, and gated the driveway. Yes, you’re right, I like my privacy.

I had been planning this outdoor bondage for a while and had scouted out a place in the woods at almost the geographic center of the property. It had a tree perfect for my plans. In preparation, to save having to carry everything out to the site on my big day, I locked a length of chain around the base of the tree and another longer one about eight feet up, crossing the ends over a large branch and letting the ends hang down.

To avoid unwanted visitors that weekend I let it be known in the nearby town where I get my mail and shop that I would be away. This, it turns out may have been a mistake.

Saturday morning, my big day. I got up, showered and then naked, except for my running shoes. I got my ice timer out of the freezer, picked up my day pack with the rest of my gear and headed out for my bondage site. There is truly something sensual about walking through the forest naked. By the time I arrived at my site I had a raging hard on. I resisted the urge satisfy my desire, as I find denial makes the bondage that much more exciting. I emptied my gear out on the ground and started my bondage.

First I sprayed myself down liberally with insect repellant. Then I locked on my wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and posture collar. The keys to all these were on my bedside table at home. Then I buckled on my ball gag and place my blindfold on my head ready to fasten over my eyes. At this point I suddenly remembered I hadn’t set up my ice timed release. I took some duct tape and taped the can of ice in which was frozen the key to the locks which would secure my wrists to the upper chain, out further along the branch the chain was draped over. I then took the end of the string which was attached to the key, and tied it to the chain so that when the ice melted and it fell from the can I could use the string to get the key into my hand and release myself.

Having done this, I placed my pack off to the side and backed up to the tree. First I spread my feet about a foot apart and fastened them to the bottom chain using two of the four keyed alike padlocks. Now I was stuck until the ice melted. So I proceeded with the rest of my bondage. I took the long trunk strap and fastened it around the tree and my waist and buckled it tight. Next I ensure my other two padlocks were in place and then pulled my blindfold into place and buckled it. The last bit was tricky, as I had to locate the chain ends by feel and then lock my wrist cuffs to them. The left side wasn’t too bad as I could still use my right hand to help, but the right side took a bit of work. After a few failed attempts, I finally got everything lined up and heard the lock hasp click home. Now for a few hours of being bound naked in the forest, blind to what was going on around me but more aware of the sounds of nature.

I’m not sure how long I had been tied there dreaming sexy dreams and waiting for the ice to melt so I could release myself and deal with my aching cock, when I suddenly could hear voices. I listened intently to be sure I wasn’t hearing things, but no I could clearly hear what sounded like two women talking and laughing.

“When I heard in town that the guy who owns the place was going to be away for the weekend, I figured this would be the perfect place for us to fulfill our dream to do some nude camping.” I heard one voice say.

“Yeah, this is great, we can run around out here in the woods and no one will be the wiser.” Said voice two, “hey this looks a good spot to make camp.”

The voices now sounded very close. I was struggling with a mix of emotions. What were they doing trespassing on my land, had they no respect? But in other parts of my brain I was wishing I hadn’t decided to wear a blindfold. Two naked women cavorting around in my woods and I can’t see a blessed thing.

“Well shall we bite the bullet and strip?” Asked voice two.

“No time like the present.” Said voice one, “then we can set up camp. Hey what’s that chain doing around that tree over there?”

I sudden felt a cold fear hit me. I had been so busy thinking about what these two gals might look like that I hadn’t thought about being caught.

“Well look what we have here.” Said voice one, “our weekend of nude camping just got a whole lot more interesting.”

“Oh I can’t wait to play with of nice little sex toy.” Said voice two, “and here I though all we’d get to do is run around naked and get each other off. This is so exciting!”

I tried to ask them to please leave me alone, but of course all that came through the gag was “mmmmmph eer mmoolof” The two just giggled and then began fondling my nipples, balls and cock. My dick, which had gone limp was soon rock hard again.

“Oh, what’s this string for?” Asked voice two.

Voice one stopped squeezing my balls and then said, “Ah that must be his escape key frozen in the ice. Well he won’t need that now.” With that I heard the sound of duct tape ripping and then felt a sharp tug on the chain as she snapped off the string. I was well and truly now their prisoner.

“Hey, we’ve got all weekend to play with him, why don’t we go get our stuff and set up camp right here”. Said voice two.

“Great idea,” replied voice one, “Don’t go away now.” She said to me and slapped my cock hard and walked off.

While I listened to the sounds of them setting up camp all I could do was wonder what they planned for me. I had no idea what kind of women they were. I wondered if I would even survive. I had visions of some future owner of the land finding my skeleton chained to this tree. Somehow these thoughts caused my member to shrivel.

“Hey, did I tell you to lose the hard on”? Asked voice one. “If you’re going to be our sex toy you will obey our orders or suffer punishment. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head as much as the collar would allow. I started trying to think sexy thoughts to get my dick back up to attention. The sudden feel of a hand caressing my balls helped.

Voices one and two kept me on the edge of an orgasm all day. The combination of hands, mouths and other items would bring me right to the point of orgasm and them be removed to leave me frustrated and begging (with muffled grunts) to be allowed to cum. My frustration was heightened by the oft repeated sounds of the voices moans and sighing as they enjoyed their own orgasms. Picturing their antics in my mind’s eye kept my rod stiff and aching for release.

Several times during the day they left me, saying they were going for a “nature walk”. One time they were gone for what seemed like an hour or so.

I was told “goodnight’ and given a kiss of each cheek. And then they left me alone. Exhaustion took over and in spite of my aching joints and awkward posture I drifted off to sleep.

Sunday passed in pretty much the same way with the teasing of my genitals and nipples. They were also good enough to loosen the gag several times so they could squirt water into my mouth. They also held a can under my cock to allow me to pee.

The only truly frightening incident of the weekend happened by accident. Voice two decided to pour honey over my cock and balls so she could then lick it off. Just after she poured it on a bee started buzzing around. The two women must have feared bees because they both panicked and ran off. The bee was soon drawn to my cock by the honey. It stayed for a few seconds then flew off. I guess it went to tell its friends, because the next thing I knew was that my cock was covered in what felt like thousands of little feet. I was on the verge of panic, fearing that they would sting me. The stimulation was quickly bringing me to climax. I held back out of fear that if I came the sudden event might startle the bees into stinging me.

“That’s amazing!” I heard voice one say.

“Yeah, it looks like one of those bee beards you see on TV.” Replied voice two. “Only this is a bee cock and balls.”

After what seemed like years the bees finally flew off. I assume they had clean up all the honey and went looking for other nectar.

Late Sunday afternoon, my trespassers started packing up camp. They then played with my cock again bring me right to the verge. Then kissed me of the cheek and said, “Bye, thanks for the fun weekend,” and left. I went into a panic, pulling at my bonds and struggling pointlessly to get free. They had left me with no means of escape. After a while of fighting I heard footsteps approaching. I then heard duct tape being pulled off a roll. Shortly after that I felt tugging at the chain by my right hand. Then I heard the footsteps leave the area.

Two hours later I felt the key hit me in the forearm and I was able to reel it in and undo the lock on my right cuff. Once that was done I was able to quickly release myself from the rest of the bonds and I fell to the ground exhausted and sore. I gathered my things and slowly walked home. Once there I took a shower, masturbated myself into one of the longest and best orgasms I’ve ever had and fell asleep on my bed.

The next morning I found an envelope on my kitchen table address to “Our Toy”. Inside I found a note: “Dear Toy, if you plan to do this to yourself again please let us know as we both enjoyed playing with you. Just send an e-mail to: (address withheld) and let us know when. Oh. And next time tie yourself up so we can get at your cock with more than just our hand and mouths!.” It was signed “Two happy ladies.”

“P.S. thanks for the use of your bathroom and freezer.”

Wow! Now I have to decide if there will be a “next time”.

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