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by Stig

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© Copyright 2001 - Stig - Used by permission

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*Winner of the 2001 Grand Story Writing Contest 

By Stig


I was in my apartment trying to watch TV, but that damned noise from upstairs was getting on my nerves.  I had never met the woman who lived in the apartment above mine, but if she kept that up much longer, It was going to happen soon, and it wouldn't be pleasant!

For now, I just decided to try the old "bang on the ceiling trick."  I stood on my chair and gave the ceiling a couple of whacks with a book - "WHUMPWHUMP!" Almost immediately came a pair of thumps in reply.  But there was something else... some sort of muffled sounding yell.

"What?!?" I yelled up at the ceiling.  "Mmmmahmmmahmmmm!" came the same muffled reply.  Trying to talk through the floor was getting us nowhere.  If I wanted to get any peace and quiet I was just going to have to go up there and confront this woman face to face.

I climbed the stairs wondering just what the hell she was doing up there to make so much damned noise.  Moving furniture?  Fighting with someone?  I knocked on her door and waited.  I could still hear the thumping and mumbling, but nobody came to let me in.  I tried the knob and found it unlocked.  But what I saw inside stopped me dead in my tracks.

Winners Prize - Dan DofoghThere in the middle of the living room was a gorgeous, shapely brunette – which is a wonderful thing to find in any case - but this one was gagged and tightly bound to a chair!  Now, your average, everyday innocent bystander might freak out at a sight like this; but being a guy with a keen interest in all things bondage-related, I had a pretty good idea what was happening here.

I closed the door behind me - locking it this time - and sauntered over to the bound woman.  She looked at me with a mixture of relief and apprehension.  I said nothing at first, deciding to let her stew for a bit while I evaluated her predicament.

She was naked, except for a pair of very high black pumps.  She had a big, red ballgag strapped tightly into her mouth, secured in back with a little brass padlock.  She was also sporting a very uncomfortable-looking pair of nipple clamps which were connected with a chain.  Two large padlocks were hanging from that chain, increasing the strain on her undoubtedly sore nipples.  Each ankle was pulled back and tied to a rear leg, and rope was wrapped tightly around her waist, holding her fast to the  chair.  Handcuffs held her wrists behind the chair, and those were tethered to a crossbar between the legs with a length of rope.

On closer inspection, I saw that she had a rather large dildo vibrating away in her pussy.  A wired remote control swinging a few inches off the floor hinted at the presence of a vibrating butt plug.

It was time to break the silence.  "Let me guess," I said, grinning my most evil grin, "You've tied yourself up, and now you can't get loose, right?"  She nodded enthusiastically, and "mmmmphed" behind the gag.  "So you started rocking the chair," I continued," trying to get someone's attention?"  She nodded again, and I could see that she was very embarrassed.  "So how were you SUPPOSED to get loose?"  She looked up and pointed as best as she could behind her and upward.

Looking up, I saw a handcuff key hanging from a piece of string tied to a pushpin in the ceiling.  There was a bit of ice cube still stuck to the string, but the key was free of it.  The problem was that the string was twisted, and the key was dangling about three feet above her reaching fingers.  Of course, it wouldn't have mattered if they were three inches above her hands - the rope from the crossbar to the cuffs kept her from raising her hands at all.

She looked at me with pleading eyes, then down at the clamps on her sore-looking nipples.  "Mmmmph?"  she mumbled.

"Hmmm, tell you what," I said, "As  your punishment for not having a backup plan, I'm going to just leave those right where they are."  I flicked the padlocks with my finger, setting them swinging and eliciting a gasp from the bound woman.  "But I will help you finish the job you started."  First, I reached down for the butt plug's remote control and turned the dial all the way up.  She shuddered visibly and let out a low moan.  I shook the string holding her handcuff key, releasing the tangle and dropping it a couple of inches below her waiting hands.

I walked over to her couch and settled in for the show.  She fumbled around with the key for almost two full minutes, pulling it up, dropping it, batting it around, before she got a good grip on it.  Finally, she managed to get it into one of the keyholes and turned it.  I could see her frustration rise as nothing happened.  "Double-locked them, didn't you?" I asked, the evil grin ratcheting up a notch.  She sighed and rolled her eyes, cursing her own forgetfulness, I imagined.  She turned the key the other way, then back again, finally freeing her left wrist.  She then unlocked the right one and let the cuffs and key drop to the floor.

Once her hands were free, the first order of business was to relieve the pressure on her aching nipples.  It's a good thing that she was so securely gagged, because as she slowly removed the clamps, she let out what I imagine would have been an ear-piercing (and unwanted-attention-attracting) scream. Call me selfish, but I had found her first, she was my toy, and the last thing I wanted was to have to share her with the other tenants!  Go find your own damsel in distress; this one's mine!  The various muffled sounds of pain  subsided into soft sobs and moaning.  Tears streamed down her face as she massaged her aching breasts.

Eventually, she collected herself and started picking at the knots on the rope that bound her ankles to the chair.  This also took a while, because she had pulled really hard on the knots during her struggles.  When her legs were free, she removed the rope that held her to the chair and rose unsteadily to her feet. The vibrator slid out and dropped to the floor, but the remote for the butt plug still swung at the end of its wire between her legs.  I figured that the International Self-Bondage Rules Committee probably wouldn't be too upset with me for intervening at this point.

I walked over to her, bent down, and shut off the anal intruder.  I then took her arm to keep her from falling over.  "So, where's the key to the gag?" I asked.

She pointed to an end table where the key was sitting in an otherwise empty ashtray.  I retrieved the key, and removed the padlock that held the gag tight. With a pop, she pulled the dripping red rubber ball from her mouth and worked her obviously aching jaws up and down.

"Ummm, hi..." she said sheepishly, "I'm Jessica.  Thanks for helping me – this is a bit weird, huh?"  As she walked, the remote for that butt plug kept swinging around and bouncing off of her ankles.  I was trying my hardest not to laugh.

"To most people, yeah," I replied, "but don't worry about it.  I've done stuff like this myself.  I've just been lucky enough to not get stuck - or discovered!  By the way - I'm Russ, the guy you've been covering with ceiling dust all afternoon."

She laughed, now feeling more at ease.  I handed her a robe that I had spotted on the recliner and decided to press my luck.  "So now that we now know that we already have at least one dirty little secret in common, how about joining me downstairs later for dinner?"

"That sounds nice," she replied.  Then, with a mischievous look she asked, "Should I bring my toys, or do you have your own?"

I was grinning from ear to ear.  This was starting to look like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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