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by Ben94

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Short disclaimer: This is my very first story here, so bear with me :) This is a true account of my most recent selfbondage session.

Hi, my name is Ben, and I'm into some serious selfbondage. I'm an averagely built but really tall 26yr old male. I love tight strict ties and painful punishments I can impose on myself. I use every chance when I have the house to myself.

Last Tuesday was just such an occasion, when my girlfriend went to run some errands in the city. She doesn't know of my selfbondage sessions, we tried this and that, but her tastes are more vanilla. I had a couple hours to indulge in my fetish fantasies. Not that much mind you, but it's enough to get my fix for a while.

The moment she was out the door I grabbed my cache of bdsm gear and stripped naked. Today I wanted to try a really uncomfortable and potentially frustrating tie, involving an anal hook. Did I fail to mention im a huge fan of anal play? Well we can't all be perfect can we?

I crave anal pleasures, doesnt matter if it's a huge vibrating dildo pounding me from behind, an overpumped inflatable plug slowly pushing me to insanity, or an enormous static plug tormenting me with terrible (and amazing) electrick shocks, I just absolutely love it. I can't get enough. A bondage session without any such blissful diversion is a complete waste of effort. Anyway back on track...

I first put on my black leather collar with metal rings around it and secured it with a small padlock. Then did the same with a pair of matching cuffs on my wrists. Then I brought out the heaps of rope I collected over the years. First I tied my ankles together, tightly cinching the binding through the middle. Then I followed the same way above my knees, then my thighs. My legs were now secured safely together.

Then came the fun part. I grabbed my large black silicone vibrating anal dildo and, with a generous dab of lubricant, rammed it deep in my ass, making my already semi-erect cock absolutely throbbing with excitement. I urged to just grab my dick and get off right then and there while being pumped from behind, but why spoil the fun. Instead, for having such bratty ideas, I took out my painfully small steel chastity cage and, with the dildo still deep inside me, I slammed the damned stainless tormentor on my manhood already pulsing with the need for an orgasm. I then added another layer of torment by taping a bullet vibe to my newfound prison for later amusement and frustration.

Having taken care of that, I resumed my unfinished business concerning my ass, and a good hard pounding...

I took hold of the end of the dildo with one hand and set it to maximum power with the other. The feeling is just amazing every single time. I quickly started pulling it out and pushing hard back in, picking up the pace as I slowly neared an orgasm just from the anal stimulation. I never achieved an anal orgasm but it doesnt make it any less enjoyable. If anything it even adds to my denial fantasies! ;)

After a long couple minutes I felt sufficiently hot and bothered to proceed to the next part.

Reluctantly I pulled out the delicious intruder from my oh so sweetly abused backside and replaced it with the imposing cold metal hook. It felt underwhelming by itself, but I consoled myself with the knowledge that it's about to get a whole lot more intense back there in a short while.

Now for the other accessories, I put on my favorite extra strong nipple clamps, I even removed the rubber casing from their tips so they give more of a bite. My nipples were already increasing in pain as I proceeded to put my harness gag on. First the 2 inch rubber ball filled my mouth snugly, then it was fastened around my head tightly with it's many straps and buckles.

Done and done! No more whining from this masochistic whore, I thought, which gave me another new idea that I had wanted to do for a while. I hobbled to the desk next to me and pulled a black sharpie from one of its drawers. I then penned the words ‘bdsm-slut’, ‘whore’, ‘masochist’ and ‘anal slave’ on various areas of my naked body. I was so turned on.

After hobbling back I grabbed more rope and made a classic ring device with short ends, one of which I secured to the eyelet of the anal hook. I then tied another rope to the top ring of my head harness, and tied it to one of the horizontal wooden bars of my gallery platform overhead. This way I was effectively being strung up, straight as a nail, standing on my tiptoes. Then I pulled my black leather blindfold over my head and put in my earplugs playing my favourite sissy hypno.

Making certain everything was in place, including the keys frozen in ice hanging from the same railing I was mercilessly strung down from, I set the vibrator on my cage to a maddeningly slow tease and then put the other end of the ring device through the rings of my leather cuffs. Now for the finishing touch, I let go of the rope except for the one end I needed and started pulling it tighter and tighter feeling the hook dig ever deeper into my sensitive recently ravaged flesh. The feeling was extraordinary and, as all too often, I couldn't stop myself from tightening it as much as I possibly could. The metal intruder was tearing into me. TIGHTER. My arms were forced lower and lower. TIGHTER! The nipple clamps bit into me with renewed intensity as my body was pulled taut like a string ready to break. TIGHTER!!

Feeling the exquisite torment of my position, I let go of the remaining rope and finally plunged my consciousness into deep deep subspace. I imagined being put into this severe predicament by a cruel mistress who, having raped me to her liking, put me away until further use. As much as I loved the idea (hoping one day it might become true) I was forced back into reality by the same torture wich was the center of my fantasy.

My nipples were screaming with increasing pain, meanwhile my ass felt like either it would tear apart or my arms fall right off from being so mercilessly bent back. At this point, the sweet fantasizing mixed with the very real and excrutiating erotic torment made my cock bulge and throb like it was on fire while being forced inside that ruefully small cage which bit into it like an iron vice. I imagined it was the hand of my mistress forcefully grabbing on it with immense tightness all the while watching me squirm and squeal in my torturous bonds. The slow vibration only added to my frustration as I struggled against my knots finding with equal misery and bliss how good a work I have done.

Each minute crawled by with ever increasing pain and frustration. An hour could have passed or maybe two, and all I could do was pitifully endure all the torture and strain i imposed on my poor body.

I almost hated to love every second of it.

Just as I was going mad with all the waiting, and fear of being found by my unsuspecting girlfriend, I felt the key tap heavily against my head, spluttering me with drops of ice cold water.

In my heated beaten state half-delirious from pain and pleasure, I needed a moment to register what just happened.


With the feverish hurry of the truly desperate I grasped for the swinging keys with my numb hands, only catching it after several tries and with tremendous effort of my already over-strained muscles. I quickly tried one key after the other into the locks on my cuffs and after what felt like an eternity, found the right one. Fighting with tears I freed my hands and quickly undid the rope pulling my head upwards, then simply collapsed like a ragdoll on the floor, panting and whining like a beaten dog.

After catching my breath I gingerly removed the metal hook and slowly, tenderly replaced it with its predecessor. My ravaged rear side welcomed the intrusion with immense pleasure and quite a lot of pain. The latter I eased by turning the vibration on both the dildo and the chastity vibe all the way up to maximum.

Still bound and gagged, I mustered all my remaining strength to ram the thick dildo in and out of my ass as quickly and powerfully as I could manage. It didn't take long until, after hours of brutal frustrating torment, I exploded into my cage amidst muffled screams with one of my best orgasms up to date.

After the catharsis, I just laid there, slumped to the floor, gagged, bound and abused, in utter bliss.

But alas, I knew I still had work to do, clean up the mess and myself before anyone notices someone has been raped in the middle of the living room.

After cleaning up and taking a long hot shower I welcomed a little well deserved rest.

The End, for now...


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