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Tied and Tormented

by Underdog

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© Copyright 2010 - Underdog - Used by permission

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I wanted to send you a self bondage story, but I wanted to DO it first.  I read other stories and picked the parts I liked, and set my goals for a three day weekend, all to myself, except, I wasn't by myself. By the way, it's a true story, November 2010.

After finding the bondage pictures my ex-girlfriend took of me when we were still together, I decided I had to be tied up again!! I started studying self bondage stories and tips, picking out the parts I liked and wanted to use, then I added a few new tricks of my own.

I started on a three day weekend. Friday morning I collected everything and got started. I started by tying my big toes together with a thin but strong string. Next came several 15' lengths of rope, wrapped around my feet up to my ankles. these were clamped off on the ends to make loops which were locked together with padlock #1. My legs were wrapped above and below the knees and padlocked with padlock #2. Now I took nearly 45 minutes and wrapped an intricate upper body rope design using a full 100' of rope. No design is ever the same, I just invent it as I go and this one was a beauty, around my neck under my arms, around me several times, between my crotch and around my cock and balls, and between my cheeks. I even gave myself several enemas and stuffed a large butt plug in my ass held in by the rope wrap.

My arms were the hard part, I didn't get to use as much rope as I wanted, but I did get my wists wrapped and tied together with rope and of course padlock #3. With my arms in front of me, I tied a ball gag I made, with a piece of vinyl tubing stuck thru it to drink from and strapped it into my mouth. The keys to the first three padlocks were pre frozen in an old amy ammo can which was now full of a solid block of ice sitting in a big cooler full of ice cubes. The key to the frozen ammo can was stuffed into one of a dozen frozen solid oranges under the ice cubes in that cooler.

Now I had one step left, the final bondage lock up. I wanted to secure my wrists to my ankles. I took the final padlock and locked my wrist wrap to my ankle wrap with my hands in front of me, but behind me feet with padlock #5. It was a simple and comfortable lock up, I was sitting on my butt with my hands locked to my feet. My wrists were behind the ankle tie, and the way I had the rope wrapped, there was very little room for movement. The key to padlock #5, was in the bottom of a big steel bowl full of 3 packs of jello, in the bottom of my refrigerator. There was no real waiting for the key, I could get it anytime but 1. I didn't want to, not right away and 2. it was going to be very messy retrieving that key!!

There I was, simple bondage, gagged, naked, butt plugged, and all alone. I was going to be on a liquid diet, there were several bowls of chicken and beef broth on the floor and an empty water bowl nearby. As part of my submissive and mildly masochistic nature, I planned on providing my own water to drink!! I rolled around a while, then discovered when I managed to roll onto my knees, my face was smashed against the floor. I should have vacuumed and swept first! An hour into this the phone rang and nearly scared me to death. It rang again about 10 minutes later, and again another 10 minutes later! Thats more calls than I'd had in the last month!!

My butt plug was probably not a good idea, the more I moved around, the bigger it felt! My jaws ached from the ball gag, and it was exhausting trying to stay up on my knees without falling forwards onto my face.

It was around 2 hours into my ordeal, when someone knocked on my door!!! I froze and listened to not one but 2 female voices. Maybe my neighbor, she kept asking to borrow kitchen stuff... no... it wasn't her... it was JEANNIE... my ex girlfriend!!!

A hunded panicked thoughts popped into my head, get into the bedroom, HIDE!... WHERE?... HOW?

I just got onto my knees in the middle of my living room, when the door... opened! Jeannie, still had her key!!

We both froze like a deer in headlights! Jeannies girl friend Dora, visiting in Vegas from Michigan, tried to follow her in but Jennie initially blocked her.

"Get in!" Dora grunted... "I wanna see!!"

"MMMMMMM...OWMMMMMM!!" I grunted thru a mouth full of gag!

"O..M..G!!" Dora laughed.....

"THIS... is HIM?!"

Jeannie waltzed in like she still lived there, and kneed me, causing me to heavily fall onto my side on the floor!

"I'm here to get my stuff out of your closet, asshole" she grunted... "But now I think I'll stay a while!!"

"How did he do that?" Dora asked...

"He did it to himself, I told you he was fucking weird!" Jeannie snapped back!

"I think he's kinda cute!!" Dora chuckled...

"Then YOU can have him, after I'm done with him!!" Jeannie told her!

Dora dropped down onto the couch, wearing this short little denim skirt, and she spread her legs right in front of me to show me her actually wet, white cotton panties! My cock kinda stirred, and she just couldn't stop grinning at me!

Jeannie checked out the apartment. she found my bowls of broth, and grunted something about how I didn't need to eat, and dumped them into the sink! When she found the cooler with the ammo can and the oranges (inside one was the key to the can!) she picked up several oranges and dropped them into a plastic grocery bag she pulled out of my cupboard!

"Thanx for the oranges!' she said!

I almost cried! I had no idea if she had the orange with the key in it and had no way to stop her!!

Dora had her shoes off and was nudging my balls with her feet as Jeannie entered the bedroom. My cock was growing by the second and Dora was loving it!!

"I think he misses you" Dora called out.... "Come look at his BONER!!"

Jennie came out with a bag full of her clothes I had ready for her. She dropped them by the front door and then plopped down next to Dora. A soon as she saw my erection, she got up and headed for the kitchen. Jeanne pulled two of my beers out then just stood there and stared.

"Why is there a key, in the jello?" she asked... then her expression turned to pure evil as she returned to the living room!!

She turned me around to look at my wrist and ankle padlock, and got another surprise!!!

"HOLY SHIT!" she screamed... "He's got a fucking plug in his ass!!"

Dora jumped up and pushed me face forwards onto the couch, and both girls cracked up when they saw the base of the plug inside me!! I was dying of embarassment, needless to say, my erection vanished!!!

Jeannie pushed me back onto my side and I slammed to the floor with a loud thud! Dora sat back down and put her sweaty, but honestly very sexy left foot right onto my face!!

The girls sat there and made fun of me for a while, Jeannie wanted to drop me off at a local park still tied up, Dora just wanted to drive me around in the trunk of Jeannie car for the rest of the day!

Jeannie finally returned to the kitchen, and returned with the giant bowl of jello. she sat it on the floor, then pushed her naked foot into it!!

"FUCK!.... thats... cold!" she giggled!

She pulled her foot out then removed my gag.

"Say ONE fucking word, and you'll NEVER see this key again" she warned me.

"Now clean off my feet!!"

I was suddenly hard again, Jeannie knew I loved her feet, but I was still humiliated licking them in front of her girlfriend! I licked her feet, over and over, then Dora's too, my cock was rock hard, and totally ignored! Jeannie then went and got a spoon and sat back down again.

"Start eating it" she ordered!

I was fed huge mouthfulls of the squished up jello, until I thought I'd burst!! Jeannie just kept shoveling it in. She'd occassionally miss on purpose and smear it all over my face. Dora was laughing and taking pictures with her cell phone!!

When the jello was done, Jeannie held up the one key, that would start the whole freedom process. I reluctanty explained the whole process, including the oranges, and begged her for the key, even though it had only been about 4 hours.

"If you don't want it, I'll take it!" Dora said with a big smile!!

"And WHAT?!" Jeannie grunted in her best BITCH tone....

"You gonna take him back to Michigan with you?"

"NO....." Dora sarcastically snarled,

"But I can have fun with him while I'm here!!!"

My weekend self bondage, was becoming my up and down fantasy weekend!! I could imagine all kinds of fun kinky sex, and Dora was willing, however Jeannie wasn't about to let what she knew would be any guys wildest fantasy come true! I watched Jeannie slowly threading my key, onto her cars key ring!!

"Just... please leave" I whinned....

"And leave my key!"

"You giving orders now?" Jeannie scowled!

Jeannie stuffed the ball gag back into my mouth, then she and Dora went into the bathroom. They returned and pulled a pillow case over my head and tied it loosely just to keep it on. As soon as it was "sealed" around my neck, I discovered a new situation!! Although they were down around my neck, inside the pillow case was both Jeannie's and Dora's just taken off panties!! The aroma of pussy, pee and sweat was unmistakable, and unbelievably strong!! My cock was getting hard again!

"You wanted to be tied up butt head!" Jeannie laughed. "You got two more days.... and we'll be back now and then to fuck with you before Sunday."

I started grunting like crazy then, not only was I gagged again but now I was blind as well! The heat and odor inside that pillow case was making my eyes water... just the smell of Jeannie's pussy, not to mention Dora's, again had me so horny I wanted to explode!!

Dora went out witha cheerfull "G'bye honey"...while Jeannie crept back and whispered to me...

"That's as close to my pussy as you'll ever get again!!"

Jeannie poked a hole in the pillow case and pulled the tube in my gag out, then I heard the unmistakable sound of her relieving herself in the big steel jello bowl!

"Just in case you get thirsty mother fucker!" she laughed!

The next sound I heard was the door closing! I laid there struggling, angry, horny, choking on the odor surrounding my head, exhausted from trying to wiggle my own ropework loose enough to get free, which I couldn't... and wondering if she'd ever return! I knew she would, I just didn't know when. I lost my control, as limited as it was. Eventually I did make it to the big bowl and tested another fantasy of mine. I discovered that as bad as the reality was, of actually drinking her pee, it was even worse drinking it cold!! When I tried to find my way to the bathroom to piss, although I had no idea of how I could possibly get it into the toilet if I couldn't stand up... I found the bathroom door closed by her, to prevent me from getting in! I had to piss, but where?... on the kitchen floor?... no... where else, in the same big bowl she peed in!!

My morbid curiousity got the better of me, and I taste my own pee... it was hot, not cold, and at least it was mine. Somehow that seemed easier!!

Jeannie returned the next morning with Dora again and I underwent a couple more hours of teasing and humiliation and more toe sucking! (At least I liked that part!!) I begged her to take the butt plug out, she refused! She offered to actually feed me something but I explained that if I ate something, uh.... nature would require the removal of the butt plug!

The girls spent most of the day there, on my computer, watching TV, calling me from room to room to keep me hobbling around on my knees, I just wanted it all to end, Ok, this didn't work.. I was ready to be alone and they knew that!! Overnight all the ice had melted and now Jeannie had ALL my keys! She offered to sell them to me... and now I was getting pissed!

"We wanna go shopping" Jeannie said...

"$200, and I'll leave the keys were you can get them"

"For $20 " Dora whispered... "I'll let you eat my pussy!!

I complained a while, resisted all temptations to call her a few names and finally flat out refused, calling her bluff!! Jeanie then told me she'd give me the keys for $100... but only on her terms!

I was completely released, and allowed to stretch. Jeannie handed Dora my Visa card and Dora went outside. I just laughed at Jeanie until she told me my pin number which I had no idea she knew!!!

"On the bed" she ordered.
click for larger image I laid down and let Jeannie tie me spread eagle, naked on the bed, face up, using only my own rope. She only tied me up was like this, because it was the only totally exposed and vulnerable position she really felt in control during.

"Can I have my card back?!" I begged!

"$200" she said.

"You said $100!" I argued back!!

"$300!!" she replied, and I'll let you go when we get back from the mall...

"For $100... I'll let Dora mail you the keys, from Michigan!!"

"FUCK!....for $300 I should at least get a hand job!!"

Jeannie smiled and went to get Dora. Dora waltzed in moments later wiggling her fingers and grinning!

Dora crawled between my legs and took my rapidly growing cock in her hands!! She was an expert, of course I was so turned on by a handjob by this sexy stranger, it didn't take much to get me going!! Within minutes, I was close, I started giving directions, and Dora showed no signs of stopping!!!

"OH!...PLEASE!.... don't stop...oh no!.....oh YES.... I'm gonna CUM!....I'm gonna...CUM!"

Well, she did stop and my eyes about popped out of my head!!! Dora and Jeannie just stared at me begging and whinning and almost crying!!! I was so close I was already throbbing... I could almost smell it!!!

"I didn't say you could CUM!" Jeannie calmly and almost lovingly said!!!

"You wanted a handjob, and you got one!!"

Dora crawled up my body and her presence over my cock almost finished my orgasm! She slapped a piece of duct tape handed to her by Jeannie, over my mouth and climbed off!!

"Thats the $300 handjob" Dora explained.

There were tears running down my face as my cock continued to throb!

"Did you want the $500 one?"

The girls just laughed at my naked helpless body and poor dying erection. While Jeannie put on her lipstick in my bathroom, Dora leaned over me and whispered.

"I would have done it for free!!!"

I laid there totally defeated by my own desires. I was naked and tied up on my own bed, actually in my favorite position... this time there wasn't any keys or magic timer, no self escape this time, but I was all alone!!!

"See you tomorrow" Jeannie said as she headed out the door...

"I have to take Dora to the airport tomorrow afternoon, I'll stop by on my way home... if you need anything... SCREAM.... or... try to!!!"

I never saw Dora again, but I did get some pics in my email from Michigan... and I hear Jeannie has a new boyfriend now.

I still have my rope and locks, and the keys too... and I'm looking at a long New Years weekend cumming up... New Years in Las Vegas is a good time to stay home, and that's probably where I'll be... right here at home... "struggling" to bring in 2011 properly!!


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