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Time for Self-Bondage

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; toys; climax; cons; X

Diane was a pretty 25 year old with beautiful long blonde hair. She was single, had a successful career and a great new home. Diane enjoyed her sex life and especially her bondage lifestyle. Diane is very private about her bondage interests and rarely brings it up with former boyfriends. Her friends and family have no idea that fantasies like slave auctions, bondage-sex, forced fantasies, pony-girl fantasies turn her on so much. What she really enjoys is just a simple self bondage with some toys.

Today she is planning to do another self bondage fantasy when her parents kind of invited themselves over for dinner at 5pm at her place. She could not refuse her parents so she said yes but was still planning on doing her exciting self bondage fun today. It was 2pm and she had plenty of time and she could escape any self bondage situation within 10 minutes. Her plan was to escape by 4pm, do a quick shower and order some take out for she had plenty of time!

Diane put on some sexy lingerie: black garter belt, black silk stockings, black satin lacy panties, black satin opera gloves and black 5 inch high heels. She placed her favorite red ball gag in her mouth and then inserted her special modern vibrator into her young pussy underneath her sexy panties. The vibrator would be pre-programmed to turn on and turn off during the next several hours. She was now ready to get herself into a spread-eagled bondage position on her bed. She had some safety scissors nearby in case she could not get out of the ropes.

Diane was now tied to her bed spreadeagled with the vibrator already stimulating her pussy. She was now deep into one of her abduction fantasies. Her fantasy always consisted of an older attractive man who had abducted her, tied her up and was going to have his way with her. She was imagining him ripping off her clothes and fondling her body against her will. The vibrator was making her so wet and excited as she continued with her fantasy...he was now ready to penetrate her with his huge cock and then...the doorbell rings!

She is stunned and looks at the clock that reads 4pm and then realizing that she forgot about the time change! It's actually 5pm and her parents are here and she is bound and gagged in her bedroom. She hears the door open and her parents calling her name. Diane quickly tries to get untied and free before her parents find her and find out about her secret bondage life. She almost has one knot free when the vibrator turns on again and she loses focus and surrenders to her passion.

Diane's father decides to check the garage and backyard for his daughter and Diane's mother checks the kitchen and then her bedroom! She enters the bedroom and is stunned at what she sees...her daughter spreadeagled and moaning with pleasure! Diane makes eye contact with her mother and then her orgasm hits her and she moans with pleasure. Her body jerks as the orgasm overwhelms her. She knows her mother is now watching her own daughter having an orgasm!

Diane's mother quickly closes the bedroom door before Diane's father sees his own daughter tied up! She looks at her vulnerable daughter dressed in sexy black lingerie and sees the vibrator underneath the panties. Diane's eyes go wide with uncertain looks as...


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