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Too Shy’s SB Adventure

by Too Shy

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© Copyright 2002 - Too Shy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; cuffs; gag; chain; toys; insert; outdoors; stuck; hum; climax; true; cons; X

This story is not a work of fiction, it is a real experience.

It was early evening, about 8:40pm - my wife was very tired, and said she was going to bed early. We live in a four bed suburban house - quite nice, good solid internal doors, so sound doesn’t travel much. My wife knows about my bondage desires, but doesn’t really know how much I’ve played with self bondage, but she makes the perfect safety, because she wouldn’t get too upset if she found me.

”I’m going to watch a film”, I said, thinking that a film was the last thing I’d be doing. “Okay”, kisses good night took place, and then she went to bed. I sat and watched the TV for about 40 mins while I waited for her to fall asleep before I began. I checked, and she was asleep, time to make a start.

I gathered what I needed for the session, a very short small school-girl like skirt with the button moved so it went round my waist, a black lace Basque, some black stockings, and finally some high heel black strappy shoes.

Then I gathered the more unusual gear, I started my self-bondage experiments with simple ropes and narrow leather straps, but soon found after one frightening incident, I could strain my muscles and snap the bonds at the joins of leather, so I never felt truly bound. So, now I have been on the web, and purchased some proper equipment - I’ve an array of thick strong leather padlockable wrist and ankle cuffs, a nice sized butt plug, leather head harness gag, and some thick strong steel chains with padlocks.

Okay, so first I needed some risk to make it all the more satisfying - well, being reasonably late by now, I decided that I’d put the keys to all the padlocks in a little plastic box, and put them on the patio outside - this is in view of the windows of the back of the neighbours houses, so I’d have to hope they didn’t look!

Once this was done, I returned to the lounge, and started to get ready - clothes off, and then the Basque on - then the stockings, and then the little skirt - after this, I had a raging hard-on, and couldn’t stop myself from having a little stroke - wearing female clothing is such a taboo that it never fails to get me hot! Then I lubricated the butt plug and slid it home - I then tied a wide canvas belt round my waist and past the ends between my legs and tied them to the back of the belt - this holds the plug firmly in place, and I can’t remove it without being able to reach behind me.

Finally, I put the head harness on - now I can only make muffled noises, and if I needed help, I’d have to really struggle up the stairs to wake my wife up. Now I was ready to begin.

I put the locking cuffs on first - they are separate leather bands that lock in place round my wrists, one each arm - they have a D-ring on each that you can connect to a chain or to each other with a larger padlock. Then I put the ankle cuffs on - same design, but with a short length of chain between them - enough to hobble along. Last of the leather, a short strap round my legs, just above the knees to stop me from crouching over.

Then, while standing on my hobbled feet, I put a large chain round my neck - not too tight! And bent over – I locked this to the ankle chain so I was forced to bend over - every step would pull down on the chain, making moving very difficult. Okay, I was ready – everything was in place, all I needed to do was use the last three locks - one connects my left wrist to my right ankle - snap - no turning back now - then my right wrist to my left ankle - snap - my heart is really pounding now, making my cock twitch with the increased blood flow. Lastly, to make it very difficult to move, I snapped another lock in place joining my wrists and ankles together - this one was the last minute, “just one more lock” mistake.

There I was, muffled, dressed in very girlie clothes, and chained in a butt out, bent over position – and the keys are outside in the middle of the garden!

I estimated that it would take me about 30 minutes of toe shuffling to get me to the back door - which I’d carefully left ajar - I wasn’t going to be able to reach the door handle like this! Well, might as well make a start, I thought.

I started to shuffle my feet - wow, this is a bit more effort than I thought! The muscles in my arse clenched round the plug, my cock was rubbing on the chain from my neck to my feet, now stretched tight. Slowly I moved towards the door of the lounge - it took me ten minutes just to do this, my back was aching quite a bit now, and the butt plug was starting to feel much bigger than it was. I really wanted to sit down, but I was really unsure I could get up again - damn, should have tested that - too late now.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I inched out of the room, toward the kitchen down the hall - I was starting to drool through the gag onto the floor, my cock was getting sticky, and my arse was hurting now. My leg muscle twitched at the wrong time - I swayed - shit – I thought, I’m gonna fall - I hopped a bit, straining all my other muscles, thank god! - I managed to stabilise myself - the little bit of wild movement caused the school skirt to drop open at the split over my arse - now I was fully exposed for anyone who wanted to look - I started to get that wonderful humiliated feeling - my god, what am I doing - I’m a professional businessman - my wife is upstairs – what if the phone goes, or someone knocks on the door!

Nothing for it, I’ve got to reach those keys. I was starting to wish I’d not put that last padlock on; I should have given my legs a bit more freedom to separate.

I carried on for the next 30 minutes, shuffling, swaying occasionally, with more than one moment of panic as I thought I was going to fall over – through the kitchen now, and into the utility room - great, the backdoor was in sight - not too far now - I was starting to feel very restrained, my cock was pulsing, try not to come, try not to come, I muttered to myself - I’d spend the last hour cleaning up the chains if I did!

Finally, here was the back door, ready to go through - I nudged the door, the cold night air poured in, like iced water down your throat, it caressed my body. It sent a shiver down my back, but I knew that I had to get out there to those keys. I looked down at the step, and realised my first mistake - a step - shit, I’d just not even thought about that damn step! With my ankles locked together, I had no way of stepping down a step - I couldn’t risk a fall like this onto the concrete - not with a tight chain round my neck - I might do real damage to myself!

I started to panic a little, pulling at my bonds, making those sweet chain rattling noises - there is nothing for it, I thought, I’m going to have to sit down some how. But the thought of sitting back hard suddenly reminded me of the ever present butt plug - oh no, that’s going to hurt!

I stood there, bent over and chained for a good couple of minutes, assessing my options, but eventually I decided that the best thing was to try and sit down and butt shuffle down the step into the garden. There is that delicious moment of decision where your body is not sure if you should do something, but you let your mind take firm control and force yourself against your basic instincts - I teetered for a moment, and then I was falling back - I tucked my head forward as far as I could to avoid straining against the chain - bang! The plug was forced hard into my rectum – thank god for the lube! It hurt, but not too much - more my pride - now I really felt like circumstances were fucking me up the arse.

Okay, I’d made it - now for the shuffle down the step and into the garden - this was a bit easier than before, but I also knew just with a few test movements that I was not going to be able to get up again until I’d retrieved the keys. Bump, down a step, plug pushed home again, very uncomfortable - keep going.

Finally I made it out of the house, and found myself sitting in the dark on the patio - cold flagstones pressing against my exposed arse - I resumed my shuffling out towards the key box - all the time, hoping that the neighbours couldn’t see me - it was after all quite dark. Further I went, scooting along as best as I could. Then in a blinding flash I realised my next mistake - quite literally as the intruder flood light picked me up on it’s sensor, and a five hundred watt flood light came on!!!!

SHIT! I’m sitting here in the middle of the patio, in my back yard, exposed to all the neighbours, dressed like a school slut, cock exposed, chained and gagged - I whipped my head about - what the FUCK am I going to do if they look out - they might be drawing the curtains and see me stuck out here! Crap, nothing I can do about it now - then “flick”, the timer turned the flood light off - I was plunged into darkness, but only for a second - the sensor activated, and again I was illuminated with a glaring light - oh shit, I thought, not only am I under a spotlight, but now it’s trying to attract attention!

I started to shuffle as fast as I could to the keys - I had to get to them before I was discovered – they might call the police to complain that some pervert was exposing himself in the most obscene ways! My arse was really sore now, both from scrapping along concrete flag stones, and the constant pushing against the butt plug - nearly there - flick, flick the flood went again - not far now - my cock was throbbing really hard - don’t come, don’t come - I needed all my concentration to reach the keys - ow! I’d shuffled onto a sharp stray stone - my body twitched, oh no! I swayed and then toppled over onto my side - now I was almost completely helpless - fully exposed to the neighbours gaze under the flood light - all they needed to do was wonder why the flood light kept on coming on and going off, and look out of their back windows. 

Now I was on my side I was able to look up and see the back of the house on the right of my own - I saw the back of their house in darkness - thank god, they must still be up in their front room watching TV - I started to side shuffle towards where I knew the keys were - why the hell didn’t I plan this better!!!

Bend, scrape, stretch, slowly I moved, the chain rubbing against my cock in this position, adding an almost unbearable level of stimulation to the situation - suddenly I saw a light come on in the back of next doors house - shit - panic hit me, I jerked against the chain, my cock rubbed it’s head down the steel links, and suddenly I was coming - I moaned into my gag loudly, thrashing against the chains, I shot my load all over my face as it was bent down over my knees - I’d not anticipated that either!

The moment the cum hit my face, I started to thrash wildly, my orgasm turned into a really incredible sensation – I seemed to come for a good 45 seconds, jet after jet sprayed over my face, arms and chains - I started to calm down - I looked up, guessing that by now I’d have an audience, but in looking I realised that the light was the bathroom light, and the window was heavily frosted glass, so they wouldn’t have been able to see me anyway - thank god!

Now I was only a couple of metres from the keys, I made the final distance wishing that I could get the butt plug out, my orgasmic spasms had drawn it in as far as it would go, and that damn canvas belt was pressing it home. Finally, I reached the keys, scrabbled about a bit to get the right one, and then my hands and neck were free - I stretched carefully, still painfully aware that I was very, very exposed here under my trusty floodlight! I found the right key for the padlock attaching my ankle cuffs, and then I freed my self - I quickly got up and dashed back into the house. I closed the door, and took a breather.

That night was an amazing experience - I vowed to add more risk next time, but also to make sure I thought out every movement so I didn’t catch myself out like that again - floodlight off next time!


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