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Trail to Freedom

by Fliek

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Ever since I was a teenager I have been interested in bondage and BDSM. Besides playing with a partner, which occasionally happened, I enjoy solo play. I have done some light bondage in the past, sometimes using time releases with ice. These scenarios always took place in the safe environment of my home. I have fantasized about taking it outside, but never dared to. That was going to change. This is the true account of what happened.

Fast forward to today. I am an adult in my late 20s and share an apartment with a friend. My girlfriend lives in another city about an hour drive away and often stays with me (and I with her). She is not part of this fantasy, however, and my plan relies on her being out of town.

I live in a European city but close to the woods. The forest is on a hill surrounded by houses and is frequented by people who jog and take their dog out, often until late in the evening; especially in summer when daylight fades as late as 21:30. The plan is to go into the forest around midnight when people should be at home and asleep and live the fantasy.


It is a Thursday night on a warm, balmy summer day. My girlfriend is away, and the weather has been dry for a few days. Time to put my plan into action. I go to the basement and get the suitcase that contains my bondage equipment. I take it back upstairs into my room and spread the content on the bed to make it easy to choose the equipment I need and make sure I don’t forget anything. I get a backpack that I usually use for hiking in the mountains that I will use to take my equipment with me into the woods.

First to go in is my leather harness. It has adjustable straps around my waist and shoulders, which I like to pull tight to get a snug feeling, like if I am restrained. It also has a strap that goes between my legs with a ring that goes around my cock. If I am careful and put it on without arousing myself, I can even get my balls through the ring, pushing them tightly against my body. I also have a polyester cock strap consisting of three rings with an anal plug. The big ring wraps around the base of my cock and balls, with the other two rings around the base of my cock and balls, respectively. It puts pressure on the whole package, preventing me from cumming easily.

My eyes spot the ring gag on the bed sheet. Just thinking about feeling the metal between my teeth and the leather strap around my head turns me on. Besides the gag lie the nipple clamps. They consist of a metal pincher with plastic heads that bite on the nipples. A ring around the pincher tightens the clamps which allow me to adjust the pressure (and the pain) on the nipples. The two clamps are connected by a metal chain that dangles just above the belly button when applied.

I plan for my fantasy to have to walk through the forest for some distance. To make this more difficult, slower, and challenging, I decided to use a spreader bar which I can connect to the ankle restraints. My spreader bar can be extended, allowing for a wide or narrow stride. I grab it and put them into my bag. The ankle restraints are made of leather and are lockable. The final thing I need are my wrist restraints. The police cuffs I have will do fine. I grab a few locks and keys, throw everything into my bag, and close the bag tight. I better not lose anything.

I check the time. It is 8pm. Too early to set out. It’s only 15 minutes to the woods after all. I linger in my room watching some TV series to kill time. I feel excited and nervous at the same time. I resist the urge to jerk off; it would ruin the fun later. I turn on the TV and watch some comedy shows.


I check my cell phone again. The clock now shows 21:27. Finally, time to move out. I open the blinds and look through the window. It is dark outside, but the almost full moon provides quite some light, and I can make out most of the street. I guess it will be easy to spot me in the woods, especially if my contour is visible against a lighter background. I’d have to be careful.

I open the bedroom door and peek into the hallway. The lights are off. My Italian flatmate apparently is in his bedroom. He usually stays in the kitchen until late, eating dinner and watching a TV show. Not this time fortunately. I can see light under the lit of his bedroom door. He must be there. I grab my backpack and keys and quietly leave through the apartment door onto the street. My bicycle is parked outside behind the building.

The ride to the edge of the forest is uneventful. I put the bicycle down and lock it onto a streetlamp on the street that runs around the forest. There are a few houses with the lights still on. It looks like people are enjoying their evening and making themselves ready for bed. I take the dirt road into the woods and walk for about 5 minutes until I get to an intersection. The road splits here into two large roads, both big enough for a car, and a hiking trail. Because I go jogging here regularly after work, I know the trails well.

I decide this will be the starting point of my adventure. I take the keys to the locks that will later restrain me during my adventure and put them into my pocket. I also take a string and a small carabiner from the backpack. I always have those with me on mountain hikes for more technical climbing sections.

I walk up one of the forest roads until it joins another road coming from the left. I turn right and continue until the road reaches the other end of the forest and opens to a beautiful view over the city. I trace my steps back what I guess are about ten meters until I find a good place to leave my keys. I put the keyrings through the carabiner and tie the string to it. Taking a few steps off the road into the bushes, I look for a twig to tie the string to. I find one that is strong enough not to break when being pulled. The keys are now dangling from the string at around waist level. Perfect.

I walk back down the road to where I left my backpack. This is where the risk starts. Do I really want to do this? It is my first time doing an outdoor adventure bondage scenario, and I feel nervous thinking about what can go wrong. Would I be able to get to my keys? Would they still be there? What if somebody finds them and takes them? What if somebody sees me? Or worse, takes advantage of my predicament? These thoughts shoot through my head as I hesitate my next move. The adrenaline flows through my body. The excitement takes control of my mind and body and almost overpowers me. When I can think clearly again, I know that this is what I want. I will commit to my plan.

My backpack is still where I left it at the crossroads in the forest. I open it and take out the bondage gear. I put the equipment nicely next to each other. My light OCD nature urges me to put the equipment nicely beside each other. Order and overview are important. I don’t want to make a mistake and ruin the plan. I check that everything is there and that the locks are open. I spread out the leather harness so I can distinguish top from bottom. The spreader bar and ankle restraints I place next to it. I search for the nipple clamps and the ring gag and find them on the bottom of my backpack. Together with the police cuffs I place them next to the spreader bar. I grab for the cock strap and place it on the forest floor. I put the locks next to each piece of equipment that I will have to lock. This way it will be quite fast to put everything on.

That is when I hear the noise of footsteps approaching in the distance. I try to identify the direction from which they come. I am not sure. It’s either the forest road that leads alongside the street, or the hiking path that comes from roughly the same direction. The footsteps grow louder quickly. I check my backpack and gear. I had put them on a grassy patch a few meters from the road. The moonlight shimmers off the metal pieces. Somebody who looks that way from the right angle cannot miss them. Then I see a log of wood lying a little further near the trees. I grab it and drag it to cover most of my gear, trying to hide the metal under and behind it. I then grab my backpack and retreat behind a tree. I bend through my knees and make myself as small as possible. The footsteps grow loud, and a figure appears from the trail. It’s a jogger on a late evening run. Her blond hair dances with every step. Her body looks toned and sweaty. She turns towards me and runs up the forest road I have planned for my adventure. Fortunately, she does not seem to notice me or any of the gear. Her footsteps quickly fade in the distance.

Ooph. I did not get spotted. But I did not expect people to be out in the forest at this hour. I look at my phone. It is 22:30. It’s been almost an hour since I left home. I slowly and quietly walk back to my gear and cautiously listen for any noise for some minutes. Nothing, just silence. Ok, let’s do this.

I take the leather ankle restraints and put them on. I put a lock through the buckle of each restraint. The key is on the ring where I left them, on the other side of the forest. They won’t come off until I get there. The ring gag goes on next. I place the metal ring between my teeth and pull the strap tight behind my head. The gag doesn’t lock, but I won’t be able to reach it when I am tied and done.

Time to get naked. I strip off my shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and underwear and place it into my backpack and close it. With a strong swing I throw the backpack into the bushes. Nobody will find them now. I take the leather harness and put it on. I step with my left leg between the left hip strap and the crotch strap, placing the shoulder strap onto my shoulder. I take the right shoulder strap from behind my lag and tighten it to the front of my harness. I reach for the left and right torso straps behind my upper back and also tie them to the front. The front has a metal ring, from which now five thick leather straps spread across my breast. I take the right hip strap and tie it to the lower metal ring, joining the upper part of the harness with the hip straps and crotch strap. Now I carefully put my cock and balls through the ring. They just fit; I need to be careful not to arouse myself too much.

The polyester cock strap goes on next. I put the first ring around my cock and balls. The other two strings go each over my cock and balls, tightening them at the base both individually and together. That feels nice and tight. I get hard instantly. I grab the spreader bar and place them between my legs about a meter apart. Two locks ensure that I cannot remove them until I get to my keys. I am locked in now; I must fetch the keys before I can realistically get back home.

The last two things to put on are my nipple clamps and the police cuffs. I put the clamps on and tighten them to make sure they won’t come off during the endeavor. They bite and hurt a little, but as long as I am hard and aroused, the pain adds to the pleasure. Now the last piece: the handcuffs. The keys to those are also on the key ring at the other side of the forest. I place my cuff on my left hand, then reach behind my back and place the other cuff on my right wrist. My arms are now locked behind my back, severely limiting my reach.


I listen intently if I hear any noises. Discovery would mean humiliation. Of course, it’s too late for that now. There isn’t much I could do if another jogger would turn the corner. Let’s get away from the crossing at least to reduce the risk of being seen. I slowly make my way up the road. The spreader bag pushes my legs out wide. I had never really walked with them and underestimated how difficult it turns out to be. I cannot walk; instead, I have to put one foot forward and then scoot the other foot in an arc alongside it. This makes the going tiring and excruciatingly slow.

The road goes slightly uphill. The dirt road is much more uncomfortable than I had imagined. Lots of sharp little rocks dot the ground, pinching my bare feet at almost every step. Drool starts to come out of my mouth. The ring gag provides a free opening for the fluids to flow unhindered. They fall onto my chest and legs. The pain from the nipple clamps is noticeable, but I am hard as a rock and enjoy the feeling.

The road starts the incline more and it becomes harder to walk – or rather hobble – my way up. I have to bend forward and use gravity’s pull to help my foot arc upwards. Slowly I start to become exhausted. I wrestle with the cuffs behind my back, trying to swing my arms in a fluid motion with my legs and feet. I take a break to give my tired body a rest. I must be halfway by now. I wonder what time it is. I try to draw a few deep breaths. The ring gag prevents my breathing though. My tongue rests on the metal ring and I start drooling heavily.

I hadn’t noticed that the exhaustion has an effect on my erect state. My cock is no longer hard and, although still tied tight, feels soft. The nipple clamps start to really hurt now that I am no longer aroused. They are painful. I want to get out of this ordeal, but it’s still a long struggle up the road to my keys. I sigh at the thought that I have to continue so I can relieve myself from this struggle. All I want to do is to unlock my restraints and nurse my body.

I continue the strenuous walk uphill. After a while I hear a dog barking. That’s good news; I must be close to the houses on the other side of the forest. The barking grows louder and suddenly I hear a voice yelling “Come here!”. The voice comes from up ahead on the road. My heart starts racing and I look around for a place to hide. The left side of the road is a steep wall of earth and bushes that is impossible for me to climb. The right side of the road slopes down a few meters back from where I came and has a clearing that looks like it would allow me to slide down. I quickly turn around and make my way to the clearing. I drop on my knees, and with head and shoulder to balance myself, skid down the side of the slope. It isn’t much for cover, but I am hidden from immediate view, and if nobody looks my way they shouldn’t see me.

The dog continues barking. It sounds like a shepherd breed. It also sounds loud. Of course, a dog would sniff me out and lead his owner to me! That’s probably why it started barking to begin with. My heart races and yet all I can do is wait and hope I won’t get caught. The man up the road yells “Jax, Come back!”. The barking stops. I hear the dog sniffing. I cannot see it though. The man talks to himself, saying something like “it must be a deer or something”. Ooph. He hasn’t seen me and doesn’t assume anything is off. I no longer hear the dog and hear his footsteps slowly disappearing in the distance. He must be walking back up the road. I carefully listen to the disappearing sounds and stay down for quite some time before I dare get up again.

I try to get up but with my legs forced apart and my hands tied behind my back I struggle and fall back a few times. I notice a tree trunk and crawl towards it. I push my ass against it and slowly manage to sit down on the trunk. I move my feet in front of me, bend my legs, and push my body forward, standing up. I almost fall over because of the uneven ground but manage to catch myself by flaying my arms behind my back. I stand up straight. The slope up to the road is steep but seems doable. It’s probably only two meters. I slowly move sidewards with my toes and heels, careful to keep my balance. After some time, I make it to the road. I listen carefully but don’t hear a sound. I decide to continue.

I carefully and slowly make my way uphill. The going feels forever. Eventually I reach the intersection with the road that leads out of the forest. I pause to catch my breath. My nipples hurt like hell. My hardon is nowhere to be seen. I look towards the end of the road where it meets the houses. Everything looks still and quiet. I make my way to the edge of the forest, pruning my eyes at the opening and scanning the bushes for the tree where I tied my keys to. I get more nervous with every step; I may get discovered now that it’s not only the moon but also the streetlights that illuminate the area. I am also really hoping that my keys are still there, and that I can find them. After moving down the road for a while longer I spot the contour of the tree with my keys. As fast as possible I step off the road. With my hands behind my back, I turn around and try to grab the keys. I can’t feel them. My heart starts racing again. Did I tie them too high? I look behind my bag and see them dangling, my hands a couple centimeters below. I reach for the keys by pushing my elbows up, but still nothing. Shit! I was sure when I put the keys there that they were reachable… I bend over forwards and lift my arms up. My hands are searching for the keys but grab nothing but air. Then suddenly I feel the string. I grab it and move my arms down along it until they reach the keys. I feel the keys for the one with the right size and shape, and when I think I found it I try it on the lock of the police handcuffs. With a sigh of relief, they open and I can finally move my hands again.

Unlocking the rest is straightforward. But first I take off the nipple clamps. My nipples hurt like hell when the blood starts flowing again, even though I do it very carefully and slowly. I wait until the worst pain subsides, then remove my ring gag. I can breathe normally again. My mouth hurts from being spread open for all that time.

I take the key ring and unlock the ankle restraints and spreader bar. It is such a relief to walk and move freely again. Thinking back about the ordeal I just went through turns me back on. My cock grows big instantly. I cannot resist the urge to relieve myself. I just touch my still sore nipples and move my other hand along my shaft. I love masturbating to a fantasy, and this fantasy just turned into reality! The cock and balls are still tight into the cock strap and ring from the harness. It doesn’t take long before I cum violently. The fluids eject with such speed that it splatters the nearby leaves. My knees shake, my head feels light, and I go into a prone position not to fall.


Satisfied, bliss settles in followed by tiredness. My entire body feels sore. Slowly I grab my equipment and make my way down the road. I retrieve my backpack, put on my clothes, store my equipment, and make my way to the bicycle. It's a short ride back home and everything is quiet in the house. My flatmate must be sound asleep.

A look at my phone tells me that it is 01:30. The whole journey back and forth in bondage must have taken me almost three hours! I also have some missed messages and calls from my girlfriend. I guess I have something to explain tomorrow…


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