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Tied together

by Caroline and Alex

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© Copyright 2005 - Caroline and Alex - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/m; bond; cons; X

Tied together by Caroline and Alex

The games we played became more and more painful but still there was something missing. The other bound most of the time one in a most severe way but we knew that, whenever it became unbearable, a single sign or simple gesture was enough to stop the torment.

It was Caroline, my girlfriend, who wanted more. She was rather skinny with little tits, fantastic nipples and a rather well shaped, whip loving, bottom. On an evening, when I came home from work, she was sitting totally naked in front of our computer surfing some self-bondage sites. Due to her reading and watching the pictures she was horny as hell. "Let’s get in self-bondage the both of us so that we cannot release each other."

I was excited by the idea but at the same time a little bit frightened. What if something would go wrong? My arguments had no effect at all and Caroline had already a scenario in her head. She started to undress me and when I was totally naked we went to the garage fetching the stuff she needed for her play. 2 ball gags, 3 pair of nipple clamps, a cock ring, weights, chains, ankle and wrist straps and ropes.

To make it totally kinky she planned to do it outside. Our garden was our favourite place to play all sort of sex  games. The nearest house was more than a mile away and trees and bushes made it impossible to see what was going on behind our house. Anyway the possibility to get caught made it more thrilling. There was a minor inconvenience, it was late fall and the weather was windy and rainy. Once again my argument was for the deaf – when you are horny you don’t feel the cold.

We started preparing. I had to put ring over my balls and separated them with a letter strap. A d-ring was fitted so a weight could be added in a later stage. 
Caroline putted a little bench under the wooden swing in the garden and was busy with chains and weights. After I locked the ankle and wrist straps I got outside. The chilly wind caressed my body and my nipples got erected where the impact on my cock was rather the opposite. 

I got on the bench, which was not really stable, and Caroline ordered me the spread my arms. My wrist straps were connected with two chains hanging from the transversely beam of the swing. She put the ball gag in my mouth and closed the straps severely. A spreader bar between my ankles made it rather impossible for me to move. She took rather a heavy peace of weight and connected it with a chain to my balls. Strangely enough the weight was not hanging from my balls but was still supported by the bench underneath. Finally she put two nasty clamps on my nipples and I was almost prepared to endure her fantasy. At the clamps there was a short chain with other clamps at the end …. her clamps.

She got preparing herself and watching her doing so I got more and more horny. It started raining a little bit and instead of cooling me down it got me more and more excited. The black ankle and wrist cuffs on her naked body looked great. I don’t know when she did it but the locking device she made was simple but at the same time ingenious. The 2 chains, still hanging down from the beam, ran through two bolted eye rings and were frozen together. She assumed it would take about an hour before it would be melted enough to get them separated again.

At the ends of an other rather heavy chain some ice was frozen and I had to keep both ends between my fingers. As I was bounded it was not an easy task and I would not be able to keep it there a long time as the cold would stiff the muscles in my fingers. With a naughty look in her eyes she put a clamp on each of her outer pussy lips and connected them with the weight hanging on my balls. After she fitted her ball gag she connected her ankle cuffs to mine.  The scene was almost finished as she took the clamps hanging from my body and put them on her stiff red brown nipples. She connected one wrist to a chain and with a little effort and some ingenious thinking she managed to slip the hook at the end of a chain through the d-ring of her wrist cuff.

The only pain I felt was the biting of the clamps in my nipples and Caroline bowed backwards on purpose so the clamps even bite more in the tender flesh of my nipples.

The longer I stood there the more my fingers got frozen by the ice on the end of the chain. All of a sudden the chain slipped through my fingers and felt on the chain connecting our nipples. The additional pain was almost unbearable and it was only the beginning of our self-inflicted torture. Saliva was running out of our both gagged mouths and dripping on our bodies. All of a sudden Caroline start rocking the bench and it took no time before it felt over.

I felt how the weight of my body was stretching every muscle in my arms and was almost dislocating my shoulders and elbows.  But this was nothing compared with the pain I felt between my legs when the weight, that until now was supported by the bench, stretched my balls.

Caroline felt the same “sensation” I believe. The weight was stretching her pussy lips and the discomfort of hanging free in the air was visible on her face.
But she was addicted to pain. She was in love with torture, whipping and to be poked with whatever in her holes. She started groaning and moaning and from time to time she started shaking with her body so that the pain become denser. She looked in my eyes and I could see that she enjoyed every moment of “our” torture. 

I think we were hanging for about 15 minutes when it started pouring down. The cold rain on our naked bodies made our torment even worse and when it got really dark we lost notion of time. By the first little cracking sounds Caroline immediately grabbed the chains connecting me to the beam. Finally the ice gave away and the Caroline her chains were disconnected.

She slowly lowered her holding her to my body and released the clamps from her nipples. It was funny when she sat finally in the grass with her legs in the air still connected to my ankles. When she unattached her feeds and took the gag out of her mouth she was free again. I was still hanging at the beam my destiny in her hands. She started sucking me and in no time I came all over her face and tits. When the bench was upright again she unchained me and free again we started to fuck in the cold rain.

It was the first time in a long row of dual bondage play and I keep you informed about our “progress”.




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