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Tonya’s Entanglement

by ElectroPainLover

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© Copyright 2017 - ElectroPainLover - Used by permission

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction from the imagination of the Author. Any resemblance to; persons, places, and/or events, are purely coincidental. This story is intended for Adults of legal age and contains descriptive text of an adult nature. Do not attempt any of the scenarios described within this story as there is a risk of injury or death and is for literary amusement only.
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Tonya's Entanglement – Part 1: Initiation
A Self-bondage & Machine Story
© Copyright, 2017 by ElectroPainLover – Used by permission

“How much longer?!? How much longer can I handle being used and treated this way!?!” Tonya Billingsly cried to herself in the emptiness of her solidarity in her Jacuzzi bathtub. The pain in her own voice making her sobs increase.

The water she soaked herself in was almost too hot for her delicate skin to handle. The jets surrounding the inside of the spa-styled tub remained silent and still; she had no desire for pleasure at the moment and had not turned on the soothing bubbles they produced. She felt unclean. An un-cleanliness which two scrubbings of her soap-infused loofa had been unable to wash away. A filth encompassing the very quintessence of her being, her body, and her soul.

The pain Tonya felt most was the ache in her spirit and sanctity, but, for today’s abuse she also felt an all-too-slowly-subsiding ache in her anus and the after-effects of electrical-stimuli about her nipples and clitoris.

It was just supposed to be some innocent fun. That was how it started and, if and when she decided, it was supposed to end. In the beginning and for the first several months it had been all of the fun and excitement Tonya had been hoping it to be. All her, when and how she wanted, with no strings attached. No worries of an over-talkative lover exposing secret desires for their own braggadocio or bravado. No disquieting concerns of trusting a possibly unscrupulous lover. None of the drama of jealousy. No judgment of kinks. And, that’s exactly how things were until that unfortunate and fateful Friday night five weeks ago.

Now the joy and fun was replaced with dread and sorrow. A prisoner of her own doing and a sex slave of her own making. Trapped, both inside and outside of her domicile, in a web as tangled and dangerous as that of a black-widow spider; the host of the web just as venomous to her life and her livelihood.

Being into fetishes, especially the perceived kinkiness of bondage and the desire to be dominated and sexually used did not bode well for a young, attractive, professional woman in the judicial world. Even more so for an up-and-coming rock-star of a lawyer who was now an assistant district attorney for a moderately large metropolitan city. A career which could prove as fragile as an eighteenth-century schooner in the face of a modern-day torpedo with regard to the old adage of “loose lips sink ships”. Her long-term goal of becoming Attorney General and eventually a Supreme Court Justice would be the ill-fated ship; her kinky fetishes being the explosives-filled tube; their mutual destruction being exposure of one to the other.

*     *     *     *     *

Tonya’s interest in, and fascination for, bondage become apparent to her at a very young age. Practice of it, however, ended with embarrassment when her mother caught her duct-taped ankles, tape-covered mouth, and working on binding her wrists; wearing nothing more than her pink-flowered undies and a training bra. She had been mortified, her mother more blushed than Tonya’s own flushed face, and completely unaware how her parents laughed that night as her dad bound her mom’s wrists behind her.

Her desire and fantasies of bondage never fully waned throughout her teen and young adult years but education become forefront. Other than cursory dates here and there and experimental rope binds after occupying her college studio apartment, Tonya stayed tightly focused on maintaining her 4.0. Graduating number one at University, third in her law-class, and nearly acing the BAR was the results of her fortitude and set her about her journey to her much loftier aspirations.

Now all of her ambitions, despite her hard work and perseverance, were as easily toppled as a tower built of playing cards. Naivety and innocence being the conquering pugilist over her intelligence and perspicacity due to Tonya’s inability to fully grasp the inherently cruel motivations of deviants.

 True, she is an attorney and a prosecutor of criminal activities. She was aware of the heinousness of ruthless and malfeasant individuals. However, lack of fully understanding the intricacies of motivations had become the factor of her entrapment. A trap so encompassing, so absolute, that even death would not prevent her adversarial tormentor from destroying her name and reputation. It wasn’t her name and reputation she was worried about should she use a hemlock-resolution; it was Tony Billingsly, her elder sibling, she concerned herself with. State Senator Tony Billingsly to be more precise. What would her secret peccadillo do to his career should it be made public.

Tony had been her rock when their parents were killed in a fiery crash on the interstate while traveling to her college graduation ceremony. A rock so steady and true that, had he not been there to moor herself to, she would have sure been cast over the falls of despair and destroyed within the bottomless eddy of desolation. He carried her through the trials of their burial and the tribulations of the wrongful-death lawsuit to follow. Now, she could crumble that rock with a simple word of insolence to a puppeteer whom controlled the strings of her life.

Between a sizable insurance policy and a sympathetic and generous jury, neither Tony nor Tonya would be cash-strapped for many years if they avoided lavishly wreck-less spending.

Tony moved to a neighboring state which better suited his political affiliations and Tonya hired an architect and a contractor to build her home after graduating law school and passing the BAR. Being in the heart of Tornado Alley was an understandable rational when she told the architectural firm she wanted a sound storm shelter. When asked about the bomb-shelter, Tonya simply stated; North Korea. Neither the firm nor the contractor argued—her money was green.

*     *     *     *     *

It took a little over six months for her house to be completed but Tonya wasted no time on setting the bomb-shelter up for what she actually intended it to be used for. She actually wanted a separate, hidden room, away from and not part of the storm shelter which she thought someday she might actually have to use for its intended design; and have a room she could use for her own sexual pleasures.

After a couple months of searching the internet, masking her IP and using disposable e-mail addresses, Tonya located a site which seemed to offer exactly what she was looking for. The owner claimed to manufacture the best bondage and dungeon furniture available. From the pictures and descriptions offered on the catalogue pages, Tonya believed it and had been quite impressed. The real plus in her eyes was that almost all of the products offered a self-bondage option for solo-play with assured release. The owner guaranteed 100% anonymity of purchases and purchases were professionally installed by company representatives.

The items Tonya ordered were quite pricy but after being delivered and installed seemed worth every bit of what she paid. Versatile did not even scratch the surface to describe what the system was capable of. She bought the two primary devices; a bondage bed and bondage chair; but it almost seemed infinitely expandable.

Tonya spent four nights of reading the manuals and familiarizing herself with the surprisingly vast capabilities of the system. It incorporated many more functions than she had been originally made aware. The system could be as sensuous as a lover or as domineering as a sadistic bdsm master or anywhere between. Tonya found the capabilities it offered both exciting and somewhat fearsome. The part she found quite disturbing was that it used artificial intelligence. The manual explained how the A.I. would learn the user’s likes and dislikes, desires and needs, physical and mental limitations; and, how this ‘knowledge’ may or may not be used for the enjoyment and gratification of the user. However, the most unsettling part she learned was how it also ‘learned’ what ‘its own’ likes and desires were. Of course limitations could be set and ‘hard-limits’; not even by-passable by the user; were programmed to prevent long-term physical injury.

The first weekend spent with her new acquisition was focused around the system’s learning phase. The most arduous required answering 750 questions and took the better part of her Saturday. Many of the inquiries seemed to Tonya as being nonsensical to the device’s uses, many also being redundant. However, there were more than a few that she would not have felt comfortable answering to her closest of confidants. Tonya learned early on that not answering a question was not an option and that the system was unusable until setup had been complete. The uncomfortable personal questions seemed to become much more frequent toward the end of the extremely long multiple-choice questionnaire.

Tonya completed the physical attributes training session on Sunday. As the previous day’s questions had worn her out mentally, today would be a day to take a toll on her body.

The training started simple enough by taking hundreds of pictures of her clothed and unclothed body. During the clothed photos, Tonya donned a skin-tight spandex body suit which had numerous plastic ‘buttons’ attached to it. The computer sensed these for points-of-reference to learn her limits of flexibility, for which Tonya had found the computer asking her to place herself in some very difficult, quite uncomfortable, and strenuous positions. The documentation of her naked body required putting herself in the same positions without the modesty-protecting spandex covering her womanly amenities. Tonya become quite self-conscious as the camera captured a dozen or so shots of her splayed vulva, spread ass, inner and outer labia, clit and hood, breasts, open mouth, and wide-open and closed eyes.

The next phase, and final with the exception of a follow-up learning session after one month of use, was to measure her internal limits and erogenous hotspots for orgasmic climax.

A portion in the center of the table rose and the computer synthesized voice instructed Tonya to lay her stomach on the raised portion. As she positioned herself, the system guided her through a process of restraining her ankles and upper calves, her thighs, her waist, neck and head, biceps, forearms, and, finally her wrists. Once she had followed all directions and had herself bound, all slack in each bonding point was removed and Tonya found obtaining more than the slightest of movement had been removed. For the first time, she was now completely at the mercy of the system.

In order to get the neck and head restraint on Tonya had to engulf a phallus into her mouth. She was removed of any possibility of pulling away from it once the straps tightened and now the dildo began to inflate itself within her maw. The pressure against her jaw grew ever more uncomfortable as its size continued to expand. Before long, even her tongue was being held in place as the bulb filled her oral cavity entirely and completely. Her eyes watered and she struggled profusely as discomfort turned to outright pain, forcing her to believe her mandible felt as if it were going to be dislocated. Just as Tonya was sure it would be, the pressure backed off slightly, only to once again inflate to her absolute limit again. The process repeated twice more before the phallus shrunk to a more comfortable, though still silencing, size.

Tonya redoubled her fight against the uncompromising restraints holding her in place as she felt one of the invaders behind her, align itself with her asshole and squirt a greasy lubricant on the puckered rosette. Though it entered her gently, it had wasted no time after applying the slime before slipping into her. The pain of the impalement was sharp, but thankfully fairly brief. Tonya felt it push further into her until she felt it applied a fair amount of pressure deep within her. She felt it pause then slip deeper in small increments. Though each encroachment was small, the level of pain grew until she was screaming. The depth of the anal probe followed the same triple attempt of gaining a little more as did the test of her mouth before ceasing to bury itself deeper.

Tonya, as it seemed to be the most likely progression, nervously awaited the girth of the phallus planted in her asshole to begin to grow. She didn’t have long to wait or contemplate its expansion. In the beginning it grew quite rapidly and became painful very quickly. Soon, she felt the dilation of her anus change from a consistent and steady resizing to small, almost pulsating spurts of enlargement. Unlike her mouth and internal depth of her rectum, the progressive growth in diameter of the phallus elevated well beyond a level of pain and deeply ensconced to the level of agony. Try as she might, Tonya was completely unable to pull herself from nor dislodge the pain-inducing invader which seemed hell-bent on tearing her asshole apart. Cries of purest misery befell before the tormentor ceased its attacking enlargement. However, it too made three attempts to gain more of her before the computer determined it had reached her absolute tolerance.

Tonya expected the tube-shaped implement implanted in her anus to retract itself and its brother to begin putting her vagina through the paces. With this, she had been sadly mistaken. She miscalculated the next iteration in the process of the system until the next sequence begun.

Instead of withdrawing the dildo started pumping in and out of her. Having her ass filled by a stationary object had been disheartening and uncomfortable, but, having her asshole plunged and plundered by the phallus turned her stomach. Tonya had never given much thought to anal sex and believed she could’ve lived out her life without it—now she was sure of it. As the speed of the shaft increased, Tonya felt the machines sexual extension release additional lubrication inside of her and the friction between her anal membrane and the thick latex skin of the dildo ease. However, the loss of tensive adhesion made the computer speed the ebb and flow movements to an even quicker pace. Tonya’s body quivered within her bonds as the inches-per-second the shaft finally quit rising.

Even more to Tonya’s dismay, once the machine had determined the maximum thrusts-per-minute she could handle fed into her inwardly and outwardly distending rosette, she felt the girth begin to rise once again. Tonya was on the verge of unconsciousness by the time ass-fucking test cycle had completed. Her head was swimming from the agony she endured upon her heavily abused orifice. Sweat slipped off of her drenched body as if she had just vacated a swimming pool.

Tonya had hardly enough time to begin catching her breath and clear the fuzziness of near insensibility before her pussy had been entered. Again she had been mistaken to believe the testing of a part of the body designed to have filled would be an experience more tolerable and possibly even enjoyable.

Again, the first test was depth of insertion and the pressure against her cervix caused no less pain than the test of her rectum’s depth. Once the pressure deep within her vaginal tube turned painful, the baneful machine continued to press deeper until escape was her only desire. As with her rectal exploration, the phallus backed-off from its deepest penetration before beginning the circumference testing. Tonya would’ve never believed the dildo being capable of growing to a size to cause peril to an orifice designed to allow something the size of a baby to traverse, but, in this she found herself wrong once again.

The pain and resounding screams; muffled only through the engorged rubber phallus filling the entirety of her maw; were no less worse than anguish and utterances she felt and released earlier. She didn’t expect the experience to be completely free of pain, but she had never imagined it to be on such a par as getting sodomized.

After the computer had substantiated a benchmark for her pussy, Tonya would be hard-pressed to affirm either of the two as being the better or the worse. But neither came close to comparison when the computer and its electro-mechanical extensions run anal and vaginal tests in unison. Near the end of this test, Tonya did lose consciousness for several minutes, only to awaken to her anus and vagina devoid of intrusion and her oral phallus being greatly diminished.

The fog of pain-induced sleep slowly cleared from Tonya’s over-stimulated mind and she was quite dismayed to find the restraints had not slackened in their resolve to keep her completely immobile. She could not help but fear what might be next for her.

Tonya jumped and screamed as she felt the entrance of her pussy once again molested; the enhanced sensitivity from the abuse only minutes ago still very noticeable. Being reentered so soon after being so tortured had not been a welcome reengagement.

Again, the system left Tonya questioning her predictive capabilities. The working end of the robotic cock took on the dimensions of an only slightly larger than the normal endowment of a real man and maintained the rhythmic thrusts, complete with the occasional loss of rhythm and sporadic harder thrusts and sensitivity induced twitches of a real male counterpart. About the only thing making Tonya not believe she were being used from behind by a human was the light vibrating sensation of the phallus; a feeling she believed could be mimicked with the use of a vibrating cock ring.

Tonya’s pussy was beginning to come to life and was producing its own lubrication. She could feel the risings of lustful need arise deep within her as she pulled lightly at her restraints and formed a picture of a man taking her, partially unwillingly, in her minds-eye. She allowed herself to drift into the draw of a rising climax as she felt the nodule covered rubber tip of a clitoris vibrator first contact, then begin to buzz, upon her magical button growing more engorged and more sensitive with each passing moment.

Just as Tonya felt the climax growing steadily within the deepest parts of her being, the phallus withdrew from her and the vibrator disappeared. A strong scream of frustration made a valiant attempt at bypassing the silencing gag still engorging her mouth as tears of aggravated torment from denied completion of a powerful orgasm streamed down her cheeks. Her very rapid breathing and accelerated heart-rate waned slowly yet remained much more rapid than normal and her need to finish what had began became foremost within her.

Tonya lay bound, unable to help herself with either release her body nor her soul, and curse the cruelty of the machine for which controlled her. Her anger built from the denial of an orgasm, an orgasm she felt she deserved so much after what she had been put through earlier, caused her exultation-filled rise to the precipice of desire to slip into a pit of remorseful yearning.

As suddenly as it had withdrawn, the dildo once again spread her lips and nestled itself deep within her. The same gentle vibrating, throbbing, caressing of her lips and opening centered her focus upon her erogenous sensitivities once again. Tonya felt the clitoris vibrator once again attack her vulnerable spot, almost believing it to be as amorously needing of her as she was of it. She climbed the ladder of ecstasy once again, however, with guarded wariness as she feared the computer would once again withdraw its offer of orgasmic pleasure. Tonya was not in error.

The computer maintained her on the edge of climax this time. It made minute adjustments to keep her balancing on the razor’s edge of pleasure; like a car’s cruise control working against gusty winds to maintain the set speed. As the computer read her pulse, basil temperature, and respirations, it learned how to keep Tonya trapped in torturous equilibrium between maddening frustration and ecstatic bliss. Soon, the computer no longer needed to make small adjustments and could steadily hold her in the hellish balance for hours.

Tonya had once again been denied her desired resolution when the phallus ceased its ever-increasing expertise of her erogenous reactions. It stayed buried within her this time, but, denied her forthright. Tonya felt as if she might just go completely mad if the system denied her an orgasm a third time.

By the time the dildo took on its vibrating and reciprocation within her, Tonya had lost all sensation of her previous two failed climaxes. She still sobbed with retching hitches deep in the pit of her stomach. She cursed herself for purchasing a device which she now believed to be a product only the devil himself could devise. She hated herself for getting into a position of absolute subservience to a machine which had no more regard for her than even the most psychologically withdrawn individual.

Tonya fought against it as the computer began stimulating her sex in an attempt to work her back onto the edge of bliss. A battle she fought and quickly lost. Within forty-five seconds after beginning, Tonya’s eyes were rolling into the back of her head, moans of deep pleasure resonated within her, and her muscles took on a shuddering shake reminiscent of fear or sex.

The next hour of Tonya’s life would be hell-on-earth with absolute indifference to her needs, wants, and desires. As the phallus worked in her pussy and the vibrator worked on her clit, the machine also slipped the dildo used to painful measure her asshole back into the tight orifice. The computer made adjustments upon her pussy and clit as it detected her verge-of-orgasm begin to wane. Once it returned her back to an agonizingly and torturously close denial it worked her ass harder and faster and bigger. Tonya’s asshole was now being used to regulate how close or how far she remained from her sexual finale. The system played with her much like a cat does with a mouse. With assured cruelty, it thrust its invasion-forces in and out, larger and smaller, harder and softer, into Tonya’s most private sanctuaries while learning every miniscule detail about what will and will not bring her to absolute pleasure.

Tonya felt as if she had slipped into a dream-world of madness. Everything felt surreal. Everything, that is, except for her aching asshole, punished pussy, and chaffed clit. Her world spun around her without order or logic; any sense of sanity or reason being cast away and discarded as if it were a common piece of refuse. Tonya had long since quit trying to gain even the slightest advantage that would cause the system to lose its grasp of her and allow her to teeter beyond the brink of ecstasy and into the world of orgasm.

Tonya had no idea it was going to happen until it did. Her body and her mind were like a tightly twisted rubber-band used to power a child’s balsa airplane. If she were tightened much more, she would surely break and, at least mentally, she would be done. However, if allowed to be released she would soar high and far into lust-filled abyss as the pent-up energy released itself in a rush. It was the latter that Tonya was finally permitted.

The orgasm that took her after being held so tantalizing close; but, so irritatingly far; for so long released itself in sets of powerful waves causing every nerve fiber in her body to come to life at once. Being allowed to finally cum was the most exhilarating sensation she had felt for as long as she could remember. College graduation, passing law-school, and passing the BAR collectively paled in comparison to finally accomplishing such a basic biological task.

The power of the orgasm had been such that she had lost all sensation of her pussy and ass still having phallus’ slipping in and out and her clit still being buzzed. However, as the wave of euphoria slowly slipped away, she felt them still working upon her. Instead of being able to allow her body to slump into worn-out aftermath she felt another tidal-wave of jubilance begin to build deep inside again. Tonya welcomed this additional orgasm as if it were a long-lost friend rumored to have passed away years ago. It was her fifth through tenth orgasms which become the unwelcome and eventually hated houseguests which seemed to never know when to leave.

The computer continued to tear them out of her; each of the last five becoming increasingly more painful than previous one. Numbers nine and ten seemed to take an eternity to build to resolution, and eventual release, each feeling as painful as vaginal birth without the luxury of an epidural block.

Once the computer deemed it could no longer hold Tonya’s final orgasm aloft, it withdrew its stimuli-inducing extensions from her very sore, very exposed cavities it so cruelly and thoroughly tested. The bulbous invader maintaining her vocal silence deflated and withdrew from her mouth as well.

Tonya felt the steel bands holding her wrists and ankles seemingly tightly welded to the wooden surface of her entrapment relinquished their unyielding hold as the straps holding the rest of her body firmly in place loosened their insidious grasp. Tonya, however, was much too spent to immediately avail herself of the freedom being offered her. The only muscles she had the slightest desire to operate were to flex her aching jaw now that she had the ability to do so.

“Ms. Billingsly…” The computer began in an unsympathetic monotone, “…you have five minutes to extricate yourself before it is deemed you wish to reset the collected parametrical data and a required retest being performed.”

Being formally addressed jerked Tonya out of her energy-regaining fugue; the thought of undergoing the testing procedure once again made her move. Panicked by the thought, removing herself from the loosened bonds was made more difficult by her haste. Instead of removing the straps Tonya tried to slip herself free of them; the friction between her skin and the leather causing the straps to bind as she did. She struggle fiercely as she tried to wriggle free of the rawhide she expected to snap taut and entrap her still vulnerable sexes for another round of painful invasive tests.

Tonya finally composed herself enough to realize removal of the restraints to be a more viable option than slipping free of them. Clearing her thoughts and focusing on the captors encircling her limbs made her understand that, loose as they may be, the straps would not allow her to slip free without being able to completely straighten her elbows and knees. The progressive release of the straps connectors in reverse order in which she put them on had her free of the table in quick fashion.

“Clear heads prevail” Tonya thought to herself while balancing on weak and wary legs.

Now that she could see the clock, Tonya was appalled to learn what had seemed to be an interminable amount of time of being prodded, stretched, rammed, and forced multiple times into paroxysmal release had, in fact, only taken four hours of her morning.

“Ms. Billingsly; you will now secure the top section of the female chastity device about your waist.” The computer ordered in its callous, unfeeling intonation.

“And if I do not?!” Tonya stated defiantly; more as a test of the computer’s intercommunicative skills than an outright refusal.

“Further use of this system will be restricted until compliance is accommodated.” Replied the computer’s AI software, passing Tonya’s interactive test.

The stainless steel belt fit quite snuggly about her waist as Tonya placed it around her and, though hesitantly, slipped one end inside the other. A small click ensured the belt was secured upon her.

“You have one half hour to cleanse your body and return and attach the lower section of the chastity device. The chastity brazier will be put in place at that time as well. Further insolence will no longer be tolerated.” The synthesized voice ordered, then, threatened.

“What the fu…” was all that made it from Tonya’s voice-box before getting dropped to her knees by a powerful shock to her kidneys. She knew what happened immediately as she had witnessed the same debilitations overtake two dangerous felons in the courtroom. A stun-belt had incapacitated them which, Tonya ascertained, she too now wore.

“No tolerance Ms. Billingsly.” The computer informed as she drug herself to her feet once more.

Tonya normally preferred to soak for extended periods in a bath of steaming water. As she walked, the ache became very apparent where her two legs met to become a single torso from the morning’s tests. She wished she could indulge herself in her usual luxury. The amount of time the computer allotted her would seem more of a tease than any form of relaxation. She opted for a quick hot shower to wash the saline residue of her sweat from her skin and the lubricant-cum mixture from between her legs.

She returned to the room her electronic demon was housed with plenty of time before she had been instructed so not to receive another debilitating shock. Getting the lower section of the belt to fully lock into place was not an easy task. The belt was too tight to slip down her hips any further and the strap seemed too short to cover the distance of her ass, vulva, and pubis to fit. Eventually, nestling it deep into the crack of her butt cheeks and against the arm of her bondage chair to apply enough pressure, Tonya got the front lock to slide into position and lock into place. The belt was uncomfortably tight around and about her.

The metal bra fit about her much easier though she had to exhale deeply to connect the front locking device and attempts to take a deep breath after its closure caused the band around her chest to dig painfully into her skin. Tonya was limited to only taking in half breaths.

Her nipples were surrounded by studs which, she learned as she fitted the cups over her mounds, poked uncomfortably upon her nubs if not centered in them. Tonya felt a poke, only being slightly uncomfortably, into her areolas.

“Ensure the cleave of your Mons is spread and your clitoris is exposed and your labia are equally parted.” The, now hateful sounding, computer demanded.

Tonya friction-pulled the skin on either side of the strap covering her clit and sex until she felt the smooth metal touch her nub and cool steel against her inner lips. The sore muscles of her sphincter and vagina feeling the pressure of the steel strap against them.

“You have one hour to nourish and rehydrate your body before the next phase begins. Tardiness is not acceptable.” She was informed and wasted no time in excusing herself for lunch. Tonya was both famished and very thirsty.

Tonya returned feeling better after her caloric and liquid replenishment, closing the eighteen-inch thick blast resistant steel door; hearing it click locked as the vault-like bolts slid into place and the air within the two-foot thick, steel reinforced, concrete walls gain positive pressure to ensure carcinogens outside the bunker remained outside the bunker.

Though she had only used forty-five of her sixty minutes allotted for her lunch; expecting to use the remainder to relax a little; the computer ordered her to begin her next position of limited mobility as soon as the door to her room had closed. In the covets of exposing herself to as little pain as possible, Tonya decided compliance was the better part of valor and offered no argument to her tormentor.

The computer ordered Tonya to adjust two spreader-bars to the length of thirty-six inches; strap a ball-gag securely into her mouth; secure a biometric sensor collar around her throat; attach leather cuffs to her ankles and place one of the bars between them; suspension cuffs about her wrists; and attach the other spreader to the overhead hoist centered in the room. Electronically released quick-links, she was told, were to be placed between the bar and the chain of the hoist and the D-rings of the wrist-cuffs to the rings at the end of the spreader.

When Tonya finished attaching the devices and fetters, the hoist lifted her until the tips of her toes missed the floor by about six-inches and her shoulders brunt the weight of her body.

The next two and a half hours become a living hell of pain and denied pleasure. The computer used the chastity devices against her sex and breast to deliver painful zaps of electricity, independently and in unison, to the various parts of her erogenous areas. Pleasurable sensations were dispensed upon her sensitivities as well. The system learned her every reaction to the electrical pulses sent through her and reacted with equaled expertise to her responses as it had during the morning session.

Tonya tried to fight the computer as it tormented her through cycles of pain and ecstatic response without success. It learned exactly where her level of pain begun and how far it could safely raise the stakes. It became a master of her cycle of pleasure from first induction to climactic conclusion; once again, holding her frustratingly, painfully, on the verge of ultimate release but not letting her fulfill the much sought finalization of her needs.

The program experimented upon Tonya by getting her to the height of arousal and used painful electrical bites to strip them from her. It studied how her nipples reacted and how; they too; could be used as a sole means to bring her to the brinks of ultimate gratification. Tonya was teased with slow building bliss and immediate near satisfaction; each zenith crumbled using excruciating pain to her climactic nadir.

Tonya felt as if sanity were being pulled from her thread by thread and stitch by stitch. Each rise and fall of her pleasure plucking them out one by one. She felt as if she would be left a babbling and senseless husk of her previous intelligence should she be forced to endure the computer’s senseless sexual cruelty much longer.

She had no idea when it would, but, she knew by the computers previous cycle of escalation, the next ascent would encompass her being extensively orgasm-bound and dreading it as much as she despised each denial. Only a few minutes after her mind predicted the progression, it began.

The system tore another ten orgasms from her abused and much over-used libido while holding each one as long as her body would allow. Tonya cursed herself vehemently for her decision to purchase and subject herself to a monstrosity such as this torturous hater of women. It had to be so to treat one so. She struggled violently as she hung from her wrists, kicking her bound spread legs in every direction; trying to make contact with something, anything. Tonya became ever more maddened by the feeling coursing through her nipples, her clitoris, her labia, and the cursed tingling within her anus. Each contractual response of her body leaving her more tired and exhausted and sexually pained than the previous one.

Tonya had been oblivious to everything around her though, amazingly, she heard the computer utter the word ‘ten’ and an immediate cessation of further stimulation. Her body twitched uncontrollably from the last vestals of a waning climax slowly departed, hanging limply from her wrists in the gaps between the convulsive contractions. Her head swum in a soup of frustration, fright, and fatigue. Her body swung over a puddle of sweat and cum.

“Congratulations Tonya Billingsly! You have completed the training portion of the Advanced Self-bondage, Bondage, And Slave Trainer; A.S.B.A.S.T. system and I am now ready to serve your needs.” The computer said to her in a very cordial and respectful tone and mannerism as it slowly lowered her to her feet and eased the tension upon her aching shoulders. “Please give me a name.” Finishing with a request.

Trying to gain her breath, footing, and balance Tonya responded, “Not the best fucking time to ask me to give you a name you bastard!”

“Understandable Tonya. I will respond to ASBAST until you decide on a new name. I will await your further directions.” Now sounding almost sympathetic to what it had put her through throughout the last two days.

“I want you to release my fucking hands from this mother-fucking bar, unlock the god-damned door, remove this shit from my body, and put your ass to sleep.” Tonya demanded angrily.

Simultaneously, Tonya’s wrist-cuffs were released from the spreader still attached to the chain above her head, the belt and strap around her waist and vulva clicked, her bra strap released, and the doors locking device withdrew from the locked position.

“Good night Tonya.” It said, finishing the last step of her orders.

“You can address me as Ms. Billingsly prick!” She hissed.

“Very well Ms. Billingsly. Prick is going to sleep.” The computer responded; Tonya smiling at how it seemingly mistaken her calling it a prick as her naming it Prick.

Now she would take that very long, very hot bath she longed for earlier.


To Be Continued…EPL

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