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We hope you enjoy "trapped" I could hardly say it is a story, because every bit of it is reality. I hope that your readers can understand the description of how to construct self-bondage stocks. In the future should I include metric mesurements?

By: the Techster

An all too successful experiment with self-bondage stocks.

 I have several hobbies, one of which is self-bondage. I am always trying to dream up a new self-bondage trick that will place me in a helpless situation before my wife. 
My wife judges every new idea or device on an "Olympic Scale" from 1 to 10. Then the numbers are subtracted from the Ideal and the result is my penalty for less than perfection.
           We have eight judging points or criteria. 
These are: 
(1) creativity in the design of the device, 
(2) aesthetics (appearance) of the device 
(3) inescapability, 
(4) immobility of the one being restrained, 
(5) helplessness of the "prisoner" ( their inability to resist any and all torment)
(6) Presentation of the one in bondage (are their most vulnerable and sensitive areas revealed attractively?), 
(7) sturdiness of the device 
(8) Simplicity of the device ( is it easy to reproduce )

The judging favors the judge for example if point number 1 is judged a "9" then the 9 points are added while two are scored on the penalty line. That means your penalty for that alone would be 2 units of torment and 2 units of duration. 

In looking over my journal of past self-bondage one of the things I had not tried was "hard bondage" or stocks. I surfed the Internet looking for ideas, but every set of stocks was designed to me locked by someone other than the one being restrained. My set of self-bondage stocks had to be small, portable, yet strong and simple. 

It was time to sit down at the old computer and open a drafting program. These self-bondage stocks would place the "victim" in a kneeling position. For that reason and portability I chose to start with two pieces of 3/4-inch plywood that were 30-inches wide. By kneeling against a wall I got the measurement for the base plate 39 inches. The height of the up right plate was 34-inches.
 Next I knelt and measured the distance from the ground to my neck when my palms were flat on the surface. This dimension was 21-inches. Then I measured the distance from the floor to my chest. I planned to put a small padded support so when my hands and wrists tired I wouldn't have to support the weight of my torso by my neck. ( A safety item!!) This dimension was 19 1/2 inches.

Only three more measurements required: 
(1) I measured from the floor to the back of my mouth. (1a) the distance from my shoulders to the centerline of the back of my mouth.  These would be for the mount of the gag. After who wants a noisy victim? 
(1) this dimension was 21 inches (1a) This dimension was 6 inches minus the 3/4-inch for the thickness of the stock plate equaled 51/4-inches.
(2) The last item I measured the width of my face. This was for the mounts for the gag .
Not only would this prisoner be silent he could not look around either. This measurement was 8 1/2 inches. The finished dimension subtracting for the 3/4 inch wood of the stock plate equaled 7 3/4-inches. I cut two pieces of 1-inch pine that were 9-inches by 9-inches. I drilled one 1/2 inch holes in the two matching plates of 1 inch pine that were 7 3/4 inches from one edge and 2 inches from the bottom. I also cut a piece of 1/2 inch wooden dowel. I tested the gag and was happy that it wold keep a 
That was 9 1/4-inches long. I pushed this through a 2 inch foam rubber ball

 Now it was assembly time:
(1) a seven inch wide slot with a rounded bottom ( to fit my neck) that ended 21-inches from its lower surface was cut on centerline. 
(2) The radius and the inside of the slot were rounded with a router and sanded smooth
(3) The up-right and base plates were attached by a long piece of "piano hinge. This enabled the two pieces to fold flat when the arm restraint and torso support were removed..
(4) I cut two pieces of 5/16-inch thick steel bar 22-inches long. These bars were notched on one end and had a small hole both of these were to accommodate a #8 screw. These bars were intended to keep the two plates of the stock from folding or moving while the stocks were "occupied".
(5) Measuring 12-inches out from the hinge I attached the end of the metal bars with the hole to the lower plate. Then I used a framing square and set the plates at a perfect 90 degrees and installed a long #8 decking screw to hold the end of the bar with the hole in place. 
(6) Then I swung the bar onto the upright or stock plate and installed another screw for the notch in the steel bar to slide over. This held the stocks in place at a perfect 90 degrees.
(7) A piece of 2 by 6-inch pine 52-inches long was attached by short countersunk decking screws along the edge of the lower plate that was away from the hinge. The purpose of this was to keep the stocks from tipping over to either side and to provide clearance for my feet, which were to hang over the edge. 
(8) Two pieces of 2 by 4-inch pine 36 inches long were installed on a 45-degree angle from each corner with 12 inches protruding from each side and 18-inches facing for ward or in the direction of the upright plate. These served to further stabilize the stocks.
(9)  I mounted the 3 inch wide padded( with a carpet scrap) torso support.
(10) I attached the gag assembly with decking screws. Next I knelt down and tested it. It fit very well I tried to scream or shout, no significant noise.
(11) To provide the inescapable self-bondage I wanted I designed two cams. These cams were cut from a 12 inch circle of 3/4-inch plywood. I experimented until I found the best balance or pivot point for the cams. I drilled a hole in each cam. This hole was for the pivot bolt. My design was the cams would swing on bolts and trap the neck of the subject.
(12) Taping a small felt tip marker in the pivot hole, placed the right cam against my neck, I rotated the cam so the pivot hole was upward and moved it to contact the upper or stock plate.. This provided the location where the pivot holes would be drilled.
(13) I drilled both pivot holes and tested the cams. They performed perfectly they swing shut just like a trap might and were not easily moved when I tried to do so with my arm. But they would move.
(14) Small brads were installed 1/2-inch apart on the inside edge or radius of each cam. Now the stocks were truly inescapable! 
(15) The cams were attached using 5/16 bolts with large fender washers on each side and in between the cam and the stock plate. I used nylon self-locking nuts to insure that neither bolt would loosen regardless of the stress.
(16) I attached two pieces of 4 inch plastic pipe 12 inches long at 11-inches off of the centerline to the upright plate. These were secured to the upright with a screw on each end. These were to be my arm restraints. Once my elbows were in them and my neck locked into place by the cams my arms would be fully restrained.
(17) I covered the lower plate with a scrap of deep pile carpet and stapled it in place.
(18) Four eyebolts were installed on the lower plate, two at the end where my ankles would be these were 2 inches back from the end and 28 -inches apart, The next pair of eyebolts were installed 6 inches from center where my knees were. The objective was to pull my knees inward and my ankles outward thereby exposing my anus and balls for my tormentor's pleasure. 

 The moment of truth:
 Friday evening I left work early to give my newest device a "true test" under actual conditions. I knew our son would be out of town visiting his brother. During the day I had decided that arm, leg and neck bondage was not enough and that i needed something really unique like a flower to gain extra points with my wife. I bought two red roses on the way home. When I got home I prepared the flowers by removing all the thorns, cutting the stem to 6 inches in length and sealing the stem in a "condom" of plastic sandwich wrap. I drilled a hole on the back (Cam) side and threaded a piece of 1/8-inch nylon line through it. This would be routed upward, around the gag dowel and then down to a 2 pound weight. This weight , when released, would exert a strong pull on both a parachute ball restraint and a Chastilock that was locked around the tip of my cock. 

 I held the weight up with a piece of string that ran through the right arm binder pipe and was tied to the eyebolt that my right knee would be tied to with a trip knot. A trip knot is one that unties releases when you pull the free end of the knot. I placed the stocks in the center of our living room. Next I took off my watch and placed it on the floor so I would know how much time I had spent in the stocks. Next I took off my clothes and placed them in my wife's favorite chair. Finally I placed my keys on the floor in front of the door. This is our sign that I am experimenting with self-bondage. 

I lubed the flower stem with Vaseline and slid them up my rectum. I knelt on the lower plate of the stocks and with two cable ties secured my ankles to the eyebolts. Next I drew in my knees with an old belt and used to long cable ties secured them to the inner eyebolts. Finally I was ready I took a deep breath, put my hand and wrists into the restraint pipes  and bent over sliding my neck down the slot. I opened my mouth at the same time to receive the gag. The cams closed as I went down I could feel the brads dragging across the back of my neck. When my neck reached the lower edge of the slot in the stock plate the cams had closed and prevented any upward movement. I pulled on the string that the held the weight that would pull on my balls and cock. The trip knot performed flawlessly and the weight snapped down giving my cock and balls a hard tug.

It was 5:54 PM. My wife was due home at 6 PM.

At about 6:15 PM I heard the phone ring. I listened as the answering machine gave the bad news, "Hi hon, its me I'll be a little late. Carla's ( her cousin) car is broken so I'm picking her up at the garage and bringing her home with me for dinner. We'll pick up Chinese. Have fun, love you."

Now I was really in a fix. My wife was bringing her great looking cousin home for dinner and there I was nude, fully exposed in stocks in the front of the living room. I struggled and fought the stocks the best I could, but there was no escape; my inescapable self-bondage was exactly as it was supposed to be.

At 7 PM I heard the dread sound of a key in the door. My wife entered and stopped when she saw the keys. 
"Hold it Carla, let me check something out. Please wait out here."
 She then looked to the right and saw me in the living room.  She saw the flowers "Wow the perfect gift and with flowers too!" Hey, Carla, Come on in and see the gift Techster has given me.!"

Carla walked into the room and gasped," So you two do this too?"
My wife said, "No mostly he does! Although I have personally stress tested a few of his creations. We score his creations on an Olympic scale. This one rates about a 9.5 with one-half point for the flowers. But first let me stress test it!"
I heard my wife leave as Carla bent over and placed her hand on my back. "Neat design, yours?"
"Yes" I acknowledged. (by nodding my head)

My wife returned and I heard her say, "And this is his favorite stress testing device."
I took a deep breath and relaxed as the broad slapper hit my back and buttocks repeatedly. "Eight, nine, ten. That should be enough."
"May I try a few? Carla asked.
"Of course, shall I remove the roses?"
"Please Lets see if eats his meal standing tonight."
Carla laid 20 hard slaps on my buttocks.
"Now let me release you and we'll eat dinner. This device is definately a 9.9. Will it fit Carla?  There are two conditions: (1) your must remain nude. (2) you are sentenced to the Chastilock tonight.

Carla looked at me and gasped as I stood up. She glanced nervously at the stocks. She knew it would be a long night.
 After eating dinner Carla was overcome by a streak of courage "Hey guys, isn't it my turn?"   She shed her shoes, slacks and blouse and knelt on the lower plate. "OK guys show me how this thing works!" she demanded.
I took four cable ties and secured her ankles and knees. "Now bend over and slide your neck down the slot and open your mouth for the gag. Everything is automatic so once you've committed you cannot stop. The cams won't let you back up."
 My wife nodded, "Now we really have fun." She passed me the roses and picked up the phone.
 I slid her high cut panties down her legs and inserted the two rose stems up her pretty tight little rectum. She wiggled and then stopped. 

 My wife announced over the phone, "Charlie this is Techie. Could you come over and help Carla she's gotten herself stuck."
Then my wife spanked Carla with her hand. "Well, you can relax now. Your husband is coming to rescue you."
Carla wiggled and I could hear a loud mumble from the gag. My wife poured us both a glass of wine put her feet on Carla's back and used her as a footstool as she watched the evening weather.
 "May I get dressed please? Carla's husband will be upset with me nude here to his wife." I pleaded.
 "No, you may not!" was the stern reply. "After all with that Chastilock locked you do not pose a sexual threat. Relax and enjoy the show." 

Locked down in the stocks, Carla struggled and quietly murmured.
In about 15 minutes the doorbell rang. "Answer that slave." My wife jokingly ordered. I peered around the corner of the door it was Charlie, Carla's husband. "Please come and pardon my dress or lack of." I invited.
 Charlie came in and looked at me he jokingly reached down and grabbed the Chastilock by its front ring, "Follow me. Let's have a look at my bride."

As we rounded the wall into the living room he burst out into laughter. " Did she do this to herself?"
"All except the flowers." My wife chuckled, " The self-bondage stocks are Techster's and of course she had to test it?" My wife passed him the slapper.
Charlie bent over his wife and said, "Will you be my sex slave this weekend and remain nude all weekend long? Wiggle your right toes for "yes", wiggle your left for "no". 
Carla wiggled her left toes. He dragged the slapper across her back, "Would you like to consider? I have a leather friend who would like to play with you."

 Without another word he leaned into her pretty little ass with the slapper. He paused after 5 wacks. "I know she is beginning to regret what she said last night when we were playing at the Carstair's dungeon last night. I was spread in suspension and she laid into me with a cat and when I asked for relief after only 25 switches she remarked that women are tougher than men."
 He knelt alongside his wife, "Now hon if you want to retract that statement wiggle all of your toes. If you want to surrender and ride home in the nude wiggle all of your toes. The choice is yours, but I will try to help you think about it."

 Again he leaned into her back and buttocks with the slapper. It was loud enough so Techie and I started to worry if the square neighbors next door might hear. We could hear Carla whining through the gag. He stopped after 10 slaps." Ready to give up? You can end it now and retract that statement. Did you know you have a very red butt and I still have 10 more slaps to go. Why don't you think about it for the next 10 minutes."
 Charlie motioned for Techie to come over to him. "He whispered in her ear, do you have a large very strong vibrator?"
 Techie nodded, "Yes" and sprinted down the hall.
 In a few seconds she returned with two vibrators and a bottle of sex lube, "Thanks." Charlie exclaimed with a broad grin as he took both. He lubed them and inserted the larger of the two into her warm dripping pussy. He pulled out the roses and worked the other into her ass. He switched them both on and said, "Do you have beer. Let's let her think about it for a few minutes."

 As the designated eunuch servant I brought beers to everyone. Charlie sat facing us and us and put his beer on her back. "If that spills it will be another 10 switches plus the 10 I have yet to deliver. Think about it." 
 Techie switched on the evening news and we all got involved in watching it. About 30 minutes Charlie took his beer stood up and said, "where are my manners. I know Carla will be mad at me for being late in administering her last 10 slaps."
 Once again he leaned into the slapper. He paused after 5 slaps, "That pretty little butt of your's is getting redder. Want to give up? Come on wiggle those toes."
 No toes moved and Charlie delivered 5 more very hard slaps. "Well, you win."
 He looked at Techie, "Release her please." 

 Techie removed the vibrators and cut the cable ties, then she released the cams.
Charlie unbuttoned his shirt, he handed it to me. "Do you know what this means?"
"No what is the significance of her withstanding your torment?" I asked.
"Now I must submit to her will." He moaned as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his slacks.
Carla stood up with my wife's aid, Charlie asked her, "What is your will o love of my life?"
She gave him a deep kiss and pointed to the stocks," Your turn 25? Wiggle toes to give up."
"25, wiggle toes both feet to give up is the red sign." Charlie grudgingly agreed.

Charlie knelt in the stocks and I secured his legs with the cable ties. He bent over and slid his arms into the pipes. He then lowered his neck. The nail studded cams closed behind him. Carla wasted no time equalizing the scene. In about 15 slaps Charlie's toes were wigglng, "Can you take another 5? Wiggle toes for "yes". Carla queried. No toe movement and Charlie's butt turned still redder as Carla laid 5 savage blows into it. "Release my new eunuch." She ordered.

"Techie, do you have another Chastilock? I want to get one for Charlie for a special present." Carla confidently stated.
Techie pointed to me, "You know what to do, get one Chastilock and the fitting tools." Still nude I scampered out to the workshop under the cover of darkness and retrieved a new Blue Chastilock and the files and sandpaper I use to custom fit them. I walked into the living room to find Carla and Techie lecturing Charlie on the joys of Chastilock wearing and of having your wife your keyholder. "One last thing." Techie explained, "You can have any woman in the world come on to you and you can easily ignore her. If you get excited the Chastilock will be an uncomfortable reminder of who owns your sex."
Carla announced, "Also , according to Techster the Chastilock sways and tease you with every step, when you are accorded the opportunity to make love to me your will be better, stronger than ever. And you cannot play with your favorite toy without my permission." 
 "What?" Charlie uttered.
 "If you have a wild dream of an erection during the night you must get up and pee to release it. You cannot masturbate. If you want relief from a hot dream, make love to me."

 Charlie stood still as I filed and sanded the "M" shaped piece on the lock body and the points on the hasp so that even with a flaccid penis it was not removable. Finally I showed Charlie and Carla how to install the Chastilock and not get pinched. "It is very important to pull on the tip of the penis while you lock the Chastilock with the other hand." 
 "There you go." I announced. "You are now another one of us virtual eunuchs. One last thing, You can no longer take a pee in a urinal. The loops on the Chastilock will not fit through your fly. You must drop your slacks and underwear to pee. " 

Techie patted Charlie on the shoulder as she handed Carla the keys to his sex, "Let me tell you the great part. With no possibility of sexual relief you will live to please your keyholder and if she is like me she will reward you. Our sex has gone from twice weekly. Of course Techster does give me a thorough massage and other stimulation every morning. And if your key holder wants more stimulation I feel certain you will be able figure something out."
 "This has been fun, but we must get going." Carla announced. " My nude eunuch will drive me home. Please turn off the porch light so he can sprint to the car." Carla took Charlie's clothes under her arm.
 Techie and I watched as they left and laughed as we knew their life was about to take several major changes. "I think old Charlie will finally stop cheating on Carla now."
 "I don't think he has any choice." Techie chuckled pointing down the hall. "To bed."


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