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Tickled in Heels

by Bob Tickle

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© Copyright 2001 - Bob Tickle - Used by permission

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Today I can't believe what happened.

Our son was going to spend the night at his grandparent’s house. On the way out of the door my wife said she would call when she left her parent's house so I could be ready when she got home. To her ready means tied up and ready to be tickled, I love it when she tickles me! She also allows me make it better because I can where some nylons and 4 black pumps.

As soon as she left I started to get ready, I got the ropes out of the bag that they stay in along with my heels and nylons. I had to get the ratchet pulleys up to the ceiling, two for my hands and two for my feet.

Today I thought I would try something new, I would hide the video camera in the corner, this way when she saw me I could see her reaction. All was set, my nylons were on and so were my pumps the ropes were tied to the ceiling now all I had to do was to wait for her to call, the trip from her parent's house would give me enough time to get ready. When the phone rang I answered right away, She said "I'm about to leave I hope you'll be ready in time" I told her I would and said I love you! See you soon.

Now the time was here the last thing I had to do was to start the program on
power point, it listed all the thing she should do to me.

1 Be Nice
2 Stroke my legs, tickle my feet
3 Leave my shoes on for a little bit
4 Don't forget to tickle the top of my toes

I also made a chart that shows where I should be tickled the most on the chart it had.

         1 arms
         2 sides
         3 legs
         4 butt
         5 feet

As the program ran it also said tickle me more, don't stop even if I ask, tickle me to make me cum. With that running I started to tie myself up. First I tie the straps to my ankles, it has two rings on it this way it doesn't get tight on my ankles.

Each leg gets tied apart from each other in three ways, one rope to the ceiling, one the pole on the side of me and one to the bottom of my chair when there all tied I can hardly move my foot at all, that’s the best way to be tickled, when you cant get away.

After my legs are done I tie my arms. I have straps that my wrists go through with a ring on it, this way it doesn't get tight on my wrist, also it help's me to tie my hands because I use handcuff's to connect the rings from my hand to the rings on the pulley. With my hands ready I put on the blindfold. I sit, legs in the air flexing my feet waiting and wondering how long till I hear the car pull up.

I hear cars go by but none pull up in the drive way, finally I hear it, she's home, I hurry up and strap one hand to the handcuff then the phone starts to ring, no need to answer I can't move off the chairs, so I continue on and click the second cuff on.

I start to pull the rope to tighten the rope, the pulleys are great they only release when you hold a lever on the side so it won’t loosen by it self. With it clicking I get my hands tight now I am ready, an so is my tool, it gets hard as a rock knowing what is going to happen and I cant get loose until she's done tickling me and doing whatever she want's to me!!

Then something happens I wasn't ready for, instead of coming right in there was a fast knock. I didn't know what to do, then the door opened, I forgot to lock it when I came home!! I hear someone say hello at the same time the answering machine starts to take a message
"Hey it's me, I hope you are not waiting for me just yet, were all going to grandma and grandpa's house my aunt and cousin's are in from out of town and they want to see us, I'll call you when I'm on my way home, it will be a couple of hours."

At that time I recognize the voice it's aunt Chris, what is she doing hear I thought and what am I going to do. She yell's down,” I hope you don't mind I have to go to the bathroom I couldn't make it home I had to many drinks," she runs to the bathroom on the first floor and I notice she must be wearing high heels I can hear them clicking on the hardwood floor.

I have no idea what to do I try to get my hands loose, not a chance they wont move at all, how can I get her to leave without coming down stairs. I hear a flush the sound of heels walking towards the stairs and she calls down "I hope I didn't disturb something but if the door was locked I would of pee'ed my pant's, " I told her that was ok and I just got of the shower and she could let herself out, She asked if I would like to have a beer with her because John was gone for the weekend and she didn't feel like going home right away, and was a little to drunk to drive anymore, "also, Kelly wont be home for a couple of hours" with that I heard the fridge door open and two bottles clinging together, then the click clack of her high heel's coming down the stairs.

I had to think of something, what would she say when she saw me like this I told her "stop, before you come down you can never tell a living soul what you are about to see, "her reply was "come on, what, you in a towel" then the sound of her walking down the rest of the stairs.

Now she could see me I could tell because she said "looks like you are ready for a good time, did you do this to yourself?" I didn't say anything for a second, I didn't know what to say then she laugh's, "nice shoes there the same one's I have on right now only yours don’t have the open sides" then her hand touched my right foot I tried to move it but it didn't budge, I tied myself to good. "Look's like you like to play with the computer" she said, I forgot about the program that was running, "I'm lucky Kelly wont be home for awhile I going to be busy to fulfil you wish list."

All of a sudden something cold was against my balls wanna drink then the other beer bottle was against my lips I took a big swig. Looks like you've done this before once or twice, I never would have guessed you were so kinky, but now that I think about it, I thought I saw you staring at my feet before, that’s why I would dangle my shoes, I would always catch you looking. I said "OK you caught me I have a thing for feet and shoes" and for tickling by what you wrote on the screen here. She was reading along out loud as it was scrolling by.

Be nice, "I'm always nice" she said.
Stroke my legs, Tickle my feet, "that sounds like a lot of fun because I love to tickle, especially feet that are in nylons," now I was beginning to think I might be in trouble.
Leave my shoes on for a little bit, "you do love high heels, those look great on you."
Don't forget the tops of my toes, "these," then I felt her nails tickling my toes on my left foot, she could reach it while at the computer. I wiggled but it didn't help, she just kept tickling my foot up and down while she continued to read.

Wow, this is a fancy chart, once again she reads along,
"arms, sides, legs, butt, feet, you just want everything tickled," now her fingers were trying to get into the side of my shoes. I tried to keep them out and not laugh but she was to fast, "you did a nice job of tying yourself up you can hardly wiggle your feet, that's good because I'm going to have a lot of fun with you before I go," don't stop tickling me even if I ask, "wow you must really like to be tickled, even more than my girlfriend, "tickle me to make me cum, "I'll try, but that might take some time, that's all right, we have at least a couple of hours that should be enough." With that said she started to tickle my feet both at the same time, I was trying not to laugh but soon I started to giggle, she was tickling my arches and my toes, her fingers danced all over my feet!!!!!

I told her if she left now and didn't tell anybody I would forgive her, she laughed "who are you going to tell, that would be a good story,” she was still tickling both feet lightly but steadily using her nails sliding them in my shoes and over my toes, it was non stop, "I was at home tied up in nylons and high heels in my basement minding my own business when Aunt Chris came in and tickled me, and wouldn’t stop" I would just love to hear you tell someone that," she was right I was at her mercy.

I didn't know what to do, my head was still whirling for all that had happened so far, what would she do next, I didn't have to wait any longer, I felt her hands on my dick, I gasped, "look's like you didn't see that coming, get it, didn't see it," I couldn't see anything I was still blindfolded. Slowly she began to stroke my manhood, it was as hard as a rock, "looks like you like being tied up" then she took her other hand and began to scratch my butt, I tried to move away but no luck, with my legs tied in the air I couldn't get any leverage, she had only been rubbing me for a short time and I already was close to cumming, "not just yet" she said and with that she stopped everything, I was so close it almost hurt.

I hear the chair for the computer desk being moved and then stopped right in front off me, "now what are you going to do?" nothing she said and then the beer bottle was up to my lips again, "drink up your throat will get dry soon with all the laughing you'll be doing" she held the bottle up till it was empty.
I started to calm down then I felt her foot flicking my dick and the other one playing with my balls, those black pumps were a touch cold, "this is so much fun, I sure am glad I had to pee I would have hated to miss this,” then while still playing with me she starts to tickle both feet again at the same time. "I just love to do this, first I tickle your toes then your nylon covered arches, I don't know which I like to do better? I can tell your getting close again," with that she stopped using her feet on my dick and moved them up to my sides, "look I can tickle your sides at the same time I tickle your feet." I was trying not to laugh but giggles kept coming through, "Oh come on I want to here a big laugh," she tickled my feet even faster, at least my shoes were still on her fingers cant get to the souls of my feet very well, I kept wiggling trying to avoid her tickling fingers, "pretty soon these shoes are coming off then I know you'll really be laughing and begging me to stop, tickling feet in nylons seams to make them even more ticklish, but that’s going to be too bad for you because you wrote, "don't stop even if I ask," what were you thinking about when you wrote that, this must of been doing your thinking," with that said both hands were on my dick again this time stroking very light and slow.

I was starting to become wore out form all that was going on, all of a sudden I felt her lips on me, taking all of me from top to bottom, at the same time one hand worked it's way back up my leg then began to tickle my toes then right back inside my shoe on the bottom of my foot, the other hand began to stroke my butt, I didn't think I could get any harder I was wrong, she kept going I thought it going to explode, I was on the edge when she stopped with her mouth, "not yet we still have to much time left," after she said that she was tickling both feet again fast and with purpose "if you can cum with me just tickling your feet right now I'll let you tickle me" I was trying to make it happen it was getting close after another couple of minutes  it would explode and then she said "time's up on my offer," and she went back to sitting in the chair and used her feet on my armpits while she continued tickling my feet. I was so hard I needed to cum but that wasn't going to happen yet.

The tickling was none stop then all of a sudden a phone began to ring, "I wonder who could be calling, hello, hi Lisa you'll never guess what I'm doing right now, it is what we just talked about in the bar," this didn't sound to good for me, I kept listening and she kept tickling my right foot as she talked on the phone, once in awhile she would use her foot to rub my hard dick.
"I never would have guessed our fantasy would come true so fast after talking about it, you have to come over right now we only have about a hour and a half until we have to be gone." She's telling her friend to come over I cant believe it, "I hope you still have on your outfit I still have mine on," then she gave my address and said "see you in five minutes."

"Now it had gone too far" I started to complain "I can't believe you invited someone else over someone I don’t know, "I think you might remember her from the Christmas party, she is the one who wore the four inch red pumps, she said they were her Christmas shoes," I did remember I couldn't stop looking at them when we were there.

I could hear her taking off something and I asked what, "I have a bodystocking on I'm just taking off everything else but that and my shoes, this way Lisa and I can be wearing the same outfits, Lisa is usually the one who gets tied up and tickled so she might like to tickle someone else." Then out of nowhere she starts to tickle my sides with here finger nails, "did you think I forgot about you," I tried to get outta the way of those fingers but I was tied too tight, she just kept tickling up and down my sides, "I have to get my tickles in now because Lisa is going to have a good time tickling somebody else for a change."

There was a knock on the door, and then aunt Chris went up to get it, the clicking of her high heels sounded great. I heard her talking but could not tell what she was saying, then back down the stairs came two pairs of high heels, WOW Chris, you were right he does look like he's having a good time, look at his rod, my face must of started to go flush then I heard them laugh, "look you embarrassed him, I bet I can make him feel better" Lisa said then I felt hands on both of my feet tickling my toes, then into the sides of my shoes I started to giggle some more, that's when I was caught off guard another hand was stroking my butt and lips were sucking hard on my friend, fingers were working on my sides, "I can't do this ha, ha, hee, hee, ha, ha,  anymore" I said, they both laugh, remember what you wrote, "don't stop even if I ask," Lisa said and with that she tickled my feet even faster.

I could hardly catch my breath, I was starting to cum when they both stopped, "poor thing we should have let him finish," Lisa said "not just yet, then I felt aunt Chris's fingers looking for the buckles of my shoes, "Please leave them on please, I wont be able to stand having my feet tickled with no shoes on, the nylons make my feet real slippery, it will tickle to much, please just leave my heels on," it didn't matter what I said she started to pull them off one at a time.
After one was off the second was just dangling on my toes, "we'll make you a deal, if you can keep that shoe on until were done with you can tie both of us up and tickle us all you want, but you have to leave your nylons and heels on," Chris are you sure, you wont even let me tickle you, he wont be able to do it, I'm not to worried, I asked how long till Kelly gets home because I can't see the clock, "about a hour that should give you some time to tickle us if you make it," with that said I felt one finger tickling my right arch trying to get me to drop the shoe it was making circles and moving up and down my arch very slow.

I was trying not to wiggle but that was very hard, then another hand started to slowly tickle my left foot then two hands, both the top and bottom at the same time, dragging her nails I thought I was going out of my mind, when a mouth was on me again, I was getting close this time it was Lisa that was sucking on my dick and she didn't stop, my orgasm was so strong I was light headed "look my shoe is still on" I said, I can't believe it aunt Chris said and then they started to untie me.

        End of part one

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