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A Transsexuals Hormones

by Emily

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© Copyright 2008 - Emily - Used by permission

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Hello, My names Emily I'm a 24 year old transsexual, I just did a long self bondage session and would like to share.

First a little about me, I am I confess a very lucky transsexual I'm 5'11 but my figure and muscles look very sexy, I have long black hair and look very cute when I blush (which i am doing allot writing this). Well lets explain what happened....

I was having a really rough time, I live alone in my own place. The day was Saturday, I was extremely angry and bored since I'd stayed in all day, Earlier in the day I had tied myself up after getting out the bath... it had only lasted about 30 mins but that spark had made me want a really extreme session. So after 3pm came and gone, I walked into my bathroom and took off all my clothes except my black Bra and black panties, I remember looking in the mirror and wondering what self bondage to this extreme would be like on my increasingly more fragile figure.

I walked into my bedroom grabbing the long red hemp rope that would hold me in my prison for the rest of the night, I set an alarm on my phone. I planned to set the alarm for a few hours but set it for 7am the next day, then balanced my phone and some scissors on top of my window frame, so as the alarm went off the scissors would fall.

"Lets get fucked," I remember thinking to myself as I pulled a mattress onto the floor and gathered the ropes around me. My hormones that day were very unpredictable I had a huge dose of oestrogen in the morning and forgot to take my T-blockers so I was defiantly a wreck of hormones and arousal.

I began to tie myself up, I kneeled down on the mattress and tied my right ankle to the very top of my right leg, forcing myself to hold that kneeling position, then repeated on the other leg. I then tied a rope around both my shoulders (using them as anchors) and tied the 2 ropes hanging down my back together so it made almost like a necklace shape but at the mid of my back, then I placed a tube over my (increasingly small) penis and pulled that really tight behind my back and tied it to the necklace like rope.

Holding my penis out of sight, I remember the pain I felt doing this, almost agony, but I'd felt a lot worse so I ignored it and continued (my penis was the least of my worries). Then I tied a rope from my right shoulder to my right knee, pulling my knee right up to my shoulder. Then repeated this for the left side. After this I had already pushed a long rope under the mattress that had two ends hanging out one on each side of me, so I pushed my knee as far as they would reach to the side of the mattress then tied them up, pulling my knee's so tight to the mattress anyone could have had enough space to lie along my centre. I repeated that on the left side too. It felt like I was doing the splits.

Then the last piece of the puzzle was ready, A short piece of rope with a slipknot at each end, I had my doubts I could even reach to do this and a few tugs on my leg ropes made me doubly worried it could be too hard to get my hands in the slipknots. But I proceeded, I lay the rope over my stomach, crossed my arms behind my back and reached for each slipknot, right hand to left side and left hand to right side. I remember the pain I had trying to lift up my body to do this without the aid of my legs. I got my left hand in easy and managed to get 'lucky,' I thought, and my right hand went in before I could really think about it.

I looked and realised that the rope tied to my knee's and the mattress would stop me being able to collect the keys and tried to remove my right hand. The slipknot tightened, and my fate was sealed, I was trapped and this time it was probably for good.

I struggled against the ropes, nothing was working. I could rock side to side, Pulling the mattress up with my legs but never enough to achieve anything, I was frantically trying to reach any of the ropes I could. Nothing was in reach, I started to think about yelling for help, and the surreal feelings of imagining having to do that sank in. I frantically faught again, still no luck. My body was getting more and more wet, I was sweating so much trying to hold the position I was tied in, and lying on my hands behind my back was making it difficult to move my fingers.

I started to cry, I knew I could die like this. There was no escape, I had fated myself to this end and it was going to be a very painful end. I remember wondering how much my muscles and strength could take, (I'd avoided self bondage for about 5 years). I'd never experienced this level of bondage with my female figure and muscles. More panic set in I wondered even if I got one rope free, does my body have the strength to get free completely. I cried more.

Suddenly I realised my knee's were very loose from my shoulders, I looked between my legs and my penis had slipped out of its ties, I was relieved that it was small enough to slip out and I started trying to reach the ropes at the sides of my knee's. For an hour I fought against my bonds until finally the rope holding my right leg to the mattress was free. I rolled over on my side, the pain and exhaustion was too much and I almost slept in my newly found comfortable position. I tried to get my other leg untied but the rope held firm, it took another 30 mins to get that other tie undone.

I remember my excitement that I was free from the mattress. The rest of the bonds were holding strong but I was free of the mattress I could crawl around! I remember very little of the details after that point I rested for a little while, and it started getting dark outside. I faught more against my bonds and a knot I didn't think about was in my reach, my thigh had a knot on the top of it, rather than below like my other leg. I fought to reach it and managed to, then breaking 3 nails in the process I untied my right leg, I cannot describe the amazing feeling I felt. To lay my leg flat on the bed. It was amazing.

After my right leg was free it only took a short while for me to free my left leg, Then I stood up and managed to free my hands from the slipknots using a door handle. As soon as I was free I collapsed onto the mattress again. I had pulled 3 muscles, one in my calf, one in my shoulder and one in my stomach. I lay on the mattress feeling so submissive and helpless. I thought about masturbating, and in the end gave into the urge (takes a long time to cum when you've took Testosterone blockers for a long time), then I covered my broken, red and burnt body, pulled muscles and all... I covered myself up rolled onto my side, made a very cute moaning noise....then drifted off to sleep.

I forgot to mention, It's Sunday now. When I woke up I was still in more pain than I had been on any other day in my life. This is one self bondage session I will never forget. If anyone does self bondage using anything I've mentioned in this story. Don't be a fool! Make sure your safe, I may have gotten free but I am extremely flexible and agile. There is no guarantee you will.

Anyway i hope you enjoyed the story, I defiantly enjoyed the experience.


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