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A Tie Too Tight

by Rockett

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© Copyright 2006 - Rockett - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chair; spandex; latex; toys; cons; X

No one home for two whole days! My significant other doesn’t share my passion for bondage, so I have to do it myself when the opportunity presents itself. I had been waiting for this for 3 whole weeks and could barely contain myself till I got off work and could start my preparations. Actually I had been planning this for some time with my imagination running rampant. Lots of times I can imagine things that I cannot actually do to myself without help or if I could, could not escape from. I try to think things through enough that I don’t actually wind up with no way out except discovery and embarrassment. No one knows of my “deviant ways”, so I really can’t risk real discovery.

The time had arrived though and I proceeded to assemble my clothing and equipment for a great evening of severe self bondage. I had been fantasizing about a chair tie in my favorite bentwood chair which I have used many times with much success. The difference was an extra 50 feet of rope that I hoped would provide a lot more restriction and movement limitation. (did it ever!)

Since I planned on having to tip the chair over to get to the knife for my escape, I decided to do all this in our large carpeted playroom so that there would be no danger of hitting my head on anything when I went over.

I set up the knife and scissors with an ice cube to hold them out of reach for about an hour and a half, giving me time to get into the bondage and enjoy the struggle for about 45 minutes or so until I had to tip the chair over and squirm over to the knife or scissors and escape.

Then I started by putting on my spandex catsuit the feet in it so I wouldn’t need hose. This also makes the corset much easier to put on and somewhat more comfortable besides. I undid the zipper a little and inserted the vibrating plugs. I didn’t turn them on yet for fear that I couldn’t keep my mind on my business enough to do a good job of tying. I laced up the corset as tight as I could get it which made my boobs stick straight out at attention in perfect position for the nipple clamps, which I saved for later also. The 5 inch black patent pumps with 3 straps to prevent removal completed my sexy ensemble. I nearly went over the edge just looking in the mirror

Now for the hard part. I tied my ankles together and cinched them between, leaving plenty of rope to loop over the cross brace between the front legs of the chair. I made 2 loops between brace and ankles so that when I really yanked it tight, my feet were almost completely off the floor. Only my toes touched and just barely. I roped my knees together and cinched them to the chair legs so they couldn’t move side to side. Then I tied my thighs down to the seat, and my waist to the chair back. I was pretty immobilized by now, but the best was yet to come. 

I roped my chest to the chair back above and below my boobs making them stick out even more prominently. I could get pretty good leverage on these ropes and tightened them way up until they restricted my breathing a little. While I could move my arms around pretty good. I put on the latex hood with only nose and eye holes which further restricted my breathing, but not dangerously so. Now came the half hood gag, except that I had unsnapped the penis gag from it, since there was not a hole in the hood for it. Strapped on tight, I was well gagged anyhow. My stiff posture collar topped things off. Now I couldn’t look down or any direction but straight ahead, but I remembered to put on the nipple clamps and turn on the plugs.

At this point I could see that I would have a pretty hard time getting the rest of the ropes on, but I soldiered on. The other 50 feet of rope had been cut in two pieces, so I started roping my shoulders to the chair back which had the effect of pushing me down in the chair and preventing almost any movement at all. 

Now all that remained was to secure my hands behind my back. I use a 4 strand wrist loop with a zip tie between. It isn’t too hard on my wrists, but is totally inescapable without a knife or scissors once the zip tie is pulled tight. I wiggled my wrists into the loop and pulled the slack out of the zip. It was pretty tight, but I knew that I could still get out at this point. I checked to see if I could move the chair and found that it would just barely move with a lot of effort, but it was not much since only my toe tips were touching the floor. I knew I could get around somewhat although very slowly and with a lot of energy expended.

The moment of truth had come. Looking at the clock, I realized that it had taken longer to get into this than I had figured and I would only have about 30 minutes till the ice melted. No problem. I yanked the zip tie hard sealing my fate. Testing my bonds I realized just how good a job I had done. Just then the thought came to me, what if I can’t tip the chair over? No knife and no escape, that’s what. I tried to yank my hands out of the wrist loops and back out, but no such luck. I had done exactly what I had planned to do and had done it perfectly. It remained to be seen if the escape would work as well.

By now the combination of the vibrators, nipple clamps and anxiety had teamed up to drive me over the edge. Three orgasms later, I began to really want out of this, but I still had another 15 minutes or so to go. I then decided to work on tipping the chair over. That’s when I realized that I could scoot it around, but could get no sideways push to turn it over. I jumped and squirmed and jerked all I could, but nothing would go. 

By now, I was breathing as hard as I could with the rope and hood restrictions and realized that I better rest and or I would begin to get light headed and might faint. I collected my wits and let my breathing return to normal, and then thought that the only way I could tip the chair over was backwards----on my hands. I figured this might be pretty painful, but it seemed better than the alternative. I got my courage up and started trying that way. Due to the tippy nature of the chair, this went easier than I thought it would and soon I went over backwards. 

It didn’t hurt nearly as much as I had thought, but now I had the problem of getting over on my side, since I had no chance of moving anywhere on my back. After a lot of effort and several tries, I finally flopped over on my left side. I was about 10 feet from where then knife would fall, though and that seemed like a mile. Pretty soon the knife fell to the floor and my motivation was renewed knowing that my salvation was at hand. 

Well, maybe not quite at hand. The tight restrictions that made the chair so hard to turn over, also made squirming along on the floor very difficult too. It took nearly another half hour to get over to the knife, since I had to stop several times to keep from fainting. This was pretty scary, although, I was pretty sure that I would come to as soon as I relaxed and stopped jerking around. Two more orgasmic episodes delayed matters, too. I could hardly believe it when my hands finally closed around the knife and I cut my wrists loose. It took another 15 minutes or so to get all the other ropes and gags and hoods off. 

Anxiety about escape is what makes self bondage fun, but I had really taken it to another level this time. I was soaking wet all over by the time I finally got undressed and got into a hot tub. I’d have to say that I slept well that night even if I was very sore in the morning. All in all, a fun session that I will probably duplicate in the near future.  




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