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A Time to Sit

by bondagelover

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© Copyright 2006 - bondagelover - Used by permission

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I enjoy reading the self-bondage stories posted on your site. I really enjoy them if they are real. Hopefully, you have read my introduction and have an understanding of who I am. This is a true story about a self-bondage session that I did a few years ago.

For a while I had not been as satisfied with my self-bondage positions. Either I ended up getting out prematurely or the realism wasn’t there. We had an open house to help with on a Saturday. I went early to help set up and my wife came by later. We spent some time together and I told her that I was going home to get changed and we could go out to dinner later. I would be back in 2 hours.

On the way home, I had a huge urge to tie myself up. I rushed the rest of the way, ran in and quickly got a stocking out and the keys to the cuffs. I place the a fairly large ice cube in the stocking, slipped the keys over it and tied the stocking to the curtain rod over our sliding glass door. I tied the other end of the string to a lamp fixture attached to ceiling in the middle of our room. I had to move a piano bench so I would have the room to tie myself up.

I ran into the bedroom and put on a pair of black pantyhose, black opera length gloves and 5” heels and came out with all the needed goodies. I sat Indian style directly under the fixture and tied my crossed ankles together and cinched them leaving about 18” of the two ends. I took another rope and looped it around my waist three times and tied it off. This rope would easily go around my waist 4 times. I did this for a reason. I took the last would-be loop, pulled the other loops tight and ran it down my crotch, down and under my butt so there was only about 4 inches sticking out and the knot of this loop in my stomach area. This caused the pantyhose to tighten even more around my crotch. I attached the handcuffs together using a 3-inch chain and threaded them through the loop.

Next came a collar with the d-ring in the front. Another length of rope was looped three times and I slid this up my arms to my elbows in front of me. I reached behind my back to make sure my hands would easily touch and that I could reach the handcuffs. I made a quick adjustment to the loop for my elbows, checked it again and set it to the side.

Now, the thought… do I put on the nipple clamps. This is where I find that I chicken out or put them on only to find out that I can take them off after my hands are cuffed. Since I wanted the totally helpless feel either way, I put them on. My dick just grew and was pressing against the nylons and rope even more. Now was the time for the blindfold. I wrapped an ace bandage around my head several times, nice and tight, and took an old stretched out stocking and placed that completely over my head to keep the bandage in place. I then grabbed the ball gag and tied that in, forcing the stocking in my mouth and preventing the stocking from being removed. I made sure it was tight and no way to push is out.

Next, I bent slightly forward and took to two ends from my ankle bondage and looped it through the d-ring of the collar. I didn’t pull this tight, just enough to keep me from sitting straight up. I found the other looped rope and slid it up my arms again and made sure the chain of the nipple clamps would not be trapped under the rope when it was pulled tight to my body. Once this was done, I grabbed the handcuffs and snap my left wrist into it. I fumbled for the other cuff and got it around my right wrist. Do I do it? The position was fairly comfortable but restrictive. My nipples were throbbing slightly and I was already starting to drool a bit from the gag. I told myself that you wanted to be totally helpless and snapped the other cuff on.

The usual excitement hit when the cuff clicked, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then I started to test my bonds. Within 30 seconds I realized that there was no way out. I could not reach the nipple clamps. I mean I couldn’t even get close. My arms were held nice and snug to my body and my hands can only move about 2-3 inches each way. If I try to pull up, it just tightens the rope between my legs plus the rope around my arms keeps them from lifting. I only snapped the cuffs to the first click and thought about trying to slip my left wrist out. With the soft material of the gloves, I probably could. To heighten my now sense of helplessness and remove any thought, I tighten them so they each click about 4 times. Then I was truly stuck.

The whole process of the bondage only took a few minutes and I have no idea how long it will take for the ice to melt. Usually, it takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Any longer than that and I would really have to rush to make it on time. The last time I looked at the clock, it was 1:15 and I had until 2 before I had to leave. I tried to push the gag out but it is in very tight. Almost to the point of being too tight. The stocking is now soaked with my drool and I feel drops of it landing on my nylon clad legs. I can’t keep myself from drooling because I can’t swallow. I continually try to get out but it is no use. My nipples are throbbing but that just gets me going even more. The chain of the clamps ever so slightly rubs against my rock hard dick underneath the thin material of the pantyhose. Then the fantasy starts to set in.

I fantasize about my wife coming home to find me like this. She would just kinda chuckle as she commented about my current state. She would see the key and how I planned to get out. She would bend down and ask if I were comfortable. Regardless of my answer, she would take the rope that was attached to the collar and undo it only to pull me down even more. Almost to where my head was touching my ankles. Then she would walk over to the freezer and I would hear her take out more ice and walk back to me. She would tell me that since I was busy, she would go out to the open house alone and them maybe out with a friend of hers afterwards. I could hear the keys rattle as she undid the stocking only to add more ice then tie it back up. Then she would bend back down and whisper in my ear “that should keep you for a few hours…see you later, slut”.

I would hear her leave and wonder just how long I had to now wait. I was quickly jolted out of my fantasy state when I swear that I heard my watch beep saying that it was at the top of the hour. Two o’clock already! My mind now starts racing. How can I get out? I twist and pull but nothing. For the first time in a while, I had gotten myself truly stuck until the key falls. The blindfold keeps me in complete darkness and now my nipples are starting to hurt but my excitement level is continuing to rise. I rocked my hips and rubbed my cock against the nylon. The chain from the clamps continued to rub me. Man, I do not want to cum now. Then it is too late, I cum in waves as I jerk against my bonds. Shortly after the climax, the pain of the clamps and gag really set in. The once fairly comfortable position is now almost unbearable. I need out!

Very fortunately, the key falls and hits me right in the hands. It takes a couple more minutes to finally work the key into the hole. I quickly take out the gag and remove the blindfold. I look at the clock and it is now 2:25pm. SHIT! I take the nipple clamps off and just about scream as the blood starts circulating again. I run to the bathroom and practically rip off the pantyhose, heels and gloves. I am going nuts trying to get dressed and put all the toys away because we would be picking up one of the kids after dinner. I am out the door at 2:40, partially dressed and still buzzing. Halfway to the open house, I realize that I left the stocking attached to the curtain rod. Mental note: Remove immediately upon returning to the house.

I get to the open house and my wife is still busy talking to her friends. I walk up to her and she asked what I did at home. I just told her that I rested for a while. Nothing more was said and we headed to dinner. Afterwards we picked up my son and headed home still thinking about getting that stupid nylon off the rod. I walked into the house ahead of my wife (I know not very gentleman like) and then I noticed that I forgot to put the damn piano bench back. The wife was on her way in so I quickly tried to put the bench back but she walked in and saw what I was doing. She asks why that was over there. I told her I was going to vacuum but got sidetracked. She seemed to buy it and I was easily able to remove the stocking while turning on the outside light for my son.

Later on, after my son had gone to bed, my wife came out of the bathroom, kinda smiling and told me that next time I played, I had better put all my stuff away. I gave her one of those dumb looks and asked her what she meant. “Something black.” Oh crud, I had left the gloves, heels and pantyhose in our bathroom. I was busted. I was now obligated to tell her what I had done. She just laughed and told me that she knew something was up because she just vacuumed the day before and that I couldn’t hide something like that from her.

A couple weeks later she ordered me to put myself in the same position with her home. I wasn’t allowed to hang a key and had to sit there until she decided to let me go. Yes, she pulled my head down a little further after I was helpless, just like my fantasy, but she only left me in that position for about an hour while she took a bath and got dressed up. She did take the time to tease me a little by rubbing her nylon clad foot over my nylon hooded head but she didn’t like the position because everything was “inaccessible”. She left the cuffs on though and I spent the next hour or so servicing her nipples and crotch with my tongue before I was released. Overall, a great experience.

More stories to follow!!!


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