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Too Much Pleasure

by Bestlaidtrap

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© Copyright 2006 - Bestlaidtrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; machine; toys; cons; X

Feedback welcome. The nature of this story is fantasy.  Do not try anything in this story at home.  Any resemblance of the characters in this story to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.


It all started so simply.

Wendy had always enjoyed playing with her vibrators more than actual sex.  It took her a long time to come to terms with the fact that she was her own best friend when it came to pushing just the right buttons to get herself to feel SO good.

Since she was 14 and had found her older sisters vibrating dildo in a drawer and played with it she had been hooked.  The fear of getting caught borrowing the device instantly had her heart rate up, and her juices flowing.  So for a long time she would wait until she had the house to herself, sneak into her sisters room and play with the dildo.  At first she would always make herself cum as fast as she could because she was worried she would get caught.  But soon there was a certain joy in extending the play... of teasing herself more and more, for longer and longer before that release.  Every time she would tease herself more and more, for longer and longer, and each time her orgasms would grow in strength the longer she held off.

Finally the day she had waited for for years came.  Her sister and the rest of her family had left on a vacation without her, as she had to stay home for summer school.  With everyone out of the house, and her at a respectable age of 17 and able to fend for herself, she finally could play at her leisure.

She soon found that she could prolong her anticipation, and teasing for a long long time, and if she waited long enough before she gave in and pressed the vibrator hard against her clit to cum, she could not only have a mind blowing orgasm, but also extend the orgasm for a long time, rocketing through wave after wave of pleasure until she finally could not take any more of the intense orgasm and would have to turn off the machine and rest.

She was in heaven.

* * *

8 years later Wendy was a very different person.  She had, however, never forgotten what she had learned on that first time alone.

She was now alone all the time.  Her parents had died in a car accident 5 years before, and had left a huge insurance settlement, a large house and other assets to split between her and her sister.  They were both set for a good long time, with more than enough money to do whatever they wanted with their lives.  Her sister, who was always the do-gooder of the family had moved to Africa to help at an orphanage and to deal with her parents death.  Neither had spoken in years, though there was no bad blood.   Instead of moving to a foreign land, Wendy had gone to university and studied technology with a mad passion.

She had never been involved with any men (who needs them when you can make yourself feel this good?) and had dedicated herself to her schooling and work so much that she didn’t have any friends either.  In fact, after she finished her degree in engineering she had dedicated her entire life to the pursuit of one dream.  The perfect sex toy.

A quick scan of the bookshelf in her isolated country house would reveal little of the kinky nature of her work, but it would show that she was well read and incredibly intelligent.  Texts on mechanical design, robotics, automation, computer software design, vibrational analysis, physiology, neurology, medicine and material science were stacked floor to ceiling in her laboratory.  Workbenches were clean and organized but populated with motors, pumps, sensors, wire, and other less technical and distinctly more sexual odds and ends.

It was at these work benches that she had completed the designs of some of her best vibrators.  Devices designed specifically to be able to output everything from the smallest gyration to the most intense vibration and thrusting that could be taken by the female anatomy without pain (and even then, only when truly aroused... to use them at full power without warming up would certainly be extremely painful).  Generations of vibrators had been built in this little room, then happily tested on herself in her bedroom.

Each one was better than the last, until she finally had created a machine that could be set to any amount of stimulation she wanted.  In her skilled hands this vibrator could make her cum in seconds, or keep her on the brink for hours by the adjustment of just a few controls for frequency and intensity of vibration, thrusting speed, and stroke depth.  The device also had an independent vibrator for over her clitoris and one to slide into her back passage.  She was incredibly proud of her creation and she loved it very much.  She transferred all of her passion that might otherwise have gone into the love of a lover into her self made perfect machine.

Another piece of the puzzle came into play when she had started to mount electrodes on her skin, connected to a sophisticated monitoring system she had developed for her computer, and began to record her play.  Each time she would play with the machine (which was also hooked to the computer for monitoring of power settings and such) she would let the computer record her biological responses to teasing, and toying and then the orgasms that finally came, and stayed for as long as she could keep herself from switching off the vibrator.  She would even press a button so the computer could pinpoint the moment of climax and begin to formulate a mathematical model of her body’s reaction to the stimulation.

For years she had been working on the system.  For years she had been perfecting it, writing software that began to control the vibrator’s output for her.  Recently she had achieved her final goal.

She had made the machine understand her better than she understood herself.  After all of these sessions the computer simply had to be told what she wanted the vibrator’s effect to be on her body and the computer could control the vibrator and monitor her body until the desired effects were achieved.

By setting up simple programs she had tested the machine.  The first was simple.

Stage 1: Raise her body to orgasm as quickly as possible without pain Stage 2: After orgasm, STOP.

It worked perfectly, and less than a minute after initiating the program she was panting on her bed wondering how the machine had made her climb that mountain so fast and so hard!

Wanting to make the whole thing hands free she had needed to put the vibrator machine into some sort of harness to attach it to her body.  After a good search of the internet, the best platform she could find was a chastity belt.  By building the vibrator units right into the crotch strap of the chastity belt and strapping it on herself she could keep everything firmly in exactly the place she needed it while she controlled the computer, and later while the computer controlled her.

Testing continued.  She wanted to see how the machine would be at bringing her to the verge of orgasm and holding her there.  The next program was written.

Stage 1: Raise her body to the brink of orgasm and hold it there, just shy of release Stage 2: Once she finally orgasmed, STOP.

To say that that was a long night would be an understatement.  According to the wall clock she had lasted over 8 hours of torment before she could take no more teasing (RIGHT on the edge of that wonderful precipice) and had unlocked the chastity belt and freed herself from her own creation.   Minutes later she had finished the job on herself with a hand held vibrator and had had an absolutely enormous orgasm.  She slept the whole next day with a smile on her face.

The system was working perfectly.  Her every command was met by it, and it’s control over her sexual release was complete.  A day later (and recovered from that massive orgasm) she decided to try out the other element of her self-pleasure that the machine had learned to control.  The 3rd program was entered.

Stage 1: Bring her body to orgasm as quickly as possible.

Stage 2: When at orgasm, keep her at orgasm.

Stage 3: When the orgasm ended, STOP.

Wendy was shocked at the results.  The machine brought her to a fairly strong orgasm within a minute as it did the first time, but this time it did exactly the right stuff to keep her there... and keep her there... and keep her there!  She thought her mind would explode from the constant pleasure gripping her loins and spreading out like fire through her body.   She lasted about 5 minutes of constant pleasure before she scrambled for the keys and unlocked the beast from herself and ended the joy.

She was shaking for an hour with the intensity of it.  Then she grinned...  this was like a new game.

How long could she endure that pleasure torture?

Over weeks she would try for new personal bests.  Getting up to over 12 minutes of constant orgasm and imagining that she had found heaven.  After a while though the pleasure was just too much for her and she started to get scared that it would never end, that she would lose control of herself for too long and hurt her body or mind with this feverish climax.

And yet, the more she wondered about it, the more she wondered what it would feel like to go beyond her own limits.  To be forced to break that 12 minute record.  To lose control?    This thought excited her more than any other sexual though of her life.  It reminded her of that fear of getting caught by her family while masturbating!  A new fear... a new pleasure.

She spent a week designing a restraint system for herself.  Something to stop her from stopping the computer before it finished it’s work with her.  Something that would make her her own willing and unwilling slave for as long as she designed the system to hold her.  .

She rigged up some magnetic locking cuffs to the 4 corners of her bed on ratcheted chains so that she could close the locks on her arms and legs, lay back in bed and stretch out into a spread eagle.  As she moved the sprung and ratcheted chains would retract with her motions but not give back any slack.  The further she stretched the more helplessly bound she would be.  In a full spread eagle she had no chance to reach her keys and unlock the belt, or to pull the wires from the computer or power systems, or reach the computer and change it’s programming or shut it off.  The computer could sense the tension on the chains as she pulled on them, and this would be how she could signal the computer.  Only when the program was complete and the locks were released could she regain her freedom.  And that freedom included the control over her own orgasms.

She tested the ratchets and locks extensively.  Making sure that there was no way that the system could have a bug and trap her.  She didn’t want to end up stuck in her own trap forever... yet, she didn’t want to make it easy to release herself.  She needed a way to push that limit.  Her new program was born.

Stage 1: Slowly bring her to the brink of an orgasm, hold there for 2 hours (to give herself a tough teasing before leaping into her longest orgasm ever... beyond her own “Limits”)

Stage 2: Push her into a huge orgasm and hold her body there for at least 15 minutes (longer than she had ever managed... and after 2 hours of teasing this would probably be a big orgasm!... Her heart pounded as she wrote the code, knowing this would feel so good yet be so torturous) and continue to force her to orgasm until the release conditions were met.

Release conditions: The conditions for her release were simple (or so she thought) if she could wait the full 15 minutes of orgasm without pulling on the chains she would be released.  However, every time she lost control of herself and pulled on the chains she would be held an extra 2 minutes.  She decided that to be safe, she should put an upper limit on the time of 60 minutes (which she already knew would be a mind bending stint of orgasm!) so she set the release torture to only take inputs until it had added an extra 22 pulls on the chain adding 2 minutes each.  After that, no matter what she would be free.

She dutifully programmed it in... and her palms were sweating as she typed away, considering what she was about to do to herself!

With all of her work finally done, she simply could not wait to try it out.  She stripped off her clothes, noting how incredibly wet and turned on she was, and began to prepare herself for the journey of her life.

She lay on the bed and made sure all the connections to her mechanized chastity belt were tight and hooked into the right part of the computer system.  Then she connected the sensors to her body so the computer would know exactly what she was feeling and how it was affecting her.  That done there was only 2 things left to do.

She walked over to the computer, swiveled it’s monitor around so she could see the program working (it had countdown timers on the screen to allow her to know how much time she had left... maybe someday she would try this game blind... but not the first time!) and gingerly pressed the enter button.  The program started and she felt the first tingles in her pussy from her beautifully designed friend.

Already feeling horny and rapidly growing in arousal she knew that she had to lock herself into the straps before she chickened out.  She sat down in the middle of the bed and locked the two cuffs around her ankles, then one around her left wrist.  She paused, this was getting to the point of no return.  She could still reach the keys from here with her right hand and unlock herself from the vibrating chastity belt... she would have to wait out the magnetic locks on the 3 cuffs though.   With her eyes closed and moving before she could think about it she snapped the 4th cuff home.  The snap of the magnetic lock sent a shiver through her whole body (helped not a little by the ramping up of the vibrations, thrusting and general wonderful feelings coming from her belt).

In her last action as a free woman before the machine took full control of her body for the next 2 hours and 15 minutes at least was to lie back and slowly stretch her arms and legs as far towards the bedposts as she could.

The chains dutifully did their work and retracted into their new housings on the bedposts and when she tested her bonds she knew she was really and truly stuck.  Another pull... this with all her might and with a small stroke of fear behind it didn’t budge an inch (though a red signal showed on the screen indicating that the computer had felt her tugging).

She almost came right then and there from the excitement mixed with fear of the whole situation.  the computer had other ideas though.  It was told to NOT let her orgasm for 2 hours and it was determined.  As excited as she was, right on the edge, it dropped the vibrations to a tiny quiver and she moaned in pleasure and anticipation... desperately wanting to tumble into orgasm now, but also reveling in the wait on the edge.

And so It went for the next 2 hours.  The counter counted down the seconds, minutes and hours, and Wendy hung on the edge of what she was sure would be her biggest orgasm ever.  She was scared about what it would be like to be forced to cum for 15 minutes. She wondered why she had set the timer to go up as high as the extra 44 minutes that those pulls would allow.   She was worried that she would not be able to lie still when the vibrator finally did kick into overdrive and drive her willing or unwilling into that endless orgasm.  She though it might be a long afternoon.

She watched, moaning after 2 hours of teasing torture in her bondage as the counter finally ticked away those last few seconds.

3... 2... 1... 15:00

The counter jumped up to show the second stage had started and then started counting down again.  She saw it displaying 14:58 when the vibrator kicked up to full power and drove her instantly into a massive orgasm!  She tried in vain to lie still and only have to deal with this incredible, insatiable, unstoppable force of pleasure... she lasted all of 10 seconds before her arms and legs tensed up in an attempt to pull herself free.  It was too much, it felt too good.  She was afraid.

She felt no give in the chains... they held her fast and she screamed out loud.  Nobody was around for miles to hear her (and of course, given the nature of her project she had had her room soundproofed and her windows tinted so she was truly alone).   Her heart pounded as she realized that this had bought her another 2 minutes of pleasure torture before she would be released.

She wondered how she would just keep breathing through the almost 17 minutes left now.  She knew she had bitten off more than she could chew.

The orgasm rolled on.  If anything it was only getting bigger and more overwhelming for Wendy.

She looked over at the monitor to see how she was doing on time and her heart almost stopped (though the feelings in her loins did not).

The monitor’s counter showed. 28:12 and counting down.

That’s not right... that would have had to have added something over 14 minutes to the time!!! She thought.   How is that possible!  How am I going to last that long!!!  That’s not right!

The panic set in (fueling her orgasm to an even more frenzied plateau) and she inadvertently yanked at the chains that held her tightly to the bed in a wide spread eagle as the vibrators had their way with her.

The red sensor indicator blinked with her pull on the chains and the clock

jumped to 56:20

Oh my god!  I must have hit a wrong keystroke and instead of each pull adding 2 minutes to the clock, it must be multiplying the clock by 2!!! She realized.  She went into a total frenzy pulling on the chains in a blind and thoughtless panic to get free of this relentless orgasm that would now hold her for over 56 minutes according to the clock.

She yanked and the clock read 112:32

A few seconds later she pulled and the clock read 224:58

She wasn’t looking at the clock though... she was struggling for her release.  Still the vibrators buzzed away and the computer sensed her every response.  It continued to tailor the merciless machine to fuel the onslaught on her sex.  In her orgasmic fury she jerked and thrashed and tensed against the unmoving cuffs with all her might over and over again as the counter leapt up multiplying by 2 times each time she tripped the sensor.

Eventually the screen displayed a new message:

Release Addition limit reached: 22 instances of sensor activation.

The counter read 58,720,283:28 and it slowly ticked off the seconds as it counted down to the end of Wendy’s longest orgasm.  She screamed in pleasure and terror at the monitor and continued to pull on the chains she created, while the system she had dreamed of and perfected made all of her wildest fantasies into a pleasure nightmare without end.


Post Script:

58,720,283 Minutes is..

978,670 hours is...

40,777 Days is...

111 years

Give or take.

Wendy, being well educated and good at math, did manage to make this calculation in her head, even while being treated to her nightmare orgasm and it’s brain clouding frenzy.  It was at that point that something snapped in her mind.  The thought of the rest of her life spent strapped to her machine, in a perfect orgasm without end was both horrifying and wonderful at once.

As luck would have she might just be rescued.

But not without consequences.

She would be forever changed by her experiences.


To be continued...



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