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Tied Myself Up in the Garage

by topgun1956

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© Copyright 2005 - topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; spreader; heat-rub; taco-sauce; bdsm; nipple; cons; X

My wife had just left to work, and I had been planning this day for weeks. It was a hot, humid day in Minnesota. Temperature was about 90 by 11:00 am.

I have had a simple wooden dowel about 3 feet long for years and I went out and bought three eyebolts for it. I put one on each end, and the third in the center. I had two dog collars ready. One collar for each ankle. Along with a twelve-inch steel link dog chain, and my ball stretcher/divider all set in place in the garage. I also had taken my “kit” out of the cabinet for any additional items I would think of later.

I had heard that taco sauce creates quite a hot spot on sensitive areas. So, I took a quarter-sized amount of Ben-Gay, squirted it into a little tub, and put some of Taco John’s green sauce into the mix. If you’ve never had this sauce, you’re in for a treat if you like it HOT.  This stuff makes my eyeballs sweat, and literally run for a glass of milk. So, I figured it would give me a good warming for what I had planned. To test this mixture, I took just a dab on the end of my finger, and touched it to my ball sac. Immediately, the burning started. Just a small dab brought so much pain. I got it washed off, and decided to keep this lotion for my ass only. I can handle the straight Ben-Gay on my cock and balls, but this stuff wasn’t going to be put there today.

But, back to my tale:

I had thrown a rope over the pole for the garage door spring, and tied it, at first, to one of the cross struts for the door. I tied the loose end to the middle of the dog chain. At each end (ring) of the chain, I hung a padlock. I had put all keys to the locks into the freezer at the other side of the garage. They were frozen into small paper cups. After I got out from the bondage, I still wouldn’t be able to free myself for at least an hour when I got the keys from of the freezer. The length of the chain was long enough, that when my wrists were locked into loops of the chain, I cannot reach the rope tied to it above my head. I had measured the height of my reach, and untied the rope from the strut, then pulled the chain high enough for me. At that point, I began to tie knots into the loose end of the rope around the strut. I counted fifty-five in all. This strut was at the perfect height for me to reach when I am locked into the dog chain. I left enough of the rope dangling down in front for one additional bit of torment. 

I stripped naked, snapped my stretcher/divider around my balls, and strapped the dog collars onto my ankles. I placed a larger collar from my “kit” around my neck, and put my small tweezer style nipple clips through the “D” ring in front of that collar. I opened each claw of the clips, and attached it to my nipples in turn, pulling them up towards my neck. I next took my special clothespins with the thumbtacks through the tips, and threaded a string through the spring of each. To that string, I tied the dangling end of my rope. I clipped one on either side of the two tweezers clamped on my nips. These four torture clips would have to be pulled off my areolas and untied from the rope before I could begin untying all of those knots. The weight of the clothespins worked the opposite “pull” from the tweezers, making my nipples pull upward, and the skin around them, hang down.

 I hoped, at this point, that I was ready for this. My nipples were already starting to shoot pain across my chest. But, I had more things to do before any of this was to be removed, so I went on. 

For safety’s sake, I had taped a utility knife to the garage door, just in case I couldn’t get all the knots untied. It was not quite within reach. I would have to stretch to reach it, but I could have reached it if I would have needed to. But I hadn’t needed to, as it ended up.

Okay, here I go. I got my tube of Ben-Gay, and the tub of my hot sauce lotion. I walked over to just beneath the dangling rope, bent down, and locked the dog collars around my ankles to the dowel, creating a very effective spreader bar. I put the Ben-Gay tube onto one strut, and balanced the small tub of sauce onto the next one up. I then took a bungee cord, and, using the center eyebolt of the dowel, attached it to my ball stretcher. 

Next, I took an old black cloth I had and used it as a blindfold. The last thing to do was to gag myself. Once I had tied my ball gag into my mouth, I locked my left wrist into the dog chain. All that took was to loop the chain back through the ring, and when the wrist is through, slip a pad lock through the tightest link of the chain. My right hand was still free, so I handed my Ben-Gay tube up to the left hand, opened it, shot some into my right palm, and spread this over my cock, cock head, balls, and thighs. I reached into the bowl of my sauce. I grabbed quite a lot of the stuff, and spread it all over my ass. I reached down the back of my thighs with it, as far as I could, and under my crotch between my anus and balls. As fast as I could, I reached up and finally was able to get my right wrist locked into the other end of the chain. Now came the endurance portion.

Actually, the first real pain I felt was my balls. The bungee cord had already been pulled taut before I had reached up to lock my wrists. But, that added stretch was putting some real pressure on my nuts.  After that, was, of course, the lotion. The heat from the regular Ben-Gay wasn’t too bad yet, but the sauce had started to heat up as soon as I had spread it on, and my ass was really starting burn. I had gotten some of it onto my asshole, and that hurt even more. I tried to squirm, but couldn’t, and I was almost ready to grab that knife, but decided that if I had started this, I was going to finish it.

So, I let the burn continue (What else could I do, huh?), and started to get myself undone. I fumbled around until I found the end of the rope. I started pulling the rope up, so the torture clips were the next pain. I had to pull them off like a zipper. But I hadn’t tied them together, just strung the string through each of them. I cried out as much as I could when the first one was jerked off me. The pain was so intense. I knew what I was in for with the next three, but that didn’t help. I pulled the rope again, until the first clip caused the second to rip off my nipple. In progression, I finally got all four of those damned things off me, and was able to untie the string from the rope. 

I had almost forgotten the burning on my ass and cock/balls from my nipple pain, but it soon returned after the clips were gone. I had begun to sweat like steel minor in August. It ran down my body in rivers. I had also started to drool out of the ball gag. This dripped down my chest, and onto/over my cock. I don’t know what it was about the combination of the sweat, spit, and lotions, but I started to really feel the heat by this time. 

I started untying the knots in the rope as fast as I could. I couldn’t see, and was restricted in my arm movements. I figured out, that if I slow down (“YEA-RIGHT”), it was going to be easier and quicker. 

So, that’s what I tried to do. I took my time, and slowly, ever so slowly, I started to gain on the number of knots. My ass was literally in fire by the time I got the last knot out. My balls weren’t feeling too good either. The Ben-Gay had heated up my cock, and that heat was driving me crazy. Some had gotten down my piss-hole, and when I had felt that, I had jerked around, lost the rope, and had to find it again when I finally had calmed back down.

Finally, I was free of the garage door. I still couldn’t get the spreader bar off my legs, or the chain off my wrists, but I could get to the fridge. I took off the blindfold, reached down to let the bungee cord go, and stiff legged walked across the floor to the fridge. I grabbed a carton of milk from a shelf and literally POURED it all over my cock and balls. Oh the relief. I took a towel from the top of the fridge, and wiped as well as I could, my ass. When the heat started to die down, I opened the freezer, and removed the paper cups holding my keys. I realized I was still gagged, so I untied that from my neck. 

Taking the clips from my nipples wasn’t something I relished, but I did it anyway. The blood that pumped back into the skin sent streaks of pain down my stomach, and across my chest. It hurt like hell, but at lease I was free from them. I checked the clock on the wall, and found out I had been here a little under 2 hours. My balls felt fried, as well as my asshole. The cheeks of my ass were actually red from the lotion. I was able to get myself sat down on the chilly concrete floor after a bit of stumbling, and that felt great. I sat there spread out from the spreader bar, and slowly felt the heat calming completely down to a dull “hum”.

The ice finally melted from around the keys after another 45 min. I got all the apparatus off my body, and went inside to shower. I let the water roll down and off me until I felt human again. 

All in all, I had a BLAST that day, and can’t wait to try it again. After some aloe-vera lotion, the burning stopped within probably 30 minutes. My nipples hurt for three days, though. Hadn’t done much real damage to them, but it took awhile before I could play with them again. I’ll be think of more and other things to do, so I should really enjoy the next one even better than that day.



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